Dragon Riders

Chapter 1

Fire was blasted as the field of battle roared through the harsh island that was surrounded by cold glaciers. Vikings were battling it out with their mythological enemy known as the Dragon Riders. The Vikings had come to this island years ago to capture and ensnare dragons. They were led by the most viscous hunter of the Viking world.

He was an older man, age ranging in the thirties to forties. No one dare asked for fear of getting a dagger to the heart. Even with his one eye, the other badly scarred that Eret hid under a leather eye-patch, he was still quick as lighting. Scaled chainmail, along with talons and teeth from the dragons he had taken down. Trophies they were, but these dragons needed to be caught alive for his employer. More of a master in other men's eyes.

Drago Bludvist. Known for being a madman, for stories say that Drago took down a whole armada with his bare hands. The man was calm but cruel as he knew every man's weakness. Anyone who went up against this man were faced with horrible Viking tortures that no man should ever be in.

That's why no one went up against Drago. That's why Eret is forced to fight against these dragon riders. The Dragon Riders were tricky and were winning this fight. Eret watched as one of the dragon riders jumped off the thin white hairy dragon onto one of his traps.

It moved quickly down the trap as it began to dismantle it. Eret yelled at a group of soldiers to go after it before it let out the dragons inside.

The soldiers quickly got to the trap and came face to face with the dragon rider. Its body was thin and lanky. Bands of dirty bandages were wrapped around its arms and legs. It wore dark brown pants with what looked to be a pinkish-grey dress like shirt. It had armor on its shoulders and a long band across its chest that held tools and daggers. Its face was covered by a horrid mask that had a white face, red ruby eyes, and spikes that came out of the sides of it. The mask had dirty, matted blonder hair coming out the back of it. With the dragon rider's figure you would guess it was female.

The female dragon rider took out one of her daggers. Ready to fight the men if they dare touch her. The soldiers brought up their spears and axes and pointed them at the female. As the men got closer, all of the sudden a roar was heard. The men looked up to see a glowing Monstrous Nightmare. It too had a rider on it with a blue mask.

The horns and wings from Monstrous Nightmare began to glow brightly. The Vikings had no choice but to shield their eyes from the bright light. While the soldiers were busy, the female went back to undoing the trap. The metal dome opened up allowing one of the dragons to escape. The other dragon, known as a Gronkle, was still stuck in a large rope net. The female jumped into the trap and started to cut the ropes.

Once all the ropes were cut, the female climbed onto the Gronkle's back as it flew into the sky. High up in the sky, she jumped off the Gronkle's back and onto her white fur dragon. Swiftly they flew into the sky as they went off to help out the others.

Eret gritted his teeth at the loss of two wild dragons. He saw no choice but to collect the other dragons he had and get his men out of here. Yelling at his men to tell the other Vikings to retreat, they headed for the boats.

Once the shouts were heard, the men ran back to the boats as fast as they could. The heat of the fires blasting behind them. Some of the men on the boats were trying to pull the beasts into their cages. It wasn't until a screeching, sound barrier sound was heard did the men grow more alarmed.

One of the men shouted "Night Fury!" And everyone ducked and covered for after the sound came a huge blast. One of the boats lit on fire as the cages that held the dragons fell apart. Dragons flew off the boat and headed for land.

The men shouted to get the quivers and catapults ready to defend themselves. As boulders and arrows tried to hit the Night Fury. The beast easily escaped their mark. The dragon flew close to one of the boats as its riders jumped off its back. The man was tall and had muscles of a normal man. You could tell he was still young, by the way his body moved, he acted to be by the end of his teen years. The mask he wore looked like one of a normal warrior Viking helmet from the olden days. The man did some hand signals as the Night Fury nodded its head and flew off.

Eret saw that the man was heading towards one of the cages. He did not want to lose anymore dragons than he already had. He grabbed his swords and went after the boy. Jumping from boat to boat Eret came face to back with the rider. The young rider had already taken off the nails and bolts. He signaled for the dragons not to move yet as he turned to face the hunter.

