Hicca and Her Dragon


Hicca, daughter of the Chief, is a screw up in her village, and she must kill a dragon to prove herself. When the opportunity arrives, she is unable to do it. But what will happen afterwards?

Adventure / Romance
Jessica Bissell
Age Rating:

I Hit It!

Hicca and Her Dragon

Ch. 1

I Hit It!

This is Berk. It’s twelve days north of Hopeless and a few degrees south of Freezing to Death. It’s located solidly on the Meridian of Misery. Now, I know what you’re thinking. ‘Gosh, girl, why can’t you be more positive?’ Well, you wouldn’t be very positive either if the place I was talking about was your home.

My village. In a word; sturdy. It’s been here for seven generations but every single building is new. And here, it doesn’t take a genius to know why. We have fishing, hunting and a charming view of the sunsets. The only problems are the pests. You see, while most places have mice or mosquitoes, we have…

Dragons!” I breathed excitedly. I had just opened my front door to see why there was so much noise outside, only to be greeted by a pissed off Monstrous Nightmare. It had spotted me and had shot a large blast of fire my way, but I closed the door at the last second. Now the front door sat burning in the flames.

I yanked the door opened and jumped outside. After sparing the house a glance to see the damage (a new door was definitely needed), I turned around to see my village in total uproar. Yep, dragons. Most people would leave. Not us, we’re Vikings; we have stubbornness issues. No, you seriously have no idea how bad it is with these people. I mean, alright, I’m a little stubborn too, but compared to the entire village I might as well not be stubborn at all.

Who am I, you ask? My name’s Hicca. Hicca Horrendous Haddock III, to be exact. Great name, I know, especially for a girl, huh? But it’s not so bad. My parents were going to name me Hiccup if I was a boy, but instead they got a girl. My dad was still going to name me Hiccup(probably because he really desired a boy), but my mom decided a more feminine name was best. Either way, I don’t dislike my name at all. It could be a lot worse. Viking parents believe a hideous name will ward off gnomes and trolls. Like our charming Viking demeanor wouldn’t do that already.

As I continued running through the town one of the houses suddenly exploded. There was a loud yell as a very large Viking came crashing down, just barley not crushing me.


Ignoring his insane happiness, I got up as soon as he left and started running through the entire mess, trying not to bump into people. But even as I avoided them I was still getting shouted at.

“What are you doin’ here?”

“Get inside!”

“What are you doin’ out?”

“Get back inside!”

I ignored all these commands and continued running through, trying hard to get to the forge(aka, the smithery). I moved left and right, trying to doge fireballs and other Vikings.


At that point I felt a large beefy hand grab me by my collar and hoist me up off the ground. Did I ever mention that that happens a lot. And I hate it!

“What is she doin’ out agai- What are you doin’ out? Get inside!”

I was roughly tossed forward and I continued running. That was Stoik the Vast, Chief of the tribe. They say that when he was a baby he popped a dragons’ head clean off of its shoulders. Do I believe it? …Yes I do.

I continued running, still blocking out the yells of ‘what are you doing?’ and ‘get inside!’ Within no time I was finally at the forge. As soon as I entered I took off my brown fur vest and replaced it with my apron. I was greeted kindly(finally) by the blacksmith working behind me, who was hammering with the large hammer he had instead of an arm.

“Oh, nice o’ you tah join the party. I though’ you’d been carried off.”

“Wha- Who? Me? Nah, come on, I’m way too muscular for their taste,” I lifted a heavy hammer up and put it on some nails on the wall. “They wouldn’t know what to do with all…this!”

I struck a muscular pose, exposing the nonexistent muscles in my arms. The blacksmith rolled his eyes, but was still grinning.

“Well, they need toothpicks, don’t they?”

I stuck my tongue out at him playfully before opening the small doors. Several Vikings came up at once with a few swords, urging for me to hurry and fix them.

Incase you’re wondering, the meathead with the attitude and the interchangeable hands is Gobber. I’ve been his apprentice ever since I was little. Well…littler. He’s been friends with my dad since before I was born. See, when I was six my artistic trait started to show. I’ve always loved to draw and be creative, and when my dad took me to the forge for the first time I was fascinated by Gobber’s creative work with blacksmithing. I ended up being his apprentice after that. I actually loved it. It give me a chance to be artistic with my work, not to mention I love making all kinds of weapons. Since I’m so small it’s hard for me to use other weapons like a normal Viking, so I always try to modify some of them so I could actually use them.

