Atlantis (Hijack)

Chapter 2: Voyage to Atlantis

"Attention. All hands to the launch bay. To whoever took the 'L' from the sign 'Motor Pool' …..hehe, awesome"

As he walking through the deck, Hiccup could not understand why they put someone like that in charge of the intercom system.

"Why they put Ruffnut in charge of the intercom system, I'll never….." Heather was rubbing her head until she saw Hiccup walking aimlessly around. "Mr. Haddock!"

Hiccup quickly turned around to see Heather. Walking over to her, he said, "Oh, it's you. I need to check in"

Heather was getting a huge headaches, feeling like a babysitter when someone interrupted.

"Hey raven hair, I got a bone to pick with you" A grumpy old man was in the back with fresh food all around him.

"Hold that thought" Heather turned to face Mildew, she wasn't ready to deal with his problems "What Mildew?"

"You stuffed my precious wagon with all this nonsense" Mildew rummaged through all the bins to show Heather what he meant. "I'm mean, look at this….cinnamon, oregano, cilantro. What in gods' name is a cilantro? And this…." Mildew held up a red shiny apple. "and what am I supposed to do with this?"

"That would be an apple" Heather huffed as she shoved the apple out of her face and back a Mildew's.

"An apple?"

"Yes, it's one of the four basic food groups" Heather turned to walk away. "The men need it"

"I got your four basic food groups!" Beans, bacon, whiskey, and cabbage!" Mildew put his weight into his knows "Ahh cabbage"

The sudden Alarms went off as Heather grabbed Hiccup and they entranced the elevator with ten other men.

"Attention. All hands to the launch bay. Final loading in progress"

The elevator came to a halt and everyone ran out. That made Hiccup lose Heather, thus he stumbled around to figure out where to go. The amazement of the of the ship stopped Hiccup in his tracks, which in turn made a large cart run into him.

"Hey, I'm walking here" A muscular man named Snotlout looked out from behind the cart and when he saw who he almost ran over, he leaned against this cart and laughed "Hey, Junior… if you're looking for the kiddie rides there back there. Hahaha." Snotlout grabbed his cart and continued on his way.

Something rolled by Hiccups fee as he picked it up and called to Snolout "Hey you forgot your dy-dy-dynamite" Snotlout rolled his cart back and grabbed the dynamite "Hehehe, what else you got in there?"

Snotlout thought in his head before he began to count with his finger "Oh, eh, gunpowder, nitroglycerin, notepads….fuse, wicks, glue…and paperclips. Big ones. You know, just uh, office supplies"


Hiccup turned to see Mr. Clause standing next to a large, Viking like gentleman. "Finally, someone I know" It's not like Snotlout scared him or anything, but it was more of what he was packing that scared him.

"Where have you been my boy" Mr. Clause introduced him to the gentleman next to him. "This is Commander Alvin. He led the Iceland team that brought back the journal."

"Hiccup Haddock. It's a pleasure to meet you the son of old Stoic." He then pointed to the book in Hiccup hands. "I see you've got that journal. Nice pictures, but I prefer my Vikings show myself"

Mr. Clause laughed at Alvin's attempt to break the ice with Hiccup. "Well, what do you think?"

Hiccup stared in awe at the large submarine. "Man, when you settle a bet, you settle a bet" Hiccup could not believe he was going to ride on this glorious submarine.

"Hohoho. Well your father always believed 'you couldn't put a price on the pursuit of knowledge" Mr. Clause smiled to himself, remembering his friend.

"Well Mr. Clause, this is going to be a small change compared to the value of what we are going to learn on this trip." Alvin patted both backs of Hiccup and Mr. Clause. "This trip will definitely enrich us all"

"Attention, all personal. Launch will commence in fifteen minutes"

"Mr. Clause"


They both shook hands and said their goodbyes. Alvin grabbed Hiccup and dragged him away.

"Bye Mr. Clause!" Hiccup shouted.

"Make me proud boys!" shouted Mr. Clause


Inside the submarine, everyone was hassling and bustling to get everything ready. The Diving Officers were going through all the checklist. Once finalized as the told the Chief of Watch that they were ready to dive. Watch Officers then turned to Alvin, who then told his crew to 'take her down'. The crew pushed button and the ship dived in the depth of 1-5-0 feet. The alarms went off and people shouted "Dive, Dive! Five degrees down bubbles"


"Attention. Tonight's supper will be backed beans and stewed cabbage." A Sigh was heard and music followed after words. "Who wrote this crap?"

