When Alec Met Magnus

Chapter 4: Dinner and He's Mine

Look I didn't wait a month! Only half...I think...anyways sorry I've been packing and traveling but NOW IM HERE AT THE BEACH YAY!


"Mr. Bane we're sorry, I hope we didn't wake you but-"

"Oh noo. I always get up at 5am on a friday morning!" Magnus drawled sarcastically, shoving the key to his studio into the door roughly.

"Yes sorry, but its an emergency you see... Miss Abernathy called this morning saying they'd moved the wedding date up to October! Thats next month!" Magnus's assistant...Leon...Leonard...something like that...said frantically.

Magnus sighed. "Where's Miss Belcourt? And Lisa? Also can you please call someone about the lighting in room 3? Its messing up the photos. Also if anyone from the press shows up this morning you have my permission to shoot them with a staple gun." Magnus ordered, shoving open the door to his office. "Oh and coffee please. My usual. Thank you Lynus."

Lynus thats it. He thought, turning away. "Right, so...The Abernathy wedding's been moved?"

Three women sat staring back at him, all in different states of tiredness. "Yeah, that frizzy little bitch. Oh how I would like to punch her in that perfect little face of hers." Camille hissed, squeezing her coffee so hard foam spilled over the edge.

"Right. Well, we can't. So Gwen would you please go try and get Jackie on the phone, Taylor go call up all the designers we can spare, and Camille go find Lynus! I can't think without coffee."

The girls nodded and walked off to do what they had been assigned to do. Magnus collapsed in his chair and leaned his head back and running his hands through his hair. Today was supposed to be easy with only a few photoshoots and a small stack of designs to finish. (A/N: YEah I have no idea what a fashion designer does...) Instead he was stuck with figuring out how to design, make and buy materials for a wedding with almost 50 people in the party alone. At least he still had dinner with Alexander tonight. He smiled and looked down at his phone.


Waking up to the sound of his neighbors screaming was not the way Alec preferred to start his morning. He groaned and rolled over, sheets tangled around his legs and checked the clock beside his bed. 6:23am, wonderful. He thought. After deciding he wouldn't be able to go back to sleep, Alec got up pulled on some clothes and shuffled to the bathroom. He was halfway through his morning routine when his phone began vibrating. He frowned, wondering who was texting at 6:30 am. He looked down at the screen and saw it was from an unknown number, which was even stranger. Who did he know who had an unlisted number?

~Good Morning Darling!~

Alec texted back a response quickly and went back to brushing his teeth.

-Sorry, but I think you've got the wrong number.-

The response came much quicker than expected.

~Oh? Is this Alexander Lightwood?~

Now Alec was extremely confused. Who the hell had his number, he hadn't given it to-His face went white. Crap! He thought, now starting to panic. Crap Crap Crap Crap! That Bane guy! "Oh no no no no!" Alec groaned, hopping from foot to foot.


~Great! Then right number. Anyways love, I believe you agreed to have dinner with me tonight? This is Magnus btw.~


~Right, hows 7:30? At Belle's? Do you know where that is?~

- No-

Alec blushed severely, suddenly becoming aware of the huge social gap between them. (A/N: Sorry if thats not the right word...)

~Not to worry! Not very many people know where it is. I'll pick you up, where do you live?~

His face suddenly got redder as he looked around his tiny bathroom. His apartment was beyond shabby. It had three rooms, peeling paint and second hand furniture. Not to mention the fact that he lived about a block away from the Bronx area. A celebrity like Magnus Bane probably lived in a penthouse somewhere in Manhattan near Gramercy Park.

-Just pick me up at the NY Public Library. I have to do some research-

~Fabulous. Now I have to go deal with a wedding dress fiasco. See you at 7:30 Alexander!~

-Okay...and it's just Alec-

Then Alec put finished brushing his teeth, went into the kitchen and tried to enjoy his breakfast of cheap oatmeal while listening to the sounds of his neighbors yelling and the girl upstairs doing some very noisy activity on the kitchen floor.

