Out of the frying pan

Chapter 3

Twigleg felt a groan leave this throat, something wet and cold was on his head, it was moving from his forehead down towards his cheeks. Opening his eyes, he could only focus on one thing. A person in front his face, he couldn't see this person, everything was so blurry. He noticed that the coldness was removed from his face.


He paused, he knew that voice...blinking a bit, he cleared up some of the blurriness from his vision and started to notice little things about the person, black hair, pale skin, definitely male. It didn't take long for it to click that he was looking up at Ben.

"Twigleg?" Ben asked softly, Twigleg's vision cleared fully and he groaned out again, his head starting to throb. Putting his hand to his face, he rubbed his temples, slowly he sat up, his head and vision spinning violently, he honestly felt like he was going to be sick. Gagging out, he put his hands to his head trying his hardest to just stop the spinning and nausea. "Here, lay back down." Ben breathed out, helping Twigleg gently lay back down. There was a silence between them, Ben clearly not knowing what to say about anything at the moment. Finally, swallowing a lump in his throat, Twigleg spoke,

"W-What happened to me?"

Ben gave Twigleg a confused look and seemed to think on it for a moment, then finally, he replied.

"I was hoping you knew, Twigleg, when we came back, you were already like...This...All I really know is that you seemed to have wondered off towards the wooded part of the backyard." Ben explained, he then placed something cold and wet on Twigleg's brow, it didn't take long for the, now bigger, homunculus to realize it was a soaking wet washcloth. "You have a fever, it was one of the first things Mrs. Greenbloom noticed when we carried you in, aside from the obvious that is."

"We?" Twigleg asked, confused.

"Me and the professor, you were too heavy for me to carry on my own." Ben told him simply. Twigleg wanted to respond, however, his mind started to get fuzzy once more, all he did was blink, and when he did, his young master was no longer with him. His head felt heavy and groggy, still, he managed to find the energy to slowly sit up and get a bit of a look around. At first he had no idea were he was laying, it was a bedroom of sorts, after a few minutes, it hit him, he was laying in Ben's room, everything looked so different with him staring down at things than looking up at them.

Rubbing his eyes, he groaned again, a wave of nausea hit him like a ton of bricks, when he tried to swallow down the sickness, he realized how rough his throat felt, coughing, he instinctively brought his hands up to his mouth as he coughed violently, then, he could feel it, something rise up from his throat and into his mouth, it was a gooey lump of some sort. Quickly spiting it out into the palm of his hands, he looked down at the mysterious lump.

Touching it with his thumb, he found it, to not only be wet and slimy, but to also be soft. It was a dark red color almost cherry colored. Squishing it with his thumb, he smeared it across his palm. It felt grainy almost like sand. Something about this was familiar to him, he just couldn't put his mind to it. Groaning, he used his clean hand to rub his temples as his headache started to come back.


He blinked at the sound of the professor, looking up, he could see the worried expression on his face. Twigleg wanted to say something, he really did, but he couldn't think of anything except for one thing,

"I don't know what happened..."

Instantly the professor put his hand up, signaling Twigleg to just listen to him.

"I'm aware, Ben told me you don't remember..." The professor paused and rubbed the bridge of his nose lifting his glasses up as he did so. After a few seconds of silence he sighed out and sat down on the edge of the bed causing Twigleg to scoot a bit to the side for him. He hadn't realized how small the bed seemed till now. "This is...almost unreal, it's fascinating but strange all the same..."

Twigleg looked down at his hand, at the cherry red sand smear that was starting to dry and crumble.

"Professor...I coughed this up...It's not blood, it's some sort of sand...it's nothing I've seen before...something about it seems so familiar though." Twigleg said, his brow furrowing in confusion as he tried to place just what this stuff was. Looking at the drying smear, the professor frowned.

"If you don't know what it is...then I definitely don't know..." Barnabas confessed, he gently grabbed Twigleg's hand and brought it closer to his face. Inspecting the sand like substance, he just shook his head confirming that he had no idea. "I'm sorry, Twigleg...Look, why don't you just get some rest, it's been a long night, we'll all try and get a good grasp on everything in the morning."

Twigleg nodded and laid back down on the comfy bed, the professor got up and left the room, closing the door behind him as he did so. The manikin nuzzled the pillow it didn't take long for him to slowly drift to sleep.

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