As I continued to work I managed to lean my head to the side so I could peak outside. Still chaos, all around. I looked over to the side and I saw a house suddenly burst into flames. See? Old village, lots and lots of new houses.


“Alright, let’s go!”

I whipped my head around and leaned outside. I could see a large barrel being pulled by a crate, and around it I saw several figures, all of them carrying buckets of water. They all were the only other teens in the village. That’s Fishlegs, my cousin Snotlout, the Twins, Ruffnut and Tuffnut, and…Austen.

I stared out at him even as the house exploded into a wall of fire, surrounding his figure in an almost sexy glow. I rolled my eyes a little. For the longest time since I was six I had the biggest crush on Austen. We used to talk a bit when we were kids, but after he turned sixteen he started being a bit of a jerk. He never picked on me like Snotlout or the Twins did, but he wouldn’t defend me either. In fact, he usually acted like I didn’t even exist. And whenever he did acknowledge my presents, he’d just glare at me like I did something wrong. I think it’s fair to say that my ‘crush’ on Austen is pretty much almost gone by now. Ohh…but their job is so much cooler than mine.

Suddenly I felt something hook up under my collar and yank me up so my feet were off the ground. I yelped as I was pulled back inside, and when I turned my head I saw that it was Gobber. What the hell?! He knows I hate that!

“Aww, Gobber!” I wined. “Come on! I already get manhandled enough by the whole village, why do you have to do it to?”

“They do it out of irritation, I do it ‘cause I’m tryin’ tah keep yah from hurtin’ yourself. Again!”

Gobber set me down, a stern look on his face. I couldn’t help but roll my eyes from my own irritation.

“Oh, for the love of- just let me out! I need to make my mark!”

“Oh, you’ve made plenty of marks,” he said, and he poked my stomach with his hook. “All in the wrong places!”

“Please, just give me two minutes!” I begged. “I’ll kill a dragon, my life will get infinitely better, hell, I might even get asked out on a date.”

“Not if you’re father has anything to say about it,” Gobber turned towards me. “Look, Hicca, I’m really sorry tah say this, but you wouldn’t last a minute in battle. You can lift a hammer, you can’t swing an axe, you can’t even throw one o’ these.”

Gobber held up a large bola in his hand. A second later it was snatched away by another Viking who used it to take down a Gronkle. Ignoring Gobber, I pushed passed him and walked back towards my bola-launcher. It was a really neat invention I had been working on for over a month now. Since I really couldn’t throw a bola, I made this so it would just shoot it for me.

“Okay, fine, but this will throw it for me.”

I patted the surface of my invention, which somehow accidentally triggered it, sending the bola flying. Gobber dodged it and it flew out the window, hitting another Viking in the face. I hissed as he hit the ground with a loud thud.

“Sorry!” I called out.

“See, now this right here is what I’m talkin’ about!” Gobber said sternly, marching up to me.

I shook my head. “Mild calibration issue…”

“Hicca. If you ever want tah get out there tah fight dragons, you need to stop all…this.”

Gobber gestured his arms all over me. I frowned.

“But, you just pointed to all of me!”

“Yes! That’s it! Stop being all of you.”


“Oohh, yes,” he mimicked.

“You, sir, are playing a very dangerous game,” I said, trying to sound threatening. “Keeping this much, raw…Viking-ness contained. There will be consequences!”

“I’ll take my chances,” Gobber tossed a sword into my arms. “Sword. Sharpen. Now.”

“Ugh, w-whatever,” I grunted.

I lift the sword in my arms and laid it on the grinding wheel. I start to sharpen it, concentrating carefully.

One day I’ll get out there. I have to. Because killing a dragon is everything around here. There are several

kinds of dragons that come here, all of which could help me if I killed at least one. A Nadder head is sure to get me at least noticed. Gronkles are tough. Taking down one of those would definitely get me a boyfriend(or at least some kindof affection from a boy). A Zippleback? Exotic; two heads, twice the status. And then there’s the Monstrous Nightmare. Only the best Vikings go after those. Reason why; they have this nasty habit of setting themselves on fire. But the ultimate prize is the dragon no one has ever seen. We call it the-

“Night Fury!”