Eret knew that the youngling was smirking at him under that mask. Cocky the rider was. Well Eret was not gonna let this boy get away with messy with his men and taking his dragons away. Lifting up his sword, he charged at the boy. The rider used the cage bars to lift himself up and over the hunter. The hunter rammed himself into the cage with a thud. Gaining his composure, Eret turned around with anger flaring in his eyes.

The boy took a step back and cupped his hands to his mask. He let out what sounded like a dragoness roar that sent confusion to the hunter. A roar answer the rider back as the Night Fury dove down at the boat. The boy jumped onto the serpent like figurehead and onto the Night Furies back as the black creature zipped by. Eret stomped his foot in anger but turned to see the dragons on the boat out of the cages and fly off.

Suddenly, something in the water was coming towards the back boats. Eret eyes widen, for he had been in this situation before. He shouted to the men to get off the back boats and head to the others. Quickly everyone rushed to the other boats for out of the water came a tidal dragon that looked to be made of bone. It opened it mouth to let out a hot spew of acid and hot water at the boats. The boats began to dissolve under the hot spray.

All five of Eret's boats went down and a few of the men who were still on them had no choice but to jump off and swim to the last of the boats. Eret gritted and slammed his sword into the floor of the boat as he saw all eight of the dragon rider watch them leave. Letting out a yell of frustration at the riders and their dragons.

Once the yelling had died, riders all turned and left. Back to their homes they went. The Dragon Sanctuary. The holy grail of any dragon hunter would wish to get to. Eret turned and headed to the front of the boat. Angry and frustrated by the effort they made today. For he knew what was about to come next.


It was night time when Eret and his men landed on the heavily armored Fortress. Eret was called right away to Drago's office. When he arrived, Eret was faced with anger from some of the other Vikings that belong to Drago's army.

"We gave fifty of our best men and you return with not only six out of fifteen boats. But only five, FIVE dragons none the less!" The General known as Scurvy yelled at Eret.

"I told you that I need more men!" Eret yelled back at the General. "I told you that fifty men was not enough. I told you that the dragon riders were no easy enemy. They took down all of my traps and surpassed your men."

"How hard could it be to take down one simple rider." Scurvy figured that it was Eret's fault for losing the dragons. His men were in the finest shape and that these so called dragon riders were mere exaggerations.

"It's not just one simple rider. It's a whole group of them. They move fast like the wind. It is impossible to attack them. And they fight like wild beasts. I would love to take them down but its…"

"Enough" All men looked up at their leader was looking over a large map on his desk. The man, from the back, had long blackish- grey dread locks. His voice deep and gruff as he spoke "We need them alive"

"Why sir, isn't better to have them dead than have all this mischief." Scurvy was confused by his chief's words.

"The Dragon Sanctuary would be there home and if we take their home, they will fall into our hands." Drago turned around to face his men as he raised an eye-brow as he spoke. "I do need trainers, don't I?"

"You want to get the riders…to train dragons for you" The general thought he was crazy or just plain stupid. But he dare not say that out loud. No one spoke that way to Drago. "I not sure they will agre…"

"Find their weakness" Drago said simply as he sat back down on his chair.

"Weakness, sir?" Scurvy asked.

"Everyone has a weakness. It's their heart and soul. Once we have their weakness, they will be powerless to stop us." Drago got up from his chair and hover over his general, who looked scared. "They will come begging for mercy to protect their weakness."

Eret grin grew wide at the thought of having one of those dragon riders under his finger. To watch as everything they protected fall apart in front of them. "Which one do you want?"

"The youngest would be best, don't you think" Drago slammed his dagger into the map that showed the island that Eret had fought the riders on. "Time to head out boys. Our new friend awaits."


In the Dragon Sanctuary, the sun was beginning to rise. Inside every dragon was sleeping with a couple of them snoring. The dragon riders had their masks off and were sleeping by their dragons. They used the dragon's wings as blankets against the cold. The dragon's warm bodies would produce heat to keep the humans warm. A peaceful sleep had consumed them all.

All except for one rider. A seventeen year old boy named Hiccup was up early for some flying with his dragon Toothless. Hiccup crept passed the sleeping riders, trying desperately hard not to wake anyone up. He knew the rules that everyone must travel with a buddy but he just had to try out his newest invention.

