Dragon Riders

Chapter 5

After a few more weeks, the lovers were still meeting up to fly together. They had a plan to meet on the island that they first met on since it was between Berk and the Dragon Sanctuary. Hiccup and Astrid would leave after everyone had gone to sleep. They would fly, hang out, talk, and of course… kiss. They stayed together until the moon was heading downwards did they head back to their homes.

This was their daily ritual, and nothing would disturb it. Not until one day did some people get curious.

One night in the Dragon Sanctuary, Hiccup was leaving on his daily night flight to meet up with Astrid. He thought that everyone was asleep. Hiccup crept quietly around his family towards the tunnels. He did not notice that when he had left that Camicazi had opened one of her eyes. She watched as he left before sitting up with her dragon, who raised his head as well, to look in the direction that Hiccup had gone.

Camicazi knew something was up. Unlike the adult who shrugged it off, Camicazi had her suspicions. Erien did too but they didn't know how to get it out of Hiccup. The boy would always wake up late but that wasn't the issue. No, it felt like he was becoming lazier or too tired. One day, Hiccup was supposed to go out food hunting but before he and Toothless had even left, they were sleeping on the side of the ice wall at the entrance of the tunnel.

Camicazi started assuming that Hiccup and Toothless were doing something at night to prevent them from sleeping. Her suspicions were only proven right when one night she had to get up to use the bathroom when she saw Hiccup and Toothless leave out the tunnel.

Thinking it was a dream at first, it was only till tonight that she saw Hiccup sneak past them that she knew that he was leaving at night. To what, she had no idea. But when Camicazi didn't know something, she was determined to find out.


The same thing went for Astrid. Each of the young Vikings has different experiences with Astrid suspicious actives.

Snotlout found out early one morning and decided to look outside his window when he thought he heard something. It was still dark out but Snotlout defiantly saw a human figure move about the village. When he saw the figure entering Astrid's home did he release who the figure was.

Fishlegs was suspicious when he and Meatlug were taking their morning stroll around the village did they happen to come by Astrid. She looked awfully tired and looked like she was trying to keep her eyes open. When Fishlegs saw her stop in the middle of the road, did he become curious by her sudden action. He then suddenly heard shouts as he looked up to see barrels rolling down from the hill.

Prettified, he looked from the barrels to Astrid as they came towards her. Fishlegs yelled at her to "RUN" but she just stood there. Fishlegs was able to get there in time to push her out of the way as the barrels missed both of them. Gasping for air, Fishlegs turned to Astrid saying "Are you okay?"

She looked at him before nodding that she was fine. She looked at the direction the barrels went before she got up. Fishlegs then realized that Astrid did not realize she had in danger or that Fishlegs had yelled at her. He guessed she must have fell asleep standing up. But the question to him was why….

The twin found out when one night when they were forced to fix up silent Spefen's field after breaking a few things. It took them all day to get it done, because they were not allowed to use their dragon as punishment, they were walking back home in the middle of the night. That was when they saw someone moving about. The twins knew that it couldn't be night patrol so they hid behind one of the buildings. They watched and could not believe their eyes.

They saw Astrid climb onto the back of her Nadder and then looked around before they took off. First the twins thought it was a night patrol thing that nobody want them to do, but after a few days of seeing her leave and not patrol the village, did they have second thoughts.

That's when the young group of Vikings came together to tell what they had seen. When each of them told their story they knew something was up. They wanted to know but knew that Astrid would never tell them. Thus they needed to come up with a plan.


It was nighttime at the Sanctuary, Hiccup was getting ready for another night flight with Astrid. He was grabbing his gear and supplies when got out of his oblivious state to actually feel like he was being watched. Looking around he saw no one. Hiccup guessed that is was just his imagination and he pressed on.

Once he had everything, he silently made his way around the dragons and towards where Toothless was. Hiccup thought that he was far enough away from the other riders and he began to pick up the pace when he suddenly felt a large heavy object drape over his back and shoulders.

Holding the figure up, Hiccup turned his head to see that it was Camicazi. "What are you doing?"

"No my dear Hiccup. The question is…what are you doing?" Camicazi received a shush by Hiccup as she watched the younger boy look around. "So we're being sneaky" She whispered.

"No…yes" Hiccup tried to think of something. "Why are you awake?"

"The same could be said for you" Camicazi smirked at the annoyed Hiccup.

"Bathroom" Hiccup said plainly.

"Sooooo you bring you gear with you…to pee in a bush" Camicazi scratched her chin like she was thinking before she put more of her body weight on Hiccup.

