Dragon Riders

Chapter 10

Hiccup was once again strapped to the chair that was held in the large banquet room. The table was gone and the chair Hiccup sat in was in the middle of the room facing the large fire place with another chair in front of him. Drago was by the roaring fire place as he looked at the chained boy.

"I see you've been busy" Drago began to pace in front of the boy. "Knocking Eret unconscious. Releasing your lover. Releasing your dragon. Having them leave you here while they fly way to somewhere safe. And on top of that you released some of our dragons." Drago stopped in front of Hiccup with a dark smile planted on his face. "I must say Hiccup. I am very impressed."

Hiccup glared at the man with hate. He saw the dreadlock man lift his hand to touch Hiccup on the face. The boy tried to move his head way from the man's hand but the man caught it before he could.

"I see Eret paid you back" Drago traced his fingers along Hiccup's bruise face. He let go of the boy as he turned to look at the Hunter. "And how did he escape in the first place?"

Eret cleared his throat as he tried to make an excuse. "Weelll, you see, sir. I was trying to get the boy out, like you said, to go train your dragons. He jumped me right when I entered through the door. I tried to defend myself but he seemed to have knock me unconscious"

Hiccup rolled his eyes at the Hunter lie. Obviously the man was trying to save his own skin.

Drago noticed what Hiccup did and then looked back at the Hunter. He then saw his general come over from the other side of the room with anger at the man for lying.

"Ya right." The general stocked towards the Hunter. "You probably let your ego get to you and fell for the boys trap."

"Really, me. Fall for this little…" Eret gestured to the boy before he was interrupted.

"Enough!" Drago had enough of these two men yelling. "Get out"

The men went silent as they nodded their head. They left through the door and closed it behind them. Drago walked back over to the fire place and took a seat on the chair that was in front of Hiccup. He stared at the boy, who in return glared at him, hatefully. Drago thought for a minute before giving a creepy smile.

He, at first, loved the boys fighting spirit. His determination to free his dragon and save his girl was admirable. But now it was just becoming a problem. He wanted the boy to submit to him. He had seen a little bit of it yesterday when the young dragon rider had taken on the Hobblegrunt. But now it was gone. The boy thought that because his mate and dragon were safe that he thought that Drago could do nothing to hurt him. Boy, was the young dragon rider wrong about that.

"Torel would be so proud of you" Drago watched as Hiccup looked at him with surprise. "What? You thought I would not know any of your family's names."

Hiccup raised an eyebrow at the Persian in confusion.

"I told you Hiccup, I know everything. I know that you are Hiccup, son of Stoick the Vast and Valka. That you were just a baby when your mother took you from your home on Berk and brought you to the Dragon Sanctuary." Drago chuckled as he leaned back in his chair. "You father must have really done something bad to drive your mother away." Drago saw that Hiccup was growing angrier at him. "How is Tortel? He should be in his late 50's by now. Well, he not as old as Ordindal, but…"

"How do you….."

"How do I know what, Hiccup? How do I know that Tortel came on an English ship to be sold into slavery, but was rescued by a dragon of the sea? How did I know that Ordindal was the only survivor after the nasty blizzard that struck his island? How did I know, that Bertha and Skur, along with their children, who had no choice but to run from their homes when they were under siege by rogue warriors?" Drago got up from his chair as he slammed his hand on both side of Hiccup to stare the boy down darkly. "Because my dear Hiccup, I am the one who did all that"

Hiccup's eyes widen as he tried to take it all in. The suffering his family had felt for some many years, were all started by the very man in front of him. "Hhhhooowww…."

"Simple my dear boy." Drago pulled away from Hiccup's chair and paced as he explained his tale. "My clan has always been ones for conquering. I went north for new lands and found lots of little islands that could be easily conquered. Who knew that some of the warriors on those islands could put up a fight. Thus I had to act. Either be conquered or be destroyed. Some picked the latter and well….you know the rest." Drago turned to smirk at Hiccup who glared darkly at him. "Then we found some ships in the west that would carry large cargo and would sometimes drift far from their destination. Who knew we come by a slave ship. As you know, we took over the ship and were about to bring our trophies back home when we were attacked by the very dragon who that black man rides. Luckily we survived but most of our catch was destroyed. Thus we went to go get more…"

Hiccup was getting bored and angry with Drago tale of how he conquered and hurt his family, but he wanted to know something. "What does this have to do with having your own dragon army?"

Drago looked at the boy. His eyes flashed with some anger for when Hiccup interrupted him but he guessed he could tell him the reason. "Once upon a time, there was an armada of warriors. They had run into a problem where their boats got caught in ice…." Drago turned to smirk at the boy as he saw the boy realized what this story was about.