Stepping ever so silently, it wasn't until he accidentally stepped on a lone twig that a loud crack was heard. Hiccup froze on the spot and quickly looked, with his eyes, at Camicazi who only turned to sleep into her dragon. Letting out a silent sigh of relief, he hastily went on his way.

Once he reached the outer part of their home where Toothless was waiting for him. Hiccup saw Toothless was geared up with his saddle that Hiccup had put on the dragon only a few minutes ago. And that Night Fury was laying down asleep.

"Toothless" Hiccup whispered to the Night Fury as he put on the rest of the gear. "Come on Toothless." When Hiccup finished putting the rest of the gear he went to the front of the dragon and faced him. "I know you rather fly this fine morning than sleep."

Toothless's eyes snapped open as he began to lick his rider's face. Hiccup quietly yelled at the dragon to stop it. Letting out a chuckle he patted the dragon's head. Hiccup climbed onto the back of Toothless, placing his helmet on his head, they flew out into the tunnels and exited to the outside world.


They were fast as they moved through the ice obstacle course that laid outside their home like it was nothing. These glaciers had formations that were great for flying through. Some of them would have narrow loops, close together hurtles, and thousands of sharp pointy ice shards that if a rider were to fall off he would surely die. A daredevil's paradise.

When Hiccup and Toothless cleared the course they departed the glacier and were now over open water. Hiccup took his legs from under him and went flat against Toothless back. This added speed and allowed them to do more dynamic stunts.

They dove at the water as a bunch of Thunderdrums swam up and down the water like a pod of whales. Making their way around the pod as if they too were an obstacle course. They did one last roll under the lead Thunderdrum's wing before heading back up into the air. Hiccup went back into a sitting position as they headed into the clouds. In the clouds, they darted back and forth between them. Doing flips and sharp turns, Toothless gliding on his back with Hiccup held on. They topped it off with a tight barrel roll into the sky. Toothless hatled his wings as they dropped back down into the lower clouds. They flew back at a normal pass as Hiccup set up to test his new invention.

"You ready Toothless." Hiccup heard his buddy let out an unhappy growls. It made the boy chuckle as he then tried to reassure the dragon. "Toothless, everything will be fine."

Hiccup sat up straight and let his feet dangle. Toothless had a broad look on his face as his rider fell off his side. Hiccup was heading head first into the water at high velocity. Toothless darted after the young ride, acting like a safe line in case something were to go wrong. They came face to face with each other as they twirled around each other. Hiccup look at Toothless and Toothless gave Hiccup one of his goofy smiles with his tongue sticking out. Hiccup chuckled at his friends antics.

Hiccup looked back down and saw the water coming into view. He knew it was time and put his arms into the straps that hung out his legs. He pulled hard as he could and out came the leather wings that made him look like a flying squirrel. He was forced back into the sky and came to a glide. They both pulled up just below the clouds and hiccup quickly let out the spine he created.

"This is amazing!" Hiccup could not believe his new invention was a success. He had so many idea of how this could help the riders out. But first it needed to be tested more before he introduced it to the family. Right now Hiccup and Toothless would just enjoy the flight.


On the water, however, was one of the Viking ships that was run by Eret.

"There you are" Eret was looking through an eye glass as he watched Hiccup fly through the sky. He had heard rumors of a dragon with a strange creature on its back. Who knew that it happened to be the rider he was looking for.

"You sure that's him?" Asked one of the soldiers that was assigned to Eret's ship.

Eret let out a sigh of frustration. "He is riding a dragon and wears a mask. How hard is that to see?"

"But what's he wearing and how is he flying on his own" The solider thought the man must be bewixed or magical to be able to do that.

Eret tried very hard not to kill the man. Beggars can't be choices. It either brains or brawns with these men. "They create many inventions to beat us and this must be in testing." Letting out one more groan before he yelled at the men. "Get the device ready. Drago wants his trainer at home by sundown"

The men ran over to a large device that was covered by a large white cloth. Two of the men took off a tarp to reveal a catapult like device that had a twist to it. Eret told the men to steady as they aimed at the aimless rider. Once in line Eret shouted "FIRE!"


