Unexpected Friends

Family Argument

Amanda – (Nyota – 8 months Old)

I really don't know how to describe what is going through me. Its sort of this tsunami of emotions that don't seem to end or at least give me a break so I can answer the questions my son has been asking me about why Nyota is going to be living with us on Vulcan.

I find myself unable to answer any questions about well anything its seem that everytime I wake up in the morning its like I want to stay in bed and let my life flash before my eyes. But no Sarek, Spock and now Nyota need my help and need me to stay around. And that is what I'm going to do.

I came back home from the market around mid day to find my husband holding the very child he almost talked me into not bringing back home. He was standing by a window holding her sleeping form close to him, his hand on her back while his other arm cradled her. It is a beautiful sight to behold.

"She woke up crying after you left." Sarek said never taking his eyes away from the sleeping infant.

"Sorry, I thought she would sleep through–," I started to say.

"You have nothing to apologize for Amanda," he said with a softness I never knew existed in him. "…she is not the troublemaker I thought she would be." He said now looking at me.

I smiled warmly at him and looked over at Nyota who seemed to be sleeping so deeply it seemed nothing could wake her.

"You want to put her in her crib or should I?" I asked carefully.

"No, I will do it." He said quickly.

Even through his Vulcan demeanor I could see a change in my husband. I knew that Nyota was going to be like a daughter to him.

"Mother, I have arrived from grandmother's home." My little one year old son said while holding onto his grandmother's arm.

I looked at T'Pau and nodded. She nodded back and said, "I heard what happened to Lt. Uhura and her husband and wish to give my condolences. Did their child survive?" Her question surprised me a little.

"She is alright mother she is actually asleep in her bed." Sarek said coming from what is Nyota's room.

"She is living here with you?" she asked.

"Yes, she is. Is there a problem with having Nyota stay with us?" Sarek asked now getting really upset. But like any Vulcan he would not show.

"Yes, it is she could be a problem to your career as ambassador Sarek. She should have stayed with a family member." She finished I felt Sarek passing through upset and up to really angry.

"There is no family left to take care of her. And Mrs. Uhura stated in her will that she wanted her daughter to be taken care of by her friend, Amanda who is also might I add Nyota's godmother. The child is not as problematic as you seem to say and think. She is quite unique for a human." Sarek said proud of Nyota and me. Proud of me for talking him in to letting her stay, of Nyota for a reason that is between him and the sleeping infant.

"And how can you say she is unique when she is still an infant? Sarek as she grows older she will only be an embarrassment to you and your career as an ambassador. Just like your son." At that at that I don't know if it was me or Sarek but I'm sure that it was Sarek.

"No one insults MY son…in front of me or my wife," he said to me through our bond now he was really angry. He has never done this before not even in front of his own mother. None the less.

"My son is not an embarrassment mother he is a blessing no one planned or even believed could happen but it did he is here and I am taking my place as his father here and now. With all do respect mother I must wish you to leave." Sarek may have been a normal looking Vulcan but I know better and he was very, very angry at this moment.

"Very well," said a stunned T'Pau.

"Sarek. Amanda," she nodded to each of us and left.

I took Spock in my arms and carried him to his room to change him, leaving Sarek alone in the living room. It was late I did not realize how fast the time passed during T'Pau's visit. The change of clothes soon became a bedtime bath. After his bath I put him in his favorite pajamas.

"Mother, why does grandmother think of me as a mistake?" he asked curious and even though he tried to hide it he was hurt.

I was and still am afraid of questions like this.

"Because your different, my son. And between you and me you are part of a proud race that think themselves superior." I said with a sad smile. I knew Sarek was going to tell him more sooner or later. I kissed his forehead and left him to sleep. I felt Sarek's surprise and agreement at my statement and went to bed. I had a pretty good idea where he was right now.

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