Hiccup's eyes darted back and forth as the memory came back to him ….


It was three years ago...

Hiccup, Camicazi and their mothers were riding their dragon along the glaciers. They had a little free time before they headed back to the Sanctuary and decided to kill some time. Hiccup heard Toothless give a yelp as he saw in front of them was Ordindal on a large glacier.

They all landed beside the large man and dragon, who had his eyes set on something below. Hiccup looked over to see that it was an odd looking ship. Hiccup had seen many ships in his life, but some of them were broken or destroyed. But those boats definitely did not look like this one. It was a large wooden ship, it had two large sails on it that had a dragon skull on it with a sword going through it.

Hiccup was amazed by it but saw the hate in Ordinal, Bertha, and Camicazi's eyes. Hiccup looked back the ship confused.

"It's them, isn't it?" Valka asked.

"Ya, I thought I never see the day when I see one of those ships again" Bertha hissed in anger as she looked at the ship that plagued her nightmare.

Hiccup had no idea what they were talking about but before he could ask, the ice cracked underneath Toothless feet and the dragon backed up in time for ice to fall.

The startled warrior looked up towards the cliffs to see the dragon riders. Men started shouting as a large man, wearing a heavily armor garb with fur and dragon scales, looked though his helmet at what his men were referring too. He gave orders to the men as the soldier prepared their catapults and bows.

The dragons lifted off the glaciers as the boulders came towards them. They struck the glaciers as the ice began to fall. The dragon riders began to form a defensive pose as they prepared for the enemies next attack.

More catapults were launched along with flaming arrows were aimed at the dragon riders. More shouts were heard as the riders did the only thing they could. They attacked.

Toothless launched a plasma blast at the ship. Hiccup took out his shield as he launched a bola at the men. A few of them hit their targets as the men became tied up. Camicazi raced past Hiccup as they headed directly for the ship. She didn't slow down as she headed straight for her target. The large metal man.

The leader, watched as the white dragon came closer to the ship. Taking out a bow and arrow, he pointed it at the dragon. Waiting for it to get close enough, he released the arrow. It shot into the sky and hit the dragon in the leg. The dragon made loud screech as it tossed its rider off.

Camicazi was hurtling to the ground. She screamed out into terror as the ground came closer. Then something caught her mid air as she opened her eyes to see Erien holding her. She moved out of his arms and behind him as she buried her face in his back. "I'm so sorry"

Hiccup was happy to see that Camy was safe. But his face turned to anger as he looked at the ship. Finally figuring out that this was the ship that plagued everyone's dreams. Hiccup and Toothless began to fly towards the evil ship.

The leader once again drew back the bow and aimed. He waited till the boy was close to release. Once he did, the arrow was dodged with Toothless doing a barrel roll over the arrow. Amazed by the dragon and its rider, the leader and his men only little time to act before the Night Fury blasted the boat with a couple blasts.

The men braced themselves but when it all died they were surprised to see their ship still in one piece. They then heard crackling sounds to see the ice breaking. Suddenly, the ship began to sway roughly. The ship was trapped in a strong current that broke through the rest of the ice and carried the boat roughly through it.

The riders watched as the ship began to shake and turn in circles as the men tried to steer it. It was no use however. The rough water would carry the boat out until it was torn to pieces by the ice and harsh rapids.

Hiccup saw the metal man look at the them. He didn't know if it was hate or anger. All he knew was that the man was gone.


Or so Hiccup thought. "You should have…."

"Died" Drago had sat back in his seat as he looked at Hiccup. "No, we survived the rogue water as it carried us back to sea. But after that day, the ideas came following through my head. Such power those dragon riders had. The power their dragons had. I wanted it for myself"

"Is that how you came by the Bewilderbeast" Hiccup wanted to know why a man like Drago had captured and beautiful, yet powerful beast.

"No, I found that creature wondering around the waters when it was young. Friendly fellow…I had to change that" Drago watched as the boy's eyes widen in surprise then hate again as he growled at him. "You know Hiccup…." Getting up from his chair, Drago walked behind Hiccup chair. "you're the one who gave me the idea" Drago leaned closer to Hiccup as he whispered the words. "If it wasn't for you and your dragon riders I would have never come up with the idea for my own army of dragon. That fire I saw that day…I wanted it" Drago came out from behind the boy as he took out an object from the mantle and place it on his chair. "You were the one who started this war…"

Hiccup saw that it was his mask that he wore when flying and scaring off the intruders. The metal and leathered glowed from the fire that lit it up. The fire made it look evil and dark as it stared at Hiccup.

"And we're going to finish it"

The doors burst open as the soldier piled in. They began to unbind Hiccup's restraints as the boy tried to fight them off.

