Unexpected Friends

Fights And Friendships

Vorik – 12 yrs. Old(Nyota 9 yrs. Old/T'Lana 8 yrs. Old)

T'Lana and I do not know Spock on a personal level. We have seen how others treat him, we think that no matter what or who the person is they do not deserve such treatment.

After that first meeting that day I knew she was special no matter what others would say, the following day she came in the company of Spock. Before the morning classes started I located her but did not proceed in talking to her. I wanted to see if I was really a friend to her, if my sister and myself were really considered friends to her then I would see her search and locate me then I would proceed. She had located me first then my sister and brought Spock with her.

"Good morning Vorik. Good morning T'Lana," she said with a smile that reached her ears.

Spock merely nodded at us.

"Good morning Nyota, good morning to you as well Spock," I said pleasantly.

I noticed that he was slightly surprised to see me talking to him. Actually speaking to him and not insulting him like most would do right about now.

"Good morning Vorik, T'Lana," he said. I noticed his tone was forced to stay neutral. I felt some type of emotion for him that very moment. Sympathy? if it was sympathy then it came at a very good time. Because I could see all the trouble he was going through just to prove himself to our society.

At that moment the bell for classes rang and the four of us walked opposite directions to our learning pods.

Ahh, the lunch bell. I would sit next to Nyota again today, what a relief. I found my sister with no trouble and as soon as we saw Nyota we went in search of Spock. When we finally found Spock we saw three older boys talking to him.

The fight had started none of us had taken our lunch trays. Nyota saw what was happening and she walked forward to try and protect him but I held on to her shoulder. I dropped my shields slightly and felt her fear, anger, and sadness as her first and most dearest friend and brother was being taunted yet again.

"He is a traitor you know, your father. For marrying her, that human whore," I heard the oldest of the group say. And I saw something in Spock's eyes that flashed with a bright fire like light.

As soon as the words left the boy's lips Spock was on top of him. At that moment I lost my grip on Nyota's shoulder and she ran to pull Spock up to his feet but the second of the three children grabbed her arms and called to Spock.

And said, "And look Spock brought his pet primate. This primate is here in a school that is completely not her type of school. She is only here so your traitor father could please his human whore, and maybe just maybe she will be a whore just like your mother," The boy smirked.

Spock jumped out of the pod to grab the boy by his neck, he stopped when he saw the boy hit Nyota, his smirk grew and then I jumped and grabbed his neck. I saw T'Lana tend to Nyota and Spock looked at me and nodded. I pushed the boy to the ground and pulled Spock the same way T'Lana and Nyota had departed.

I tended to Nyota after I sent my sister back to her next session of classes. I saw the ambassador speak to Spock. Nyota was sad, her eyes were down cast and filled with unshed tears. The room we were in was a secluded room in the leaning center and there were no prying eyes, 'if anyone actually cared about Nyota at this very moment.' I thought to myself.

I placed my arm around her waist and pulled her to me. She placed her head on my shoulder. I felt her body shake and heard her soft sniffles, she was crying.

"Why are you crying Nyota?" I dared to ask.

"Because, I didn't keep my promise." She said drying her eyes.

"Your promise?" I asked now curious.

"Mmhmm, I promised aunt Amanda I would be strong and not let anyone make fun of me and that I would be strong and not let them see me weak." She said crying harder into my shoulder.

Now I understood. She did not want anyone else to see her at such a delicate state, she did not want to look weak, she did not want to be weak. She wanted to be strong, but what she doesn't know is how strong she already is.

"It will be alright Nyota. You tried your best to stop Spock from fighting, your aunt will be proud of you. I know I am." I said. I really was…proud of her.

I have never met such a being in my life. And I honestly cannot wait to see her blossom into a young woman.

"Nyota, it is time to go home," I heard the ambassador say from the door way. I saw Spock and noticed that he was sad. The ambassador gave him a lecture that would haunt him for life if I'm not mistaking.

"Uncle, I will walk home today. If it is acceptable." Nyota said. The day was nearly over and it was clear that she wanted to be alone.

"Nyota you are to young to be walking home on your own," he said with a furrowed brow.

"I shall walk with her," I said.

"You are Vorik?" he asked looking at me.

"Yes, I am. A honor ambassador." I nodded to him.

He nodded back.

"Very well, you are certain you wish to walk?" he asked a final time.

Nyota nodded and asked, "Can Spock come with us too?" he silent plea was noticeable.

"Father I do wish to go," Spock said I knew that what he and his father had discussed was hurting him. I did not like it, and I'm sure Nyota didn't either.

The ambassador nodded and left. I told the administrator to tell my sister and parents where I will be.

The walk to their home was not a very long one but it wasn't a very short one. And I quickly noticed that their home was not far away from mine, I was relieved at that.

We were all quiet throughout our journey. I did not notice Nyota beside me, I offered my arm and she happily took it.

"I must thank you for what you did for Nyota and I today," Spock said.

"It was no trouble, my family and I see the universe in a different way than others do, and we know that someone who is from to different does not deserve the treatment you are receiving from others here. You should be treated as an equal for you are trying your very best and that should be enough for the people. Your best should be enough." I said.

It was true what I said. He was special in his own way, others just didn't know how to see it. Or just ignored it.

"Thank you," he said with gratitude.

At that moment the sun started to sink and I felt a slight push on my shoulder. I looked down and saw that Nyota had placed her head on my arm. Nyota was tall enough that she could fit under my chin.

"Pretty," she said.

"Quite." Spock and I said at the same time.

We arrived at their home and was greeted my Lady Amanda herself. She was different than what I expected. I had heard people at school say how cold she was, how rude, filthy and offending she was. But she wasn't, what was that terran saying again? Ah, yes 'don't judge a book by its cover.' She was a very welcoming and humble person. And grateful that both Spock and Nyota were in good hands.

"I am sorry but my parents are expecting me home. I bid you all good night." I said and left.

I returned home to find my sister and her very uncomfortable questions. My mother had rescued me from T'Lana and took me to the patio. Once there she asked, "What are they both like?" Mother did not have to clarify. She meant Nyota and Spock.

"They are humble, kind, full of wonder and curiosity for life itself. Nyota is a special child mother. I have never met such an insightful human in my entire life." I said no breathless.

"It sounds like you have great admiration for her my son." She said in a soft voice.

"Indeed I do," I said.

I still could not tell my mother that I wanted Nyota to be my bondmate. It was still to soon.

Even by our standards.

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