Dragon Riders

Chapter 8

The boat was docked and the men started to take most of the gear off the ship. A few brave men were charged with getting both Astrid and Hiccup unchained. It was a lot harder than it sounded because both Hiccup and Astrid would kick and bite at the soldiers whenever they got near them.

Drago watched from his perch that was near the steering wheel. He watched as his men tried to unchain the two. They were able to do the ankles but because of that the men were getting kicked. Drago chuckled at their attempt as he saw more men come with rope and poles to try and help.

Drago heard what sounded like footsteps that belonged to two different people, but he had an idea of who it was. He didn't turn away from his amusement as he heard one of them speak.

"What do you want the men to do with them?" Asked Scurvy. He too looked in amusement as his men struggled with the lovers.

"Take everything they have. Weapons, armor, clothes. All of it. I want to know why these dragons like these two so much" Drago told the men which left the general in confusion.

Eret had an idea of what Drago meant. As a Hunter, Eret knew that animals had different intakes to smells. That's why Eret and his men would cover themselves in dirt, mud, or anything that would cover their human smell. "And should we…put them together or separate"

"Separate" Drago watched as the soldiers held the two with poles and took the last of the chain off before placing handcuffs on the girl's and boy's wrists behind their backs. "Wouldn't want any, unexpected, arrivals"

Both men chuckled at their master's comment and went right to work in delivering orders to the soldiers. Drago watched in amusement as his prisoners tried to struggle as they were dragged away.


Hiccup snapped and tried to bite and pull away from his captures, who were dragging him down the poorly lit hallway towards the dudgeons. Hiccup was dressed in a raggedy green shirt and tan pants. He had no shoes on and was upset by not only the whole ordeal but was extremely worried about Astrid and Toothless.

The men had finally dragged Hiccup to their finally destination as one guard opened the iron barred door to a dark cell. The men quickly took off the cuffs and pushed him in.

Hiccup was ruffled pushed in and he fell to the dirt, stones, and hay ground. He got up and quickly ran to the door but it was slammed shut when he reached it. Pressing his body against the door, he glared darkly at the men before growling. He watched as the men chuckled at him before turning away to leave.

Hiccup watched them go before he gave a hard push on the door to make a loud banging sound in frustration. He looked down for only a second to only spring back up again when he heard some shouting down the hall. Hiccup tried to get a better look at the new arrivals and saw who they were when they came closer. It was a few of the guards who were dragging Astrid down the hall.

The guards did the same thing with Astrid and shoved her into the cell. "Get in there and be quiet." Once the door slammed shut the guard let out a sigh before turning to look at his partners. "Man, she's like a banshee"

Astrid let out a frustrated kick to the door as she watched the guards leave. Letting out a frustrated sigh, Astrid sat against the iron metal barred wall that lined both hers and Hiccup's cell. Hiccup sat along the wall as well. The boy took a closer look at Astrid. She was angry and upset. Her Viking outfit was replaced with a ragged long shirt with some pants that showed off her ankles. Unlike Hiccup she was allowed to wear boots.

"You okay?" Hiccup asked the defeated girl.

Astrid leaned into the barred wall as she looked at Hiccup through the small square holes. "Tired and angry. What happen to you?"

Astrid was referring to nasty bruise on his face. She wanted to reach over and touch his face but the small holes in the barred wall were too small for even Astrid to stick her delicate hand through.

"Let's just say I gave a man a reason to be afraid of me" Hiccup tried to make a small joke to lighten the mood on their predicament but saw the Astrid instead looked at him worriedly. "You look like you gave them hel too"

"They gave me a choice of either I take my clothes off or they do it." Letting out a sigh at the memory of the men trying to touch her, Astrid tried to wipe it away. "Let's just say that some men here have some decently to allow me to change without them looking."

Hiccup hated how Astrid felt violated, but at least she was better off than he was a few moments ago. He refused and they literally tried to rip his gear and cloths off his body. Lucky for him, apparently, the hunter said he wanted the cloths in one piece. Something about saying it was under Drago's orders for their cloths not to be damaged.

