When Alec Met Magnus

Chapter 3: Stalking and Invitations

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"Thats the third person you've turned down in an hour! What's going on with you?" Camille flopped down in the sticky club chair, her drink sloshing a bit.

"Just tired…." Magnus muttered, taking a sip of his drink, still thinking about earlier today.

Camille crossed her arms and gave him the I know you're lying look. He rolled his eyes , knowing she wouldn't leave unless she got a satisfactory answer. "The first one was too fit, and would spend hours talking about himself and his work outs, the second one had awful makeup and the third was wearing Giles clothing. I hate Giles."She gave him a suspicious look, but let the subject drop. A few minutes later a tall man wearing a fishnet shirt asked to buy her a drink and she went off giggling. Magnus sighed and went back to staring idly at a coaster on the bar counter. The club was loud and full of flashing lights, which usually was just the fashion designer's scene, but tonight all he wanted to do was go back to his penthouse in Brooklyn and curl up with his cat.

Digging in his pocket he pulled out his phone and began scrolling through his notifications, when suddenly he got an idea. He logged on to google and typed in the name Alexander Lightwood. The first two pages that popped up were lists of graduating classes, from which he learned that the man in the store was about 22 years old. The next where a list of facebook profiles for Alexander Lightwood. He scrolled through a few until he came to one that said Alec Lightwood. From that he learned that Alexander, or Alec it seemed, was born in New York and had one sister and two brothers, one of which were adopted. He also loved cats and worked at the smithsonian museum, and, well until recently, The Knot. He sat at the bar for about another hour doing what he liked to called "Character Research." No matter how many times Camille called it stalking.

"Maggnuuss. I dun need a riide home…" Camille stumbled drunkenly through the crowd at around midnight.

He raised an eyebrow at the group of men standing by the bar a little ways down, watching them. "Clearly."

After she left he gathered up his things and walked out of the club, texting his driver to come pick him up. "Finally." He said gratefully when the limo pulled up in front of the club.

"Have a nice night sir?" The dark haired driver asked, pulling away from the curb.

"Hardly." Magnus groaned, flopping down in the spacious back seat and pulling off his shoes.

"Shame. Will you be requiring my services tomorrow perchance sir?" He asked.

Magnus propped himself up in one elbow, thinking. Then he smiled. "Yes, I think I will Charlie. I have a sudden urge to visit the Natural History Museum."

The next morning Magnus woke up at 7am, called into work sick and then proceeded to tear apart his wardrobe trying to find the perfect outfit. At around 8:30 he finally decided on skin tight black shimmery pants with purple, green and orange stars, a white shimmery tank top and a cheetah print scarf. After his clothes were picked out he went to do his make-up which took another hour, and by the time he got to the History Museum, they had already been open for 45 minutes. The museum wasn't very crowded, considering it was the week before schools start, but it was also a thursday morning. After about an hour and a half of wondering about, hoping to "run in" to Alexander Lightwood, he got tired of all the staring and whispering and decided to just go directly to the help desk.

The help desk was located in a dingy corner of the museum's first floor and was currently being watched by a snobby looking brunette with chipped fingernail polish, a crooked nose shoved in a novel about Paris and a blonde who obviously would rather be anywhere else but there. "Ahem." He coughed as he stepped up to the counter.

"Welcome to the Natural History Museum, my name is Gretchen. We have a special exhibit…" The brunette began in a bored voice without looking up from her book. Suddenly she was cut off by a loud squeal as the blonde looked up from her phone and saw Magnus. "Ohmigod! Are you? You're- OHMYGOD!" She shrieked.

Magnus raised an eyebrow. "Magnus Bane? Yes that would be me. Now I was wondering-""I looove your designs! They are soooo fetch! My friends are going to be sooooo jealous!"

"Um yes I was wondering-" He began.

"I mean. I've never ever met a celebrity! My friend Tammy of course has met eeeevvveryone. Stuck up bitch." She continued.

"Thats nice. I was wondering if-""Oh this is so exciting! I was going to get one of the shoes you designed for my birthday but they were taken before I could-""Look! Can I please just ask a question?" He said, trying not to snap at her.

"Oh….um….yeah….." She flushed.

Grethen, the other one, was looking back and forth between the two like she had never even heard of Magnus and was quite frankly fearing for both their sanities. The fact that she had never heard of him was no surprise, judging by her clothes. (A stained gap sweatshirt and ratty old jeans.) "Yes, thank you. I was wondering if you could tell me if Alexander Lightwood was working today."

