Unexpected Friends

Love and Misunderstandings

Sarek–(Nyota 16 – yrs/ Spock – 21 yrs/T'Lana – 15 yrs)

It has been seven years, three months, and five days since I had the privilege of meeting young Vorik. I have to admit(at least to myself) that he might be a good match for my goddaughter. I must not let myself linger on these thoughts for she is not Vulcan and cannot be expected to follow out our traditions. Even though she has without question, complaint, or doubt, just…Pride.

I have seen how Vorik, his sister T'Lana, Spock, and Nyota have become nearly inseparable. This is good it means that Spock is not bound to be completely alone. My son. I am now thinking of what will become of both Spock and Nyota. I want my son to follow in my footsteps and the footsteps of his ancestral family. For him to be accepted in the VSA and show everyone who dared mock him for who he is. My son will not be treated like science experiment. And I want Nyota to prove to everyone that even had the thought of harming her that she is not just a mere human female. I want her to attend the VSA and prove herself worthy of the respect she deserves.

Every day I see how Vorik eyes Nyota, 'ogling' I believe Amanda calls it. And I see how Spock spends his time close to Nyota like she was his. I see how she looks at Spock as well, a look of complete love and devotion. I am quite surprised at how patient Vorik is being in gaining Nyota's affection, devotion, and most important…love.

My mother visited often after the argument to observe the progress both Nyota and Spock were making. She was quite impressed with both of their progress and she said as such.

'Thee was right about thy children. They are gifted, and their intelligence is sadly being treated as inferior when it clearly is not.' She had said.

As both Nyota and Spock grew mother grew attached to them. Mother and Nyota became close friends and mother was able to establish a relationship with Amanda, which was a surprise to both Amanda and I.

It is Nyota's sixteenth birthday. She is old enough to make her own decisions now and will soon be able to attend the VSA. There was a small gathering to celebrate such event, both Amanda and Nyota pushed for such and event. The people invited were my mother(of course), and Vorik and T'Lana. It was small, just the way Nyota liked it. A small party and those invited were those whom she cared for and those who cared about her back. She had said that she will be making an announcement after dinner.

"Everyone I have something to announce. First I will start with thanking everyone that is here and that has been here since (well I don't really care if this statement is illogical or not but I will say it anyway) forever. And that means a lot to me. Second this announcement will shock most of you and yes before anyone asks I have been thinking about this specially topic." The thought of her not wanting to attend the VSA was the choice she wanted to talk about I could sense it. The waiting for the topic of the conversation is excruciating.

"I have decided that I want to go to College on Earth. I have thought about it more than once and am sure that this is the right choice." She said.

I was…disappointed. Why had she not come to me with this choice?

Spock looked at her and walked out of the room.

"Spock wait!" Nyota yelled after him and went to him.

Vorik sat down on one of the sofas in the living area T'Lana next to him. Mother sat as well and Amanda came to me. We walked to the kitchen where she will explain Nyota's decision.

"Nyota did not want to tell you because she knew how you would react. She was nervous to tell you for obvious reasons, you have been so proud of her for her progress in the academy and she knew that you would be prouder still if she attended the VSA and proved to all of Vulcan that she is not just a weak and pathetic," Amanda spat the words, "human young woman. She is as stubborn as her mother was Sarek, she is proud and intelligent. Nyota may not be my daughter but I love her as if she was my own flesh and blood. I know you do to. She is special Sarek and she is tired. She is tired of being treated as an inferior being when she clearly is not. Nyota wants to go and spend time on Earth. She want to see what its like to be on Earth and how to live there. Nyota loves you as if you were her own father and would do anything to make you proud of her," Amanda said passionately.

"I am already proud of her Amanda. She has proved herself so many times and I have been a fool to take advantage of that. You are right, she deserves to live her life. She will attend any Earth university of her liking." I said.

As always Amanda was right about the lives of Nyota and Spock. And I was a fool, I was taking advantage of a daughter we never had and that is not fair on my part.

I walked out of the kitchen leaving Amanda to her thoughts to find Nyota in Vorik's arms, in tears. What had Spock told her to cause such effect on his closest and most dear friend and sister?

"He wouldn't even listen. He will never accept the reason for me leaving," She cried on his shoulder.

Mother was sitting by her a hand on her shoulder, T'Lana on the floor with a hand in hers, it did not escape my knowledge of Vorik's in Nyota's free hand. He will truly be her one and only, even though moving on from this ache will take more strength for the wound will not heal on its own.

I should know there was a time when I thought I had truly lost Amanda. It is almost too painful to think about.

"He will learn with time, belo– Nyota. Give him time," He said to her.

His near use of affection was not missed by either me, my mother, and T'Lana. Nyota had to much emotional weight on her shoulders. And it is quite clear that it is taking its toll on her.

Vorik – (Same time as the part titled Sarek)

I have never seen her this upset. I have never witnessed her in such emotional pain before, I remember when Spock and Spock alone would protect her and now her most dear friend...her brother has hurt her beyond belief.

Nyota fell asleep on my shoulder after there were no more tears to spend on the man she truly loved. Heartbreak is what she calls it. A heartbreak. As illogical as it sounds I now believe that it can be true a heart may not be able to physically break but emotionally it is a fragile as fine thin glass.

"Shall I take her to her room, Vorik?" Sarek asked from his seat next to me.

"No, I shall take her. If you would be so kind as to tell me where her chambers are?" I said.

I was not going to leave her this night. Even if I do not have her as my wife. I would rather have her as close friend even a sister than not at all. Sarek gave me the instructions as to were Nyota's rooms were and I nodded, then turned and told my sister to go home and to tell our parents that I would not be returning home this evening, she just nodded and bid everyone a good evening before departing.

As I walked into Nyota's rooms I gently laid her on her bed and pulled the covers to her chin. As I was starting to stand and sit on a nearby chair she grabbed my arm.

"Vorik." She said.

"Nyota I am here, I will not leave you…I promise," I said to her in her sleep.

She opened her eyes and I saw nothing but pure raw pain in them. I will have a few words with Spock tomorrow. This I swear. She stop my train of thought when she said one word, "Stay," with that she pulled me on her bed and laid her head on my chest.

This felt right, she is everything I desire in a mate. That is why I have remained unbounded to anyone I would have not given up hope of some day making Nyota my own.

"I know you have always loved me Vorik," she said. I was sure she was no longer asleep.

"I cherish thee," I said to her in Vulcan. "And I'll always will," told her.

"I know, I do and will always. Spock and I have been together but what he doesn't see is that I only love him as a brother, and he misinterprets my actions of affection towards him as ones of a lover. But no, I have always wanted and will always want…you. I love you," Her voice had a depth to it.

I grabbed her hand and felt her pure raw love towards me and me only. It was like the fresh spring air. And there I realized it do not want to let it go. She was and will always be…mine. No one will take her from me.


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