They both were startled when they heard heavy footsteps walking towards them. Hiccup and Astrid looked up to see a guard with two trays that held dishes. The man put the trays down on the ground before bending down to pull out a key and put it in a slot in the bottom of the door. The slot opened up as the guard took one of the trays and slid it under Hiccup's door and into the boy's cell. He then locked the slot and did the same to Astrid before locking hers too before he turned around to walk away without a word.

Hiccup and Astrid watched the man leave before Hiccup got up to get the tray. On it was a bowl of stew with different kinds of seafood and what looked to be vegetables. Next to it was bread and a cup of water. Hiccup stared at it questionable before he gave it a sniff. Smelling nothing but salt, fish, and vegetables, Hiccup determined it wasn't poisoned.

"Guess they want us alive?" Astrid came to her tray and saw that it was like Hiccup's. Instead of sitting by the door, Astrid went back to her seat along the wall with her tray.

Hiccup joined her as they began to eat their meal. The food was definitely unusual. It wasn't terrible, but definitely salty. They must have kept that way to keep the food preserved. Hiccup and Astrid did not mind. It was better than nothing in their opinion. They ate their food in silence before they left it by the door. They both gave a big yawn as their eyes began toy droop. Closing their eye, they fell into a deep sleep. Hopefully the morning would be better.


"How are our guests?" Drago was sharpening a bullhook with grindstone. He stopped and looked at the weapon in awe as he tested its sharpness.

"Put up a fight, ate, and now asleep" Eret picked his nails with his dagger. Picking the dirt out of his nails, he smiled at the thought of his enemy in their cell. "That sleeping powder that you had the cook put in their food did the trick. Surprised the little dragon rider didn't notice that his food was drugged."

"That's because the plant is undetectable." Scurvy glared at the hunter for his stupidity. "Even the prissiest of dragons won't be able to detect it"

Eret glared angrily at the general. He knew all that but just liked to think that his enemy was a dumb animal in a cage for now. Even though inside he knew that the dragon rider was indeed intelligent. Like his Night Fury that was giving his own men some trouble in the dragon chambers below, he just hoped the soldiers weren't stupid enough to be trick.

"Good." Seeing that the blade had made a little nick in his finger, Drago looked at his finger bleed from the tiny hole. Satisfied with its sharpness, Drago got off his seat and put the weapon back on the wall. "I want him to be fully rested for tomorrow."

Both Scurvy and Eret were looking forward to tomorrow. Tomorrow would be the day where they see first hand what the dragon riders do to control their dragons. Eret has been waiting for this to happen ever since he was charged with capturing the boy in the first place.

"What about their clothing?" Drago turned the bullhook till he deemed it perfect.

"There's nothing interesting about the girls." Eret shrugged his shoulders as he remembered how he and his men went over the clothings. "Typical Berk female clothing. Smell a little bit like dragon breath but what do you expect when she is riding a dragon"

"And the boy's" Drago stood back as he admired the bullhook, along with other weapons, on the wall.

"The boy's, however…." Eret remembered how unique the boy's clothing was. "Is definitely different. His clothes under the leather smell like earth and sea. And the leather…is made out of unusual material.

Drago raised an eye brow at that. "Dragon" He rubbed his chin in thought. "Can't be"

"No, definitely not made out of dragon. It looks to be made out of an animal that I've only encounter in one place" Eret looked at Drago, tapping his finger together. "I've seen this leather among your things."

Drago looked at the hunter with a raised eyebrow before turning to look at his general for what the hunter meant by leather they have.

"It was made by the same leather we stole off those westerner's ships. Also his weapon was made out of some light weight iron." The general brought out the strange looking device. It looked like a hilt of a blade but with no blade. The general gave it to Drago to examine. "We tested it out but I would be careful"

Drago examine the weird weapon. He then smelled something odd as he gave it a sniff to smell dragon breath of a Zippleback. Drago tossed it back to the general and gestured for him to continue as he sat back into his chair.

