Unexpected Friends

Unexpected Surprise

Spock – (1 year old/ Nyota 8 months old)

The argument that transpired between my father and grandmother is one I truly hoped I would not be a part of, but that is always when grandmother comes here. I hate being a part of their so called conversations. Mother and father try their best to keep me away from such conversations, to protect me from what the inevitable will be as I mature.

The child that grandmother mentioned, Nyota. Was the child my parents told me about. I will see her today during breakfast. I honestly hope that this human does not treat me like so many here on Vulcan do, and that she will be my friend, yes she will be the only one but I wont be completely alone here (besides my parents).

"Good morning Spock, did you sleep well?" My mother asked from her place on the table.

"Yes, and I a hope your sleep was restful as well mother?" I said.

She smiled at me and there is when I saw her. She is on my mother's lap, some sort of colorful toy in her grasp, her wide chocolate brown eyes concentrating on what the devise is for, then her eyes shifted to me and her eyes widened. Her mouth curved into what my mother would call a 'watery smile' since it was covered in drool.

"So this little Nyota Uhura," I thought to my self.

"Spock, come say hello to a new member of the family. She won't bite," My mother said. I was taken aback. She...Miss Uhura is to be part of our family?

"Mother she is an infant and does not understand what we say," I said logically.

"Spock she is eight months old and is perfectly capable of understanding. Just say your name to her and listen to her say it back. Go ahead." I could not possibly consider what my mother had told me to do. But I shall indulge her.

"Hello, my name is Spock," I said to Nyota

"You Spock me Nyota," she said back. I was stunned by her response and it must have been showing because my mother smiled and said, "See she is parrot, she repeats everything she is told. So be careful what you say around her." My mother just looked at both of us and smiled warmly.

"Come have some breakfast your father must be getting out of the shower by now." She said and placed Nyota on her right hip to give me my breakfast.

Spock – Spock 10 yrs. Old(Nyota 9 yrs. Old)

It has been nine years since the day I met Nyota Uhura and since then it has gotten better. As we both matured we became close. And she is quite the bright child she has passed every class that I have taken in school and has proven herself on so many occasion. Today was her first day in school and I cannot believe she was this excited to go as she was this morning. She does not know what the school will be like for her.

When she came home she gave father her school PADD and walked to her room. Father looked after her as she walked away.

"Father, what is it?" I asked as he read over her the PADD Nyota had given him.

"The school wants her out." He said.

"Why?" I asked knowing why they want her out.

"Because she is bringing to much attention to herself by doing her work correctly. The school says that she is too bright and she is tarnishing the record of the school by just doing that." He said disbelief clear in his voice.

"Father tomorrow both Nyota and I will attend school lets not give them the pleasure of showing them that she is just another human girl. Weak and pathetic as they seem to believe. Let us show them that not all humans are as unnerving as they seem to be. Let us prove to the school and society that we will not back down, and we will not show that we will not tolerate being pushed." I said proud of my accomplishment.

"You are clearly your mother's son Spock," father said with a small sparkle of pride showing in his voice.

"So will we do it?" I asked now hoping that the answer is yes.

"Yes we will," he said. I nodded and turned to tell Nyota the good news.

As I entered her room I was not prepared for the scene that was displayed in front of me. Nyota was on her bed as was my mother, Nyota's head was on my mother's lap and she was crying. My mother was rubbing her hand on Nyota's back as she often would do to me after difficult days in school.

"Nyota what do want to do? Stay here or keep going to school?" My mother asked.

"I want to keep going if uncle says yes to my request." Nyota said trying ot stop her tears.

"I think he will agree with your request Nyota and even if he says no I will take you there my self," I said walking towards her.

Nyota and mother smiled at me.

"Do you really think so, Spock?" Nyota asked uncertain.

"Yes, because I just talked to him about it." I said proudly.

"Well in that case world here we come. We are going to face a lot of insults but we mustn't let them get to us. I know that at some point they will but today is not that day." Nyota said.

