Unexpected Friends


Vorik – 19 yrs(Nyota – 16 yrs)

As I told Nyota that I was planning to join Star Fleet she seemed to display relief. I have had a desire for Star Fleet since I was a young boy wanting to learn what other places there are to explore, cultures to learn and explore. I have become fascinated by the prospect of being able to visit them. Nyota's revelation to join as well has left me for what I believe to be the first time, speechless.

I meant it when I said that my parents would support my decision to attend Star Fleet. Both of my parents and their families have had a taste for music, art, exploration, and a thirst for the unknown. I suppose that I inherited that from them. And that is why they approve of me attending.

"Beloved," I had called her. I could get accustomed to calling her that for as long as I lived.

"I love you too," she said looking me.

"And now I will do a something that humans do when they are in love," she said, "door lock," Nyota called out.

"Nyota what are you doing?" I asked now curious.

"Trying something," She simply said. I noticed she was growing nervous.

Nyota pushed her way out of the covers and placed her hand on my cheek.

I closed my eyes as I felt her ever growing love towards me. My hand came to push hers harder to my face. In a short moment I felt her brush her lips softly against mine.

I opened my eyes and saw fear in hers as if she was expecting me to reprimand her for her actions. But I had to admit that her kiss was the most wondrous thing I have ever had beheld.

To prove to her that her actions were not at all the wrong ones I leaned towards her and kissed her again…but this time deeper.

As our kissed deepened further I moved her body so it would be lying on top mine and wrapped my arms around her.

As we stopped for a breath I said, "Would you do me the honor of becoming my wife Nyota?"

She smiled and straddle me. As her hand found a place on either side of my chest she said, "Yes, yes I will."

With that answer I took her in my arms and pulled her down to me. Our lips met and I felt every bit of my control slip away.

"I love you," I said to her.

She smiled at me and I saw now that, I could not live without her one more day. The unnamed emotion I have felt for…so many years is finally identified. It is love, and it feels wondrous. She is wondrous.

I felt her hands on my chest move to my shoulders and mine were learning every part of her body. Her scent filled my nose and quickly learned that she was becoming aroused…and fast. As a I was going to pull off her dress there was a knock on the door. She groaned with clear disappointment and I sighed whole heartedly disappointed as well. I was certain that if whoever it is had come sooner I would have killed them for interrupting what would have been moments of pure joy and lust.

"Nyota?" said the deep voice. I knew who it was.


What was he doing here? Didn't he demonstrate his resentment for her choice last night and hurt her in the process?

"Please, let me in," he said.

I looked up at her and her previous excitement had disappeared, to be replaced sadness. Her eyes were shining with tears.

"Nyota, please let me in. I…I do not wish to loose my sister," he said.

Nyota now lay on my chest, her head was under my chin while I rubbed her back soothingly.

"Why?" she asked trying her best to hide her pain.

"Please tell me why you wish to go?" he said I did not need to look in his eyes to see regret. Is it possible that he regrets hurting Nyota?

"I wish to learn different languages and meet different people. To be able to experience the different cultures and traditions they hold from across the galaxy," Nyota said with pride.

"You wish to attend Star Fleet do you not?" he asked now curious.

"Yes," she answered.

Her tears began to retreat and her features softened at Spock's sudden understanding of Nyota's decision.

"Is there someone with you?" he asked suddenly.

At this both Nyota and I stiffened.

"It is I," I answered.

"So, you are the one who has captured my sister's heart." He said.

"Yes, and I wish to inform you that I care for her greatly," I said holding Nyota closer to me.

"Door unlock," Nyota said suddenly.

"Thank you," Spock said coming in to the room. He knelt down where Nyota's face was.

"I am truly, very sorry Nyota. I never meant to hurt you. I can see that someone has been able to understand your decision," He said looking at me his eyes filled with what seemed to be contentment.

"You are right," Nyota said quietly.

"About what you said about the Council. You were right. They will only see us as heavy weight on their shoulders. Do not forget my beloved sister that wherever you go I shall always be there," He said now with pride.

I myself felt proud at Spock's confession, though never easy for a Vulcan.

Nyota smiled and jumped to give him a hug. I held her waist so she wouldn't fall. I imagined what I could have been doing to that waist. I imagined how her skin would feel on my own, and how her fingers would feel running down my bare back.

I blinked and brought myself out of that particular train of thought.

"Mother says breakfast is ready if the both of you wish to come. Or keep playing the games that you were playing before I stepped in," he said with knowing smirk and bright eyes.

Nyota threw a pillow at him for his snooping.

As Nyota and I walked down the hall hand in hand I wondered how we were going to spread the new of our wanting to bond.

"I wonder how we are going to tell our families that we want to bond?" she asked. As if she had read my mind.

I simply nodded in acknowledgment to her question.

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