Dragon Riders

Chapter 2

(Flashback to three years ago)

Ordindal was humming a happy tune while working on his iron works. He was hammering away at a piece of metal that he was turning into a sword. He placed the red hot iron into the water and steam simmered out as the iron cooled. Once finish, Ordindal took out the sword and held it up into the air. Proud of the work he did on the blade, he flipped the sword over to check his work when he heard footsteps of a young teen.

"What's that you got there, Ordindal?"

Ordindal didn't have to look to see that it was his young apprentice Hiccup. He saw that his sword was perfect and turned to toss to Hiccup. "Catch."

Grabbing a hold of the sword, Hiccup was surprised to see that the blade did not weigh that much. "Wow, so light." Hiccup test the blade by swinging it. "But I don't think it will hold up in battle" Hiccup gave the blade back to Ordindal and was sad to see such fine work go unused.

"That's what I thought too. Until I did this…." Ordindal swung the sword at a tree and it slit through the trunk like butter. Once through, Ordindal turned around as the tree fell to the ground. "See, not a nick in the blade at all." Ordindal handed the blade back to Hiccup so he could see for himself.

"This is amazing." Hiccup was awestruck by the power of this new iron. "Think of all we could accomplish with this. We can build better weapon." Hiccup had ideas flowed through his head, until a question roared in his head. "How did you come by this?"

Ordindal began to think as he spoke "Came across a few Gronkles that we eating. A few of them were sick so I tried to help them. Though at the end, they barfed up quite a lot of lava."

Hiccup eyes widen as he realized the answer. "So this is made out of…"

"I call it Gronkle Iron. I made so many items with it that I'm hoping I don't run out before I'm done with all of my ideas" Ordindal pointed to his weapons on the side of the shop.

"Interesting" Hiccup looked at the weapon as he ran his hand over it.

"I was hoping it could help you with tomorrow." Ordindal look at Hiccup with worriedness.

"Don't worry. I'll be fine." Hiccup walked into his own spot in the corner to take out his own invention. "I've been working on something that will help me out. Because well you know"

"Can't lift a hammer, can't swing an axe or through one of these" Ordindal held up two heavy iron balls that were tied together by a long rope that was called a Bola.

"Thank you Ordindal." Hiccup said sarcastically as he finished digging through his stuff to bring out a large circular objected made of wood that was as big as Hiccup's upper body.

"A shield?" Now Ordindal was just confused.

"Not just any shield. With this shield I can…." Hiccup put his hand on a trigger and the large half sphere wooden object in the middle of the shield flung forward, with a lot of rope behind it, wrapped around Ordindal, like a hookshot, and pulled Hiccup to the giant man.

Ordindal look at the rope that was wrapped around him to the shield that was connected to Hiccup. "Handy"

Hiccup undid the rope and released Ordindal. "I haven't worked out most of the kinks and I'm sure I will be able to use it for tomorrow." Hiccup placed the shield on the table and could see Ordindal coming over to his work stations to take a closer look at the shield.


The two looked up from the shield to see Hiccup's mother, Valka, at the door.

"I need to have a word with you. Can you please come here?" Valka asked as Hiccup went around the table and followed after her.

Ordindal watched Hiccup leave before he looked around and then began fiddling with the shield. He began to look for the trigger before he pulled something and the shield began to open up into a cross bow like design. One of the ends of the bow smacked Ordinal in the face which caused him to rub the sore spot. "Catapult. Should have seen that coming." He put it back into its shield position before taking the unique weapon away.


Hiccup and Valka walked over to a quaint spot along the cliffs that were only just a few feet from Ordindal's work shop. They were walking together side by side arguing about the event that would take place tomorrow.

"Mom, I know you are worried about me taking the test tomorrow, but how am I going to prove myself if I don't take this chance." Hiccup tried to make his mother understand that he wasn't as powerless as everyone thought he was.

"I know that, but you have to know that as a mother, I worry about my son" Valka grabbed Hiccup hand, bring him to a halt. "You have to realize that this is a big deal. You three are about to embark on a dangerous journey where I can't help you…"

"Yes I know. Tomorrow is the day that Eri, Cammy, and I will embark on a journey to see how we will act as a group. It's only going to be just the three of us and it's a one day training mission to be able to act as one and be able to take on anything that challenges us. And that….." Hiccup went on and on about their test until his mother interrupted him.

"And you're still a child" Valka kneeled down in front of her son so she can look at him in the eye. "You are my only son and I worry that anything can happen to you."

"Mom…." Hiccup knew that his mother wanted to protect him, but he just felt like he needed this chance to prove himself. "I'll be fine. You forget that Toothless will be with me and I remember everything you and the adults have taught me." Hiccup could feel his mother avert her teary eyes. "Besides…no one would dare to mess with all this"

Valka laughed at her son's joke and it made her feel a little better. "And what about Erien and Camicazi?"

Hiccup thought about it for a minute before giving his mother an answer. "They can be a perfect distraction. I can use that when we get in a sticky situation. You know, "confuse the enemy". Quoting the words, Hiccup saw his mother was giving him a disproving look up, but Hiccup knew that inside his mother was laughing.

