Unexpected Friends

A Moment of Pride

Nyota(4 yrs. Old)

When I asked uncle Sarek what Spock may think of me living with them his answer was as good as mine. There is nowhere else for me to go, and what I said about wanting to go to Vulcan is true I really, really want to learn as much as I can about the universe.

I am going to miss my mama and baba but I know that they would have wanted for me to be that just me and not let anyone, anyone intimidate me no matter who or what they are. I made that promise to them the last time I saw them (before they were buried) and it is a promise I will keep for them and for myself. We were on our way to Vulcan Spock was not at the funeral, I asked uncle Sarek why he wasn't there and answered that he was focusing on his studies and was 'unable to attend' the burial.

I understood that Spock was in his studies and know what is like for events to occur but not be able to attend or participate in them. I'm a book worm, I'm one of those that likes to read and study so no one can be able to say that I'm just a stupid girl with no knowledge of the world or worlds around me.

Some boys in school think they are all that and say to every one they can. Including me until my uncle came to pick me up from school one day in his hover bike. The same bullies came at me at once and challenged me. The challenge was the first who answered a mathematical equation the correctly would left alone. No more bullying, me, or the other students. I looked at my uncle and nodded at him and I accepted the challenge.

The next day at lunch one of the teachers gave us a highschool problem to solve. At first I looked at my uncle who was there and then at the boys. The group of boys were working together and I was on my own and to be honest I liked working on my own. There was no one there to tell me what to do. The boys actually looked nervous that a little human girl was going to beat them. They finished first when the teacher checked theirs he just nodded and waited for me finish. I worked on they problem (taking my time) the long way and solved it. The group of boys was awestruck to see that just a little girl was able to work so much on one problem. The teacher checked mine and nodded.

"Well that certainly was an impressive way to solve a problem," the teacher said to both me and the group of boys. The boys started to laugh thinking that they won and I lost. "however, I'm deeply impressed by the tactic that young Ms. Uhura was able to do in just one problem." He said grinning at me.

"And I was most disappointed in you boys you did not check to see if the answer was the problem itself." The boys were clearly looking at me with rage.

"The winner of this competition is young Nyota Uhura." The teacher said with a nod.

I looked at my uncle and smiled. He walked up to me and said; "Your parents would be proud."

"Yes, but not as proud as you are," I said knowing that he really was no matter how illogical it maybe.

The day ended early and I got to ride on the hover bike again. In the house I told aunt Amanda what happened in school that day and was happy to see her smile again.

After my parents died she was never able to smile, she was always sad or just very quiet. Sometimes she even cried at the loss of my mother. Spock came but it seems that he doesn't like me very much. But I'm not know to give up that easily.

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