Around 3pm Alec realised he had absolutely no idea what he was supposed to wear for tonight. It would obviously be some fancy restaurant with sparkly evening dresses...and ties...He opened his closet door and observed his wardrobe. All the clothes he owned were at least 4 years old, and most had holes and were of varying shades of black and gray. He sighed and picked up his phone, calling on the only person who he knew would help him without it being too embarrassing.

"Hey Alec!" His sister Isabel's voice sounded extremely enthusiastic.

"Hey Iz, um...hows things?" He asked, nervously. The subject of their family was always a sore point with Alec, since most of the members weren't on speaking terms with him.

"Things are good. Whats up?"

"Um...Listen...Iz….I need to ask some advice."

"Ooooohh. Boy advice?" She giggled.

He grimaced, wondering if it was too late to hang up. "Um..sort of. Listen, what would you wear if you were going out to dinner at a fancy restaurant?"

"Mhmm, you going on a date Alexander?" She teased.

He blushed and looked down at his feet. "No. Its not really….a date...its just,...just...dinner."

"Right, dinner. Dinner at a fancy restaurant. On a Friday night. Neither of you have to work tomorrow….""Izzy!" He shouted, stopping her before she could start discussing anything to mortifying.

She giggled again. "Alright, Alright. So whos this boy anyways? Someone I know? Is he cute? Details!""Um…." Alec hummed nervously, debating on whether or not he should tell his sister the truth. "No. No one you know." Personally. "but anyways, what would I wear?""Hmmm…." She thought for a moment, and the sounds of chewing could be heard. "This calls for a professional. I'm calling in back up."

An hour later Alec found himself in the middle of the mens section of Bloomingdales with a certain red head, who was practically bouncing off the walls. "Right, so are we talking fancy like suit and tie fancy or what?" She asked, running her hand over a rack of clothes.

"Um...I have no idea." Alec said glumly. He hated shopping.

"Well find out! Also are you ever going to tell me who the date is with?"Alec flushed and shook his head vigorously. "No and for the last time its not a date!"

She rolled her eyes and went back to looking through clothes, muttering something.

He stuck his tongue out at her as she turned away then texted Magnus, who he had not saved in his contacts. Definitely not.

-How fancy is the restaurant?-

The answer came surprisingly quickly.

~Not jacket and tie fancy. More of a fancy-casual.~

Alec stared at his phone. What the hell is fancy casual!? "What he say?" Clary asked, appearing at his side.

"Ummm….Fancy casual?"

"Oh! Perfect! I saw this shirt over there oh it would match your eyes perfectly!" She grabbed his sleeve and rushed off to yet another part of the store.

"So Alec, whatever happened to that guy you were talking about a few days ago?" Clary asked, showing him a sweater.

He shook his head and she kept looking. "What guy?"

"The one it was complicated with?""Oh...that one...Well...its not going to happen. I mean...hes straight and were only friends."

She smiled sympathetically. "Let me guess, you're like a brother to him?"

Alec grimaced. You have no idea. He thought sadly. He knew deep down that there was no chance he and Jace would ever work, but part of him always liked to think that there was a chance. A very very very small chance.

At around 6 they had finally decided on some clothes that Clary dubbed "Fancy Casual" and were standing out front of the store, trying to get a cab home. "So what about you?" Alec asked, carefully avoiding a pile of something suspicious on the sidewalk.

"What about me?"

"Wasn't there someone you had your eye on?"

Immediately Clary turned pink and looked down. "Well...I mean- There was -but -its not- hes not- your-"

Alec laughed and nudged her. "C'mon. Who is it?"

She squeaked and hid her face in her hands. "Its embarrassing. You know him."

"Oh? Simon? Jordan? Its not my cousin Matt is it?" He shuddered, thinking about his overly strict, stick like cousin who was always shouting at people.

She giggled and shook her head. "No...someone you know...well...its…."

"Clarry. Just tell me!"

She sighed, then took a deep breath. "Okay...but promise not to tell. Its Jace."

Alec stopped dead, blood draining from his face and heart dropping. Jace? His Jace? "W-what?""I know its stupid. He'd never look at me, he's way out of my league and-" She began chattering, smiling.