Whacking her son lightly on the head, she said. "I just worry about you sometimes. Even when you're with Toothless you can be a little….reckless"

Hiccup shrugged his shoulders and gave an embarrassed smile as he knew what his mother was talking about. Hiccup and Toothless were definitely daredevils. And because of Hiccup's short attention span, he can be quite handful. Another thing was that it didn't help that he couldn't even beat Camicazi in a simple arm wrestling contest. Sure she was older but still, Camicazi was more skinny than Hiccup is and she still can pin him to the ground like he was just a simple Terrible Terror. "I know I can be …reckless. But with this new invention I making, I'll be able to…"


The two look to the left of them to see Ordindal tossing the shield to Hiccup. Hiccup caught the shield with ease as he looked at the weapon. Hiccup could not believe what Ordindal had done to his shield. It was cover in the Gronkle iron that Ordindal had used on many of his new weapons.

It was light and very easy to carry. Hiccup ran his finger along the metal casing in awe at the brilliant weapon. "This is…this is…"

"Amazing? Spectacular….Cool?" Ordinal came up next to the two as he watched Hiccup open his weapon to reveal its crossbow straight.

"Thank you.. Thank you so much…."Hiccup was lost for words.

Ordindal held up one of his hands to pause Hiccup. "Just promise us you will be safe. That's all I ask."

A smile spread on Hiccup's face as he pointed the cross bow at a tree and fired. The arrow shot out of the quiver with high speed as it hit its mark with ease.


The next morning, the sun was rising up over the water as the cool air began to warm up. Inside the Sanctuary, the three youngest riders were saddling up there dragons with supplies, maps, and weapons for the day ahead. They said their goodbye to their parents and family as they climbed onto the back of their dragons. Hiccup had his shield on his back while Camicazi had her daggers on a strap across her chest and Erien had a sword on his back.

Their dragons gave roars and growls as they too were ready to leave. They could feel the sadness and tension in the air from the humans. Knowing that today was to be important; they were ready to protect their rider's from whatever danger is to come.

Tortel came in front of the dragons and their riders and gave a speech of what is to come. "As you all know. These three are our future and we must know if they can handle that future. They must be brave, intelligent, kind, fierce. They must be able to handle whatever life throws at them and be able to conquer it."

The riders held their breaths during the speech, knowing that the future of this clan rest within them.

"You must work as a team. You have to rely, not only on your dragon, but each other. That is why I am putting a leader in charge of this group."

The riders and dragons looked at one another with curiosity and rivalry. Each one wanting to be in charge. They knew that only one of them can be a real leader.

"I have come to a decision and decided…" Tortel paused to look at everyone. He could hear silence of anticipation of his choice. "Erien…. will be in charge."

Camicazi let out a low groan as she looked at Erien with jealousy. Erien turned to smirk at her but it quickly died as the weight of its all fell on Erien's shoulder as a leader.

"Now then" Tortel stepped away from the opening as the young riders flew out the cave and into the open water.

They group watched the children, who took their first steps as adult, leave. The adults turned and jumped onto their own dragon's back and headed back into the Sanctuary. All except for Ordindal.

Ordindal stared out into the open sea. Out into open sky, Ordindal could see a red tint in the air. The air was tense and hot. Like his father's and sailor have told him before in situations like these….something was coming.


The riders were flying no more than ten minutes when they decided to figure out their next plan.

"We should head east" Erien look at the map in his hands. "We should be able to hit an island and set up camp there."

"Already" Camicazi asked bored. "We should head southeast and drift farther away from the Sanctuary for some real survival camping"

"And what if something really bad happens and we can't call for help" Erien tried to control his anger. "We need to be in a region where there won't be any problems"

"Problems? What problems?" Camicazi knew that Erien wanted to take the safe route but she wanted to test herself. See if she can really survive on her own.

"Aaa let see. How about wild and dangerous dragons that we could know nothing about. Locals who would kill us or torture us" Erien list went on. "Oh I know, how about dangerous plant life that can kill us"

"Oh will you just let it go!" Camicazi yelled at the older boy. "I gave you one bad berry and you had the runs for a day or two. I said I was sorry!"

"Well my butt can tell you otherwise…."

"How about I kick you in the….."

The two kept arguing back and forth until Hiccup interrupted them. "Guys! How about this? We head towards the edge of the territory that way we get the full survival experience with the convert of knowing that we will be in reach of the clan if anything will or is going to go wrong. Okay"

"Fine" Both said in unison at the arrangement.

Hiccup breathed a sigh of relief. They had a plan and were now making progress.

Suddenly, the dragons began to perk up like they had just been startled by something. Each dragon rider called out to their dragons in worry. Hiccup saw that Toothless was looking around frantically. It ears/horns began to move as if he was listening for something.

The dragons then turned to look to the right of them. The riders did the same. Their eyes widen at what they were seeing. It was a large water spout that was heading right towards them.

"MOVE!" Erien shouted.