Hiccup saw a shadow loom over them as he looked up to see Kiri hovering over them. The dragon's eyes were wide as he too tried to pressure Hiccup.

"You lieeeee" Camicazi drew out the word as she whispered it in Hiccup's ear.

Hiccup felt cornered as he tried to cover his story. "It's the truth…." Feeling the weight of the skinny girl, he tried to hold her up as Hiccup felt like he was going to fall over. "Smothering Smokebreaths, how much do you weigh"

Camicazi decided to ignore the remark to her weight as she became determined to find out the truth. "You knowwww. I could always scream and wake everyone up"

Hiccup's body froze when Camicazi threatened him. She usually followed through with her threats and that could mean big trouble for Hiccup right know. Hearing her breath in a ton of air, Hiccup finally gave in. "We're just doing some night time riding"

Camicazi let out the air she had taken in to think "Isn't flying alone banned"

"Yes, but with Toothless black body he will not be able to be detected in the nightly sky." Hiccup explained.

"Huh" Camicazi thought of the answer but still knew Hiccup was hiding something. "Then I should accompany you on your nightly flight"

Hiccup felt more pressure being added as he finally submitted. "Fine fine. Just get off. What do you eat, rocks?"

"I should start screaming because of that but I got what I want for now. Off Kiri" On the back of the long blonde hair rider was the white hair dragon's paw. It was pressing down of Camicazi as ordered by the crazy girl to extract information. And it worked, thus Camicazi climbing off Hiccup's back as she followed him towards the tunnel.

Hiccup rubbed his back from the pain and continued walking, but once they were at the tunnel where Toothless's should be, he saw Erien on the back of Ran waiting. Hiccup slapped his face as he heard Camicazi behind him quietly shouted "Hi Erien"

They all got on the back of their dragon as Hiccup grumbled at the mess they were in.


On Berk, Astrid had placed all the gear on Stormfly and was about to hop on her back. She stopped her motion when she heard rustling behind her. She quickly looked around and saw nothing. She figured it must have been a Terrible Terror and just shrug her shoulders. She jumped onto the back of Stormfly and they flew off to meet up with Hiccup.

Behind some buildings, however, were Fishlegs, Snotlout, and the twins on the back of their dragons. They pealed themselves from behind the house to watch Astrid and Stormfly fly off.

"Are you sure we should be doing this?" Asked Fishlegs.

"Are you telling me you're not the least bit curious to know what she's been up too?" Snotlout hissed at the frighten nerd.

"I know I am" Tuffnut raised his hand.

"Ya, me too" Ruffnut nodded her head in response to her answer.

Fishlegs was curious as well. They all wanted to know what had been up with Astrid and why she was flying out to Thor's nowhere. The Berk dragon riders flew after Astrid as they followed her to find out where she had been going all those days.


Hiccup had tried everything he could to shake off his two young, fellow dragon riders. Erien and Camicazi were fast and determine to keep up with Hiccup and Toothless. Hiccup and Toothless tried every trick they could think of to get them off their tail. He tried going around the ice obstacle course or even the stacks of sharp rocks that littered the territory.

It wasn't until Hiccup and Toothless headed into the dark shadows of the mountains did the two loose the dragon riders. Hiccup looked behind him and smirked happily when he saw no sign of his siblings.

Patting Toothless on the head, Hiccup told the Night Fury "Looks like we lost them bud." Hiccup patted the dragons' head as Toothless let out a roar of plea. "Ya, let get going"

Toothless shot through the sky and over the border line as the two made their way to the island to meet up with Astrid.


After an hour, both Hiccup and Toothless saw the island in sight as they came in for a landing. Toothless touched the ground with a flop on all four of his feet, and felt his friend get off his back. He saw Hiccup take of his helmet as he fixed his hair for his date with Astrid. Placing the helmet in one of the bags on Toothless, Hiccup took the remaining gear off Toothless.

Hiccup brought different assortment of food such as dried meat and fish, along with some vegetables. Astrid would sometimes bring a different assortment of cheese, bread, drinks and other foods that could not be produced in the dragon sanctuary due to having no farm animals or good farm land to produce some of the ingredients.

Hiccup checked all of the supplies and saw that everything was in order and safe from the trip. Hiccup looked up when he heard Toothless coo did he feel something being pressed into his back. He turned his head around to see Toothless with one of the bags in his mouth. It was a small bag but held something precious inside it.

Hiccup took the bag from Toothless and opened the flap to look inside. Inside the small bag was a solid decorative iron bracelet. It was decorated with vine like ridges in the middle that had on the ends two dragon head meet each other. It was beautiful and it took many days for him to make it. He wanted to give it to Astrid at the right moment but…..

