Out of the frying pan

Chapter 5

"Twigleg, tapping your fingers isn't going to make night come any faster." Ben said emotionless to Twigleg. Almost instantly, Twigleg stopped tapping his fingers boredly against the kitchen table and looked over at Ben. His young master reading a book while laying on the couch. Getting up from the table, Twigleg sauntered over, his legs no longer feeling like jelly, and tilted his head.

"I haven't seen you read in awhile." Twigleg commented, Ben chuckled and laid the open book down on his chest and responded,

"What's that suppose to mean? I read all the time at school."

"It's just I've never seen you read at home." Twigleg leaned his forearms against the armrest of the couch and looked down at Ben, Ben just chuckled at this,

"Well, you can thank school for that one."

"What book is that anyway? I don't think I've read it." Twigleg asked tilting to his head to read the title.

"It's 'Carrie' by Stephan King...What do you mean you've never read it? I know I've given you a copy." Ben asked, giving his friend a bewildered looked, Twigleg narrowed his eyes and leaned in closer to Ben's face.

"Was it hardcover?" Twigleg asked.

"Errr..." Ben's awkward chuckle gave it away. "At least now you can read hardcover books a bit more easily." Ben murmured keeping that awkward chuckle, Twigleg just narrowed his eyes again not finding it amusing. "....Sorry...." Was all Ben could say next, and Twigleg only sighed. There was a silence between the two of them, Ben then folded the corner page of his book and sat up on the couch when the professor and Vita walked into the living room.

"So, me and Vita spoke for a bit about you Twigleg..." The professor said first, instantly Twigleg's heart started to race.

'They're gonna kick me out...They don't want me now that I'm human sized...' Twigleg thought anxiously, swallowing hard, he waited for the professor to continue.

"We think it's for the best..."

'Here it comes.' Preparing for the worst he clenched his fist.

"If we get you new clothes."

"....Eh?" Was all Twigleg could say, not at all expecting that.

"We need to get you new clothes, You can't go around outside...in that...Sorry but you can't. Plus we can get a good read on just how tall you are. I mean, my god, you're taller than me!" The professor laughed and Vita chuckled in response.

Twigleg breathed a sigh of relief and then looked down at his clothing, tugging on the hem of his faded sleeve he frowned, was new clothing necessary? These clothes had suited him just fine for over three hundred years.

"It won't be too bad Twigleg, besides, clothes shopping with them is inevitable, you can see where Guinevere gets it from." Ben teased, then with no warning something was flung at his head. Twigleg couldn't suppress his laugh as one of Guinevere's shoes landed on the floor, clearly the object that hit him.

"Geez, Sorrel has nothing on your aim." Ben mumbled, rubbing his sore head as he turned to face his sister, Guinevere just smirked as she grabbed her shoe off of the ground and put it back on her foot.

"I heard clothes shopping?" She said ignoring Ben's comment, Ben just gestured towards her silently reiterating what he had mentioned just moments ago. "Put your arms down or I swear I will take off my other shoe...." Was all Guinevere said, not even looking at Ben, instantly his hands were at his sides. This made the professor chuckle and shake his head .

"Well, lets get going if we want to be back before the fairies make their nightly rounds." He said looking over the clock, Twigleg did as well and then tilted his head to the side.

"It's only two in the afternoon, it shouldn't take that long." Twigleg mentioned pointed at the clock, Vita and Guinevere both giggled and Ben put his hand on Twigleg's shoulder.

"...You have no idea."


Twigleg learned some things at the mall today, one, malls were huge even when you yourself are big, two, after getting measured by a professional he found out he was close to 6"5, and the final thing he learned was, apparently his attire really was an eye catcher and not in a good way. He learned the last one when they were approached by a store clerk, the woman clearly chuckling when she asked if Twigleg wanted clothes from this century.

"That's why we're here, I think this looks nice." Ben told him holding up a pair of jeans, it didn't take a genius to see that the jeans were clearly way to long for Ben.

"Its a little big for you..." Twigleg told Ben and he was met with a smile.

"But, it'll fit you perfectly."

"I..." Twigleg looked around then whispered to Ben, "I never wore denim before..." he confessed, he jumped when he heard the store clerk suddenly burst out laughing, he realized she wasn't too far away from them, probably been watching them the whole time.

All it took for that woman to shut up was to see the look on not just Ben's face but Guinevere's as well and she composed herself.

"It's not gonna hurt you Twig, it's just cloth." Guinevere reassured him, about twelve shirts resting in her arms. Twigleg looked around for the professor and Vita, both of which seemed to just vanish.

"Oh. Twigleg, I think this will look good on you." Ben said suddenly, pulling a stripped dark blue and black jacket with a hood on it off of the rack.