They all headed away from the giant water tornado but their seemed to be a problem. Kiri and Camicazi were to light weight that the wind from the spout started to pull them in. Kiri tried to desperately to fly away from it but the spout was sucking them up like a large vacuum cleaner. Camicazi started to panic. She was afraid for herself and her dragon, for she that they might not be able to survive this.


Hiccup and Toothless shot through the sky and hit Kiri and Camicazi out of the suction. Camicazi watched as they were pushed out of the way and saw that Hiccup and Toothless had taken their place. She reached out her hand but it did nothing to help when she saw Hiccup and Toothless were sucked in. They disappeared into the whirling vortex. The blackness of the Night Fury had disappeared into the cover of white and grey.

Camicazi felt numbness take over as she went into shock. She then felt fear and dread as her body began to move on its own. She steered her dragon towards the water spout but was halted by Erien.

"We need to head back."

"We can't just leave them!" Camicazi tried to get around Erien and Ran but they stayed in front of them.

"We need to get to shelter and tell the others." He saw that Camicazi was shaking with fear. "It's going to alright… Hiccup and Toothless won't die that easily."

Camicazi looked up at Erien with a small glimmer of hope.

Thunder began to roar as the winds began to pick up. "We are not going to help them if we die out here." Erien leadership instinct took over as he decided to save Camicazi and get her home before anything would happen to them. He saw her nod her head as she flew in the direction of their home.

Turning back one last time, Erien looked at the giant water spout. "I hope…."


A headache and pain came to Hiccup when he woke up. Face in the dirt, Hiccup slowly drifted his arms under him and pushed himself up, groaning as his body ache with each movement. Luckily nothing was broken, just a few bumps and a lot of bruises. Hiccup spat out the dirt that was in his mouth and sat up to look around. He saw that he was on some kind of beach which he could only guess was from the water spout.

It must have tossed him and Toothless out onto some island. Question is which island and oh…..

Hiccup gasped in remembering his dragon Toothless. Shouting the dragon's name, Hiccup got to his feet and looked for his beloved best friend.

A small coo was heard and Hiccup turned to see the black dragon on the sandy ground by some rocks. Hiccup quickly ran over to check Toothless out for any injury. "Hey buddy. You okay?" Hiccup cupped the dragon's head as the Night Fury opened his eyes to give Hiccup a lick. Hiccup chuckled as he saw Toothless get up with ease.

The dragon stretched its wings, testing to see if they were all there. Toothless then began to sniff and poke Hiccup with his snout to make sure the boy was okay.

"Toothless… Yes, I'm fine too." Hiccup got to his feet as he looked around. "Where are we bud?"

Toothless let out a coo as he too wanted to know where they were.

Hiccup looked back at the sea and saw some dark clouds coming towards the island. "That's not good"

Not good was right. They couldn't make it off the island for the storm would only catch them before they made it home. Thus only one option was left. They had to stay on the island until after the storm.

Hiccup told Toothless that they needed to gather supplies but first should look for some place to bunker down for the night. They both started walking around. Hiccup had in his hands was one of his notebooks that he brought with him in case of situations like this. He began to draw the island and mark down everything they came across. That way they would be able to know where all the food, water, and wild life would be.

After twenty minutes of walking they final came to a cave that was high up on land that would be perfect for a shelter. They headed into the cave and Hiccup took off Toothless gear and saddle. Once all the gear was off, Hiccup told Toothless that they need to find food and water. Hiccup gave a hand signal and told Toothless to go and hunt.

The dragon nodded his head and headed in the direction where he could find prey. Hiccup grabbed his satchel and made his way into the forest.


An hour or two in, Hiccup's satchel was filled with enough food, plants, and water to keep Toothless and him good for a couple of days. Depending on how Toothless hunt went, they should be okay for the storm to come.

Hiccup had a large bundle of wood and sticks, which both Toothless and Hiccup could use to make a fire, in his arms. On his way back to the cave, Hiccup felt like he was being followed. Stopping when he heard a twig snapped. Hiccup turned quickly around. He saw nothing but still felt like he was being stalked. Hiccup was very close to the cave at the moment when he went through some shrubs, he was jumped.

Hiccup fell onto the ground, the wood came flying out of the poor boys hands and onto the dirt ground. Hiccup's body hit the ground with a thud as he felt his arm twist behind him.

"Who are you? What tribe are you from?" The harsh commanding voice that sounded female asked Hiccup a bunch of question.

"Whaaa?" Hiccup had no time to answer when he felt the hand on his arm loosen a bit.

"How did you get here?"

"The..the water spout…we got caught in it and…." Hiccup tried to get his arm loose but the female held strong. Curse his weak state.

"We? There are others?"

"We?" Hiccup then realized that this person might not take too kindly to Toothless. "Who said we? I'm the…"

The female put more pressure on Hiccup's arm as she twisted it. "Don't lie to me. I heard you say we. So where is your other…."

Hiccup then felt something lay on top of him which he could only guess was the female's body.

"Stay down and shut up" The female's voice came right next to Hiccup's ear. He could feel her breath on the side of his face.

