Atlantis (Hijack)

Chapter 1: Bad Day Turns to Good

(*Hiccup is at the age in the second movie, no glasses.* Also I apologies for how the Russian is spoken)

"Why me?" was the first thing the teenager named Hiccup thought. Lying on the couch, his face pushed farther into the pillow. Hiccup was a person you would call a genius with low status. He was thin and gangly with some muscle due to working on his own little projects. His brown shaggy hair went over his green eyes.

He worked at the Washington, DC museum, but not as an Educator. Sadly he was a boiler man. For crying out loud he was a scholarly genius. He graduated college at the age of fourteen. He sought out to be an archeologist like his father, Stoic Haddock.

His father was a world renowned archeologist, who strived to find the impossible. Too bad that the reputation the man build came crumbling down when he started his search for the city of Atlantis when Hiccup was at the age of seven. People at first thought it would be interesting to find stories about the mythological city. Soon turned into an obsession that drove people away. Stoic wanted to prove that Atlantis was a real city. This lead to not only loss in faith from the community but alas the funds that funded him only came to small amounts. They barely got buy, but one Hiccup reached the end of ten somehow Stoic gotten lots of money and would go off saying he had to meet with someone.

Sadly, no one still wanted to work with the crazy man, so it was left to his son, Hiccup, who as well became fascinated by the lost empire. Thanks to his father for telling him stories of the lost city, Hiccup put all his work into his studies and together they worked to find any clues to the city. It wasn't until Hiccup's eighth birthday that his father told him about the Shepard's Journal.

Many believed the book was just a myth. A false tale of a lone book that held the secrets to Atlantis.

Hiccup wanted to help his father in any way he could. That's why for the past six years he put himself into school work which actually help him finish high school by the age of 12 and college two years after. If finishing school meant having time to help his father and find the city they both crave, he would do it. But on the day he graduated college, some strange people dressed in black suits came to his house. They told his father had died in an accident. After that, all he could remember from that day was his father's friend would look after him and supply him with everything he would ever need.

Hiccup never met the man. He was Hiccup's daddy long leg. On the day of the funeral, only a minimal of people showed up, but he still heard the comments that he and his father heard all through their life. Saying how his father was a disturbed man. A fool for believing in such a tale. And that how he died was very sad. Pity for his son to be left alone.

After that day, Hiccup felt a boil of rage inside, that made him put more effort into finding Atlantis. There was no book, stone, or artifacts unturned in his quest to find the city. Even with the money he received on a daily bases from the mysterious man, but Hiccup still wanted to earn money on his own. So when he reached the age of sixteen he search for a job at the museum. The only problem was that because of his father reputation and the words that he was following in his father's footsteps as well, could only acquire him one job, a boiler man. He was lucky that he was able to do it, do to his hobby of inventing and fixing the old house's boiler. It wasn't all bad since he was able to work in the space. Just as long as he never bothered them or the visitors with his crazy nonsense.

But today was different. The directors and financers were going to allow an audience with him. He had his brilliant presentation all set up. He had his artifacts lined up and inside his workshop he started rehearsing. The board had a map on one side and strange letters on the other. It was all too perfect, with his audience to the board and his proposal of finding the journal to Atlantis. He could finally prove that his father and him were right about Atlantis being real.

That's when everything came crashing down on him. The board members tricked him into believing that his appointment with them was at 4:15. When he was about to leave a letter was sent to him saying that they changed it to 3:15 and because he wasn't there they canceled. He tried to run after them and get them to listen but no. No one dare listen to the poor teen's ideas. They just thought it was a part of some mad exposition and they rather have him stay as their boiler repair man. And that's that.

Now here he is, in his house alone and frustrated with the day's events. He let out a tired sigh as he called for comfort from his cat Fluffy. But so far the cat did not come. Hiccup got off the couch and started making clicking noises and called again. The storm outside shut off the power and rain water could be heard falling heavily onto the house.

"Ugh, great" Hiccup mumbled to himself. That's just what he needed.

Hiccup tried to navigate through the house to find a candle or flashlight that will help him see. All the sudden, a small light lit up and Hiccup saw a woman with onyx hair wearing expensive fur coat.

"How…how did you…" Hiccup stared at the woman in awe.

"I came down the Chimney, Ho Ho Ho." The woman chuckled "My name is Heather and my employer wants to meet you."

"Your employer?" Hiccup scoffed and crossed his arms "And your employer would be?"


Lighting flashed outside the large manor as Hiccup was being ordered and button up by Heather.

"Don't drip on the Caravaggio. Stay lively. Mr. Clause does not like to be kept waiting. You will address as Mr. Clause or Sir." Her eyes were serious which made Hiccup more nervous. "You will stand unless asked to sit. Keep your sentence short and to the point. Are we clear?"

Hiccup gulped and nodded vigorously out of fear of this men. As the elevator came to a halt and Hiccup was pushed out. Heather gave him an evil smile. "Relax. He doesn't bite….much"


Hiccup walked inside the room and was amazed by the artifacts and giant aquarium behind the desk. Hiccup looked at all the picture that lined the walls until he stopped at the one over the fire place.

"Father?" There stood Stoic, back in his youth (when he was thin if you can imagine), shaking hands with a dark haired Russian man who looked like a bandit.

"Vest explorer I've ever vet"

Hiccup turned toward the strange Russian voice to see a large white hair and beard of a Russian man.

"You know the first time that picture was taken everyone thought we were complete opposites. Ve being a butcher of a guy and he being this crazy goof. But he saw me as a kind, energetic, daredevil explorer, like himself. Ve had great time, ya" The man, that figured was Mr. Clause, stood up and walked over to him. He strongly patted Hiccup's back saying "You and he are alike. You both try to prove the world wrong. I like that"

Hiccup tried to gain his posture as he watched Mr. Clause head over to his desk.