Hiccup stared at the intercom, thinking how crazy everything that had happen today. He met up with a cold and mean Heather. Met the guy who's been taking care of him. A crazy bomb guy named Snotlout. And finally Alvin. For some reason, Hiccup got chills whenever he was near the man.

Reading the piece of paper in his hand, Hiccup tried to find the room he would be staying in. He stopped in front of his room, and let out a sigh of relief. He entered the room and flopped on the bed. Tired and exhausted, he tried to get some sleep before the meeting.

It wasn't until a few minutes later that his top bunk mate stare at him from above. "Hey!"

Hiccup yelped and hit his head on the top bunk.

The blonde hair fellow jumped off his bed and stood next to Hiccup. "May I ask what you're doing?" The blonde fellow tapped his fingers together waiting.

"I'm Hiccup and this here is my room, well part room" Hiccup continued to mumble.

"Uh-huh" The blonde leaned closer to Hiccup "Get off"


"GET OFF, GET OFF, GET OFF!" blonde pulled Hiccup off the bed and onto the floor. He pulled off the blanket to reveal dirty, rocks, and other specimens with flags sticking out of each. "My babies, what has he done to you!?"

Hiccup watched as the man scooped up each one and put them back into their dirt pile "What the heck are those doing in my bed!?"

"You ask too many questions" Blonde got back up and rammed his forehead into Hiccup's. "Who are you? Who sent you? Or have I met you somewhere before?"

"I just told you that….."Hiccup tried to back away from the crazy man.

"Bah! I will know soon enough" The blonde man grabbed Hiccup's arm and plucked a stone from his nail.

"Hey, hey! Let go!" Hiccup grabbed his hand back and watch the strange man, sniff, lick, and stared at the fiber.

"Parchment fiber from the circ550 B.C. Lead pencil, number 2, paint flecks….of a type used in government buildings. You have a cat, short hair Persian. Two years old, third in litter of seven. There are all the microscopic fingerprints…of the mapmaker and linguist" The blonde man squinted at the fiber.

"That's amazing, how did you…." Hiccup was awestruck on how this man could identify him with only a piece of dirt from his fingernail.

"How dare they room me with such a person. This is not expectable" The man then turned to Hiccup with anger. "Get out! OUT OUT OUT OUT!"

Tuffnut pushed Hiccup out of the room and they both ran into a tall buff bald man with a long blonde braded mustache. "Uh-oh. Sat in the dirt, did ya" the man got serious look on his face as he looked at the blonde. "Tuffnut, what did I say about playing nice with others" Tuffnut almost attacked the beefy man when the large man took out a bar of soap. "Ah ah, I got soap and I'm not afraid to use it"

Tuffnut hissed at the man and he ran back into his bed under his covers.

"Back, back, foul creature. Back into your hole" The man turned to look at Hiccup "The names Gobber. Medical officer and arm and leg replacement guy."

"Hiccup Haddock, sir" He sighed in relief now that he had someone to ward off the crazy person above him.

Gobber placed his bag on the bed, then thought of the boy "Hiccup, Hiccup. Oh right. Mr. Haddock. My 3'oclock, oh well" Gobber then took out a large saw. "No time like the present my dad would always say" Gobber watched as Hiccup's eyes widen in terror at him. "Oh this? This I got from a catalog that says this beauty can saw through a femur in 28 seconds. I on the other hand, intend to cut that time in half" Gobber put away the saw and took the opportunity of Hiccups gaping mouth to stick a tongue pressure in. "Sooo, where ya from?"

Hiccup could only grunt and gurgle as Gobber switched the pressure to a thermometer to communicate.

"Really? I have family up there. Beautiful country. Do ya fish by any chance?"

"Ahmmm hmm"

"Me? I hate fish. Hate the taste, smell, and those little bones." Gobber then noticed that Hiccup was looking at his hook. "Oh this. This is the result of a woman, a man, and a stick of cheese. Don't ask it's not a pretty story" Gobber then brought out two large jars. "Fill these up would ya?"

Hiccup spit out the thermometer and stared wide eyed at Gobber. "WITH WHAT!?"

"Will Hiccup Haddock report to the bridge? Thank you"

Hiccup sighed in relief. "I mean"

"Go. Was nice meeting you" Gobber waved goodbye as he put his things way.