The general pulled switch and allowed a little gas out before using another switch to enlighten it. A tiny spark ignited into a burst of flame. Drago stared at it in amazement but saw that the general wasn't done yet. Scurvy pulled another switch and a blade popped out of the side and began to flame. The general released his hand from the trigger and the flame went out along with the blade going back into the hilt.

Drago was amazed by the weapon. It was a combination of Zippleback and Monstrous Nightmare into a form of a weapon. He then saw a beautiful clean silver iron dagger on the table. Obviously the boy's, for it had a silver sheen to it.

Scurvy picked up the dagger to show Drago. "Feel it sir"

Drago took the blade from the general's hands and began to examine it while Scurvy continued to explain.

"It's lighter than most if our weapons" Scurvy watched as Drago got off his chair.

Drago lifted the dagger up to look at the blade in the light. He saw that Eret still had his dagger out and was tossing it in the air. Drago began to walk over to the hunter. "Really"

Eret had only second to hold up his dagger as Drago slashed with the boy's dagger. Horror and amazement were on the men's faces as the boy's dagger cut through the hunter's blade like butter. Eret watched the blade on his dagger fall to the ground as his favorite dagger became broken.

"It's stronger too" Drago stared at the blade in awe before he averted his eyes to see Eret looking upset about his dagger. "We'll get you a new one"

Eret said thank you and that was it. He was upset that his favorite dagger was broken but was scared stiff inside when Drago attempted to cut him. The hunter was more relieved that Drago attack his blade and not him.

"What is it made out of?" Drago examined the blade as he saw there were no nicks in it.

Scurvy tried the best he could to tell Drago he had no idea what it was made out of, which made the dark Persian raise an eye brow before putting the dagger back on the table.

"Hmmm, well I guess we'll just have to ask the boy" Drago allowed the blade to lay on the table like it was some kind of precious object.

Drago wanted, no needed to know what this iron was. With it, Drago's army would be more powerful than ever with their unbreakable weapons. Even with the weapon the boy used would be perfect. Now they just had to figure out how to get that information out of the boy.


It was the next morning, that the two young riders were startled awake by the sound of banging. Hiccup was first to crack his tired eyes open to see that the same soldier had come to deliver their breakfast and lock the slots. The boy began to yawn as he slowly got up and made his way to the food. Looking down to see that it was some kind of light brown pasty substance, Hiccup picked up the bowl.

"What's for breakfast?" Astrid started walking over to her food to see it was the same thing. "Wheat Porridge, gggrrreeeaatt"

Hiccup had porridge before when the group would stumble onto broken ships in the middle on the ocean. They had been taken by storm or dragons of the sea. Some boats were able to have some cargo that had survived but the men on the ship, however, did not. Thus the various dishes and clothing that could be made.

Hiccup went back over to where Astrid and he would usual sit. They ate their food in silence. It was only until Astrid stopped to put her half eaten bowl on her lap to ask Hiccup "How are we able to sleep like that?"

"Must have put something in our dish to make us sleep" Hiccup hated that he was easily fed sleeping powered. It must have been the plants know as lidenskap blomst. Good for helping people sleep but undetectable.

"But, why would they need to help us sle…" Astrid did not get a chance to finish when a loud banging was heard along with loud heavy footsteps that sounded like they belong to a lot of men.

Coming down the hall, were at least six soldiers with rope, poles, and handcuffs in their hands. They made their way down the poorly lit dungeon. The men stopped when they were in front of Hiccup's cell. One of the soldiers took out a set of keys and placed them inside the lock. With a click the soldier opened the door and they stepped inside.

Hiccup placed his bowl on the ground as he slowly stood up. Watching the men warily, Hiccup's eyes examined the men as he waited for them to do something. Once one men took a step forwards, all hel broke loose. The half eaten food was spilled on the floor as Hiccup tried to dodge and protect himself from the soldiers.

Hiccup used the barred wall to climb and hang himself on. The men tried to lasso him but they were quickly met with the rope being dodged or caught and their bodies being slammed into the wall by the boy. Hiccup jumped off the wall and onto one of the men as he slammed them into ground. The boy kicked and punched at the men who tried to catch him. On the background, Hiccup could hear Astrid yell at the men and encourage Hiccup to dodge and fight.

