Atlantis (Hijack)

Chapter 10: Farwell &Cover Story

The day was saved and Atlantis was returned to its former glory. People were hustling and bustling to see the heroes before they left. Even though they had a lot to do. They to repair the new areas of the city. Learn about their culture and look at what the water uncovered in the first battle. But they still wanted to thank the heroes for not only saving us once but twice.

"Atlantis will honor your names forever" Jack was wearing clothes similar to that of his late father. He placed the crystal necklaces on each of the explorers, for it meant that they were part of Atlantis. "I only wish there was more we could do for you"

The explorers smiled and looked at their necklaces.

"Uh, you know, thanks anyway…but I think we're good" Snotlout pointed behind him to men loading treasure into the narwhal submarine.

"They'll take you as far as the surface" Hiccup was dressed in a lighter, formal attire than the one hiccup wore.

"We're gonna really miss you guys" Astrid said to Elsa, Tooth, Anna, and Bunny.

"We're gonna miss you too!" Anna practically tackled Astrid with a hug that let Astrid gasping for air.

Both Tooth and Elsa laughed as Bunny grumbled at the girly antics.

"You know, I'm going to reopen the flower shop…and I'm gonna to think of you guys every single day… Monady through Friday, Saturday until 2. And Sunday….I'm gonna take Sunday off probably, and….Maybe I'll go in for a couple of hours. You know…but August… I'm going to take August off….. "Snotlout hugged Hiccup and left thinking f his whole plan in remembering everyone.

"I ain't so good with speeches" Mildew brought something from behind his back and gave it to Hiccup. "It's the bacon grease from the whole trip"

"Mildew…I…" Hiccup like everyone else felt sick from the memory of Mildew's food, but Mildew told him to say no more and walked off.

Astrid gave Hiccup and kiss on the cheek and then a few jabs. "Two for flinching. See ya Hiccup"

"Hey Hiccup!" Tuffnut stuck his arms out, dirt falling off him and the stench was so bad that I think a pot of flower just died, waiting go his hug and goodbye.

"Hehe, Tuffnut" Hiccup patted his head and said goodbye while backing slowly way.

"Told you he wouldn't" His sister was sitting on top of one of the chest while a few Atlantian guards stood next to her.

"You sure you want to stay? Gobber and all of them knew what Hiccup was going to say.

"Ya" Hiccup grabbed Jack's hand and they looked into each other eyes. They both looked over at the others were saying goodbye to their dragons

"Bye Storrmflye" Astrid hugged the deadly nadder as it screeched and purred.

"By Hookfang" Snotlout was about to do the same to the Monstrous nightmare but Hooffang got distracted by something and flew off after it. "Its oaky…he's crying in the inside."

"Well then" Gobber blinked a couple and turned back to Hiccup. He stuck out his hook for Hiccup to shake. "Whoops" Gobber changed hands and they shook. Then he turned to his medic buddy, Sandy. "Take care of them"

Sandy nodded and put two thumbs up in understanding.

"Hey, let's try one more time in front of camera"

All of them sat and stood in front of the camera, while one of the Atlantians took the picture.

"Say Gochk"



The picture came out horrible. It only showed their legs and the ground. Mr. Clause looked through the pictures and back at everyone on the couch. Astrid, Gobbber, the twins, Mildew, and Snotlout were all sitting in their fancy attire. Their crystals glowed bright on their tie, neck, forehead, staff, tooth, and ear.

"Okay" Mr. Clause went back on his toes and then front. "Let's go over this again. So we got it straight. You don't find anything?"

"Nope" Snotlout started. "Just a lot of rocks…and fish…..little ones…and sponges"

"What happen to Heather?" Asked Mr. Clause

"Well, we lost her when we thought she got hit by the zeppelin but…" Ruffnut hit her brother over the head, then he straighten himself out and remembered his line. "Missing"

"That's right" Mr. Clause eyed Ruffnut. "And Alvin?"

"Nervous breakdown" Gobber confirmed. "You could say he went tall to pieces."

"What about Hiccup?" M. Clause looked at the group with concern.

"Went down with the ship" Astrid concluded.


They all turned to see Tuffnut burrowing himself in a flower pot. Ruffnut faced palmed her head at her brother's antics while everyone shook their heads.

"Thor, give me strength" Mildew muttered.

Mr. Clause looked back at the pictures and smiled. "I'm gonna miss that boy. At least he's in a better place now" Mr. Clause looked at the picture of both Hiccup and Jack. When he went to the next one, there was a folded piece of paper with trying it together.

On it said to Mr. Clause, From Hiccup.

He opened it up to see a picture of young Hiccup and his father with righting on and a crystal blue necklace glowing. He picked up the necklace as he read the note.

"Dear Mr. Clause,

I hope this piece of proof is enough for you.

It sure proved me"

Mr. Clause looked from the note to the necklace. He put it on and felt like he was 20 years younger.


In Atlantis, they were all surrounding the giant stone. Hiccup stood back from the stone with a chisel and hammer. He allowed Jack to go forward to place the crystal on the stone. It lit up showing the late Queen's face. It began to float up and join with its siblings.

Jack pulled Hiccup away and they climbed the building to get a better view. Once on top, they watched it float with the others as they both held hands.


Tooth and Amphitrite, came next to the couple as they too watched the crystal.

"Hey buddy. How do you like your new tail?" Hiccup petted the dragon as Toothless let out another roar. Toothless showed off his mechanical tail, letting it flap open and closed.

They both laughed as they sat together. Jack laid into Hiccup as Hiccup put his arm around the king and brought him into a kiss.

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