Hiccup looked over at what the female was so afraid of when he saw Toothless emerge from the cave, holding his breath in fear of the female attacking his friend. He watched as Toothless looked at them and eyes became slit as the dragon went into defensive mode. Growling as he crept closer. Thinking the female was going to hurt his friend.

Hiccup was then pushed out of the way as saw the female go, with her axe, and attack Toothless. It felt like it was only two seconds when Hiccup got to his feet, ran towards the female, and swung her axe away from Toothless.

Grabbing the axe out of her hands, he swung it away from them and into some bushes. He then got in front of Toothless to calm him down. "It's okay bud. I'm alright" Hiccup tried to hold Toothless back and looked for the first time at the female. "You just scared him."

"I scared him…" Patting the dirt of her skirt that had spikes surrounding it .She also wore another skirt at the bottom of the spiked skirt with a pouch on her hip and also wears skull emblazoned shoulder pads. Her top looked like multiple color cloth that is wrapped around her top. She had two metal shoulder pads on her shoulder. As her face came into view, Hiccup could see that she has blonde hair with long bangs that cover the left side of her forehead, with a braided ponytail in back, and wore a leather band across her forehead. She is very attractive which makes Hiccup blush.

Hiccup could hear Toothless growl and bare his teeth as he hissed at the girl. "Toothless. Enough"

The dragon stopped and looked up at his rider in confusion. He turned back and looked at the girl before looking back at the boy. Toothless understood what was going on and gave a broad face as he shrug Hiccup off and headed back into the cave. But not before hitting his tail on the back of Hiccup's head.

"Moody dragon" Rubbing the back of his head, Hiccup watched his friend leave before turning his attention to the girl. "Sorry about that. Toothless can be a little over protective."

"Oh, so your girlfriend…is the dragon" The girl raised an eyebrow at the Rider.

"What…no! He just…well you know" Hiccup tried to come up with a good answer that would describe his friend's antics.

"No, I don't" The girl crossed her arms and then started walking away.

"Wait!" Hiccup ran after the girl who was very fast. "You can't just leave"

"Why not" The girl came to a halt and turned to look at Hiccup.

"The….storm. It's too dangerous to be out in it" Hiccup knew that he was half telling the truth but the storm was coming and he knew that the girl would not be able to survive unless she had shelter.

"And that is why I am going to find shelter." The girl said it like it was oblivious.

"But there's no time for that. The storm is almost here and you will be in great danger if you stay out in it." Hiccup tried to reason with her. "Do you even have food….or supplies?" Hiccup saw the girl turn her head away, which meant no. "Then how about this. You can stay with us until the storm is gone."

The girl crossed her arms and turned away from the boy to think. "What about your girlfriend?"

Hiccup let out a huff. "Let me worry about him." Holding out his hand, Hiccup waited for the girl to take it.


The stormed had struck the small island as wind raged that made even the thickest tree bend over. Heavy rain and hard hail struck the ground as small creaks became large rivers in only a few seconds. Lighting lit up the sky like someone had just turned on a bright lantern. Thunders followed after it, shacking the ground like a large drum.

In the cave the two teens and dragon were sitting on each side of the cave with a fire in the middle. The girl was on the far side of the cave, trying to stay as far away from the dragon as possible. Hiccup leaned his back against Toothless as poked the fire with a stick to keep it going.

Around the fire were a couple of sticks with a few fish, boar meat, and mushrooms that both Hiccup and Toothless collected in the forest. Checking the food, Hiccup saw that the fish, meat, and mushrooms were done as he handed one of them off to the girl. The girl rubbed her arms as she stared at Hiccup.

Hiccup let out a frustrated sigh when the girl would not take it. "Come on. It's not like I poisoned it."

The girl just continued to glare at Hiccup before swiping the kabob out of the rider's hand.

Hiccup let out a sigh as he took a fish and started eating it. He turned to look at his friend, who was happily eating away at a boar carcass that he had killed during his hunt.

Hiccup began to nibble on his fish when he realized that he knew nothing about it new companion. "Sooo, I didn't catch your name"

The girl glared up from her food as she ignored him and went back to eating.

Hiccup knew that like dragons, people can just be as stubborn. And if they were going to remain in a cave until the storm lets up, they might as well get to know each other. "Well, my name is Hiccup" Hiccup patted Toothless on the leg. "This is Toothless. As you know he is a Night Fury, which is…"

"The birth of lightning and death itself. I know." The girl finished of the kabob and tossed the stick into the fire before getting another piece from the flame.

Hiccup rubbed the back of his head as tried again. "Sooo, you know about dragons"

"It come with the territory of killing them" The girl bit into the fish as Toothless growled at her.

Hiccup patted Toothless for reassurance. He looked at the girl, trying to hold back his original fear of the girl killing his friend. "So you kill dragons"

"And you ride your pet dragon"

"Toothless is not a pet. He's my friend." Hiccup did not like it that the girl view Toothless as his pet.

