Dragon Riders

Chapter 4

It had been a couple of days when the riders and dragons had brought back the injured Hiccup and Toothless. They were doing somewhat better now. Hiccup had not awakened from being in coma but Tortel said that, that was a good thing. It allows the body and mind to rest and heal. Tortel said that by the way the wound was healing that Hiccup and Toothless should wake up any day now.

Valka was extremely worried. She passed back and forth in front Ordinal's workshop wondering what she should do. She was supposed to go on patrol but she couldn't bring herself to separate herself from her son. Tortel told her to step away and clear her mind. He knew that a mother's worry was strong but Hiccup needed space to awaken. If anything were to happen, he would definitely let her know.

"You should sit down" Ordindal watched Valka stop and look up at him.

"I can't help but worry" Valka felt her heart breaking. Thoughts clouded her head as she wondered. 'What if it was serious? What if….?'

"Oh course you are. We all are. But you. You are his mother. It is common instinct for a mother to worry about her child. If we didn't we be no different than the insects we eat and step on" Ordindal took out a hammer and hammered away at the hot iron.

"Do you think…." Valka walked over to Ordindal.

"He'll be fine" Ordindal stopped hammering and took out a couple of rocks from under his works and chucked it at Lark, who ate them happily. "Odin will not let the Valkyries take Hiccup or Toothless away. That boy has so much to live for and anyone can see it"

Valka smiled as she knew what Ordindal meant. She looked back at the giant to say, "You know if not for your age, people would say that you're wiser than you look"

Ordindal thought for a minute before asking. "How young do I look?"

"Thirty…." Valka put a hand under her chin and looked at Ordindal before thinking. "Forty at best"

"Wow" Raising the hammer to rest on his shoulders, Ordindal gave a light joke. "I must have found the fountain of youth"

Valka laughed at the giant's joke. It wasn't until she heard Torel call to her that she stopped laughing and turned to look at the dark skin man.

"He's waking up"


Valka rushed to her son's side as she watched his eyes begin to flutter open. Giving a long groan he said the one word that made Valka cry in joy.


When her son raised his hand she grabbed it. Holding it to her chest, Valka spoke to her son. "I'm here Hiccup. I'm right here"

Hiccup's eye's cracked open as he looked up at his mother. A smile spread on his face as he was happy to see her. He then looked around with his eyes, trying to find Toothless. "Toothle…."

"He's alright" Valka petted her son's head. "He's with the other dragons, healing his wounds."

Hiccup nodded his head, but both his mother and him were startled when the rest of the riders ran, walked, and tripped to see Hiccup. Camicazi came next to Hiccup as she asked if he was alright or if he needed anything.

Hiccup was still a little tired but felt joy when seeing his family. "I'm glad you all are okay…."

"What do you mean?" Camicazi asked.

She then was moved away by Tortel, who came over to check his wound. "Your wound is deep, but not too deep. You are lucky that your insides did not fall out"

Hiccup heard a few of them gasp and felt his mother tighten her grip. He could not move but he guessed it was because of Tortel's potion.

"I want you to get some rest but I need you to tell us what happen first" Tortel looked into Hiccup's eye, for if one of them was in danger then that could mean that the whole group is too.

Hiccup let out a sigh before he began the explanations of how he was testing out his new invention. It was working perfectly until he was caught by the hunter. He talked about how they got way to only to have Toothless be shot by a piousness arrow and him with a nick on his side. They were able to make it to an island before they crashed. Hiccup followed all the procedures so they would not get caught and made sure they were hidden. But the enemy was hot on their trail as they had no choice but to run. Thus the ripping open his wound and Toothless almost dying from the poison. They were lucky to hold them off for a while until their family got there to save them and that was the story.

Everyone was shocked, angry and in horror at the story. They turned to their leader for guidance, who got up and scratch his chin to think. "They are changing their ways. They are coming after us to capture us. We must counter this." Tortel then walked in front of the group as he laid out ground rules. "No one is allowed to fly alone. We are to stay near the Sanctuary at all times. I fear that things will only get worse."

Tortel walked away from the group to think some more with Bertha and Skur following after him. Hiccup felt his eyes begin to droop as the dream world called to him. Valka told him to rest and that she will be here when he wakes up. Darkness soon consumed him as the memory of Astrid plagued his dreams.