Hiccup was about to tell Toothless to line up with him so he could get on the dragon's back again but suddenly heard a loud bang sound coming from under them. They only had time to look down before Hiccup was caught in a giant net. Hiccup began to hurtle to the ground with forced that Toothless had a hard time keep up with him. Hiccup tried to get out of the net while crying out to his friend for help. Toothless tried desperately to get to Hiccup, but he could not keep up with the speed that Hiccup was falling at.

They both hit the water with force that caused a medium size tidal wave. The boat rocked back and forth before coming to a halt. The boat took out its paddles and began to row towards where the duo had landed. When they saw the ropes come up to the top of the water due to the light air that filled the leather balls, they were filled to make their catch float, one of the Vikings took a pole with the hook on the end of it and pulled it closer to the boat. Once close enough, Eret tried to pull the net onto the boat.

"Is he dead" Asking since the net did not move in the water. But after the soldier said that, the net began to trash violently.

"Apparently not!" Eret said sarcastically. "Hurry up you idiots and get him on board!"

Eret and a couple men pulled the net on board. Once on board, Hiccup thrashed and growled. He got the net off of him with the small knife that he had hidden in one of his pockets. Holding the knife in front of him, Hiccup saw that it was the same hunter he had battled with the other day.

Eret saw that the rider was going to cup his hand and yelled at his men. "Quickly, before he calls for reinforcements!"

The men tried to grab Hiccup but the boy quickly moved away. Some of the Vikings tried to shoot him with their arrows or cut him with axes and swords.

Eret yelled at the men for trying to take out their target. "You morons! We need him alive!"

Hiccup did not want to know what the hunter meant by needing him alive. He just wanted to find Toothless and get out of here.

Hiccup jumped back again from another man who tried to slash him. Another blade came at Hiccup's side and the rider was only able to barely dodge it. The blade was sadly able to slash Hiccup's side. Not a mortal wound, but it did cut deep. Hiccup held his side as his back hit the wall.

"Nowhere to run, young dragon rider" Eret sneered at the boy. He had him now, the rider was cornered with nowhere to run.

All of the sudden the boat rocked tremendously as out of the water came the Night Fury. Hiccup was so glad to see his friend. Toothless landed in front of his rider protectively as he blasted and swiped the men away. Hiccup quickly got on the back of Toothless and they flew away from the boat.

"Noooo!" Eret shouted as he watched them fly off.


Up in the air, Hiccup let out a sigh of relief. He was this close to becoming a prisoner on the hunter's ship. Deadly Nadders, would he hear a mouth full from the others when he gets back. Looking at his wound, he saw that some blood was bleeding through. He had to get home so the wound could get stitched up or else it might get infected or worse, he might bleed to death .

Toothless began to glide at a normal pace until he felt pain strike his body. Hiccup clutch Toothless saddle as he looked around for the cause. He saw that in Toothless's right thigh was an arrow. Horrified, he looked for where the arrow had come from.


On the water, was another Viking ship. The quiver that was used to strike the Night Fury was in the hands of none other than Drago himself. He let a smile spread on face as he tossed the weapon to Scurvy. The boat Eret was on had come alongside them and Eret began asking question as he climbed onto the Drago's ship.

"Are we just going to let them get away?" Eret was very confused as to why Drago had only struck the dragon with one arrow and let them turn and leave.

"That was no ordinary arrow" Dargo got out a map and ordered one of the men to hold it up for him. "That arrow was dipped with a toxic poison." Drago saw that Eret was horrified. Eret must be thinking why would Drago wanted to kill such a magnificent beast than have it be part of his army. "Don't worry. It won't kill it. It will just make it very sick. And if the dragon is sick, they'll have to land" Drago looked at the map the soldier had open and was holding up so Drago and the men could see.

Eret came over to look at the map "We'll start searching right away"

Drago turned to look at Scurvy as he asked him a question. "How long do you think it will take before the poison sets in?"

"Not long sir. The boy and his dragon should be landing any second" Scurvy smirked.

