Dragon Riders


'It had been many months since that war with Drago. Right now it seemed like it had just been an awful nightmare. Ever since then, my family and I have changed during that faithful time.

After the battle we all joyced in happiness over the fact the long time madman was dead. Fear was once again vanquished from our minds of both man and dragon.

My mom finally introduced me to my father, Stoick the Vast. At first it was tears of joy and then pain when my father gave me a hug, but I survived. He was happy that we were okay and wanted to know everything that happen to us. Why we left? Was it something he did? You know the usual. I had mom tell dad the whole story.

If you wondering about our home, well, when the Bewilderbeast got better he helped us fix it up. And so did many of the Berkians. They even made a port and everything. But at the time we had to wait for the large dragon to heal, thus we decided to stay on Berk for the time being. It was kind of funny watching the dragon riders find their place in the small village.

The man known as Gobber was happy working with Ordindal. They both were excited as they came up with new ideas. The hook man was excited to learn about Gronkle iron. The two worked in the work shop day in and out. Each Viking would look in to see what the two blacksmiths had cooked up today. All were excited over the new devices and items that the two would make. They had lines as long as a Typhoomerang head to its tail.

A lot of the Vikings were curious about Tortel. They had never seen an African man such as him in their life. Sure they had seen Trader Johan, who was Middle Eastern, but never a man with dark skin as him. Tortel never let it bother him but it just took a while for people to get used to him.

As for Bertha and Skur they told Stoick...my father about how their tribe was attacked by Drago and his men a long time ago. They told him how they were able to escape and how the dragon helped them survive. My father was shocked and amazed by the story and came to ask what happen to the rest of their tribe. Their heads down cast at the thought of it.

If you're wondering about Camicazi and Erien, don't worry. Erien found a lovely woman who was visiting Berk when their boat got caught in the storm. Erien kept her company while her family's boat got fix.

Camicazi on the other hand…let's just say three people with crazy, out of control destructive ability are bad.

As of now, our home has been fixed. We have returned to live there. My mom and I still visit Berk and live there time to time. We can now since Drago or his hunter can never bother us.

And if you're wondering about that hunter, no one knows. I believe that he up and left the battle like the coward he is.

Later on in time, there have been more Vikings who are refugees from the war with Drago. A lot of them come to live in the Dragon Sanctuary for a new start in life. It has been interesting and a whole new experience all together.

My mother and father are still very much in love. Inside his heart, my father never gave up on the hope that we were alive. He wanted us to be a family again. He wanted to get to know us. He wanted to get to know his son. And let me tell you, it was a crazy journey to get to know him as well.

If you wondering what happen to Astrid and I, welllll…..'


Hiccup was sitting on the grassy cliff looking at the sunset. Toothless was lying next to him as the rider was leaning back on dragon's side. The both felt calm and at peace at the beauty before them. Hiccup allowed his eyes to close for a minute, when he heard the sound of footsteps. He didn't have to look up to know who they belong to.

"There you are. I've been looking all over for you"

"You have, huh" Hiccup looked up to see Astrid standing in front of him with a smile on her face.

"Are you going to go flying later?" Astrid looked at the two curiously.

"Ya" Hiccup got onto his feet as the Night Fury did as well.

"Good. I will join you" Astrid began to walked away until Hiccup grabbed her hand.

"Woah woah, wait a minute" Pulling Astrid to him "Are you sure you should be doing that…..in your condition" Hiccup looked down towards her stomach in worry.

"We'll be just fine" Astrid let out a huff as she brought her fingers to use as she began to whistle. Stormfly came rushing to her rider as Astrid climbed on her back. They began to fly away as they left the two boys stunned.

Hiccup heard Toothless roar next to him as worry. "I know bud." Climbing onto Toothless back, they both took off after Astrid.

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