At the intercom, Ruffnut was talking to her friend "So I say to him. 'What's wrong with my meatloaf' and you know what he said to me. Oh" She saw one of the lights lit up and got ready to push another button "Hold on Margie, I got another call. Sir, we're approaching coordinates" Ruffnut pushed the button off and then went back to talking to her friend.

"All right, let's have a look around" Alvin walked along the bridge.

"Aye sir" Heather replied. She ordered the men to keep an eye open for anything.

Down below, Hiccup entered through the door while was still amazed by the ship. He climbed up the stairs and onto the bridge.

"Welcome to the bridge my boy. Okay everyone let's give Mr. Haddock. Our undivided attention" Alvin brought Hiccup in front of the screen and he ordered.

"Good afternoon. Can everyone hear me ok?" He saw that everyone was giving him a bored expression of 'I don't want to be here'. "Hehe, okay. I know slides. Everyone like slides, right" Hiccup got out his slides and put the first one it, but unfortunately because of his nervousness he put in one when he was at the beach. Everyone got a kick out of making fun of it, which caused him to blush more. Hiccup quickly took it out and put in the correct slide. "Hehe, my bad. Here we go. Now this slide is deception of a creature, that sailors were said to be driven mad by mere sight" Hiccup then was going to put in the next slide when he dropped them.

"You've got to be kidding me" Snotlout let out an ugh. "I used to take money from wimps like him"

"There we go" The slide brought up an illustration of a horrid creature. "Now the Leviathan was said to be a creature that guard the entrance to Atlantis"

"You know with some wine and butter that would be a delicious meal for two" Snotlout received a punch in the face by Astrid.

"It's actually a mythical sea serpent. He's described in the Book of Job. "Hiccup grabbed one of his books and opened to page. "The bible says 'out of his mouth go burning lights and sparks of fire shoot out" Hiccup closed the book and turned to group with a shrug. "But it probably a carving or something. A sculpture to frighten off superstitious."

"So what you're saying is…." Alvin rubbed his chin then looked out into the ocean. "We need to find this master piece. Then what?"

"When do we get to dig?" Tuffnut jumped out from the group excited.

"Actually, we don't have to dig" Hiccup explained.

"You said there be digging" Tuffnut grunted a whispered Heather.

"Shush" Heather glared at him.

"You see, according to the journal" Hiccup brought out the book for everyone to me. "The path to Atlantis will take us down the tunnel at the bottom of the ocean, and we'll come up a curve into air pocket right here" Hiccup put another slide "where we'll find remnants of an ancient highway that will lead us to Atlantis. Kind of like a grease track in your sink."

One of the crew men called up to Alvin "Sir, you better come take a look at this"

"Alright, class dismissed" Alvin looked out at the sea again "Give me light"

As the lights turned on and they revealed the bottom to be desecrated with ship of every era.

"Look at that"

Everyone stared in awe struck at the site.

"Cool" Tuffnut chuckled at the scene. "Hey Ruff, check this out"

"Hold on a sec" Ruffnut heard weird noises coming from her head set. "Commander? Commander? Commander?"

"What is it Ruffnut?" Asked Alvin, who had enough of Hiccup banter about the path ahead.

"I think you should hear this" Ruffnut turned on the speakers and everyone heard the sound of groaning of a monster along with whooshing sounds similar to water being moved around the beast.


Hiccup, Alvin, and Heather surrounded Ruffnut to try and figure out what that strange sound was.

"What is that? A pod of whale" Alvin tapped the screen.

"uh-uh, bigger" Ruffnut confined.

"It sounds metallic. Could be our ship echoing of the walls" Heather began to press buttons.

"Do you want to do my job, be my guest" Ruffnut place her feet on the machine and waited for Heather to apologies.

"Is it me or is the sound getting louder" Hiccup was right it was, but suddenly everything became deadly quiet.

Heather shrugged her shoulders "Well it's over now. Whatever it was it's…."


Something slammed full force into the ship, knocking everyone out of their seats. Outside the ship, a huge sea monster like lobster, known as the Leviathan, was attacking the ship. It was definitely doing its job as guardian. It ram its claw into the ship side, causing panic and problems.

Astrid ran down the corridors trying to close all the valves because of water. Yelling at her crew to take their places and watch the Boiler.

On the bridge, Alvin was marching orders at everyone to take their place. "Load and fire those torpedoes boys! Subpod crew, battle stations.