Two weeks in and Hiccup was already dying of boredom. It was better now that Toothless could move and was now staying next to his friend, but come on. The youth had too much energy that he needed to burn but was force to be bed ridden for another week. Hiccup's wound was healing up nice and would leave a seamless scar. Thanks to Tortel's potions and remedies, Hiccup was feeling better already.

His body didn't hurt that much and he didn't feel a harsh pain in his side. Everyone came to visit the restless boy who begged for answer about what was going on outside his bed. The adults told him that everything was well and to just worry about getting better.

Camicazi and Erien were the only ones who gave him any answers.

"It seemed they up and left" Camicazi took a sip from her spoon as all three of them ate their lunch together.

"They didn't leave…." Erien placed is bowl on his lap to think.

"Where did they go then?" Camicazi asked curiously.

"Probably to regroup or wait until our guard is down." Erien brought up his bowl as he drank the last of his broth.

"Do you think they'll come back?" Hiccup looked up at the older boy.

"Don't know…but we just have to keep our guard up" Erien got up from his spot and started walking away.

Camicazi got up too and walked after him after saying goodbye to Hiccup. They left the boy to his boredom alone.


By the end of the third week, Hiccup was allowed to be up and about. He was told not to do anything crazy but Hiccup still felt like he was still being bed ridden. He knew that the ban on flying alone was for a good reason but he felt trapped. And he was not alone, Toothless felt restless as the need for speed called to him. But whenever the duo took off they always received a yell and a threat to be forced to be grounded.

That's why on the fifth week, Hiccup came up with an idea. Yes it was dangerous and stupid but they needed to get that energy out. That's when night flying came into play. When everyone was in deep slumber, Hiccup and Toothless would sneak out. It was perfect. With Toothless body concealed by the dark sky, no one could see them. Not even the Hunter who was after them could see them in the nightly sky.

They pulled daredevil abilities and flew faster than the speed of sound. Hiccup even found out that Toothless had this unique vocal sound that made him able to see in the dark. It was a big trust exercise as they weaved back and forth through the obstacles.

Even though the default was that they would sleep in a little bit in the morning. The other riders didn't suspect a thing, they just thought that it was just Hiccup and Toothless coming to turns with following orders.

It continued like this for weeks on end. It wasn't until a couple of days when Hiccup and Toothless reached the ice cover boarder of their territory that Hiccup had a thought before they stopped to look beyond the border. Images of Astrid plagued his mind and dreams. Wanting….no, needing to see her pulled at his chest. But what could he do. He had no idea how far Berk was from them.

After days of flights ending with them ending up at the board for Hiccup to look out in the great beyond, Toothless had enough. The dragon flapped his wings as he flew over the imaginary boarder line.

Hiccup snapped out of it as he pulled on Toothless to stop. The dragon stopped and let out a few coos of concern. Toothless looked at the boy like he was saying 'I know what you want so why not just do it'. Hiccup smiled and patted the dragon's head and thanked him for understanding. Looking back at the open sea, determination filled his eye as the plans for tomorrow began to play.


Next day, night time had reached Berk as Astrid stared out at the open sea. It had been almost a month since she last seen the dragon boy. With the same feeling as Hiccup, she longed to see the dragon boy. Letting out a sigh before turning in for the night, Astrid woke Stormfly up, who was sleeping on the ground next to her, telling her they should head back home.

The Nadder opened her eyes as she let out a big yawn. Stormfly began to get up from her comfy spot to allow Astrid to climb onto her back so they could go home. But, by the time the Nadder got on her feet, out of the corner of Astrid's eye, the young Viking saw something black cast over the grass.

Panic and curiosity filled her. She was afraid that it was an enemy attack. She looked at the water to see no ships. Looking from the water to the sky she saw a black object shoot across the sky.

Squinting her eyes, Astrid tried to determine what the object could be. "What is that? A dragon?" Looking closer at the beast, Astrid's eyes widen at the realization that it was a Night Fury. "Hiccup….?"

Astrid quickly climbed onto the back of Stormfly as they flew swiftly into the sky. The Night Fury flew fast as it crossed their path and Astrid and Stormfly flew after them. Staying on their tail as they went through the rock pillars. Astrid thought she saw the figure on the Night Fury turn around like he was making sure she was following him.

Confused by the action, Astrid knew her instincts were telling her to turn around. But the curiosity and determination to see if the rider was indeed Hiccup would cause her to chase them after them, even if it had to be all night if she had to.

Flying on the open sea for a while, they came to some sea stacks. The Night Fury landed on one of the larger ones and soon Stormfly followed suit as she too landed on stack.