"Huh, so your only friend is a dragon" Throwing the stick into the fire before she grabbed a mushroom one.

"No, my friends and family are both dragon and human. We live as one and do not call each other master or pet" Hiccup let his frustration and anger take over, not realizing that he gave away important information.

The girl raised an eye brow at what the rider just said. "There's more of you?"

Hiccup eyes widen at the information that he just given her. Rubbing the back of his head, Hiccup released that there was no turning back. "Yes, but you can't tell anyone. If you do people might come and try to hurt us" Hiccup threw his stick into the fire before he brought his knees to his chest.

The girl stopped eating her food and looked at the boy with curiosity. "Where are they now?"

"Hopefully home." Hiccup turned his head to look out into the storm. "I don't want to imagine them in a storm like this. After I just….."

"Hiccup… how did you get on this island?" The girl looked at Hiccup with concern in her voice.

"We were taking this test to see if we can survive on our own. It was just suppose to be simple. We weren't even supposed to go far out of the Sanctuary's reach. …. But there was this giant water spout and Camy was being sucked in, so I….." Hiccup's words seemed to trail of at the memory of seeing his fellow riders last.

"You pushed her out of the way and saved her." The girl got the right answer as she saw Hiccup sigh as he laid back against the dragon.

"Yaaa." Hiccup looked back down from the ceiling and back at the girl. "Sooo, what about you? Sailing my guess"

"It was suppose to be a search and rescue mission that happen to be more of troublesome than it was" The girl threw the stick into the fire as she remembered.


The girl was about to answer when she jumped to her feet as she planted herself on the wall.

Hiccup looked at where the girl was looking to see a big, dark situate in the rain. Crackled and heavy footsteps could be heard as it came closer to the cave. Once the object came inside, Hiccup saw that it was a lone Deadly Nadder.

Hiccup got onto his feet and he headed towards the beast.

The girl was still against the wall breathing a little bit heavier as she watched in horror as Hiccup went towards the Nadder. "What are you doing? Get away from it"

"It's okay." Hiccup stuck his hand out in front of the Nadder as it sniffed and pressed its snout into the boy's hand. Hiccup petted the Nadder along the side of the head as it began to coo in delight at the touch. "See. She just wants to get out of the storm just like us."

The Nadder went away from Hiccup as she made her way to the other side of the cave.

The girl looked like she was about to have a panic attack as she watched the Nadder make its way. "She!?"

"Yes, she. She probably got caught in the storm like us, and came here to find shelter." Hiccup watched as the Nadder began to lay on the ground as it curled into itself.

The girl watched the Nadder then looked back at Hiccup to see that the boy was calm and laid back down next to the Night Fury. She slid down against the wall until she was in a sitting position. She was still in shock over the boy and two dragon's antics.

"You don't have to worry. Nothing is going to happen to you" Hiccup turned onto his side and rested his head on his hands which were on the Night Fury's belly. Night Fury let out a yawn and draped his wing over Hiccup like a blanket. Closing his eyes, Hiccup decided it was time to take the Nadder's advice and sleep.

Hiccup could still hear the sound of the girl as she brought her axe against her body and curled up next to it. He was glad she was going to sleep and hoped it would take the edge off knowing that dragon would harm her.


Hiccup's eyes cracked open a little as he looked over his shoulder at the girl. A smile crept on his face as he knew this would be a big step in the relationship of Astrid, Toothless, the Nadder, and himself in surviving the storm together.


Astrid began to awaken when she heard the sound of cooing from what felt like a hot water bottle next to her chest. Eyes shot open when she released that she was neither at home or have any substance that would represent a water bottle on her. Averting her eyes downwards, Astrid's eyes widen even more when she saw a green Terrible Terror curling up into her chest.


Hiccup sprung to up to his feet when he heard Astrid yell. The dragons did the same thing too as Hiccup, thinking that there was danger. They looked at Astrid, who was again up against the wall of the cave. She looked to be in horror because down at her feet was a young Terrible Terror letting out a yawn before looking up at Astrid like it wanted to be petted.

"Sharpshot?" Hiccup could not believe what he was seeing. "How did you get here?" Hiccup went up to the small dragon as he gave the little guy a scratch under the chin. The dragon cooed happily as it climbed into Hiccup's arms. "He must have stowed away in my bag again. He does that sometimes and …" When Hiccup looked back at Astrid and saw that she was angry.

Astrid came up to Hiccup and gave him a punch in the stomach, which caused Hiccup to fall to the ground, and afterwards made her way to the opening of the cave. "Is this punishment for something I did in my life? I am now stuck with three dragons and a dragon boy. Huh! IS THERE SOMETHING YOU WANT FROM ME BECAUSE I WILL CURSE TO HEL!"

Lighting struck the ground and lit up the cave with a white flash. Astrid breath became heavy as she yelled in frustration at the storm. Hiccup grabbed her before Astrid thought of doing anything crazy but Astrid tried to get out of his grip.

"Let me go!"

Hiccup did not let her go. He held on tight until the last of Astrid's adrenaline left her as she fell to her knees. Heavily breathing Astrid tried to catch her breath. Hiccup kneeled down in front of her as he watched her calm down.