"Battle stations everyone" Heather pointed and shouted at everyone "Let's move, move, move!"

In the launch bay, both Tuff and Snotlout jumped inside the subpod with twenty other crew members.

Inside the ship it was worse, water was seeping in and Astrid had to close the door. Men who were fast enough to make it to other side were safe but those on the other side met death. It was not any better on the bridge. Heather, Alvin, and Hiccup were trying to keep steady as the creature kept smacking the sub around. It soon grabbed the sub and pulled it to its face.

Alvin and Heather grabbed the rail just in time, but Hiccup hit the window full force. As he tried to get to his feet. He saw firsthand what the Leviathan really was "Om my gods, it's a machine"

"Launch the pods already" Alvin shouted.

Ten pods were shot out and five fired on the creatures. The creature let go of the damaged submarine but angrily went after the pods. The submarine used this chance to get way and turn around to fire back at the creature. The creature became enraged and fire a large lighting like beam at the ship. The submarine got hit with the tremendous blast, causing a hole into the ship. Five people were electrocuted along with the armor hall being torn apart.

In the engine room, bolts were being shot out of the pipes because the pressure became unbearable. The boiler room was filling with water and bolts that Astrid had to get out of there.

She climbed out of the tunnel and the engineers closed it behind of him. She shouted "Get me the bridge"


"Astrid, what's happening?" shouted Alvin on the other line.

"We took a big hit down here. We are taking on water fast." Astrid quickly looked when she heard the sound of a loud bang was heard. "I don't want to be around when it hits the boiler"

"How long do we have?" Asked Alvin

"At least twenty minutes" Another bang was heard and Astrid changed that. "Better make the fifteen."

On the bridge, Alvin yelled at his crew to get to the escape pods. It was the only chance they had to get out. "Ruff sound the alarm"

"I have to call you back honey. Ya were going under" Ruffnut pushed the almost button and a recording went off as she high tailed it out of there.

"All hands abandon ship"

"Move it people!" Heather shouted at people to get inside the escape pod "sometime today would be nice!" Heather jumped in and locked the door as she ran to the control room next to Alvin. She turned her head and shouted to Astrid, Gobber, Ruffnut, and Hiccup "Buckle up people it's going to be a bumpy ride"

"Lieutenant, get us out of here" Alvin shouted at Heather. "Lieutenant."

Heather pushed all the buttons and then she tried to pull the lever "I'm trying!" She gave it a good kick and the trap door opened and out came the pods just in time before the ship exploded. The blast nocked the pods forward and the Leviathan, who heard the blast as well, went after the them.

Both Astrid, Gobber, Ruffnut, and Hiccup felt the force of the explosion but since there were no windows they had no idea what was going on outside. It wasn't until Alvin said "where to Mr. Haddock" that Hiccup opened the book.

Hiccup rustled through the pages in his book until he came to the page. "We're looking for a big crevice of some kind."

Alvin and Heather searched and found it. Heather grabbed the mic and called to all the crafts. "Make your mark 20 degrees down"

In the sub behind them, Snotlout shouted "Right behind you"

The beast was gaining on their tail, trying to take them out before they reached the crevice. It was able to grab at a few pods and make them explode, that were behind Tuffnut and Snotlout. Making it to the opening, the subs dived as the creature tried to force its way through only to be stuck and unable to go father. Rubbles of rock and bubbles made the ships pulled forward as their windows cracked from debris.

The words "It's just like a grease trap, it's like a grease trap. It's just like a sink!" were repeated by Hiccup.

"Come on, come on" Heather shouted as the sub pushed through the surface just in time before the sub's window shattered.


Tired and exhausted, people climbed out of the ships. But they knew they couldn't celebrate, for many of their friends and crew members have died in battle. The only thing they could do was allow Gobber to set a bowl with a candle in the water and have Alvin say a few words.

"Several hours ago, we started out this expedition with 200 of the finest men and women I've ever known. We're all that's left. I won't sugar coat this, gentlemen. We have a crisis on how hands. But we've been up this particular river before…and we've always come through, paddle or no paddle. I see no reason to change that policy now. From here on it everyone drives, everyone works. Look like all our chances for survival" Alvin turned to look at Hiccup who was clutching the Journal. "Rest with you and the little book.

Hiccup stared at the book in his hands and gulped down his responsibly.

"We're gonna die aren't we" Snotlout let out a sigh of despair and all crew members climbed into their trucks.

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