Unexpected Friends

First Impressions

Sarek POV

The death of Nyota's parents was a sudden and unexpected...and the cause of there death even more so.

Amanda and Makini Uhura were best friends I understand that. And ever since Nyota was and infant, she has had a very strange grasp on me if not physical then emotional. Makini and her husband Basura were Starfleet officers on board the Kelvin and often left Nyota with us. Spock was not certain of the reason of her being in our home.

I tried to explain to him why she is here alas the explanation was short lived. Amanda went to the market on a Wednesday (Terran day and time) to purchase fruits for our youngest guest. I surprisingly did not have to attend any meetings with the council of elders or at the embassy. This is my first time alone with the child and even though Amanda and I have a child of our own I know absolutely nothing of caring for an infant human child. She is now asleep or 'taking a nap' as Amanda refers to and all I can think of is how I am suppose to comfort Nyota after she awakens.

And all to soon my thoughts were disturbed by the cries of the infant(Nyota). I sigh quietly and braced myself for what will soon become war with an infant child. As I entered the room she was sleeping in I was certain she would cry even more when she saw that 'anda' was not the one caring for her. I was taken by surprise when she smiled at me. I walked in further to find the little girl extending her arms towards me. I looked around me and out to the hall to see if there was anyone else there she was asking for.

I carefully walked closer to to her crib and as I reached to pick her up her hand grabbed my fingers. Her emotions are overwhelming. The emotions she feels towards me are not ones of fear or dissatisfaction at her aunt Amanda being absent, but were emotions of curiosity, wonder, love, gratitude, and the want of attention and wanting to be held. At the last emotion a grabbed her out of her crib and walked out of her room. She had to be one of the calmest infants I had ever met. She did not fuss, she did not scream, or move around in my arms, she just looked around her surroundings in amazement.

In the kitchen, I just fed her the milk she needed and patted her back like Amanda had done so many times to our son when he was Nyota's age. She pulls back slightly and looks at me and again surprises me with a smile. She reached to touch my face and patted it. I pulled her close and held her.

'Is this what I missed while my son was an infant?' I asked myself.

If it was so then I am making a mistake by raising my son the Vulcan way. I pushed the thought of the way my son is to be raised and gave my attention the smallest addition the family. It was midday and the sun was high in the sky and there was a rare breeze blowing by.

I don't take her outside on the patio because the dust in the wind may get her ill. Which led to us staying inside for the rest of the afternoon. I now know and understand why her parents decided to name her Nyota…Star what an adequate name. She is their shining star.

With her in my arms she yawns and tries to stay warm in my arms. I look at her and realize she fell asleep once more. I hold her close in my arms and stand by the window relishing the feel of her in my arms. In my life I never thought holding child this way would stir such emotion.

(Four years later. Uhura – 4 yrs. Old and Spock – 6 yrs. Old)

I saw her try not to cry at her parents' funeral she was trying to be strong. I walked up to her, she looked up at me and I could see the tears in her eyes. I reached a hand to her and she took it gratefully. Once the funeral ended Amanda insisted on taking Nyota with us to the hotel we were staying. I would not admit it to anyone but I was relieved when Amanda decided this.

"Who will I be staying with now that my parents are gone?" Nyota asked in a small voice.

"You will be staying with us on Vulcan.," I said trying to soften my voice.

"Will it be permanent?" she asked in a hopeful voice.

"Yes, if you wish" I said.

"Oh yes I wish to very much uncle. Thank you for having me," she said with a bright smile. In a surprise attack she wrapped her arms around my neck. She backed away realizing what she had done.

"Oh, I'm so sorry I didn't mean to…," she started to say fear in her voice.

"Do not concern yourself child I get hugs from your aunt all the time." I said not able to handle the look of fear she had in her eyes.

"Oh, ok." She said relived. "Now that I will be living with you permanently I only have one question." She continued to say.

"Yes?" I asked.

"How do you think Spock will react to me living in your home?" she asked now anxious. And I admit it to myself that Spock may take to living with Nyota the wrong way.

I now understand why Amanda wanted Nyota to live with us. But I do not understand why this human child would enjoy to live with us on Vulcan.

"Nyota why do you wish to live with us if you are so comfortable here among your own people?" I asked.

I was not aware of the fact that I was anxious for I did not know whether I wanted to hear her answer or not.

"I want to go to Vulcan to learn. Every time mama and baba came back form somewhere far away they would bring back a book or artifact so that I could learn from the planet's civilization. So I guess you could say I want to go to learn a new language. My mama always said that if you really want to learn more the best way to do so is to see new places and meeting new people." She said with pride.

I was taken aback from her answer and impressed as this child described her desire to learn more about new cultures and traditions. She truly is a special child.

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