Dragon Riders

Chapter 11

It felt like the world had just shattered in Hiccup's mind. He watched as their beautiful home was falling apart in front of him. It didn't matter that he was free from his confinement on the tortured device. The true torture was just beginning to unfold in front of him.

"Hiccup" Valka saw that her boy was in shock. She tried to snap him out of it. They had no time for this. "Hiccup!"

Hiccup blinked a couple times before looking into his mother's eyes. Hiccup then turned when he heard the sound of wings flapping to see Tortel and Bertha heading towards the site.

That's when it hit Hiccup. He was falling into Drago's clutches. The Persian man wanted him weak and desperate so he would follow the evil man's plan to train his dragons. And if that happens…then it would be the end for anyone who got in his way.

A knew emotion filled Hiccup as he looked at his mother. Valka saw that he son's determination was back and they both headed to Cloudjumper. Climbing onto the Stormcutter's back, they took off into the sky and towards the war.


Hiccup was awestruck by the many men that littered the snow/ice ground. They were millions of Drago's soldiers with catapults, swords, spear, and any weapon imaginable. They were looking for a fight…they were looking for blood.

Another catapult was fired as another block of ice and rock fell off their home. The battle was halted when Drago lifted a hand to stop. Confused by his action, it was only when everyone looked at the Dragon Sanctuary to see dragons flying out. The beasts were scattered all around the field and sky. Confused and disoriented, the dragons were, from the racked and noise of their home falling apart.

The men on the ground launched bola, nets and other items that they could use to catch the beast. More and more of the dragon were hit as they fell into the soldiers clutches.

Eret watched as the men gathered up the dragon. Looking at the riders in triumph, it wasn't until he realized something was wrong did he asked "Where are the other fo…."

The sound of thunder was heard as the soldiers stopped what they were doing to look around. The ground shook as the ground felt like it was getting colder. All the sudden, the ice began to crack on the walls of the Sanctuary.

That was when the men saw four more riders shoot out of the cave. What came behind them made any man watch in shock and awe. A loud roar sound was heard as the ground began to shake again. Then the ice cracked more until something came out. The rocks/ice began to explode as outshot a white snowy Bewilderbeast.

The beast was upset and angry as it looked at the men. It was unhappy that they had tried to destroy their home. Its pupils became slit as it breathed in and then let out a large force of ice.

The ice spread and destroyed everything in its path. The men tried to run as fast as they could away from the destructive ice. Catapults and other devices were destroyed, lifted, or encased by the ice. The white Bewilderbeast, halted its icy breath as it stalked towards the ships.

The riders smirked triumphantly under their mask at the armies retreat. But Hiccup knew better. He knew that Drago would not bring all of his army here just to have them retreat in the beginning of the battle. Fear and dread consumed the boy when he realized what Drago had planned.

"NO! STOP!" Hiccup cried as he reached his arm towards the white Bewilderbeast that was heading to the fleet.

Drago watched as his men tried to run to the ships as the large beast kept coming towards them. A smirk grew on the man's face as he let out a loud yell and then banged his bullhook on the chains in front of his ship.

Another rumbling was heard, but this time it came from the water. It swirled like a vortex as the ships near it began to be pulled towards it. That's when out shot the large light brown Bewilderbeast that belonged to Drago. It roared, the same as the other, as it crashed its tusks into the other Bewilderbeast.

The riders stared in horror. They, just like Hiccup, could not believe that Drago had gotten his hands on a Bewilderbeast. They only had little time to snap out of it, when arrows were shooting at them. They had little time to worry about their large friend as they had their own battle to fight.

Charging themselves at the invaders, they blasted, shot, and fired at the massive army.


The two sides fought for what seemed like hours. The soldiers were capturing dragon and shooting at the riders. The riders, who had lost their helmet due to be broken or had fallen off, were hitting back and saving their fellow friends. The two large dragons went at it as if they were two alpha's fighting over territory. It was just an awful mess.

Tortel on the back of Narses sprayed acid water at the catapults, so they would stop throwing rocks at them and their home. Ordindal had Lark fire a shot of lava rock at the other traps, so no dragon would be captured. Bertha and Skur were fighting on the ground as their dragon helped by using their tails and body as weapons and also by blasting water or acid at the soldiers. Camicazi was trying to dismantle as many traps as she could while Erien backed her up.

Hiccup was still on the back of his mother's dragon. They both were hitting the soldiers from the air. Hiccup was using a using his dagger, that Drago had left for him, to block arrows from hitting Cloudjumper while his mother jumped off the dragon's back and attacked the men. Cloudjumper would swoop down like torpedo and then open his wings as the blast of powerful air that blew the soldier back. Valka took this time to climb back onto Cloudjumper as they headed back into the sky.