It all came to an end when one of Hiccup's legs was caught by one of the ropes did the boy fall to the ground. Hiccup tried to pull on his leg before he sat up and tried to untie it. The rider was met with another rope that was wrapped around his upper body, making his arms be restraint to his sides.

Hiccup tried to get out or at least pull away but the ropes on his upper body and leg were pulled into two different directs which caused him to lay flat on back. The boy saw one of the men try to come closer to him and Hiccup tried to bite at him. He was kicked on to his stomach as two other men restraint him so the third one could put the handcuffs on him behind his back.

The men let out a sigh of relief when they were done and forced Hiccup onto his feet. Astrid watched in horror as the soldiers dragged him out of the cell and passed her cage. Hiccup looked at Astrid as he saw the worry and concern in her eyes. The men gave Hiccup another pull as they dragged him out of the dungeon. Astrid could do nothing but watch as Hiccup disappeared.


Words raced through Hiccup's mind as he tried with the last of his strength to get away from the soldiers. Even after that event, both rider and soldiers had enough power to fight one another along the way.

Hiccup was dragged out some iron doors to outside. It looked to be in a different area from where they first arrived. Hiccup looked around with his eyes saw that it was probably midday. They were entering a tunnel system that led to an iron gate that began to open.

Once opened, Hiccup cuffs came off and he was shoved inside. Hiccup glared at the guards as the gates slammed shut. Hiccup looked around and saw that he was inside some kind of arena. He had heard of these from his mother and a few others that told him it was used to kill dragons.

Hiccup saw that a few soldiers were watching him along with his most hated people. The hunter, the general, and Drago himself. They all looked at him like some kind of rare beast. The next thing Hiccup heard and saw was Drago yell to 'bring out the dragon!'.

Hiccup then turned his head when he heard a loud banging sound to see another gate being opened. Suddenly, out popped a flaming Monstrous Nightmare. It ran along the wall and the bars along the top of the arena. It blasted fire out of its mouth and at the audience. The men were able to dodge the blast as they gasped in surprise. The Monstrous Nightmare glared at the men before turning its attention to Hiccup. The dragon glared and snared at Hiccup as it descended to the floor.

Hiccup watched the agitated beast come towards him. He saw the scars and marks along the dragon's body from the abuse it had endured. Hiccup pitied the dragon as he wanted so bad to reach out and comfort the beast. But Hiccup knew that would fall into Drago's plan. His plans of having Hiccup train these dragons.

That's why the men were watching him. To learn, to see what Hiccup would do. The rider would not do it. He would never train any dragons for a man like Drago. Hiccup watched the dragon stalk towards him. The boy did the only thing he could do to thwart the Persians plan.

Hiccup closed his eyes as he fell to his knees and did nothing. The dragon began to growl at the boy as the Nightmare let out a loud roar. Hiccup did not blink, flinch or move. This caused the dragon to tilt its head. It began to circle Hiccup in frustration. It wanted the boy to do something, anything. The soldiers would hurt him, but this boy…this boy did nothing. The Monstrous Nightmare stopped in front of Hiccup and let out a whiny roar.


Up on the top, Eret became furious. Why wasn't the boy doing anything? Any man would at least defend themselves from the beast. This was the most temperamental and nasty dragon he had ever captured. It flamed up for gods' sake.

"What's he doing?" Drago wasn't angry, but definitely curious. He had never seen anyone act this way with a dragon. It was amazing that the boy was not frightened by the flaming reptile.

"He's doing nothing" Scurvy said bored.

"Hmmm" Drago rubbed his chin in interest before he got up from his seat. He figured that the boy was not going to do anything for today.

Scurvy saw that his master leave "What should we do with him?"

Drago stopped and thought about it before coming to a decision. "Torture the boy little. A few lashed with the whip should suffice. I don't want him broken beyond repair. I want him with his mind still intact" Drago walked away leaving them men confused.

