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You Are Not Alone


Alex Xavier didn't expect to teach The Captain America seventy years of history. Nor did she expect to be apart of the Avengers Initiative where her world is literally turned upside down.

Adventure / Romance
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Through Glass

The air was dry and humid as twenty-two year old Alexandria Xavier walked into the Archivo General de la Nación for a departing meeting with the President of Mexico, Felipe de Jesús Calderón Hinojosa. Stepping into the former prison, Alex couldn’t help but feel happy and relieved that she was going to be able to leave after almost two years. Never thought that I’ll actually want to go home…but still, it’s been almost a week and I can still feel the blood. Not liking where her thoughts were going, she tried to think of other things, and ended up thinking about the new power she had discovered the week before. Looking down at her bandaged ankle and touching the stitches on the back of her head, Alex couldn’t help but to think about the problems that humans had with mutants, and vice versa; and that Mexico wasn’t the only place that had this problem. No matter what she or her father did, the problems between the two would probably never go away. A huge sigh escaped her mouth as she came across the secretary for the archives.

“¿Ha llegado el Presidente?” Having been in Mexico for almost two years, Alex had little trouble with the language barrier, due to the fact that it was quite easy for her to dig into people’s minds to learn proper Spanish. The secretary had barely spared her a glance when she arrogantly said no and motioned for Alex to sit in the chairs that were off to the side. Heaving another sigh, Alex took a careful seat on the all too comfortable chairs, waiting for the ‘I told you so’ lecture that she was pretty sure she was going to receive from the President. Looking down at her now blood-free hands, Alex let her mind wonder to the accidents that had happened just last week.

Walking down the streets of Mexico City, Alex couldn’t help but let a small smile grace her young features at the peaceful feeling she had been overwhelmed with. It had been almost half a year when the rogue mutants had gone physical with their attacks against the higher ups of Mexico; and President Felipe, along with his army generals wanted to take drastic measures. The rogue mutants were growing larger as the days had gone by, and were acting out more viciously towards the innocent population of Mexico in the past few days. Alex had stubbornly gone against using any type of force against the band of misfits, claiming that violence would make them angrier than they already were. The President, however, disagreed.

Although her father had taught her to never use her powers or fighting talents for violence unless it was necessary, Alex really wanted to smack the smile that was on his face when he gave the order to his generals about using guns. Acting quickly, Alex had asked for a final meeting between her self and Juan Guzman, leader of the Pícaros. Whatever feeling she had at that moment when Felipe agreed about meeting this particular mutant face to face alone didn’t matter, Alex knew how important this would be to the peace of Mexico. Her mental abilities didn’t have much of an impact to his mutant stealing powers, and Alex suddenly felt stupid for ignoring Ororo’s help a few weeks previously. Berating her self mentally, Alex tried to prepare whatever she was going to say to stop Juan and find out just exactly why he was taking out his anger on innocent bystanders, and targeting her specifically. Of course it could have something to do with his childhood... But that doesn’t explain why he suddenly took an interest in me. Wincing at the prospect, Alex just knew that this wouldn’t be a walk in the park and really felt stupid for not taking the help when she easily could’ve. Me and my damn pride!

Giving her self a lecture about NOT being invincible like she was always told, Alex completely missed the group of mutants that were going directly to the Polanco Twin Towers that was only a mile to her right. It wasn’t until she felt a disgusting and evil thought overcome her sense is when she started to panic and tried looking for the source of the smell. Spreading her mind out to the surrounding area about fifty miles, Alex quickly tired to sort out the thoughts of both humans and mutants.

“Espero que mi novia le gustan estas flores.”

“Oh, Dios mío! Estoy tan tarde!”

“Hombre, ahora tengo que conseguir ropa nueva. A veces me odio a estos poderes.”

¿Me pregunto qué debo hacer para la cena?”

“Tenemos que destruir estas torres y rápido!”

THERE! Running as fast as she could towards the towers, she tried to warn the people to run away as fast as they could. Some people had stopped what they were doing, while others were just looking at her as if she was just a mere nuisance. Damn these people! UGH! Thanks to the years of training, Alex wasted no time getting to the towers and immediately ran inside and practically yelled at the secretary about a possible bomb threat. The lady just looked at her as if she was crazy, and glared at Alex to go away. Not wanting to waste anymore time, Alex decided to just look for the damn fire alarm that she knew was somewhere around on the first floor. Finding the alarm, Alex wasted no time pulling the thing and didn’t mind getting wet from the onslaught of water coming from the sprinklers above. Hearing that people were rushing to get out of the building, Alex tried to blend in with the crowd until the secretary that she had yelled at earlier suddenly pulled her back.