"Get him ready" Drago picked up the helmet as he watched the men drag Hiccup out. "It's time to say hello to some old friends."

Drago followed after them as screams and shouts could be heard in the hall.


Astrid was flying on Toothless over the vast water in full speed. Astrid yelled at Toothless to slow down because they had no idea where they are. The black dragon ignored her as if he were on a mission.

Toothless had already a destination in mind for them to head to. He had not time to slow down for the Viking girl. He needed to save Hiccup from the evil men. Toothless didn't hear any of the words that Astrid had spoken.

Astrid , however, saw something in the distance that was come towards them. It was Stormfly. The Nadder must have been looking for her. Astrid jumped off the Night Fury and onto her dragon. Astrid was so glad to see the dragon and gave the Nadder a pat on the side.

Astrid looked back at Toothless who had already flying far off from them. Astrid tried to yell to the dragon but Toothless just ignored her as he kept going. She couldn't blame Toothless, he was worried about Hiccup. Astrid figured out that Toothless was flying off to find help. Useless to call for the mighty black dragon, Astrid began to think about her own situation. Opening her hand she saw a piece of paper in it.

("Don't worry, I'll be right behind you" Hiccup slipped the piece of paper into the Astrid's hand.

She watched him tell Toothless to 'go' as they flew off. Astrid watched as her heart break for leaving Hiccup behind in that awful place)

Astrid held the piece of paper close to her chest as she looked ahead of them. "Let's go Stormfly"

The female Nadder gave a squawk as she shot through the sky towards their destination.


At the Sanctuary, Ordindal was on look out duty with Erien and Camicazi who were leaning against large rock, side to side to each other.

"You know…it's really boring without Hiccup" Camicazi braiding her hair.

"Hiccup will be back one day" Ordindal tried to reassure the two that Hiccup would return.

"Ya, right" Erien was also braiding Camaicazi's hair. "He's probable off with his girlfriend living their life."

"On a hot deserted island eating fruit and enjoying the sun" Camicazi stopped braid her hair as she sat up and raised an eye like she was cursing the sky. "Lucky bastard"

Ordinal laughed at the two's wild assumption. They all knew that Hiccup went to talk with his lover over a week ago and hasn't come back. Valka was worried but they all reassured her that he just needed time with his lover. The adults had all been in love and knew what it was like when you had someone special. They wanted to give Hiccup some space before going out and looking for him.

Unknown to the adults was that Erien and Camicazi had visited the island where Astrid and Hiccup met on. They found an unusual note that said that they were off on a journey together and would come home as soon as they can. They first thought it was going to be a day or two while they were gone but once the week hit, they became worried. The young adults just hoped Hiccup was alright.

Today though, Ordindal had a feeling that Hiccup would return to them.

Erien suddenly sat up as he saw something in the distance. "What the….."


Flying across the Sanctuary sky were three dragon riders, Valka, Tortel, and Bertha. They had just finished patrolling and were going to head back in. Cloudjumper stopped suddenly, as Valka asked what was wrong.

The Stormcutter began to growl at the foggy ice water as if something was coming. Valka pulled her mask back down as she raised her weapon. They were prepared to attack when out of the fog came a lone ship. It was small and looked similar to the one from years ago.

Valka looked closer to see that there was only one figure on the front of the boat. She looked closely to see that it was Hiccup in his rider gear with his helmet on. He was chained to a weird looking tortured device. The chains on his wrist kept his hand spread above his head and ankles which held him down on the ground. He looked to be unconscious and panic raced through his mother.

Valka told Cloudjumper to fly towards the ship but they were halted by Tortel. The man told her that it must be a trapped. The dark skin man went first as he scanned the water for any other ships.

Tortel's dragon had a unique ability to sense heat signatures. The skeleton like dragon scanned for any and saw that the only heat signature was Hiccup and the rest of the riders. Tortel saw that Narses was telling him the coast was clear and he gestured to the other riders that it was okay.

Valka raced to her son as she got off Cloud jumper, who landed on the ship. She spoke to Hiccup, hoping he was okay. She saw his head move a bit and the other riders came down to help with the restraints. The chains were tightly pulled so Hiccup would not be able to move.

Valka took off Hiccup's helmet to see the boy blinking his eyes and that he had a gag in his mouth. Hiccup began to scream through the gag as Valka quickly untied it.

Once the cloth was out of his mouth, Hiccup shouted to his fellow riders. "IT'S A TRAP!"

A loud booming sound was heard as an eruption happen on the mountain side of their home.

It became encased by dust and fallen rocks and ice. Hiccup watched in horror as his home began to fall…

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