"Yeah that's nice, I can see you wearing it Twigleg." Guinevere said admiring the jacket. "You have to try it on."

With no warning, the jeans, jacket, and all the shirts Guinevere had in her arms, were all shoved into his arms and he was pushed towards the dressing stalls. Being shoved into one of the stalls and the door shut behind him, he heard Guinevere yell out.

"Don't come out until you have those clothes on, we wanna see you."

"Isn't this stealing?" Twigleg asked and Ben answered, clearly trying not to laugh,

"No...Twig you're just trying them on, seeing if they fit. We aren't taking them."


After modeling, something he never thought he would do, Twigleg had to admit, he quite liked modern day clothing, it was surprisingly comfortable. He also found out, that he would need multiple pairs of clothing, because it wasn't normal for someone to wear the same clothing everyday.

"Wouldn't I still be wearing the same clothing though? Just in different patterns?" Twigleg asked and everyone nodded.

"Yep, but, now you gotta clean your clothes once week, keep them clean and nobody really complains." Ben told him as they all walked towards another store, Barnabas and Vita finally with them, everyone had bags in their arms. However, before they reached their new destination, a voice cut them off.

"Benny! My man!"

Ben stopped walking and looked towards the voice. Everyone watched as a person with dark green hair jogged up to him. Him and Ben slapped hands together and formed a half hug before separating. Twigleg looked at this man, he looked to be older than Ben by a few years, nothing stood out about him, he even seemed to be shopping as well as a bag hanged from his wrist.

"Atticus! What are you doing here?" Ben asked.

"Oh, just shopping for some new clothes...by the looks of it you and your whole family are doing the same thing, like wow..." Atticus chuckled as he looked at all the shopping bags that everyone had. Twigleg smiled and for some reason looked over at the professor, much to his surprise the professor didn't exactly look happy, his eyes were narrowed and he generally just looked unpleasant. Instantly Atticus's eyes locked onto Twigleg and he laughed, it wasn't a laugh that meant good tidings either, it was jeering.

"And who is this newest recruit in the family? Never seen him before." Atticus asked getting closer to Twigleg, Atticus's eyes then went wide. "Whoa, where did you get those contacts? They look real, like your eye color is actually red..." Atticus mentioned, making everyone just freeze.

"Atticus, this is Tyler, my cousin, he's real big into anime and all that." Ben said quickly, Atticus just nodded and let out a soft 'Ohh.'

"Ah, I should of seen it before, the matching hair and eye combo, nice on ya Tyler. Anyway, I need to go see you at school." With that Atticus turned and left, his bag swinging slightly off of his arm as he did so. A faint sound could be heard when he turned, like two objects clanging against one another by movement. Twigleg was quick to look around, thinking that maybe someone dropped something to the floor or accidently crashed into something, he found nothing but then just shrugged and looked over to the professor, he was surprised to see the professor with that same unpleasant look on his face.

"I think we should go now." Was all the professor said, everyone nodded in agreement. Leaving the mall and piling into the car, Twigleg noticed the rather uncomfortable silence that followed the whole ride home. It felt odd, being out of the loop of whatever was wrong, but still something else was bugging him, looking out the window, he watched as the sun went down and frowned. Something wasn't adding up, talking to the fairies seemed a bit too easy...

Looking out the window, Twigleg never realized how cramped this car was now that he was wedged against the window, Ben beside him, he looked down at his young master, Ben just looking out of Guinevere's window, Twigleg felt his heart suddenly beat in his chest and his stomach felt oddly light. He never felt this way before, feeling his face heat up, he quickly looked out the window, trying his best to hide his face from everyone. He had no idea what that was just then, but, he didn't want it to happen again, not now, not ever.


"Oi! Put me down or I'll nip your nose!" Lola screeched at the woman holding her upside down by her tail. Wiggling left and right to be free, Lola tried her hardest to get the upper hand, but, it wasn't going to happen.

"Now, Now, what's with all the hostility?" The woman asked, instantly, Lola almost stopped her wiggling and looked up at the woman. "I'm just here to help you....Won't you listen to me?"

The woman smirked under her hood as the rat did more than just calm down, Lola perked her ears up as well. Gently placing Lola down on a nearby rock, where she stayed put, the woman spoke once more.

"I need you to go to Firedrake, and tell him this...A little birdy says that Ben will be arriving here soon, give it a weeks time maybe two weeks. Is that clear?"

Lola nodded slowly.

"Good, now, go."

Lola scurried into her plane, and within seconds she was off in the air, heading towards Firedrake and the other dragons. The woman kept her smile on her face.

"Everything's just falling into place. Soon...very soon, I just hope that idiot of mine did the job correctly, fairies are a tricky lot...."

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