For a minute it looked like the dragons and riders were winning. It only took minutes for all of that to change.

Tortel's dragon, Narses, was spraying her acid when ropes wrapped around her mouth. It made it hard for the dragon to open her mouth as she tried to pull away. The soldier pulled as Tortel tried get the rope off. But while he tried, Narses bucked and sent Tortel flying off her back and onto the ground. The soldiers took this time to surround the fallen rider. Taking out his spear, he pointed it at the soldiers.

Ordindal saw what was happening and went to help Tortel. Unfortunately, a bola was launched at the giant and Boulder dragon. The rope and iron balls wrapped tightly around the dragon legs as another was wrapped around Ordinals body. Both became trapped as it made them crash into the ground. From their landing, they both look up to see men pointing spears at them.

Skur, Bertha and their dragons were keeping the men back when a large net was placed on them. They were all trapped as their dragons tried to get it off with their blasts. Sadly, the net was made out of iron and their blasts were useless.

Camicazi was getting rid of a few more traps as she started on another one. The trap sprung open, but a dragon did not pop out. Camicazi looked into the trap to see that it was no dragon. She only had little time to react when a solider shot out and cut her on her side. The man began to climb out of the trap as Camicazi rolled to the bottom of the device. Camicazi stumbled to her feet as she clutched her side. Fear sprang into her for she could not move as well thanks to the soldier's cut.

The soldier looked at her with a disgusting glee on his face as he tried to get closer to Camicazi. Suddenly, the ground lit up with a blue flame as Ran fired at the field. They flew by and Erien grabbed Camicazi's hand as he pulled her onto Ran.

"You alright" Erien shouted as he tried to look behind him to look at her.

Camicazi lifted her hand to see that there was blood seeping out of her. It was not too dangerous that it would kill her but still hurt like hel. Erien looked at Camicazi worried but that died when something struck him in the shoulder.

Erien gritted his teeth as he looked to see an arrow sticking out of his shoulder. He let go of the Monstrous Nightmare's horns as he clutched his shoulder in pain. Camicazi stared in horror as she took action by grabbing Erien before he fell off. They both were hurt and in pain as Ran tried to protect them from oncoming attacks.


Hiccup stared in horror as everything was coming apart. They were losing badly. The riders and their dragons would not be able to survive this if they continued. It wasn't until the next tragedy struck did Hiccup's world fall apart.

The two Bewilderbeast were still fighting. Both were tired and exhausted but the white one seemed to be having the upper hand. Drago's beast began to back off a little. The white one thrust one more time at the brown one but the brown one put its head to the ground, and then sprung its head up as it hit the other on its side. The white one was pinned between the brown one's tusks as it struggled before its whole body was slammed into the wall. The impact was immense as the body of the white one felt like it body was broken. The brown one let the white one out of its tusks as the white one fell to the ground in a heap.

The white one looked up at the brown one with exhaustion and pleading eyes. The brown one put its foot on the white one's body as it let out a roar. It did not attack. Unless its master gave it the command, the beast would only pin it to the ground.

Drago smirk at the triumph of his Bewilderbeast over the white one. He was winning this battle. And everything that was in his way, the defiance that had plagued him…would disappear today. "Do you see that Hiccup! You cannot win!"

Hiccup, like the rest of the riders, were stunned by the defeat of their friend. Like Drago said, they were fighting a losing battle.

Cloudjumper glided into the sky when he was hit by a large net. It wrapped around one of his wings as he bucked back in surprise. Valka held on but Hiccup….Hiccup fell off. "HICCUP!"

Drago watched as the boy fell from the Stormcutter and was falling towards the ground. He looked to his beast "Get him"

As if the beast heard what Drago had said, the Bewilderbeast got off the white one and stalked towards the falling rider.

Hiccup looked up to see his mother reaching her hand towards him and Cloudjumper shaking off the net. Hiccup did the only thing he could right now, and that was to close his eyes.

Hiccup hated himself, but he rather not see what would happen next. Be captured by Drago. Watch his home be destroyed. He did not want to think about it. He just wanted darkness to come to him.


Everything was in slow motion as Hiccup fell to the ground. Like many dramatic movies of time slowing down. The Bewilderbeast was under the boy as it opened its mouth to catch him, for it could not use it head or paws to catch him.

Hiccup thought it was the end until he felt some one catch him by his arm. He opened his eyes to see that he was looking up at Astrid, in her Viking outfit. His eyes widen in both happiness and shock to see his lover in front of him.

"Hey babe, how's it goin?" Astrid smiled down at the boy as he climbed on behind her.

