Out of the frying pan

Chapter 2

Twigleg let out a soft hum as he let his legs dangle over the ledge of the window as he sat outside watching the fairies dance around and talk to one another. He use to sit out here with Ben and Guinevere for hours on end, telling them what the fairies were saying as the creatures would often leave dew on the grass, or dance around them. Now, it was just him, often times he heard the creatures talking amongst themselves about him. Wondering why he still sits there alone at night.

"It's just so sad isn't it?"

Twigleg jumped back in surprise, looking for the owner of the unfamiliar voice, he quickly found it. It was a woman, at least, he assumed it was a female, the voice was an indicator, but, her face and body were covered in black clothing, her face hidden behind a black hood, she had black pants, and even her hands were shrouded in black gloves. This really made Twigleg uneasy. Not only that, but, there was a certain...offness to her, it wasn't just the black clothing, it was something else, he just couldn't put his finger on it. Thinking that she was maybe talking to a fluttering fairy, he got up to hide, but he realized he was wrong when he stood up.

"Don't leave, Twigleg, sit down."

Now, he froze, she knew his name. He wanted to run, but, something, he didn't know what exactly, but something made him sit right back down on that ledge. His little heart started to hammer wildly in his chest as the woman sat right down on the ground next to him.

"Poor little Twigleg, abandoned by his beloved master, oh what's a little homunculus to do? Well, nothing. No, you can't do a damn thing but watch as Benjamin gets older and forgets all about you, you'll be just a memory to him." She sighed out melodramatically, Twigleg wanted to talk, to yell, to scream for help, but, he couldn't. Something, again he didn't know what, but, something was stopping him from doing anything aside from sitting there and blinking.

"What if I told you, I could make so Ben would have no choice but to notice you once more, to be with you, you two could be a team again, oh, I would just love that! And I'm sure you would as well."

Several alarms went off in Twigleg's head for several different reasons. She not only knows who Ben is, but it seems she knows what he is as well, and, her voice, something wasn't right with her voice. It was...echoing inside his head, twisting, turning, slowing down. Whoever this was, she wasn't human. Then it clicked, she was using magic. She gave Twigleg a spine chilling chuckle.

"I'm sure you figured it out by now. I have...abilities."

Almost like something had released him, he could talk once more.

"You're...You're a-"

He stopped, with just a snap of the woman's fingers, he was silenced.

"Shh, you see Twiggy, mind if I call you Twiggy? Doesn't matter, you won't remember. Twiggy, I like to see us as...Friends. Yeah, and friends do things for one another you know? So, friend, here's what I'm going to do for you."

She paused and scooted closer to the smaller creature, making Twigleg want to run for safety, it sent chills down his small spine, he wanted to scream so badly.

"I'm going to make it so Ben will have no choice but to start paying attention to you again. Don't worry, it won't hurt." She giggled a bit, and slowly pulled out a bag full with some red powder. She opened the baggy and paused for a second, almost like she was thinking about something, she then poured the powder into her gloved hand. "Also, you won't remember me, I need time..." She whispered to Twigleg, then with no warning, she blew the powder right into Twigleg's face.

Suddenly, Twigleg could move again, wheezing and coughing, he jumped from the ledge onto the wet grass below, gasping, he felt something change. He had to get away from the house, his mind in a panic, he fell to his boney knees and felt his head start to whirl. What was happening to him?! What did...

Slowly, his vision started to go black, he fell to the ground his limbs going numb...



Twigleg felt his nose twitch and he snorted when he felt a blade of grass wedged up in his nostril. groggily lifting his head up, he blinked the sleepiness away. Instantly, he noticed how...smaller the grass seemed to be than normal. Confused, he slowly started to lift his whole body up. What was he even doing out here? it seemed late...


That was Ben, he sounded worried beyond belief, Twigleg stood, however, his legs wobbled and quickly gave way, making him fall to his hands and knees. Something wasn't right, he felt...oddly bigger...


Twigleg felt his heart skip at beat, the young master hasn't sounded this worry since the fight with Nettlebrand.


Twigleg paused and coughed, his voice felt rough and a tad hoarse, almost like he had sand shoved down his throat. Coughing roughly, he tried again.

"I-I..I'm over here...Young master."

For a moment, he feared that maybe Ben didn't hear him, but to his relief, he heard the sound of footsteps rushing through the grass. Getting to his knees Twigleg looked down, and that was the first sign that something was terribly wrong. Swallowing hard, Twigleg, slowly rose to his feet, just as Ben reached him.

"Twig-Oh my!"

There was a gasp behind him, and he turned around and found himself, for the very first time, looking down at Ben. His young master had his hands to his mouth in, what seemed like, shock.

It all slowly started to click in Twigleg's head. Breathing heavily, he realized that he was taller than a blade of grass, he was taller than a fairy...he was taller than Ben...

"Twigleg?" Ben asked, seeming like he was coming out of his shock. At first, neither of them spoke, all Twigleg could do was look Ben in the eyes. As they stared at one another, Twigleg saw the realization flood over Ben's face. feeling light headed again, Twigleg put one of his hands to his head and felt his knees give away once again. Ben was quick to grab him, no longer the less than a pound homunculus, Ben had the hardest time keeping Twigleg from pretty much falling to the ground face first.

Twigleg was starting to lose consciousness once more, he saw his vision start to slow fade black again, however, before he passed out completely, he heard Ben scream out,


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