Receiving the glare of the century, Alex was dragged out of the building with the secretary pulling her towards the authorities that had just arrived. Spreading her mind around the area, Alex tried looking for the mutants that she knew were still around. Not finding the culprits, Alex grew worried and confused when a sudden cold chill went down her spine. Feeling as if someone was looking at her, she looked up towards the park that was across the Polanco Towers and saw Juan Guzman’s smiling face. Eyes growing wide, Alex tried getting out of the strong hold that the secretary had her in, being unsuccessful. Resorting to desperate measures, Alex took complete control of her mind, demanding that she be let go, which she was. Turning back towards the towers, Alex had no time to say or do anything when a big explosion had occurred sending her and all the people around back several feet.

Hitting her back against one of the police cars, Alex tried to push her self off the ground but was putting up a fight when her arms suddenly buckled and scraped her cheek with glass from the car’s shattered windshield. What the hell just happened? Head swimming and vision blurry, Alex could feel liquid going down her back from her head; lifting one of her trembling hands to find a red substance. Attempting one more time to get up, Alex was only able to sit up against the destroyed car that she had so graciously met. Looking around with a pounding headache that threatened to knock her out, Alex saw that only one tower was destroyed while the other still remained standing, people were running around in a panic, and many littered the ground, either majorly wounded or dead.

Looking for major wounds on her body, Alex concluded that her ankle had been sprained, many cuts and bruises covered her entire body, a few ribs had been bruised but not broken, and the giant gash on the back of her head was a bit alarming. Trying to get up, Alex could only feel pain and fell back against the car with a loud yell. C’mon Alex, get up! What would father say?! Using her father as motivation, Alex tried one more time to get up, but only had the same result as the first time. Seeing that more authorities had arrived on the scene to help the people that needed it, Alex felt like she should just sit still and wait for the pain to pass. Until a shadow of a person fell over her, and her blood went cold when she looked up.

“Well look who we have here.” Looking up at the man that had caused so much trouble and hatred in the past year and a half and had specifically called her out on many occasions, Alex couldn’t help but be surprised that he spoke perfect English. Great, now I’m stereotyping. So not the time! Mentally berating her self once again, Alex, for the third time in her life, did not know what to do. Alex could practically feel the anger and hatred in waves rolling off of Juan as he walked closer, and what he said next made her mind go haywire and send a mental S.O.S to anyone in the near facility.

“Did you really think that you could stop me, you little wench? Once I kill you, Alex Xavier, nothing will stand in my way for total domination.” Straight out panicking, Alex tried to send her mind into his to at least attempt to take over long enough to create a plan of escape, until his laughter made her stop completely.

“You think that will help you? Any power used against me, I automatically use to my advantage. And here I thought you knew that?” Hearing the smirk in his voice, Alex swore loudly because she did knew that, but blamed the panic that was coursing through her veins to forget that tidbit of useful information.

“I’ve waited a long time to drain you Xavier, and once I do, no one will dare defy me again.” Kneeling before her, Alex saw his arm reach for her head in slow motion as every memory and every friend she ever had flashed through her head in that instant. Spending time with her father in his study, asking question after question about everything and anything to Hank who didn’t mind at all, playing tag with Ororo, Jean, and Scott on the mansion’s grounds, and her world travels around the world. And that’s when Alex stopped all train of thought, thinking back on everything, she wasn’t ready to leave, and she sure as hell wasn’t going to die like this. Feeling a surge of power she never felt before start in her chest moving towards her head, Alex drew on it and started to mold it out of instinct. Feeling fingertips touch her forehead, Alex had no choice but to force it out with everything she had left.

A bright blue light had escaped from her chest and Juan had bounced back at least ten feet away from where he had her. He wasn’t expecting that type of power from the telepath, and therefore wasn’t prepared for it. Standing back up with a scowl and, he looked at her with pure hatred and was slightly confused on the confusion on her face, as if she didn’t know what had happened. Trying to fool me I bet. Walking back towards her, he didn’t expect a cool metal to touch the back of his head when he was so close to destroying her for her betrayal to her own kind.

“I would stop right there if I were you.” A deep rough voice had spoken behind him and turned around to find a man completely dressed in black with a black eye-patch covering his left eye. A 9x19mm Parabellum automatic mamba pistol was positioned between his eyes, and yet, he felt no fear. Pathetic human. Smirking to himself, Juan just looked at the man defiantly.

“And if I don’t?” Feeling surprised that the man smiled, he gave no indication or warning about what he was about to do next.