"It's okay" Hiccup tried to calm her down. "It was just one little dragon"

"It's not just one little dragon." Astrid shakily got to her feet as she made it to her side of the cave. "It's all of this." Astrid waved her hands to show she meant everything. "I have been trained all of my life to hunt and kill dragons. And here I am…. in a dream where Vikings and dragons coexist. I'm just so…" Astrid placed her back against the wall before sliding down it until her knees were to her chest. "…so lost" Astrid eyes water a little bit. "We were sailing in open water. It was suppose to be just a rescue mission. Butttt the storm hit…and I fell overboard…I tried to get to the boat but it was just too fast…and I just…. I'm just"

"You're not lost" Hiccup went over and knelt down in front of her. "You just don't know how to control the situation. " Hiccup thought for a moment before an idea popped into his head. "I've got it." Hiccup grabbed Astrid's hand as he pulled her to her feet. He began to pull her to the center of the room as he let go. "We just need to you to learn of to trust dragons"

Astrid stared at Hiccup like he grew an extra head. "You want me to…"

"Don't worry. It's not going to be that hard. And I'll be right here to help you" Hiccup spread his arms to show that she was not alone in this.

Astrid looked up and down at Hiccup before raising an eyebrow.

"Okay, so I'm not what you would think of when going against a dragon, but I'm all you got" Hiccup let out a frustrated sigh because he knew what the Astrid was getting at.

"Okay…" Astrid looked around at each of the dragons. She looked back at Hiccup and waited for him to show her what to do "Where do we start?"

"How about with something small and simple" Hiccup let out a whistle as Sharpshot flew off his spot and onto Hiccup's arm, which Hiccup held out for the little Terror to perch on. The Terror cooed as he rubbed his head on Hiccup's. "This is Sharpshot. He's a small Terrible Terror who is very friendly and….." Hiccup saw that Astrid was not amused by the mention of what happened only a few minutes ago. Hiccup gave an embarrassed chuckle before bring his arm to himself so Sharpshot was in front of him.

Astrid stared at the Terrible Terror, before reaching out her hand. The dragon cooed, sniffed, and then rubbed his head into to her hand. Astrid let out a breath of surprise as she watched as the Terror flew off Hiccup's arms and onto her shoulder. Her eyes began to widen a little at not knowing what to do, she looked at Hiccup for answers.

"It's okay. Sharpshot is just being overly friendly." Hiccup reassured Astrid that everything was okay and that she had nothing to fear.

Astrid smiled at the Terror as she scratched it under the chin. The Terror was more like a cat than a dragon Astrid thought. It purred and cooed in delight at Astrid's touch. She only stopped when the Nadder came up next to her as Astrid's eyes widen as she looked to Hiccup for help.

Hiccup was surprised that the Nadder came over. Usual Nadders can be very territorial. Hiccup had a few experiences where a young Nadder wanted to take of his head with one of its many spikes on its tail. He watched as the Nadder pushed her head into Astrid's shoulder like it wanted something from her. Hiccup figured that the Nadder was getting jealous of the Terror's attention from Astrid. "It's okay. Just stick out you hand and let the dragon come to you"

Astrid looked at Hiccup like he was nuts before looking back at the Nadder. Sharpshot got bored and flew off Astrid's shoulder right when Astrid stuck out her hand. Terrified, Astrid turned her head away and closed her eyes, afraid that the dragon might bite her hand off. What she did not expect was that the Nadder placed its head against Astrid's hand. Letting out a breath of relief, she looked at the Nadder who began to purr affectionately.

Hiccup smiled as he watched as Astrid began petting the Nadder. He heard a cooing sound next to him to turn and see Toothless right next to him. Petting the dragon on the head, he heard Toothless purr also.

Hiccup knew this was a big step he was taking with Astrid; he just hoped that everything would turn out okay.


It had been a few days for the storm to finally settle. Hiccup walked outside the cave to look up at the storm. Looking back into the cave he saw Astrid sleeping next to the female Nadder along with Sharpshot at her side.

Astrid had come a long way since her first day with the dragons. She was less panicky and more stable. While they stayed in the cave, Hiccup taught Astrid everything he could about dragons. What they eat, how they act. Astrid found it interesting and saw how dragons weren't the beast that her people believed them to be. They had feelings and were a lot like Vikings. They cared for their young and strive to protect their love ones.

Hiccup looked back up into the sky to see a giant hole in the clouds.

"Thor's eye"

Hiccup turned to see Astrid next to him. She stared up in awe at the magnificent hole.

"Thor?" Hiccup asked.

"God of thunder." Astrid looked at Hiccup like it was obvious. "Don't you know your Gods."

Hiccup rubbed the back of his head. "I only know the stories that my mother and a few of the adults tell us. How the enormous sleeping giant named Ymir, help create the world. A serpent that grew so large that he was able to surround the earth and grasp his own tail. How the dragons created the mountain and nourished the earth. Or how the writhings of the dragons created rivers and valleys."