Scurvy and Eret looked at each other before they both yelled at the men to get the boy out of there. Problem was that the Monstrous Nightmare seemed to be protecting the boy. The boy still didn't move but the dragon wrapped its tail around Hiccup protectively as its body was over him. It began to breathe fire at the soldier when they tried to get closer.

"Would you get that dragon under control!" Eret shouted at the men.

The soldiers looked at the two men with anger and fright as they held spears and metal net that was used because with regular rope the dragon would burn it. A few men held iron rope that they could use to lasso the dragon.

The dragon growled at the soldiers when they came closer. It let out a roar but an iron rope was draped and pulled closed around the dragon mouth. It tried to get the rope off its mouth but another rope ensnared around its horns as it was pulled off the boy. The tail unwinded itself from Hiccup as the dragon let the boy go.

Hiccup opened its eyes slowly to watch the dragon being pulled away. Its eyes were filled with fright and begged Hiccup for help. Hiccup slowly reach out a hand to the dragon but was forcefully pushed to the ground as his hand were once again tied behind his back. Hiccup tried to struggle away from the soldiers but they held him. The rider looked up to see Eret walking towards him with the general behind him.

The two watch the boy growl at them as the guards held the boy tight. Eret was in front of the boy as he watched him glare. Smirking down at the boy, he was unable to dodge in time when Hiccup spat into the hunter's face.

Eret wiped the glob of spit off his face as he saw Hiccup smirk at him. Shaking the spit of his hand, he look at the dragon rider, angrily "I'm gonna enjoy this."


Hiccup was given a few lashes on his back and then shoved back in his cell. The dragon rider did not scream or give his tormentors any satisfaction they were looking for. Hiccup was glad that nothing happen to Astrid while he was away. She just looked at him worriedly and yelled at the guards for hurting him. Saying that she hoped Thor would strike them down with his lightening and hammer.

The rest of the night, Astrid tried to sooth Hiccup the best she could through the bars. They ate and slept until the next day, which was the same thing.

Hiccup and Astrid would get up, eat breakfast, Hiccup would be dragged out and back into the area to train a dragon. Hiccup once again did nothing. He just closed his eyes and sat down. All the dragons did the same thing as the Monstrous Nightmare. They would burst out of their cage yelling and screaming. They would watch the boy curiously before seeing that he would do nothing. That was when the soldiers had enough and would come in to take the boy away. But it was the same with the Nightmare, all the dragon would protect the boy. Nadder, Gronkle, Scauldren , hel even a Changewing protected the boy. Thus dragging the dragon away and giving the boy a few lashes before putting back in his cell for the night.

But today, today was different. Instead of bring Hiccup to the Dragon Arena. The boy was taken down a long hallway that he had never been in before. Thinking it was just another place to torture him in, Hiccup began to struggle against the guards.

The group only stopped when they were in front of two large decorative wooden doors. The doors opened to allow them to enter and Hiccup was met with a large room decorated with banners and weapons. In the middle of the room was a large table filled with food. Hiccup was forced into a chair at the end of the table. His wrist chained to table that allowed him enough room to eat off the plate that was laid before him.

The men left Hiccup and walked out the doors. Hiccup was left alone…or so the boy thought he was. It wasn't until he heard the sound of heavy foot steps did he see Drago come from behind the other side of the table.

"I see you're comfortable" Drago watched as the boy glared at him and began to growl. "You must be hungry…or at least thirsty" Drago began to fill a cup with mead and place it in front of the boy. He watched as the boy glared darkly at the man, which in turn made Drago chuckle. "Well well. I see your not very trusting at all." Drago leaned against the table as he took back the cup to drink it. He gulped down some of the drink before placing back in front of the boy. "See, no poison"

Hiccup glared at Drago as watched the dark man walk back over to his seat. "I'm not training them"

"Yes you will" Drago began to eat the food that was on his plate.

"What makes you think I would train any dragon for a man like you?" Hiccup words were cold and harsh. He hated this man for kidnapping Astrid and him. He hated how Drago told Eret to capture and torture dragons so this man could conquer the world. If Drago thought for one minute he would be open to the idea of training dragons for him, he was truly mistake.