"Oh you know, crazy madman trying to take us out. Big battle" Hiccup tried to act causal as if it was an everyday occurrence.

"And you didn't invite us" Astrid gasped as she pretend to be in shock.

"Us?" Hiccup was a little confused by what she meant by us.

That's when the tides turned on the battle field. The net that was on Bertha and Skur was pulled off and they looked up to see a man riding on a Monstrous Nightmare.

"Snotlout! Snoutlout! Oi oi oi!" Snotlout got Hookfang to launch another blast of fire around the riders. The fire began to drive the soldiers away. Hookfang also shot another blast at the rope that was on the skeleton like dragon's mouth.

Once its mouth was free, Tortel saw his dragon coming for him, but the soldier's were in the dark man's way. It wasn't until a Hotburple came flying down with a Viking with a hammer, instead of a hand, and a peg leg on its back. The Hotburple hit the soliders with his hard bludgeon tail. The soldiers became disoriented as Tortel took this time to climb onto Narses' back.

They flew into the sky as they came next to their savior. "Thank you, my friend"

"No problem" Gobbler waved to the man and when they left. "Strange dark skin man"


Camicazi and Erien were trying to get away from the shots of arrows. The soldiers kept trying to shoot down the ocean like Monstrous Nightmare when a shot of gas came at them. They tried to scramble away when a burst of spark hit the gas sending the soldiers flying.

"Leave the awesome female dragon rider and her brother alone" Tuffnut shouted at the soldier.

"Ya!" Ruffnut said in agreement. She lifted Barfs head as he brother allowed Belch to light it. The blast was shot at the soldiers, who were running away. After that the twins came up next to the Erien and Camicazi.

"You okay?" Tuffnut asked.

"Just bleeding a little bit" Camicazi saw Kiri come next to Erien and her on the other side. The hairy dragon nuzzled into her worriedly and concern for his rider.

"You know you got an arrow in your shoulder, right?" Tuffnut pointed to the arrow in Erien's shoulder as if Erien didn't notice.

"Thanks for the update" Erien made Ran shoot through the sky as the dragon lit up and shoot fire at the men.

"Was it something I said?" Tuffnut looked to his sister for an answer, who in turn shrugged her shoulders.


When Valka saw her son was safe, she was relieved. That relief was short lived as men fired at her. Cloudjumper had gotten the net of himself and tried to dodge the arrows and netting. Valka was about to have Cloudjumper shoot at the men, when a fire blast was shot at the men.

Valka and Cloudjumper looked up to see a Rumblehorn that was being ridden by her husband, Stoick the Vast. Valka was awestruck in seeing her husband on a dragon. She then heard shout as she looked over at the sea to see Vikings and dragons coming to fight.

Valka was stunned by all of this. But it too was short when she realized she needed to help.

"Valka!?" Stoick could not believe what he was seeing. His wife, beautiful as the day she left, riding a dragon before him.

"Not now Stoick" Valka steered Cloujumper towards the ground as she jumped off to fight the soldiers with her staff.

Stoick watched awestruck before he saw one of the soldiers that was trying to hit his wife with an axe "THAT'S MY WIFE!" Stoick and Skullcrusher flew towards the ground, ramming the soldiers with its body. Stoick climbed of Skullcrusher, as he too joined the fight.


Hiccup was amazed and surprised with all that was happening. It was as if all of Berk had come to help the dragon riders. Astrid didn't just bring help with her, she brought an army.

Both Hiccup and Astrid scanned the ground before them before Astrid asked. "Where's Toothless?"

Before Hiccup could answer her, a loud screeching sound was heard. They both looked towards the sky to see Toothless coming at them. But Toothless wasn't alone. No, just like Astrid, Toothless brought his own army as well. Behind Toothless were thousands of dragon who came to fight for their freedom.

Both the lovers were in awe at the site.

"I guess I wasn't the only one who thought they should bring an army" Astrid said as Hiccup jumped Stormfly and onto Toothless as he came next to him.

"Well now you know where I get my flare" Hiccup looked down at the battle as he and Toothless came to the same conclusion. "Let's go bud"

With the army of dragons behind them, they went after Drago's Bewilderbeast.


Drago watched in horror as all his work came undone. "No. No! NO!"

He watched as his men were attacked and being killed by dragon, rider, and Viking alike. In his mind he wondered how it all went wrong. People were supposed to fear him. No one went up against Drago Bludvist, NO ONE!

Drago heard the sound of his Bewilderbeast as he looked to see it being attacked by the dragons and that boy with his Night Fury. He saw as the Bewilderbeast tried to shoot at the dragons but was unable to by the dragons always hitting it.