"Did you really know my father?" Hiccup came over to the desk.

"Ya, good friend. Both met in college in 66 and stayed close… till his end days" Mr. Clause looked sad and then switched to annoyed. "He even dragged me along on his crazy, danged fool of an expedition. Stoic that fruit cake, he was, spoke often of you"

"Really," Hiccup was shocked. "My father never mentioned you"

"Oh, he wouldn't. Knows how much I like my privacy. That's why he asked me to take care of you if anything happen to him" Mr. Clause hung his head in sadness.

"You mean your…"Hiccup could not believe he was standing in front of the man who has been taking care of him for years.

"But enough of vat" Mr. Clause reached into his desk drawer and took out a heavy brown covered object. "Your father wanted you to have it"

Hiccup took the object and uncovered it to see the book he and his father have been looking for. His hand went over the unique swirls that marked the leather cover making it feel old and unusual. As he opened the book and looked at the pages and smelled the sea salt air that came off of it.

Flipping through the book he could not believe it. "The…the.. Shepard's Journal."

"Looks like a bunch of mumbo jumbo to me" Mr. Clause turned his chair around.

"Mr. Clause that's because it's in a dialect that no longer exists." Hiccup quickly scanned the pages, excitement filled within him. "I spent my whole life studying dead languages. It's certainly not mumbo jumbo to me"

"It could be a fake"

Hiccup's mood fell as he closed the book and turned to Mr. Clause. "Mr. Clause, my father would have would have known if it were a fake. I would know" He slammed his hand onto the desk shouting "I will stake everything I own, everything I believed in that this…this here is the authentic Shepard's Journal.

Mr. Clause turned his chair to face the boy "So what do you want to do with it?"

"I'm gonna…I'm gonna find the city. That's what I'll do. I'll get funding!" Hiccup passed back and forth. "The museum…"

"Those people will never believe you" Mr. Clause looked at his fingers, pretending to look for dirt. "Like today"

"Yes! Well no" Now that was strange, how did Mr. Clause know that "How did you…. Forget it. If I have to finding stinking rowboat and row myself to find Atlantis. Then that's what I'll do"

Mr. Clause stared at the exhausted boy in front of him. After a long pause he smirked. "Vell done my boy. This is exactly what I wanted to hear. But forget the rowboat of yours and ve'll will use this" Mr. Clause pushed a button on his desk and up came a magnificent submarine, Hiccup had ever seen.

"Woah…" Hiccup looked up at the man "Why?"

"Your father's been telling me those crazy stories for years" Mr. Clause raised his hands in annoyance and drama. "Nagged my ears off until von da, I said 'if you ever find that stupid journal, I vill finance your expedition. I'll even kiss you on the mouth" Mr. Clause grabbed one of the smaller picture and showed it to Hiccup. "Imagine my embarrassment when he found the darn thing"

Hiccup laughed at the picture of the two men with his father spitting and Mr. Clause wiping his mouth.

Mr. Clause put the picture back on the mantle and rested his hands on the marble while bowing toward the fire. "You have no idea how great your father was" Mr. Clause then straighten up and yelled at the picture above the fire place. "You here that buddy, I'm going to the afterlife with a clear conscience" He let out a sigh. "I've always hated those buffoons at the museums. They dragged him down and made him a laughing stock. I wanted to visit that funeral but I just couldn't listen to them banter about him. If I could bring back in shred of proof tha'd be enough for me" He let out another sigh then was back to his crazy self. "What are we standing around her for, we go work to do"

"But….but… Mr. Clause. Do you have any idea what you're proposing? We need a crew…" Hiccup tried to reason with Mr. Clause on with the reality they were in.

"Got'em all. The best of the best" Mr. Clause put a bunch of files on his desk as he spread them out. "We have Tuffnut Thorston, geology and excavation. The man has a nose for dirt, literally. Snotlout Jorgenson, demolition. Busted him out of a Turkish prison. Astrid Hofferson, don't let her age fool you. She knows more about engine than you and I will ever know. They're the same crew that brought back the journal"

"Where was it?"

"In Iceland" a picture of all of the crew were in Iceland, the one in the middle holding the book looked like he was in charge.

"I knew it" Hiccup jumped up and down but was stopped with what Mr. Clause said next.

"All we need now is someone how can read this mumbo jumbo."

Excitement filled Hiccup face "This is all real"

"Da, but now the decision time, my boy. You need to realize that you can go back to your daily life and work hard in that boiler room for the vest of your life or…"

Hiccup stretched out his hand towards Mr. Clause "I'm going Mr. Clause and you can't stop me"

Mr. Clause smirked and took Hiccups hand and shook it vigorously.

"Okay, first I have to quit my job" Hiccup ran towards the elevator but was stopped my Mr. Clause.

"You already did this morning"

"I did" Hiccup stared at Mr. Clause in confusion.

"Da, like me you don't like loose ends"

" house?"

"Taken care of"

"My clothes?"


"My books?"

"In storage"

"My cat?" Fluffy came from behind Hiccup's shoulder and purred as it climbed into his arms. "My gosh"

"Your father had this strange saying 'Our lives are remembered…." Mr. Clause picked up the book and handed it to Hiccup. "by the gifts we leave our children' . This journal is his gift to you, Hiccup."

"Don't worry Mr. Clause, I'm your man" Hiccup quickly enter the elevator and pushed the up button. "Boy, I'm so excited. I can't hold it in"


On one of Mr. Clause's ships by the rails, Hiccup was pucking his guts out because of sea sickness. "Carrots. Why does it always have to be carrots"

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