Astrid watched as Hiccups eyes lit up with all the stories that came from him. Hiccup only stopped when they heard growls and roars from inside the cave. They turned to see the dragons looking at them from inside the cave, like they were worried about something.

"What's with them?" Astrid asked.

"They know that the storm isn't over." Hiccup ran inside to go through his gear until he found graphite and a piece of paper. Writing down very quickly he folded the piece of paper while he grabbed Sharpshot.

"What are you doing" Astrid asked while watching Hiccup with confusion.

Hiccup tied the piece of paper to Sharpshot's leg and the little Terror began to shake it. "I'm going to send Sharpshot out to send a message to my family. I have to let them know I'm okay."

"Are you nut!?" Astrid could not believe her ears.

"Don't worry. Terrible Terrors are very territorial. They can always find they way back home" Hiccup scratched under Sharpshots chin before heading out into the woods.

"That's not what I meant" Astrid chased after the boy as they made their way to the beach that Hiccup first arrived on.

Standing on the one of the small cliff side that led over the sandy beach, Hiccup lifted Sharpshot into the air as the small dragon flew off. "Head home Sharpshot" He saw the dragon nod his head as it flew off in the direction of home.

"Are you crazy?!" Astrid spun Hiccup around as she yelled at him for his insane antics. "You're allowing a small dragon to fly off into the storm."

"Terrible Terrors are known for not going down easily. Sharpshot's internal instinct will help him fly a safe course back to our home." Hiccup saw Astrid let out a sigh before walking away.

"So, what now?" Plopping herself on the ground, she asked Hiccup what they should do.

"We need to gather more supplies. If we're going to stay her for a few more days because of the storm, we have to be ready." Hiccup saw that the two dragons were coming towards them.

"U-huh, so how are we going to do that before the storm hits?" Astrid knew that it was impossible to get everything they needed in such a short time.

"We ride" Hiccup climbed onto Toothless back and Toothless opened his wings to stretch after long days of not using them.

Astrid started at Hiccup with disbelief. She watched as Hiccup and Toothless were about to take of when she clear her throat. "Forgetting something?"

Hiccup looked back up at Astrid and saw that she was gesturing to her and the Nadder. "Oh right, don't know how to fly. Hmmmm" Hiccup got off Toothless and rushed over to Astrid. He guessed that it was because he lived with a bunch of Riders that he forgot that Astrid wasn't one. "Okay. First thing you got to do is establish a bond"

"Hiccup" Astrid gave the boy a broad stare. "We established a bond in the cave."

Hiccup smacked his head in embarrassment at his stupidity. "Right, sorry" Hiccup then came along side Astrid. He took Astrid hand and held it up. "Hold out your hand, you'll know you formed a bond when she bows her head to let you on."

Astrid looked like she was annoyed, but did what Hiccup said and held out her hand. The Nadder sniffed the hand before placing her head on it then the dragon bowed her head. Astrid went around the large dragon and climbed onto the Nadder's back. The Nadder opened up its wings as it gave a roar. Astrid held on for dear life.

"It's alright." Hiccup placed his hand alongside the Nadder's head to calm her down. "She's just never had a rider before."

Astrid nodded her head as she gained her composure.

"Ready for your first flight?" Hiccup hit the Nadder lightly on the side and the dragon took off.

Astrid let out a loud scream at the terror after being launched into the air on the back of a large beast. Hiccup quickly climbed on the back of Toothless and went after them.


At the Dragon Sanctuary, Valka was standing on the edge of the tunnel that led out to sea. She watched in hope that her son was still alive and coming home. Her dragon, Cloudjumper stood next to her as he too was worried. He brought his head down onto her shoulder as he cooed. Valka petted the dragon's head in reassurance but she too was scared.

The sound of footsteps could be heard as Ordindal came out of the darkness. He came up next to the two, along with his dragon Lark, and stared out into the open sea.

"I'm worried, Ordindal" Valka clutch to Cloudjumper's head, fearing the worst.

"They'll be alright. They're both strong." Ordindal stared out worriedly at the cloudy sky. It had stopped raining but that didn't mean the storm was gone. He just hoped Hiccup would be okay out there. Suddenly, Ordindal saw something in the distance. Coming closer to the edge Ordinadal raised his hair, which was over his eyes, to get a better look.

Valka turned her head to see Ordindal looking out like he had seen something. "What is it?" Hoping to whatever god was out there that it was Hiccup and Toothless.

They both looked out to see a small flying figure that was too small to be the boys flying to them. The figure got closer until they saw it shoot right past them and straight into the tunnel. The dragon skidded to a halt as it hit the floor with a thud. Everyone looked at the object to see that it was Sharpshot.

"Not very good at landing are ya little fella" Ordindal picked up the small dragon who was staring up at them. It licked its eye as it then gave a big yawn before biting it leg.

Valka took a closer look at the Terror's leg to see it had a note attached to it. Valka quickly took off the note and open it up. She read the words that were inside the message and was relieved at what she read. "They're alive." She held the note to her chest in relief. "They're alive and they're going to wait out the storm to come home." Valka held up the note so Ordindal could read it.