"Hey! What have you got there?"

Hiccup body froze as he knew that voice belong to. Quickly getting up to look at the Viking girl he hid the bag behind his back before she could see it. "Hi Astrid" Hiccup dropped the bag behind his legs as he kicked it into the pile of other bags with his foot. Taking out both hands to show the girl there was nothing in them, Hiccup went up to Astrid. "Was just checking on the supplies to see if we have everything for tonight"

Astrid knew the boy was hiding something but shrugged it off. Once Hiccup was closed to her, Astrid wrapped her harms around his head and kissed him on the lips. Pulling apart to smile at each other, they both looked into each other's eyes.

It wasn't until the sudden scream was heard, did they pull apart to look in the direction it came from. Hiccup pulled Astrid behind him as their dragon came next to their riders to protect them.

"What was that?" Astrid asked.

"Don't know?" It only took Hiccup a second to think before the voice reminded him of someone. "It sounded like…"

Their eyes both widened as they looked at each other before screaming in unison. "SNOTLOUT!"


If we skip to only an hour before, we remember that Hiccup and Astrid were being followed by their fellow riders. Unknown to the two lovers was that they were still followed by the said riders. They did lose them on the water but when the dragon riders and Vikings saw the remote island did they come to think that the person they seek could be on it.

Landing on a different side of the island that was far away from the lovers, did they stop to talk to each other. The two dragon riders got off their dragons and decided to take a look around. Even though they had no idea where they were, they felt like they weren't alone. It wasn't until they heard a sudden rustle and voices not far off from them did they pull their masks back on and hide. Both the dragons hid as well, Ran dimmed his lights so it would look similar to a moonlit glow that was out.

The Berkians on the other hand, where not as quiet.

"Awwe Fish scales….we lost her!" Meatlug landed on the ground as Fishlegs let out a moan of frustration. Looking around he saw no sign of her on the island.

"Well, if we didn't have slow and slower. We probable could have been behind her and see where on Odin's name she went!" Snotlout shouted at the two. Snotlout didn't hate Fishlegs, but he hated how slow the boulder class dragon was. It probably didn't help with the heavy man's weight added to the already heavy dragon. It was mean and cruel to mock the other's weight but still. When you're riding a Monstrous Nightmare that can move just as fast as Astrid's Nadder, and didn't have to deal with a Gronkle, Snotlout could have been on the Viking girl's tail and be able to find out what was doing before the twins can final count all the way up to nine.

"Hey, it not our fault!" Fishlegs shouted at the full of himself Viking. "Don't listen to him girl." Patting Meatlug on the head, the female dragon gave Fishleg's hand a lick. "Besides….maybe Astrid caught onto us following her and decided to ditch us"

"That so stupid" Snotlout go off Hookfang and started to walk toward some shrubbery. "Astrid probably had no idea and we just lost her because you guys can't keep up with me"

As Snotlout laughed as the humor of his friend's slow dragons, he only died down when he saw them look at him in fear with their eyes widening. "What?"

"Uh, should we tell him?" Tuffnut asked his sister, who just shrugged her shoulders.

"Ummmm, Snotlout" Fishlegs pointed his finger as Meatlug began to growl along with the other dragons.

Snotlout was afraid to turn to look at what everyone was talking about. Working up the courage, the frighten Viking slowly turned his head. What he saw…was nothing. Feeling anger rise in side him, he turned back to yell at his fellow Vikings. "You…"All the sudden, Snotlout was twirled and pushed to the ground as he looked up at his tormentor.

It was a large white, skinny, fur dragon. It let out a loud roar in his face and in two seconds the petrified Viking screamed.

Watching Snotlout being pinned by the furry beast, one was freaking out, while the other two looked at it in amazement. They watched as the dragon picked Snotlout up by his leg before slamming him into the ground. The twins just laughed in amusement by the dragon's antics.

"Awesome! Fishlegs, you got to train it!"Astrid was the one who usually did the training along with Fishlegs, who was second for obvious reasons. Tuffnut and Ruffnut stared at the dragon in awe as they wanted to have to the dragon for themselves.

"Guys, I don't even know what species this is let alone know how to train it" Fishlegs, like the twins, was geeking out inside about the new dragon they discover. But right know the dragon was playing/ abusing poor Snotlout. Even though inside they were entertained by it.