Drago looked back up at the boy before he let out a sigh. Putting his fork down, Drago lean back into his chair. "Stubborn are you. Like your father"

Hiccup was stunned. "How do you….."

"I noticed Stoick's features in you the day I captured you." Drago watched the boy's eyes widen. "You and I are a lot alike, Hiccup" Drago watched the boys face turn from surprise to hate. "You can't hide anything from me here" Gesturing to all around them, Drago began to talk. "I know everything. You will train dragons for me and you will tell me how you can create this"

Hiccup's eyes widen as he saw Drago hold his Gronkle iron dagger.

"It's light as a feather and stronger than any weapon I own. I want to know everything you and your family know. And you will tell me" Drago got out of his chair as he stalked towards the boy.

Hiccup watched as Drago came near him. "I will tell you nothing"

Drago came around Hiccup's chair as he leaned over the boy. "You my dear boy, will tame my dragons, you will make my weapons stronger." Drago grabbed Hiccup by his chin to look him in the eye. "You are my Dragon Rider. Hiccup. You will be by my side, here and in battle"

Hiccup glared at the man as he tried to retch himself from the man's grasp "Never"

"Hahahaha" Drogo gave a laugh as he let the boy go. "You will fall Hiccup. Even if I have to destroy everything you care about" Drago snapped his finger and the doors swung open as two guards entered.

The guards unchained Hiccup from the table and handcuffed his hands in front of him.

Hiccup started to struggle but his mind filled with dread at Drago's words. "Where Toothless Drago!? WHERE'S MY NIGHTFURY!"

Drago chuckled as he watched the boy struggle, "You dragon is safe with his friends…where he belongs" Drago grabbed Hiccup's arms as he steered him out the door. "Let's take a walk"


Drago had dragged Hiccup to the arena. They stopped in front of the iron bars that surrounded the top. Hiccup looked down when he heard shouts and roars of a dragon to see Astrid fighting off a Hobblegrunt

The dragon was quick as it tried to block Astrid's path. It shot blasts of fire at the girl. The dragon tried to stay within its opponent reach. Astrid tried to get away from the dangerous beast. She had never seen a dragon like this one before and had no weapon or Stormfly with her to defend herself. She would be killed at any moment if a miracle didn't happen.

Hiccup watched in horror as Astrid tried to fight off the agitated dragon. He knew that she had experiences with dragons but this was not any ordinary wild dragon. It was abused and tortured. It probably couldn't tell the difference between friend or foe.

Hiccup glared at Drago as he tried to pull out of the Persian's grip to get to Astrid. The dreadlock man smiled at the fear on the boy's face of losing his girl. Drago pulled Hiccup to him as he unlocked the boy's cuffs. Hiccup didn't think twice about what Drago did before he jumped into the ring to save Astrid.

Hiccup yelled to Astrid, who turned to look at him. He saw the dragon was going to fire at Astrid and grabbed the girl to dodge the blast. Hiccup held onto her as the blast went right past them as they hit the ground.

They open their eyes to look at each other. Hiccup asked if she was okay. Astrid said 'she thinks so' before Hiccup pulled her to her feet. They watched as the dragon came towards them, ready to strike at the chance. Hiccup pulled Astrid behind him as he stood between them.

The dragon let out a roar of anger as it waited for Hiccup to make the next move. Hiccup stared at the beast before he turned to look away.

"Not this again" One of the men from the rafters groaned.

The next thing the soldiers saw was Hiccup put up a hand as the dragon looked at it. Watching with curiosity, what they saw next took them by surprise. The dragon pressed its head into the boy's hand and purred. The men were shocked by the action.

Drago smiled as he watched Hiccup open his eyes and pet the dragon on the side of the head. It was the first step. The first step was for the boy to realize that he had no choice in the matter. Hiccup would be his dragon trainer and general to his army of dragons. It was only a matter of time.

Drago told his men to put them back in their cells. Hiccup would need a good night sleep so he can train his dragons tomorrow...

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