“Get down!”

KABOOM! The sound of the catapult exploding filled the air, shaking the whole village. I stopped sharpening the sword and leaned out the window, staring up at the sky. This thing never steals food, never shows itself, and…never misses. No one has ever killed a Night Fury, that’s why I’m gonna be the first.

I turned around and went back inside the stall. I saw Gobber trade his hammer for a large axe.

“Man the fort, Hicca, they need me out there!” he headed for the door, then stopped and turned to face me. “Stay…Put…There… Yah know what I mean!”

I stared at him as he gave a loud yell and ran into the fray. I smirked. Did he honestly think I was gonna stay here? Ha!

I quickly grabbed my launcher and pushed it outside through the cluster of Vikings. I swerved through the mayhem, just narrowly avoiding other people.

“Hicca, where are you goin’?”

“Come back here!”

“I know, be right back!” I called out.

I continued running until I came to the top of a large cliff. I brought the launcher to the edge and dropped the handles on the ground. I unfolded it, cranking several levers and bowed the arms. I dropped a bola into a chamber and then pointed the weapon up towards the sky. I stood there, waiting for something to present itself.

“C’mon,” I muttered. “Give me something to shoot at, give me something to shoot at…”

I stared up at the sky, listening carefully for something, anything. Then there was a loud whistling sound that started echoing, slowly growing louder and louder. I thought I could see a black shape against the dark blue sky. There was a loud swooshing sound and another tower burst into flames, and to my surprise, the large black shape was illuminated for a split second. Taking careful aim I quickly pulled the trigger. The force pushed me back and I fell flat on my back. I sat up as quick as I could and looked up as a loud screech filled the air. I saw the dragon fly down, crashing down just off Raven Point.

Two seconds of shocked silence followed as I stared in amazement.

“I…I hit it?”

I smiled as I realized that I did, indeed, hit it. I jumped up, yelling in triumph.

“Yes, I hit it!! Did anybody see that?”

But my victory was not to last. Behind me there was a loud crashing sound mixed with the sound of splintering wood. I flinched, then slowly turned around. There, right in front of me, was the large Monstrous Nightmare, its large foot on top of what was left of my launcher.

“Except for you,” I said bluntly.

The Nightmare reared its head back, a low grow building in its throat, and small flames flaring from its nostrils. I knew exactly what that meant. Without hesitating I turned on my heal and started sprinting as fast as I could. I could hear the Nightmare behind me, trying to snap at me. It was times like this that made me happy I was smaller. Small and skinny made it easier to get away. I might not look it, but I’m very fast. But still, this dragon was right behind me and gaining speed.

I ran back into the village, dodging several fire blasts. Thinking I could just hide, I ran up behind a brazier pole and waited. A blast of fire hit it, surrounding the whole thing and just barley missing me. I turned around, avoiding the flames, and tried to see if the Nightmare was still there. Unfortunately at that point I heard growling coming from behind me. Suddenly the Chief seemed to jump out of nowhere and tackled the dragon. They had a small stare-off, and the dragon tried to blast more of its fire, but only a small spark came out. The dragon gave a look that said ‘uh-oh’ as the chief smirked.

“You’re all out.”

He marched forward, raising his beefy fists. He punched and kicked the Nightmare several times before it backed up and flew away. Suddenly the pole I was standing behind broke due to the base being burned so badly. It fell to the side, exposing me; just standing there simply. The iron basket that was once on top of the pole bounced down the hill, destroying everything in its path, and scattering all the Vikings. I hissed, winced, and made several expressions as I watched the destruction.

Oh, and there’s one more thing you need to know…

“Sorry, dad…”

Yep. I’m the chief’s daughter. But not only am I his only daughter, I’m also his only child. So, you can see why he’d be upset that I wasn’t a boy.

I looked up at the sky to see all the Nadders that the men had caught earlier were now free, and carrying most of our sheep with them. I had a bad feeling that that was my fault. I bit my lip nervously, turning slowly to look at my dad. He had a unreadable glare all over his face. I didn’t know what to do, so I just shrugged and pointed outward.