"Correct." Drago pointed on the map at three islands that were close to them. "We split up and look here"

Eret looked closely at the map and eyes widen at one of the islands that Drago wanted them to search. "Um, sir. This is the island of….."

"Search every island. If the people put up a fuss… kill el'm. I want that dragon rider found by dusk tomorrow. If not, it will be your head I take next." Drago pocked his finger into Eret's chest, who nodded vivaciously and climbed back onto his boat.

Drago let a smirk as three more ships behind his sailed off.


Hiccup was past panicking, he was freaking out. He was hurt, Toothless had an arrow in his thigh and he had a whole army after him. How could this get any worse? Hiccup then felt Toothless drop and he let out a yelp as Toothless tried to glide again.

Hiccup turned his attention back to the arrow. Touching the wound, Hiccup got blood on his hand and started smelling it. Poison. Toothless would get worse if they stayed in the sky any longer. They were too far off from the Dragon Sanctuary. They had to land and fast.

Hiccup scanned the water to see if he could find some kind of island they could land on. He spotted something in the distance that looked like a large green filled island. Hiccup felt Toothless drop again. They had no choice. They had to land before Toothless gets any worse.

They were only a few feet away before Toothless strength gave out and they crashed into dirt. Hiccup flew off Toothless back and onto the ground. Hiccup quickly got to his feet and he rushed over to the fallen dragon. Hiccup held the dragon's head as he tried desperately to get Toothless to open his eyes.

"Toothless. Come on buddy, I know you're tired but you have to stay with me" Hiccup saw that Toothless eyes cracked open, but he could see the dragon was very weak. Hiccup tried to get the dragon to his feet. "We can't stay here. We need to find shelter."

Toothless let out an agonizing roar. He wanted to sleep, he didn't feel so good. Why couldn't Hiccup let him be? Toothless shakily got to his feet as Hiccup tried the best he could to help Toothless.

It felt like they were walking for hours until they came to a small cave. Placing Toothless inside, Hiccup went to work on the dragon's wound. He pulled the arrow out and tried to suck out as much of the poison as he could. Once he was done with that he quickly went into his supplies and got out herbs that could remedy Toothless's condition.

Oh how he wish he had Tortel with him. He was best when it came to poison. Hiccup had no time to think of that now. He had to fix Toothless. Grinding the herbs, he turned it into a paste like substance. He went over to Toothless and tried to pry open his mouth. "Come on bud. I need you to take this."

Toothless let out a moan of complaint but complied. The bitter taste on his tongue sent shiver up his spine. The dragon began to feel little better but not enough to move. Tiredness consumed the weak Night Fury, so instead he fell into a deep slumber. Hiccup got up quickly and went out to get more branches and leaves to cover the cave in case the hunter or Vikings came looking for them. Once that was done, the sun began to set. Hiccup sat down and felt the adrenalin leave him. A pain shot through his body as he remembered his own injury. He looked down at his wound to see that is bleeding heavily from being stretched, ripped, and covered in dirt and grime.

Hiccup practically crawled over to the gear that was still on Toothless. He quickly got out some purified salt water to clean his and Toothless wound. They both screamed in agony as the water touched their wounds. Hiccup did one last thing before sleep consumed him was that he reach into the semi large pouch and took out a small terrible terror that he called Sharpshot.

With everything that happen today it was a miracle that the little dragon was not killed in the sack. Hiccup put Sharpshot down and began to write on a piece of paper of what had happen and that he needed help. Tying the note, a small herb so that it could lead the others to them, and a bloody piece of his shirt so they would hurry, onto the small dragon. Hiccup opened one of the branches to allow the dragon to fly back to the Dragon Sanctuary.

After watching the small dragon leave, he went back inside the cave and put his back up against Toothless. Letting out a sigh of relief, the last of the adrenalin escaped Hiccup as his eyes began to finally droop. He saw something glowing from behind the cover, but was unable to move. Hiccup could not believe it. They were going to be captured by the hunters and they could do nothing to stop it. That last thing Hiccup saw before darkness hit, was a girl his own age with braided blonde hair and a Deadly Nadder behind her.


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