"Will someone…help me!" Snotlout was lifted up into the air, and then had his leg be let out of the dragons grip before plummeting face first into the ground. Once Snotlout pulled his face out of the ground, he began to hear everyone laugh at him. Anger filled the Viking man as he turned to yell at the dragon. Putting his fist in the air, he looked like he would hit the dragon.

Thus, a masked, female figure jumped out of the shrubs to hold a dagger under Snotlout's chin. Snotlout was terrified. The mask, let alone, was creeping him out, but the dagger under his chin made him not want to voice his opinion.

"Hey! It's one of those mask things" Tuffnut remembered when they had rescued Hiccup, that this one was similar to the ones they saw riding the dragons.

"You mean Dragon Riders" Fishlegs corrected.

"Pffft..Whatever" Ruffnut crossed her arms as she rolled her eyes.

"It doesn't matter what it's called but can someone get it away from my throat" Snotlout whisperly yelled at the Berkians, but then heard growling and loud thumbing noises in the dirt. Snotlout avert his eyes to see Hookfang stomping over to them.

The stoker class dragon came next to his owner and took in a breath of air before shooting fire out of his mouth. What happen was that once Hookfang released its fire at the mask figure, another flame, that was blue, shot out of the woods and both flames collided.

The blue flame came closer as followed it was a similar looking Monstrous Nightmare. It looked very similar to Hookfang, but its skin was watery blue, and had horns like an elk. It looked like a dragon that came out of the ocean more than a dragon that was associated with fire. Once both flames ceased, they Berkians could see that the blue Monstrous Nightmare had a masked rider on its back too.

The blue dragon's horns and wings then started to glow. The bright light distracted the Berkians long enough to allow the female masked rider to let go of Snotlout and climb onto the white furry dragon.

The light began to die as the Berkians looked back the masked riders. Staring at them with awe and fear, Snotlout quickly got onto Hookfang as they the group of riders began to prepare for a fight.

"Who the heck are these guys?" Snotlout could not believe how quick they were and how the blue Monstrous Nightmare could match up with Hookfang.

"I don't know but they are so cool" Ruffnut and her brother were amazing by the blaze and scene before them.

Both sides gave each other a stare off before their dragon breathed in to let out a blast of fire. They were only halted when out of the woods came Hiccup and Astrid, followed by their dragons. They came in the middle of the battle, holding up their hands, to calm the fight.

"What is going on here?" Hiccup began to yell at his two siblings.

Camicazi took of her mask as she began to yell at the Berkians and Hiccup. "Oh you know, we were just night flying and landed on this particular island to have this brute try hit my sweet Kiri" Camicazi patted the white dragon's head who purred back.

"Brute…" Snotlout raised an eyebrow at the female.

"Ya that sounds about right" Fishlegs whispered.

Snotlout heard the comment Fishlegs made, but instead put the blame on the dragon riders. "It was her stupid dragon that…"

"How dare you blame this innocent creature" Tuffnut, unnoticed by the group, was next to the white dragon defending it. He then began to whispering to the white beast. "Awesome job by the way" The crazy man put up his hand for the white dragon to high five, which it did, before going back to yell at Snotlout. "It was just playing a harmless game before you heated up like your Monstrous Nightmare does when it want to flame up"

"Ya Snotlout" Ruffnut was also next to her brother, tisking at the annoyed Viking.

"Why don't you mutton heads come over here and say that to my…" Snotlout was about to sick Hookfang on the twins when Hiccup intervened.

"Okay, okay. Let's all calmed down" Hiccup tried to calm everyone before someone took of the other's head. "We should all…"

That's when Astrid and Hiccup realized that both of their parties where here on their secret island.

"How did you guys get here?" Astrid looked at her Berkian friend, who tried to look in another direction. "Fishlegs" Knowing the Husky man, would crack, Astrid gave him a broad stare.

"Okay! We were curious! The twins saw you fly out into the night, while Snotlout saw you get home really late one day and I have been noticing you have been really tired! So we all decided to follow you to see what was going on, but we lost you and thus found this island and and and…." Fishlegs yelled out as he began to breathe heavy at the end.

"Hey, that the same thing that happened to us" Both Camicazi and Erien looked at each other before they all came to the same conclusion.

Hiccup + Astrid + sneaking out in the middle of the night to come to a deserted island = date.

All the sudden, Astrid felt arms wrap around her as she was squeezed by the long blonde haired dragon rider.

"FINALLY! I AM FREE!" Camicazi screamed out as she hugged the in pain Viking girl. "Well technically I free from one , but stillll!"

"What's she….talking...about" Astrid tried to gasp for air as the female dragon rider crushed her.

