Out of the frying pan

Chapter 4

When Twigleg woke the next morning, his mind still heavy with sleep, he felt confused as to were he was. Then, slowly everything started to come back, well, not everything. Slowly sitting up, his tongue felt like a wad of cotton, and his vision was spinning horribly. Rubbing his eyes trying to get his vision straight, Twigleg slowly moved over so his feet was touching the ground. Smacking his dry lips, Twigleg slowly stood, his vision instantly spun and his boney knees knocked together, next thing he knew he was on the floor, face first with a mouth full of carpet.

However, seconds later, the door was opened and someone helped him up. It didn't take long for Twigleg to recognize Ben, it was so odd for Twigleg to look at his friend from a downwards angle. It seemed to be the same way for Ben, as Ben looked up at Twigleg with wide eyes. For a moment both of them stood there in silence, neither of them having anything to say. Finally Ben reached up, standing on his toes he touched Twigleg's hair.

"This is...beyond bizarre." Ben breathed out, he then let his hand rest on Twigleg's face and smiled, he then added, "Don't worry, we'll fix you back to normal." Ben breathed with a smile and moved his hand down and off of Twigleg. "C'mon, lets go see if the Professor has anything...Can you walk?" Ben asked when he realized that Twigleg's leg's were still knocking together. Swallowing a lump forming in his throat, Twigleg shook his head, clearly embarrassed by this fact. Ben grabbed one of Twigleg's arms and allowed his friend to lean on him. Within seconds they were walking, Twigleg's spindly legs giving out every once and a while. If it wasn't for Ben, he would of fallen more times than he liked. As they walked out of the room, Twigleg just had a feeling of pure helplessness, never before has he ever been so feeble that he couldn't do the simple task of walking. Stealing a glance at Ben. his friend seemed indifferent to everything, at least, he looked like it, who knows what he could be thinking.

They made it to the dinning room it didn't surprise Twigleg to see everyone sitting at the table, all of them looking at him. Each had their own emotion. Guinevere looked unsettled by this, messing with the end of her hair, even pulling a few strands out. Vita looked the most levelheaded out of the three of them, sitting there calmly her hands folded neatly on the table, and then, there was Barnabas. He didn't look angry, or upset, he just looked...confused of all things and it probably didn't help that it also looked like he hasn't gotten any sleep in the last twelve or so hours. Ben helped Twigleg sit in one of the four chairs around the table, once seated, Twigleg looked down at the chair so this was what it was like to sit in one of these things and be able to see everyone. He watched as Ben placed his forearms on the table and waited for the professor to speak. It seemed like everyone else was as well as they all looked at him. There was a moment of silence from him, till finally, they all just got a shrug,

"I have nothing. Absolutely nothing. I've stayed up all night trying to think of different creatures that could of done this, in all of my research I've never heard something being able to turn a fabulous creature, human....Never..."

There was an uneasy silence between everyone, Twigleg put his hand to his head, the nausea returning making him queasy. Finally, Ben snapped his fingers, an idea popping into his head,

"What about Firedrake?"

Everyone looked at him, even Twigleg.

"What about Firedrake?" Guinevere asked as she stopped messing with her hair.

"Well, couldn't Firedrake's fire fix Twigleg back to normal?"

There was a bit of silence, then once again, Guinevere shook her head.

"I'm not saying it couldn't, but, there is the off possibility that it'll turn Twigleg back into the creature he was made from, like Nettlebrand."

Twigleg shuddered at the name of his old master, Ben went quiet and nodded, agreeing with Guinevere's statement.

"Good point."

"Couldn't we try looking outside for any clues?" Twigleg brought up, Vita shook her head.

"We already did that this morning, we scoured the backyard with a fine tooth comb, all of us, there was nothing."

"...That's it! Why didn't I think of it earlier!?" The professor boomed suddenly, causing almost everyone to jump. Looking excited Barnabas just smiled "The fairies! They must've seen everything!"

It was almost instantaneous when everyone slapped their foreheads for not even thinking about the fairies.

Something flashed in Twigleg's mind, it was quick, a thought, something about a woman, maybe, but as soon as it came, it left. Leaving Twigleg sitting there confused. Seeing the confused look, Ben gently placed a hand on Twigleg's shoulder snapping him out of it, Ben then smiled.

"Don't worry, we can talk to them tonight...."

Twigleg felt uneasy again, it wasn't nausea but something more, something like he was being watched. Looking over his shoulder, he frowned something really wasn't right...


"Hm, you think you're all sooo clever...Unfortunately for you all, I'm always one step a head..." The woman growled out, she turned around to face the one person standing behind her. With a smile, she waved her hand. "You know what you must do..." As all she said, the person could only nod, turn, and leave without saying a single word. She smiled as she leaned against her table, mimicking Ben's own position.

"Oh, you guys will have a wonderful surprise waiting for you tonight..." She sighed softly, with a wave of her hand, the image before changed to a flying Lola in the sky, she smiled once more. "...Now, to talk to the rat..."

With a snap of her fingers, she was gone.

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