Both girls mouths fell open like he had just told them he was going to be the next headmaster of Hogwarts. "Alec?" Gretchen said, after a few awkward moments.

"As in, quite, nerdy Alec who wears old sweaters with holes in it and looks like he hasn't had a decent haircut in a few millenniums? That Alec?" The blonde asked.

Magnus chuckled at the description. "Yes, that Alec."

"Why?" She asked, wrinkling her nose.

"Umm…..just….curious….?" He lied, not exactly sure himself why he had come. It wasn't like there was any future for them, they were practically from different worlds.

"A-Alec's not going to be in….until….1...this afternoon." Gretchen stuttered, still staring at him unbelievingly.

"Oh. Will he be down here then at 1?"

"Um...he's giving tours from 1:30-5 starting in the main lobby…..I...could give you a….schedule?" She said, reaching for the stack of papers sitting on the desk.

He smiled and shook his head, a bit of glitter falling onto the wood. "No thanks, I'll just wait in the lobby."

With that he turned around and headed out of that god forsaken dungeon of a place. Once in the lobby, he chose a secluded corner behind some plants to sit down and spent the next 2 hours trying to beat his high score flappy bird. (Which was 104).

At one o'clock Magnus stopped cursing at his phone (People were starting to stare) and looked up to watch the door. At about 1:05 a very disheveled looking blue eyed someone walked through the door and headed to what Magnus guessed was the staffroom. He smiled and stood up, joining the group of tourists waiting for the next tour to begin.


Alec woke up at 6:30am the next morning like he did every morning and proceeded to stumble about in his half awake daze for about half an hour until he remembered that he didn't have a job to go to, thanks to those pompous desk lamps Camille Belcourt and Magnus Bane. (He tried to refrain from swearing most of the time.) So Alec fell asleep again in his tiny apartment, and by the time he woke up again it was already noon. "Fu..dge!" He hissed, leaping out of bed and stumbled into the bathroom, wrestling on some pants.

He ran out of his dingy apartment about 10 minutes later and tried to hail a cab, which of course, was a waste of time. None of the cabs stopped and he was forced to run down the subway entrance and cram himself in a subway car. Within the span of 15 blocks, he was coughed on twice, screamed at by a small child and a young woman in her twenties knocked into him while getting off, spilling coffee all over him. Though he supposed he deserved the last one for yesterday. Approximately 6 blocks away from the Museum he got off to switch trains, only to find out there had been a hold up on the line and the train would be 10 minutes late (A/N: Sorry if thats not how subways work I live in a town with 3,000 people in the midwest.) He groaned and checked his watch, 12:55 He'd never make it. Taking a deep breath, Alec took off running down the crowded streets and finally reached the museum out of breath at 5 minutes past. Grumpily, he stomped into the staff room and began pulling his work clothes out of his locker. Just then he heard giggling to his right and looked over, frowning.

Chessy and Julia were standing near the end of the locker row, giggling at him. He flushed and looked away, gathering his clothes to go change. "Is it true then?" Julia said, darting over to him as he walked to the bathroom.

"Is what true?" He asked confused,

Chessy giggled. "That Magnus Bane, the Magnus Bane came to see you. "

He stopped, color draining from his face. "What?"

"Lana said he was at the help desk, the dark one, not the nice new one, asking for you."

He shook his head and started walking again, extremely shaken. "No. She must have been mistaken."

Both girls frowned and turned away, whispering. As soon as they looked away Alec darted into the bathroom and sank down the the floor, heart racing. What would Magnus Bane be doing here? Asking for him?


The group waiting for a tour was surprisingly big. There were a group of families from the midwest, a couple from Florida, and a huge number of German tourists for some...reason….at precisely 1:30 Magnus spotted a black haired head bobbing through the lobby towards them. "Good afternoon! My name is Alec Lightwood and I'll be your-" He stopped short when he saw Magnus.