Mother's smile grew and my own grin made its way.

"No it is not young Star," Father said standing in the door way. Star is what her name means and father's name for her since she is so bright.

We sat on the bed with her and she told us all about her day. Today I was not in school because it was my yearly doctor's appointment. She told us about the boys constantly looking at her like an animal and treating her as such. She told us how during the lunch hour she would have no place to sit at because of just being human.

"But two of the kids looked at me and said that they would be honored if I sit with them and I did. Their names are T'Lana and Vorik," She said now smiling.

All of us were taken aback by what she said about them being able to see how wrong it was to look down upon someone so bright.

In the end we agreed that continuing to go to school was the best course of action.

Vorik – 12 yrs. Old(Nyota 9 yrs. Old/T'Lana – 8 yrs. Old)

It seemed to be a regular day but there was something about it that seemed different somehow. I remember entering the school gate and seeing a pair of chocolate brown eyes as bright as the stars at night and at once I could tell that she was not Vulcan. Despite her hair down and covering her ears and her long bangs covering most of her forehead and eyebrows I could tell that she was not Vulcan.

After morning classes ended and it was the lunch hour I attended to my sister and noticed the same girl walking around looking around for a place to sit and eat her lunch. But everywhere she asked to sit at had its excuse to not let her sit in the empty space.

"As you can see human there is a space available, but it is not available to simians," I saw the girl's face turn white her natural mocha skin looking unusually pale from the accusation. I saw how it was the same way at every table she asked. I found it illogical to display such behavior especially towards a child that is as intelligent as she has been able to prove.

"I find her to be a friendly child, bother. And the accusations that are being said are false and illogical," My sister said letting her tone to have the lightest shimmer of concern for the girl.

"I agree, sister. I shall go ask her if she would rather sit with us instead." I said.

"Brother that is the best idea," she said.

So I walked towards the child and said, "My sister and I would be honored if you would sit with us."

I noticed her face had regained some of its natural complexion.

"That is very kind of you, thank you." Was all she said. She silently nodded and followed me towards the table where my sister and I were sitting.

As I saw her face I noticed that her eyes were indeed chocolate brown, her skin was a shade darker but still pleasing to the touch. I found her eyes to have a most unexpected light to them without them even looking towards any source of light. Strange but most pleasing to observe.

"I am Vorik and this is my sister T'Lana." I said introducing myself and my sister who nodded towards her.

"Hello, my name is Nyota Uhura. Pleased to meet you," she said.

I was surprised to hear her introduce her self in perfect Vulcan.

"Please pardon our classmates…" I said to her as gently as I could, "they do not understand what it is like to have someone other than Vulcan attend this school," I said this with both sympathy and curiosity, secretly hoping that she would not think of both my sister and myself as our other classmates.

"There is nothing to pardon. Its really quite clear that they truly do not understand what it is to see a person from a new place. That proves that they do not have the slightest bit of curiosity to at least ask a question or two to clarify their curiosity at my being here," Nyota said.

I noticed that she was every bit affected by the insults as the first she received. She is a strong one.

"If I may why exactly are you here?" T'Lana asked from her place on the table.

"Its ok, you may ask. Well, both my parents were aboard the USS Kelvin when it was destroyed. And…" she stopped, took a shaky deep breath and continued, "I was brought to live here with her best friend, my godmother and her husband," She finished saying in a sad tone.

"And if it is also alright to ask who is your godmother?" I asked.

My question was bothersome, I knew this I should have not asked such a personal question. I have crossed a line and now she may never consider being a friend. She seems to be alone here aside from living with her godmother. And I want to be there for her no matter what anyone or anything says.

"Lady Amanda," Nyota said her voice no higher than that of a mere whisper.

I nodded at her understanding that she did not want anyone to know who her caretaker is.

She surprised my by giving me bright smile.

My sister looked pleased, I felt relief run through my body like a waterfall.

She smiled at me. And then I knew that she would be mine.

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