The giant rider let out a sigh of relief as he read the note. "Camicazi and Erien will be very happy to know that. They've been so worry. They hadn't eaten in days."

"I know" Valka knew that the young riders felt responsible for losing Hiccup. She didn't blame them. She was just glad her son was alright.


After a few more days of on and off again weather. Hiccup and Astrid were able to practice flying until Astrid became as good as Hiccup. She was very talented as any dragon rider. She was able to keep up with Hiccup and Toothless around the many obstacles they used on the island.

They flew through the tree until they reached the beach line. The storm was like a timer for when it was time for them to head back to the cave. It was like a challenge to see who would make it first to the cave when the rain drops fell. It was exciting, exhilarating, and maybe even magical.

Once they reached the beach, the sky lit up before them. Night time was coming and the sky lit up in a beautiful red color. Hiccup and Astrid looked at it with awe.

"Red at night, sailors delight" Hiccup spoke the words that have been passed down from sailors to sailor. "Red in the morning, sailors take warning"

"What?" Astrid looked at Hiccup with confusion.

"Tomorrow the storm with be gone" Ordindal had taught Hiccup this phrase whenever a storm had hit the Sanctuary. This caused Hiccup to look down with sadness.

"Are you sure?" Astrid asked.

"Ya…." Hiccup did not want this to end. Over time the bond between him and Astrid grew. Maybe even more than just friends.


The next day, Hiccup's words came true. The sky was clear with no clouds, unlike the previous days. Hiccup was gearing up Toothless for the journey home. Despair consumed him for he knew that he would never see the Viking girl again. He had grown close to her, even developed a crush on Astrid. Worst part was… Hiccup wasn't sure if she would return his feeling.

Hiccup heard footstep behind to look to see Astrid with her axe and a bag of supplies that Hiccup had given her to take with her on her journey home.

Hiccup closed his eyes and breathed in deep before looking to ask. "You know… I can give you a ride home."

"That's okay. I was going to ride on Stormfly." Astrid placed the bag over the Nadder's shoulder as she adjusted it.

"So you final named her" Hiccup was intrigued by the name for the Nadder.

"Ya, it just came to me and she seems to like it." Astrid scratch under Stormfly's chin as the Nadder purred in delight.

Hiccup let out a chuckle as he watched the two as a smile crept on his face. Hiccup felt Toothless give him a nudge as the dragon cooed in concern. Hiccup patted the dragons head to reassure Toothless that he would be alright. Once Hiccup looked up he saw Astrid in front of him, depression returned.

"Well…goodbye" Astrid looked at Hiccup as she rubbed her arm in discomfort. "You won't forget me will you?"

"Me forget you, hehehe" Hiccup rubbed him arm in remembrance. "How can I forget anyone who almost twisted my arm off and made me almost deaf."

Astrid rolled her eyes as she gave Hiccup a playful punch in the shoulder, which in Hiccup's case hurt. "Ya, and don't worry. Your society of dragon riders is safe with me"

"And yours is too" Astrid held out her hand and Hiccup smiled and shook it.

Hiccup watched as she let go of his hand and turned to leave. She stopped for a minute before turning around and landed a kiss on Hiccup's lips. It was his first kiss but it felt like Fire Worm Dragons were eating away his insides. In a good way.

When they final pulled apart, Astrid blushed then ran off towards Stormfly. She climbed onto the dragon's back as they flew off towards her home land.

Hiccup watched them leave, still in awe struck over what the Viking girl did. His face was placed with a goofy grin that made Toothless roll his eyes before whacking the rider in the head with his tail. Toothless roared at the boy to stop daydreaming and let's got home.

Hiccup smiled at the dragon and he too mounted the dragon as they flew off.


Hiccup never told anyone about that day. The only thing the riders knew was that Hiccup was trapped on a small island until the stormed passed. He was very lucky to have survived, because a cyclone that size would have crushed them to bits. Tortel was very pleased that Hiccup and Toothless were able to face the odds alone on an island during the storm. Hiccup was prepared and knew all the steps to take.

Camicazi told Hiccup she was so sorry that he was the one that got swept away by the storm. Hiccup told her it was not her fault since it was his choice to save her. The same went to Erien, who also felt responsible. He was supposed to be the leader. Tortel told him that he was a good leader. He took charge of the situation and got Camicazi back safe and sound.

Ordindal was intrigued by the way Hiccup used Sharpshot as a messenger to send a note to tell them that they were okay. This the riders made sure to bring a Terror with them so they could use them as to deliver messages while they were out. They called it air mail.

For a few days, Hiccup would sit alone on one of the side of the cliff to just stare. His mind reverted back to the memory of being on the island with Astrid. Hiccup never told the others about Astrid. Just like he promised to keep her secret, the only place Astrid existed was in Hiccup's memories.

Astrid was Hiccup's first love, he thought the day he left that island was the day he would never see her again.

Smothering Smokebreath, could fate be more twisted in anyway.

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