Instead of the usually look of surprise and amazement that people wore when they spotted him, Alec wore a more terrified expression. His blue eyes, (Which were stunning…by the way) went round and his mouth opened in an O shape. Magnus raised an eyebrow at him, causing him to flush red. "Your...um...tour guide today…." He continued nervously. "Now,...if you'll follow me.." He turned on his heel quickly and started walking towards the staircase to the left. They traveled through the Power of Poison, New Space, and the Imagining Technologies exhibit without Alec saying a word to Magnus. He was surprised to find Alec was actually fairly interested in the subjects. When they reached the Gem exhibit however, he pulled Magnus aside as the others went through the realistic miner cavern. "What are you doing here?" He snapped.

This took Magnus slightly by surprise, he had heard from Alec's colleagues, all of whom had come over to him in the two hours he was waiting, asking if he needed help or if they could give him a personal tour, that Alec, despite being slightly "Weird" and reserved, was quite nice and polite to almost everyone. But then again, Magnus had practically gotten him fired from his other job yesterday. "Can't a person come to a history museum without having an ulterior motive?" He said, pretending to be offended.

Alec glared at him. "Come to get me fired from this job too?"

Magnus blushed slightly, which was uncharacteristic of him. "Sorry about that- Camille-"

"Sorry's not going to get me my job back is it?" He snapped, then without waiting for an apology he stalked off to the rest of the tour group.

Throughout the last half of the tour, Magnus asked several questions at each exhibit, each time managing to fluster Alec thoroughly, which Magnus found unbelievably cute. The way his face would flare up and he would run his fingers through his hair every time.

"And then In 1906, Roosevelt was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his role of negotiator in the Russo-Japanese War." Alec said, clearly much more interested in it than anyone else in the tour group.

They had reached the final exhibit of the tour. "Was he the first president to win the prize?" Magnus asked, smiling at how Alec's eyes lit up whenever he talked about history.

"Well yes, he was actually the first American ever to win a Nobel Prize."

"Wait, so no one from America won a nobel prize until 1906?"Alec bit his lip and glanced at his watch. "Mr. Bane, we are almost out of time, would you please refrain from asking anymore questions until the end of the tour?"Magnus nodded, smirking at the way Alec said Mr. Bane. "So cute." He muttered under his breath.

One of the German families gave him a quizzical look. In about five minutes the tour dispersed and Magnus approached Alec, getting up the courage to ask the only real question he wanted to ask. Alec smiled as he approached, but then seemed to remember he was supposed to be mad at Magnus and frowned. "Got any more questions for me?" He said, trying to snap only managing to make the word questions sound hostile, which made Magnus bite back a laugh.

"Actually, yes." He said, smiling.

"Right. What?"

"Will you have dinner with me friday night?" Magnus asked.

"Ah-I-What?" Alec looked taken aback.

"Dinner. With me. Friday."

"Dinner?" Alec looked confused now.

Magnus chuckled. "Yes, dinner Alexander, as in where people go and eat food.""I know what dinner is." He muttered, going red again.

"So will you?"

"Will I what?"

"Have dinner with me?""Oh...um...I suppose...yes." He still looked a bit unsure of what was happening.

Magnus grinned. "Great! Can I have your number? To text you the details?""My number? Oh...umm...718-328-5276." He said quickly.

Magnus nodded and entered it in his phone under the contact name "Alexander the Adorable." "Right, see you friday.""Yeah….wait..how'd you know my name?" Alec asked suddenly.

Magnus laughed slightly. "Well for one, its on your nametag, and two you said it at the beginning of the tour."

"Oh. Right." He turned away looking embarrassed.

Magnus chuckled and walked away, practically bouncing on his feet. He had neglected to mention that the real reason he had known Alec's name was the fact that he had stalked him several times on facebook and other social media sites.


Alec walked away from Magnus Bane with a sinking feeling of dread in his stomach. Oh no no no no what did I do! He thought panicking. He had agreed to have dinner with Magnus Bane. Not only was he one of the most famous people in America at the moment, but he was also responsible for losing Alec his job. He thought about it all through the rest of his shift and all through the ride home.

When he finally got back to his tiny apartment and flopped down on his couch, he had decided to tell himself that Magnus probably just wanted to keep Alec quite about the scene in the store, avoid bad publicity. It's just one night. he thought to himself. Just one night….then he'd never have to see Magnus Bane again, which he was very glad about. Or at least thats what he told himself. Nothing good can come from him. No matter how attractive he was….or how nice his smile was….or how unbelievably sexy his eyes were….Alec sighed and rested his head against the arm of the sofa. Shut up brain. he hissed. He was already in love with one person he could never be with, he couldn't afford another one.

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