“Okay, but I hit a Night Fury.”

I yelped as my dad grabbed me by my collar and started dragging me away. My feet slid across the ground as I tried to explain.

“No, dad, I mean it! This isn’t like last time or the one before, I really actually hit it this time! You guys were busy and I had a very clear shot. I saw it! I saw it go down just off Raven Point. We need to get a search party out there before-”


I quickly shut my mouth, wincing a little bit at the loudness. My dad let me go and turned to look at me.

“Just…stop. Every time you step outside, disaster follows! Can you not see that I got bigger problems? Winter is almost here and I have an entire village tah feed!”

“…Well, between you and me the village could do with a little less feeding, don’t yah think?”

It’s true. I’m pretty much the only thin person in the whole village. I often cracked a few fat jokes here and there, and sometimes the others would laugh. Other times I actually thought we had a problem, and it needed to be fixed. Then it wasn’t so funny.

“This isn’t a joke, Hicca!” my dad snapped. “Ugh, why can’t yah follow the simplest orders?”

“I-I can’t stop myself!” I defended. “I see a dragon and I have to just… kill it, yah know? It’s who I am, dad.”

I shrugged in an ‘I’m sorry I’m me’ sort of way. My dad rubbed his forehead stressfully.

“Oh, you are many things Hicca, but a dragon killer is not one of them. Get back to the house. Make sure she gets there,” he said to Gobber, who smacked the back of my head. “I have her mess to clean up. Again…”

I sighed miserably as I was led away by Gobber. We passed up all the other Vikings, who were looking down at me in a disappointed way. Then as we passed up the other teens they laughed and pointed at me.

“Quite the performance,” said Tuffnut, smirking before Ruffnut pushed him.

“I’ve never seen anyone mess up that badly. That helped!” Snotlout said, starting to get into my face.

“Thank you, thank you, at least I was trying. So, yeah…”

I continued walking, purposely ignoring the glare Austen was currently shooting at me. There was a yelp behind me along with a thud, and I knew that Gobber must’ve pushed Snotlout down. He usually did that whenever he was around and he caught my cousin picking on me.

Me and Gobber continued to walk to my house, neither of us saying a word. I guess we didn’t really know what to say. It wasn’t until we were just outside my front door that I finally spoke.

“I swear, Gobber, I really hit one.”

“Sure, Hicca.”

I rolled my eyes. “My dad never listens.”

“Well, it runs in the family.”

“And whenever he dose it’s always with this…disappointed scowl like someone skimped on meat in his sandwich,” I turned and mimicked my dad’s voice. “‘Excuse me, barmaid, I’m afraid yah brough’ me the wrong offspring. I ordered and extra large boy, one with beefy arms, extra guts and glory on the side. This here, not only is it a girl, it’s nothin’ but a talkin’ fishbone!’ Yeah, everything would be so much better if I was a boy, wouldn’t it?”

“Now, don’t say that,” said Gobber. “Yah should know that yah father loves yah no matter what.”

“But it’s true!” I argued. “I’m his only kid and I’m a girl. Because of that he feels that he has every right to regret being my father.”

“That’s not true!” Gobber said sharply. “He doesn’t regret having yah, and he neva will. Besides, you’re looking at it all wrong. It’s not so much what yah look like, it’s not even the fact that you’re a girl; it’s what’s inside that he can’t stand.”

I stared at him, my jaw open and my brows furrowed. Was that suppose to help?!

“Thank you for summing that up,” I said sarcastically, grabbing the door handle.

“Look, the point is, stop trying so hard to be something you’re not.”

“I just wanna be one of you guys,” I said hopelessly.

Leaving Gobber outside, I went inside and closed the door. I sighed, hanging my head as I leaned against the surface of the door. I looked around for a moment, then I ran upstairs into my room. I looked around and saw my sketchbook laying on my desk. I grabbed it and my charcoal pencil and ran back downstairs. Looking at the front door once, I turned and pushed open the back door. I leaped down, staggering a little before regaining my balance and running out into the woods. I don’t care if it takes all day, I’m going to find that dragon

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