"No who?" He cut her off, unaware they were standing in the middle of a crowded street.

"What? Jace?" She looked confused.

"Yes. Jace? Jace Wayland? My best friend Jace?" Alec asked, now beginning to panic.

"Yes, that one now why are you-"

"No! You can't like Jace!" He yelled.

She looked startled. She can't like Jace! Jace was….well...Jace was his! This wasn't happening..this wasn't fair! "Why not?" She asked, suddenly defensive.

"Because...because you just can't! I can't believe you'd do this Clary! You of all people!" He shouted, now going red in the face.

"What's that supposed to mean!" She hissed, firing up.

"YOU CAN'T LIKE HIM! I've known him longer and you can't! You just can't!"

"Who says I can't!""I do!" He turned around and began storming away.

"What are you in love with him or something!?" She shouted after him.

He knew she wasn't serious, but it was true. He whipped around. "Shut up just shut UP! Stay away from Jace!" He screamed at her, and then he ran before the tears that were welling up in his eyes started spilling down.

Alec ran a hand through his hair and sniffed. His eyes were no longer red but the tip of his nose was still pink. She can't like Jace. He said again, for the hundredth time. She can't. It wasn't fair! he'd been in love with him for almost 8 years! Clary hadn't even known him 8 years. In fact, she barely knew him. He glanced at his watch and sighed. Time to go. Still sniffing he shoved a pile of tissues into the trash and walked out of his apartment, slamming the door behind him.


Magnus glanced at his phone and smiled. Time to go! He stood up and stretched, cracking his back. He had spent almost all day working on the Abernathy wedding and was ready to get away from it all. He loved his job and everything, it was just sometimes dealing with these spoiled brats who had everything handed to them on a silver plate since they were one wore him out. After he was done getting ready he hit speed dial 4 on his phone and called his driver.

"Hello Mr. Bane." Charlie's deep monotone voice greeted him after two rings.

"Hello Charlie! Can you bring the car up around front?" Magnus asked, checking his makeup in the mirror on the wall of his office.

"That might not be the best idea Mr. Bane. The press is camped outside right now hoping to get a few words about why you were at the museum yesterday."

He groaned. Freaking press. Normally Magnus would have just braved the media and gone out the front, but he knew if he did he was sure to be followed, and he didn't want Alec to have to deal with that. "Bring it in the otherway then. Thanks Charlie."

It took a little longer the other way, so Magnus was about 15 minutes late getting to the library. Thankfully Alec was still sitting out front on a bench, chin resting in his hands, staring into space. Magnus grinned as he stepped out. "You're still here! Thank goodness! I was worried you'd think you'd been stood up." He chuckled.

Alec looked up. "What? Oh right. Its fine." He said, quickly.

Magnus smiled again but then stopped suddenly. He had noticed that Alec's nose was red and his cheeks were flushed, like he had been crying. He frowned, then shook himself. He had literally only just met the guy, plus it wasn't like they were even friends or anything, so why did he suddenly have to urge to make everything okay. "Shall we?" He gestured to the limo, still frowning a bit. "Belle's Charlies. Thank you!" He said to the driver as they settled into the limo.

Alec bit his lip nervously and looked out the window, distracted by something. Magnus took this moment to really look at him. He was wearing a deep blue v-neck sweater and black jeans that were tight, but not plastered on. His black ebony colored hair was falling over his face and stuck up slightly in the back, almost as if he had been running his fingers through it repeatedly. "You look great by the way." He offered, smiling.

Alec looked over at him blushing, "Thanks...um...you to."

That blush. He thought. This boy was going to be the death of him. "So, I probably should have asked you this before making reservations but do you like French food?"

"Huh what? Oh yes, French is fine."

Magnus nodded, frowning again. Something was bothering him. The ride to Belle's was fairly quiet, with Magnus attempting several times at a conversation, but Alec only answering him partially in a very distracted tone. In about 30 minutes they reached the restaurant and were seated in a secluded corner. "Do you come here a lot?" Alec asked, startling Magnus.

