Atlantis (Hijack)

Chapter 9: Rise of Atlantis & The Fall of Pitch

Dawn broke through as the crystal lit up the sky. Everyone was getting ready for the war that was going to take place. Pookas were stretching for the run they would be doing. Vehicles' engine turning on and lighting up. Dragons roared as they were saddled and riders ready. Everyone said their goodbyes and which their warriors the best. Hoping, praying that the war would turn in their favor.

In one of the out coves, Hiccup and Jack were gearing up. Hiccup was wearing one of the dragon rider's suits (Outfit from HTTYD 2) that Jack had given him. Buckling the last buckle, he turned around to see Jack.

"How do I look?" Hiccup showed an award smile as he showed it off.

"Perfect" Jack was in the same gear, but his was blue and white with some white fur in the collar. He walked up to Hiccup and placed a kiss on his lips. They both smiled as each other until the moment was ruined.


There in the door way stood Astrid, Tooth, Elsa, and Anna.

"Hey Bunny! You owe me 20 nofigs" Shouted Tooth, causing the embarrassed the two lovers to blush red.

"TOOTH!" Jack whined while Hiccup blushed.

"Oh get over it" Elsa laughed and tried to ease the tension. "Tooth and Bunny have been going at it since you two met"

"Except Bunny thought it would take longer for you two' Anna making gestures by pointing her two pointer fingers together, making the two blush even more.

"You heard!?" Hiccup almost yelled.

"Hey, small camp and man can you boys really let it out" Astrid smirked as the two boy faces blushed even more.

"Hey Astrid! Are they unsexing yet!?"

"Unsexing is not a word, you dolt"

"Well I'm sorry, but last time I checked we were at WAR!"

"We're coming" Hiccup pushed the squealing girls out the door with Jack behind him.

Both Hiccup and Jack saddled up on their dragons and gave each other a look. "Let's go!"

Toothless and Amphitrite flew into the air. It was the signal for everyone that it was time to go. Roars from warrior and the crowd could be hear. Everyone flew into the sky as the Pookas raised on the ground. Ready for the war ahead. To the heart of Atlantis they went, to fight for their freedom and home.


Back at the Palace, Pitch walked onto the balconies. Gear on and everything ready. He saw Hyde come towards him with a dark smile.

"There coming, sir"

"Good" Pitch got on his dragon, who gave a nasty screech. "Let's go to WAR!"

The army of warrior, red crystals around there neck shines, let out a cry as they got on their vehicles and started them up. Glowing red, they were saddle by men in black. Black and red like their souls, they intended to win with blood, violence, and broken spirits.

For as the fog lifted, hell broke loose.

Blast and shots were fired as the fights got more intense by the minute. Pookas, Atlantians, and dragons fighting for the right to live. Bunny fought tooth and claw at his once Pooka brotheren. When he saw that brown Pooka watch and wait, anger filled him.

"Hyde" Bunny growled and run at Hyde.

Hyde smirked as he too ran straight for Bunny. They both slammed into each other. Claws drew blood as they went at it. Bunny fending off Hyde and swung his boomerang at him.

Bunny hated Hyde. They were once friend, but drifted due to different ideas.

"You still hanging out with that twig of a girl" Hyde mocked, for he heated the idea of Pooka and human being together. "I love to get my claws into her"

"Grrr" Bunny let out a growl at the brown Pooka. "At least I'm not kissing a psycho person's ass" Bunny charged at Hyde as the brown Pooka darkly chuckled.


Up in the sky, both Hiccup and Jack were dodging and fighting their own battle. Shot of arrows, fire, and beams were shot. Taking down the enemy, the Hiccup knew that if they didn't get to the boss, more would die.

"We need to get to the crystal!" Hiccup looked at the blue object in the sky. "If we get to the crystal, we can draw Pitch's attention."

Jack nodded his head in agreement. They were nearly there but were halted by almost getting by a red beam.

"Woah" They looked behind them to see Pitch on top of a black medieval dragon that was similar to Jack's dragon except it was more darker and looked like something that out of a nightmare.

"Oh no. Run!" Jack and Amphitrite dived with Hiccup and Toothless behind them.

"What is that thing?" Shouted Hiccup.

"A nightmare. The most vicious and ferocious dragon you never want to come across." Jack and Hiccup raced through the city, trying to dodge Pitches attack.


Astrid with Tooth behind her on her deadly nadder, Stormflyw, were dodging the beams and arrows as well. They saw Pitch trying to take out the prince and Hiccup. Astrid was about to help but Tooth told them they could handle it and we need to help those who are injured. Astrid nodded her head, knowing what Tooth said was true. Hiccup was stronger now than he was when he first arrived on the ship. He could not handle himself and protect Jack.

They saw a few men injured and tried to get to them but were halted when Snotlout and Hookfang came flying by.

"Snotlut!" Astrid yelled at the idiot, who was having a hard time steering the dragon.

"You try flying a dragon who doesn't listen to you!"


Anna and Elsa were flying through the air on one of the vehicles. Anna shot an arrow as her sister drove and used the beams to attack. Anna saw Bunny fighting Hyde and tapped her sister's shoulder. Elsa looked at where her sister was pointing and let out a gasp. Anna told her sister to go.