"Weeelll" Putting Astrid down on the ground, Camicazi explained. "As you know, we are the youngest generation of Dragon Riders. Thus a new generation should come to pass in the years to come. Problem is that we have lived together since we were young. Thus, two possibilities that can happen in this situation of ours. One, being that we can grow closer and become lover. Two, we can grow and become siblings…. The latter happen. Thus, if we have to mate with each other, we will freak and be grossed out by the disturbing process." Camicazi then hugged Astrid across the shoulders as she began to jump up and down. "Now I'm so happy because now he has a girlfriend"

Astrid looked to see Hiccup had his face in his hand trying not to show his red face of embarrassment from his energized sister. Astrid was then twisted around to face Camicazi.

"So now the interview." Camicazi then bombarded Astrid with questions. "Who are you? What's you name? How do you know Hiccup? How long have you've known each other? How do you feel about dragons? Do you have any allergies? Do you have any strange fetishes? And are you in, anyway, hiding an extra hair, limb, or toe?"

Astrid was confused and fearful of the crazy dragon rider. "Astrid. We met in the storm when we were fourteen. Three years. I like dragons. No. No. And definitely no."

Camicazi eye balled the poor girl before nodding her head to look at Erien. "Iiiiii like her!"

Astrid let out a breath of air she didn't know she was keeping in. She then saw Hiccup come next to her.

"I am so sorry" Hiccup whispered to Astrid. He felt so bad that he had to meet his energized, demon like sister.

"It's okay. I have to deal with the twins" She whispered to Hiccup. "Even though she seems like them combined."

A smile appeared on Hiccup's face before he turned to look at Erien for his approval.

"Hey, I okay with it. If she can pass Camicazi craziness, then she is definite the girl for you" Erien looked at the two with his approval.

"I'm not crazy" Camicazi crossed her arms as she stuck her nose in the air. "I am a high functioning sociopath"

"No…you're just crazy" Erien smirked at his sister.

"Sad but true" Camicazi shrugged her shoulder playfully. "It's sad when people don't get us"

"I know" Camicazi turned to Tuffnut and they both gave a bored stared as if they were mocking the people as if saying 'no one understand us'

Snotlout rolled his eyes at the crazies, while Fishlegs in the other hand felt bad for intruding on the two's date.

"We are so sorry Astrid. If we would have known we would have never intruded." Fishlegs apologized to the couple ruining their date.

"Ya but if you let us know that you two were on a date…" Tuffnut began.

"Then we would have never would have intruded in the first place" Camicazi ended.

"So really this is your fault." The crazy trio tried to put the blame on the lovers.

Both Hiccup and Astrid blushed a deep red as they tried to say it was not a date. Unfortunately for them, they group did not by it.


After a couple of hours, Astrid and Hiccup finally had some alone time to walk along the rocky cliff side. Hiccup and Astrid both felt it was their fault that their spectacular date had turned into an interesting night.

"I am so sorry about that" Hiccup was the first to start. "I knew the two were following me and I tried to lose them but…."

"It's not your fault entirely." Astrid knew she was just as responsible. "I should have paid more attention before I left Berk. If I wasn't so focus on our date I would have….."Astrid then stopped herself when she released what she said and blushed.

Hiccup chuckled at her cuteness before stopping their walk. Hiccup pulled Astrid into him as they looked at each other. Both smiling as they closed their eyes to lean into kiss….but unfortunately a large blast was heard along with a large tree on fire.

They pulled apart to look, and Hiccup grumbled as he knew that they would have to leave before they burned the island to the ground "We better go before Camy and the twins …." Hiccup stopped talking when Astrid pulled his face into a kiss. He closed his eyes and took it in before be felt Astrid pull away from him.

Opening his eyes he watched Astrid walk backwards before running off in the direction of the disturbance. Hiccup had a smile appear on his face before he ran after her.


After saying their goodbyes to each other, the Berkians and dragon riders flew off in different directions.

The fly home was silent for a few minutes before Camicazi spoke. "I like them"

"You like anyone who will burn down a tree with you" Hiccup gave Camicazi a broad stare.

"True, but I do approve of your relationship" Camicazi looked up at Erien, who nodded as well. "Buttttt…."

Hiccup looked at Camicazi before giving her a questionable look. "But?"

"We will not help you in any way or form with your new problems that will come to be"

Hiccup was confused by Camicazi's words. "What do you mean?" Before Hiccup could get an answer, Camicazi and Erien flew off fast towards the Dragon Sanctuary before the poor boy could even get an answer to the weird statement.

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