He saw the Night Fury land on sharp glacier that was pointed to his beast. The Night Fury shot blast after blast as it looked like it was glowing and also that its blasts were getting powerful. Along with the fellow dragons, they shot at the large beast's face before one of its tusks broke off and fell to the ground.

The brown Bewilderbeast was stunned. Fear rose into it as it lost all fear of Drago. The Persian man watched in shock as his beast went into the water and swam away with its tail between its legs.

Shock and in dread, fear crept it way into Drago as he could not believe that he was losing. His men looked to their master after seeing their upper hand leave. Drago rubbed his eyes before anger took over him. He gave a loud cry as he brought up his bullhook. He jumped off the large ship as he made his way into the crowd and began to strike at anything.


Hiccup heard the shout and looked to see men, dragon, and Viking being attacked by Draco. Hiccup patted Toothless as he told him "Let's get him"

Toothless growled in agreement as they flew off after the madman.

Astrid was right behind them when something wrapped around her foot. She was pulled off Stormfly and she came crashing down onto the deck of a small boat. Looking over at where the rope led to, she saw that it was in the hands of Scurvy.

Happiness and anger encased her as she stood up. She took out her axe as she saw the general take out his sword. "Been waiting for this"

Astrid brought her axe down on the general's sword. Both their weapons slammed into each other as the Viking and General growled at each other. Scurvy pushed her off his blade and Astrid fell backwards until she skidded to a halt. She glared up at the man as she got to her feet. Bring up her axe she tried to attack the general again.

Instead of it hitting the blade, Scurvy caught the axe in his hand as he brought Astrid closer to him. Smirking down at her as Astrid tried to pull the axe out of the man's grasp. "This time there's not dragon boy to help you girly"

The man laughed darkly at Astrid attempt to get her axe back. Astrid stopped pulling as she reached to her side and slammed something into the General's neck. Scurvy stumbled backwards as he tried to clutch his throat. Blood came out of his mouth as he gasp for air. The general fell to the floor as he drowned in his own blood.

Astrid watched as the man's eyes became lifeless as she walked over to him to take out the object that was in Scurvy's neck. It was Hiccup's dagger. The one that Hiccup gave her when they were in the air, just in case.

Astrid then saw something gleam on the general's side. She picked up to see that it was Hiccup's blade. Astrid called out to Hiccup, who turned to look at her as she tossed it at him.

Hiccup caught it and was glad to see his weapon in his hands again. Hiccup looked at Drago again and saw that the man had seen him. He then saw the Persian man smirk at him before he turned to run towards the solid ice road.

Astrid watched as the two go after Drago. "GO GET HIM BABE!"


Hiccup and Toothless followed after the man for what seemed like miles. Toothless shot a plasma blast at the man, which caused Drago to halt and turn.

Drago turned to look at the boy and his dragon to see the Night Fury land and Hiccup get off. He watched as Hiccup came closer to him. Anger and victory on his face as if the boy thought he had won.

"It's over, Drago" Hiccup watched the Persian man in front of him. "Your army is gone. Your men are finished. Your Bewilderbeast has abandoned you." A smile grew on Hiccup's face. "Face it Drago. You lost"

"No." Drago face grew dark as he growled at Hiccup. "It's never over as long as I still breathe." Drago then gained his composure as his words became sick and true. "Didn't you learn your lesson last time, Hiccup? You tried to get rid of me but I survived." Drago then took out his sword as he pointed it at Hiccup. "I will always survive. In your dreams. In your nightmare. I will always be there. You can't kill me Hiccup. You could never harm a dragon or a HUMAN" Drago gave a dark laugh as Hiccup glared at him.

Hiccup was done with this man. Taking his blade, Hiccup lit it up.

Drago raised an eyebrow, but brought up his blade and waited for Hiccup to attack him.

But Hiccup did not attack him. He instead slammed his blade into the ground.

Drago was confused as to why the boy did that. He knew Hiccup would not surrender to him so easily. It wasn't until he heard that cracking sound of ice breaking did he look down. Where the sword had hit the ground, the ice began crack.

More cracks appeared in the ice as they moved about. The crept their way to both Hiccup and Drago. Hiccup climbed onto the back of Toothless as they flew into the sky to watch Drago.

Drago stared at the ground in fear as he tried to get away from the cracking ice. He looked around to see the ice cracking all around him. It wasn't until he felt the ice leave from under his feet that he fell into the water. Under the ice, that had caused it to crack faster, was a giant water vortex. With the heavy armor on Drago body it made him sink faster. Drago shouted and screamed for help but it fell to deaf ears.

Hiccup watched as Drago began to struggle. Not lifting a finger, as he watched Drago go under.

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