“I’ll do this.” The only thing Juan heard next was the pull of the trigger and then nothing but black. But he had managed one more thought before his brains had been blasted out. You pathetic homo sapiens!

Feeling something splatter against her, Alex looked down to see blood cover her from head to toe and could see bits of brain around her. Feeling horrified, Alex looked up with a sudden jerk and felt her head spin dangerously as white hot pain shot down from her neck to her spine and her vision going blurry as she tried to stay awake; she didn’t have the strength to block out the panicked and scared voices of everyone’s thoughts running through her head as if a bunch of elephants were stampeding through her mind. The last thing that she had remembered before she completely passed out was the fact that the President was totally going to use this incident against her. A second before passing out, she saw Juan on the ground and a tall dark-skinned man holding a pistol. Panic going higher, Alex couldn’t stop her self from fainting.

Alex had woken up a few days later to find her ankle and upper body bandaged tightly and a splitting headache raking her entire body; barely remembering what had happened, Alex tried to sit up but only managed to have pain go through her spine. Gasping for breath, she had tried to remember what had happened when it all came to her at once, as if someone had slapped her across the face. Remembering that Juan had tried to kill her, but only ended up with someone else had killed him, Alex could still feel how his blood had splattered against her and still felt the blood on her now cleaned body. Looking around, Alex had deduced that she was in a hospital room, with a bouquet of flowers right next to her.

Leaning on her arm, Alex used the other to grab the card that was beside the vase and held back a groan as she read the note.

“I told you so.” -Presidente Felipe

Having proving herself right, Alex saw another note from the corner of her eye, with an eagle logo on the front and the letters S.H.I.E.L.D. written underneath it. Curiously, Alex held the note with caution before opening it for her breath to catch in her throat.

“No thanks necessary, think of it as a favor. We’ve handled the mutant problem with the President, and you can now go home.

Remember Ms. Xavier, this was a favor.

I’ll expect you to return it when we call on you.” –Director N.F.

Feeling more confused than relief, Alex looked up to see a television on to see that the President was giving the speech on what had happened at the Polanco Twin Towers. Getting up with a struggle, Alex painfully, but quickly as she could, turned up the volume to hear the end of his speech.

Nos comprometemos a dar la paz mutantes, siempre y cuando devuelva el favor. Mutant representante, Carlos Muñoz, nos ayudará a alcanzar este objetivo.”

Alex could remember seeing President Felipe shake hands with a man with purple hair and slight grayish skin wearing a nice black suit, and couldn’t help but feel happy that she could finally go home after almost two years of being in the middle of a mutant/human war. Being a bit put out that she came to the conclusion that these S.H.I.E.L.D. people had done what took her two years in only a matter of days, Alex couldn’t complain at all. But her mind kept going back to what this mysterious person had told her in the note that they had left. A favor? What did they mean by that? When are they going to call and why?

Being jerked out of her memories, Alex remembered that she was at the AGN, and saw the President leave through a side door while Ororo and a man that she wasn’t familiar with walked towards her, and stood up rather shakily. Ororo, seeing this, ran to her side quickly and scolded her for being brash once again.

“What were you thinking, Alex? You could’ve died! If you had just pushed your pride aside and taken the help when I offered, we wouldn’t be in this situation!” Feeling like she was being mother-henned again, Alex couldn’t help but roll her eyes and let a few chuckles leave her mouth. It wasn’t like she wanted to get almost blown up.

“Calm down Ororo, I’m pretty sure she didn’t plan this.” Looking towards the man that had spoken, Alex couldn’t help but feel her heart race just a tad bit faster and blood rush to her face. The man was standing at about six feet and two inches compared to her five feet and seven inches, and had this rugged look to him that just screamed sex appeal. Fighting the blush that she knew was on her face, Alex cleared her throat as her adopted aunt rounded her hard eyes away from her and onto him. Jeez, I could almost feel bad for the guy. No one can stand up to Ororo’s ‘I’m going to kill you’ stare. But what surprised her most was the fact that this man didn’t even flinch, but just stood there as if he was used to it. Nice. I’ve known her since forever, and even I can’t do that. Major brownie points dude.

“Calm down…Calm down! Logan, she almost died! We get a call from someone who we don’t even know and we find out that she’s in the hospital! What if she had ended up like the Professor!” That sentence almost made her heart stop, what the hell did she mean by that? Ororo couldn’t mean her father right? But Ororo only calls my father Professor, never by his actual name, no matter how many times he asked her to. Feeling a bit hysterical, Alex cut off whatever Logan was going to say.

“What happened to my father?”

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