"So you can say more than a few words at a time!" Magnus teased, grinning.

Alec blushed and looked back down at the menu. "And yes, I do. The owner, Belle French, not sure if thats her real name or not, is an old friend of mine. I come here when I want to avoid the media. I can always trust Belle not to sell me out."

Alec nodded, then suddenly stopped, eyes going wide as he stared at the menu. Magnus looked down confused, then suddenly realized what was wrong. He hadn't stopped to think about the fact that Alec was not as well to do as most of his dinner guests and had never been to a restaurant this expensive in his life. "Order whatever you want, dinners on me." He said, putting down his menu.

"I can't let you do that!" Alec protested.

"I insist! I did get you fired after all."

Alec blushed and looked back down at the menu, letting it go. "Are you two ready to order?" A blond waitress asked, smiling at Magnus.

"Yes I think so. I'll have Bouillabaisse with some ficelle on the side (A/N: Soupish stuff and bread. According to google.)"

"Um I'll have the Buckwheat crepes, please." The waitress nodded and joted that down without looking at him.

"Anything to drink?" The girl, Fleur, her nametag said, asked, still looking at Magnus.

"Yes I'll have a glass of the Petrus please, anything for you Alec?"

The younger man shook his head, looking slightly embarrassed. "No thank you. I don't drink much."

"Would you like the 64 or 61?" Fleur asked, completely ignoring Alec.

"61 thanks Fleur!"

She smiled, taking their menus. "No problem Mags!"As he turned back he noticed Alec frowning after the waitress and smirked.

All through the main course Magnus interrogated Alec about his life. He found out Alec had a sister, Isabel, who was starting college this year to be a graphic designer, and a little brother Max who Alec talked about endlessly. He also had an adopted brother, Jeromy or something, but anytime Magnus asked about him Alec became strangely quiet and changed the subject. He also learned that Alec had a major in history and his dream was to be a researcher for the New York Smithsonian museum. "My favorite part is the ancient cultures! They're so interesting! Theres this one culture particullary, they called themselves shadowhunters. They believed that there were demons and vampires and everything like that running about in the world. I did my thesis on them. They-"

Magnus smiled as he watched Alec talk about the shadowhunters. His eyes seemed to brighten and his lips turned up at the corner, almost as though he couldn't stop it. It was utterly adorable in Magnus's opinion. "And the warlocks are my favorite downworlder, they just seem so interesting. Like they-" Just then his phone rang and Alec looked down.


He realized he was probably boring Magnus with all this history talk, but whenever anyone got him started on the shadowhunters, he couldn't stop talking. "They just seem so interesting. Like they-" Alec broke off as his phone began to ring. It was Izzy.

"Sorry I have to take this." He said.

"Hello?""ALEXANDER GIDEON LIGHTWOOD HOW COULD YOU BE SUCH A SELFISH JACKASS." Izzy screamed at him through the phone.

He jumped and hold the phone away from his ear. "What? What are you talking about Iz?"


Alec's face suddenly began heating up with anger. "Its not my fault! Stop yelling at me!"

"Yes its your fault! How could you tell her to stay away from Jace!"He gritted his teeth. How could she! Wasn't it bad enough she was stealing the man he was in love with? She just had to go and turn Izzy against him to. "Because! Its not fair! She barely knows him! I've known him 10 years!"

"Alec its time to face the facts. You and Jace are never going to happen. Ever."His face went pale and he heard a gasp from the other line.

"Alec Im sorry! I didn't mean to say that I just-""No. You're right. Thank you Izzy for this enlightening discussion." Alec hissed. "Good bye." He hung up and slammed his phone on the table, positively seething.

And scene! By the way, this ending was totally planned and it didn't just end here because I'm super tired. Anyways, I hope you liked it! Sorry if you didn't ): Also...I JUST FOUND OUT MY UNCLE AND HIS FRIEND ARE DATING LIKE WHAT? I'VE KNOWN THEM ALL MY LIFE BUT NEVER EVEN THOUGHT OF THAT!

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