Astrid looked at the rider, who was wearing a strange Viking like helmet, from behind Stormfly's head. "Who are you?" Astrid was on the defensive. It was still dark out and hard to see the rider very clearly. She had no idea if it was Hiccup or just another person who rides dragons.

Astrid heard the rider laugh as he took off his helmet to reveal Hiccup. Wiping his eye, Hiccup looked at Astrid as he gave her a smile.

They both got of their dragons as both riders came closer together. Hiccup was about to say hello, but Astrid hit him in the stomach which caused him to topple over.

"Do you realize how scared I was" Astrid tried to control her anger.

"Missed you too" Hiccup voice was small and in pain.

"Ya I missed you too but you don't see me going around scaring people half to death." Astrid began to pass back and forth. "I'm mean. I thought you were an enemy or something…."

"You missed me" Hiccup felt like there were Fire Worms eating away at his stomach. He felt happiness that the girl he had a crush on missed him.

"Of course" Astrid stopped and looked at Hiccup as she twirled her braid and started to blush a little. She stopped herself and tried to gain her composure to go back to yelling at the dragon boy. "And what are you doing flying around at night. To anyone it would look like you were planning a sneak attack."

"No, no attacks. It's just a way I can see you without being caught" Hiccup explained to Astrid.

"By who?" Astrid was curious. She knew Hiccup was brave and wouldn't be afraid of the Hunter that was after him to resort to flying at night.

Hiccup scratched the side of his face as he tried to look away from her eyes. "The hunter of course"

"Rightttt. The Hunter" Astrid crossed her arms as she looked at the dragon boy with a smirk. She saw Hiccup look away from her like he was hiding something. "You're not in trouble with your family…are you?"

Hiccup could feel his face heat up in embarrassment.

"You are!" Astrid chuckled as she saw the redness on his face.

"I'm not in trouble…technically" Hiccup let out a sigh before he turned to Astrid so he could explain. "We are on a major lock down, where we have to travel in groups or pairs and not leave the border. The Hunter had done far worse to everyone's fears that we have to stay close to our home."

Astrid walked towards Hiccup as she came closer to the distressed boy. "And the night flying?"

Hiccup looked up at the sky. "It was a way for Toothless and I to feel free again. I was bed ridden for days and yet when we got better it just felt like a prison." Hiccup looked back at Astrid. "That's when we came up with an idea to fly at night. With Toothless black body we are untenable. For many days, we flew in the sky feeling free as ever." Hiccup then took Astrid by the hand. "Until you. You kept plaguing my mind since the first day I saw you"

Astrid felt a fire burning in her as her face heated up. She looked up at Hiccup, feeling shock and in swept up by the rider's words.

"That's when I knew I had to find you" Hiccup grabbed both of Astrid's hand as he pulled her closer.

They're eyes looking in to each others as they were drawn in by happiness and love. It wasn't until the felt a bump by each of their dragons did they looked behind them. They both saw Stormfly and Toothless looking at them. The dragon could see that they were madly in love with each other and decided to help them out. The two riders began to blush as Astrid pulled out of Hiccup grip to climb on her dragon.

Hiccup watched her smirk as both her and Stormfly took off, before the Hiccup too climbed on Toothless and chased after them. They both flew into the sky as they laughed and giggled at the chase. The two flew around the stacks and into the sky as boys tried to catch up to the girls.

They reached the clouds as they saw stars and the large moon in front of them. They didn't bother as they played their fun little game. They chased after each other until Hiccup watched Astrid dived into the cloud below.

Hiccup looked around in confusions for the Viking girl as they flew. Hiccup looked over Toothless's side to try and see if he could see them. It wasn't until he felt a tap on his shoulder did Hiccup look up. He saw Astrid and Stormfly flying above them, Astrid smirking at the boy's surprised face.

Astrid laughed when she saw the relief on Hiccup's face, but felt herself being shaken off Stormfly. Astrid lost her grip as she fell of her dragon and on to Hiccup's lap. Both startled by the sudden moment, that both rider looked at each other. It wasn't until Astrid looked into Hiccup's eyes did she pull on his head so she could give him a kiss on the lips.

Hiccup was shocked at first but the tiny sparks shot into him as he wrapped his arms around her to pull her. Both riders were lost in love and lust that they didn't even hear Stormfly squawk or see Toothless roll his eyes.

It was a perfect moment for the two lovers as they flew around the sky on this beautiful full moon night.

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