Anna jumped off the skimmer and landed on a furry, reindeer horn dragon that was ridden by her boyfriend, Kristoff. Elsa saw that her sister was already and headed straight for Bunny.

Bunny slammed his fist into Hyde. The brown Pooka landed on the ground on his side. Bunny thought he won, but when he turned his back Hyde was about to pounce on Bunny.


Bunny turned to see Hyde's body fly left as he dropped to the ground dead. He look up to see a skimmer come closer "Elsa?"

Elsa put the shimmer where Hyde was standing before. "Bunny, get your fuzzy ass on the fish!"

Bunny knew his girlfriend was edgy and serious which meant 'don't mess with me or I will unleash a deadly force that will make you wish that you did as I say'. Bunny climbed on and they rode off.


Sandy and Gobber were on medical duty. They stitched and patch wounds up as quickly as they could. For once one was done, five more came in their place. Gobber wiped his head as he saw Tooth and Astrid bring in more.

"How are you guy's holding up?" Asked Astrid

"Fine, but we need more hands" Gobber looked around to show that even though the refuges were helping, only a few knew about medicine.

Tooth jumped off Stormfly and walked over to Gobber. "I have experience. Show me where I can help"

Sandy showed Tooth where she was needed and they head over to the patients. Gobber looked back at Astrid and told her that she was more help in the air. Astrid nodded her head and few into the air.

Gobber was about to turn and get back to work when he saw the twins fly by. They tried to go separate ways and only made the dragon fall. Only a few seconds later they flew correctly did Gobber shake his head.

"Thor, I must be nuts to wish for them to share one brain again"


Hiccup, Jack, Toothless, and Amphitrite were having their own problems at the moment. Pitch was hot on their tales and not letting up.

"We have to watch for its flame" Jack stated as he looked back at the dragon.

"What?" Hiccup looked at Jack confused by what he meant. He knew any flame that came out of any object was dangerous. But the way Jack said, it made it sound like there was something extra dangerous about this dragon.

"Its flame will melt through….."

A shot of fire had almost hit them, and they watched as one of the building's rood melt into liquid, but it didn't stop there. It seemed that the whole building was stilling melting for the massive hole became larger and larger. They both looked at each other in shock and made their dragon go faster.

Toothless looked back to see a blast heading straight for Amphitrite. Toothless pushed her out of the way, only to be hit himself.



Hiccup and toothless plummeted onto a large platform and landed with a thud. Hiccup fell of the dragon and rolled onto his side, He shook his head and looked up at Toothless.

"Tooth-ahhh" Hiccup must have broken and gotten a concussion when they hit the ground. He tried get to his feet but was unable to do and he saw that Toothless was breathing but not getting up. Breathing heavy thinking that his broken rib may have done more damage, he fell on to his side.

"HICCUP!" Jack landed on the platform and ran over to them. Cradling him in his arms, and saw that Hiccup was giving him a reassuring smile. Jack got out his crystal to heal Hiccup's wounds or any other injuries.

Amphitrite tented to Toothless, who opened his eyes a little and gave a little purr that showed he was alright. She gave him a nudge, but everyone looked up when they heard something land.

Pitch's dragon perched on the platform. Pitch got off the nightmare and started walking over to the boys. The nightmare made it over to the two fallen dragons, who roared at the beast. The nightmare held the dragons back, allowing its master to do with the boys as he please.

"Jack…run" Hiccup tried to stand and push Jack behind him, only to stumble to his knees.

"I tried to be nice" Pitch hit Hiccup across the face with the spear.

It caused Hiccup to drop to the ground unconscious. Jack tried to shake the boy awake, but Hiccup stayed under.

"But I guess we'll just have to do it this the hard way then!" Pitch raised his staff to strike Hiccup.

"NO!" Jack wrapped his body around Hiccup protectively.

A wave of power came from Jack and sent Pitch flying backwards. The staff fell to the ground and Pitch tried to get up. He scrimmaged around for the fallen weapon. When he saw Jack feet, he looked up to see Jack with the staff in his hand, eyes glowing red as the carvings under him glowed red as well.

"You will hurt no one" Jack walked up to Pitch, angers of red light radiated from him.

"Now now Jack. Let's try to stay calm" Pitch let out a smirk next thing he said. "You don't want to do something foolish. What would your mother and father think?"

Thoughts of how his mother brought destruction and killing people filled his head. There was anger and hatred that he felt, like his mother was showing him everything. How that one little thing can destroy everything. How one small hate or anger can turn the most beautiful of blues into the blackest red? Fear was not the answer. Death was not something Jack should bring, not even to the most cruelest of men.

Jack looked up at the crystal. Tears in his eyes, he looked back at Pitch who was slowly getting up.

Closing his eyes, all the red turned to blue as he rose the staff in the air. It also changed color and a soft blue came from it

"I sentence you Pitch…

and all your warriors…..

to the dark depths of Atala....

You will not bother or harm anyone ever again!"

Jack slammed the spear onto the ground, causing a force to fly through the air. It dragged both Pitch and his men up into the air. They swirled around, through the tunnels until they hit the volcano. The ground opened up and swallowed them whole.

"Jack!" Was the last words from Pitch as he tried to reach out and grab. But all that remained was a crack in the ground where they were trapped.

Jack clasped to the ground from exhausted. Last thing he remembered was seeing all their friends running and calling them.

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