Atlantis (Hijack)

Chapter 4: Atlantians & Their Problem

Hiccup was slowly coming to. Darkness was the only thing that surrounded him at first. The only thing he knew was that he was leaning against some sort of stone and he was in pain. He guessed that when the crash happened, his body was flunged away from the group. When everything started becoming clear, Hiccup started hearing voices. He slowly opened his eyes to come face to face with those masked creatures, unknown to Hiccup, that were following them.


"Neva no ida?"

"I-de novage"

Hiccup started to panic as he tried to backup but the stone behind him made him unable to. Pointing their spears at him, he couldn't figure out if they wanted to attack him or examine him. Hiccup suddenly felt a sharp pain on the left side of his chest. He reached out to grab it the wound and one of the creatures came close to him.

Lifting it mask, Hiccup came face to face with the most stunning albino boy he had ever seen. Watery crystal eyes that you could swim in came closer to look at the wound. Hiccup gaped at the boy, but could only watch and stare as the boy took his blue crystal necklace and placed it on the wound. Dragging it lightly over the wound a couple of times until it glowed. He then suddenly placed his hands on the glowing wound. It began to glow as well. Hiccup gasped as a shot of electric pain through his body. The boy lifted his head off and Hiccup turned to look at his wound. Shocked crossed his face when he saw that his wound suddenly was gone.

Hiccup touched the non-wounded place. He could not believe that it was gone. No mark or scars remained. He looked up at the boy who gave him a loving smile. Pulling his mask back on, they bounded away as the ground began to tremble.

Out came the drill with a bunch of shouts from the expedition crew. But Hiccup was preoccupied with trying to stop the creatures from away. He ran after them.

Quick as they were, they were definitely unnatural beings that moved like they knew the terrain. Hiccup stumbled and climbed the jagged rocks. Until he came to an opening that was filled with mist and growth.

Hiccup shout "Who are you!?"

The digger came through the wall behind him. Every one of them, Gobber, Astrid, Snotlout, and the twins, stared in awe. Gobber rubbed his eyes to make sure he wasn't seeing things.

The scenery was breath taking. A large waterfall so high that if you looked at the top of it, you will see a stone ivory city of Atlantis. At last the city they craved was in front of them.

"Sweet mother of Thor"

"It's so beautiful"

"Hiccup, I got to hand it to you" Snotlout patted Hiccup on the back for a job well done. "You really came through"

Suddenly, the warrior that had healed Hiccup were behind them. They pointed there spears at the introducers.

"Okay, I take it back" Snotlout quickly put Hiccup in front of him like a shield.

"Holy Yak" Tuffnut appeared behind his sister. "Who are these guys?"

"They got to be Atlantians" Hiccup got out of Snotlout's grip and walked a little towards them.

"What? That's impossible" Astrid couldn't believe what Hiccup was saying.

"I've seen this before. They can smell fear just by looking at you" Tuffnut held Ruffnut in front of him "Everybody get behind Ruffnut"

"Nashigan prata, me yun nescata niya nasuveniya"

"I think it's talking to you" Gobber whispered to Hiccup.

Hiccup walked in front of the group, trying to say words in Atlantian. "Re me…sene..da..du ehra top.."

As Hiccup kept speaking, the one in charge gave its spear to the one with blue paws and it took off its mask to reveal the albino boy, who had healed Hiccup.

"Brauito de gante la making to de be nito"

"Ka-wegane pre" Hiccup rubbed his head, trying to remember the words that he memorized for so many years. He blamed the boy for his nervousness.

The boy looked at him confused by his words "Ka-wegane. Wageno prsemos es es denen"

"Ita, sum amice viator" Hiccup could not help but chuckle at the young Atlantian, who switched languages because of confusion and to find out if they were…friendly.

"Dices linguam Romae" The boy was astonished that Hiccup knew the language

Hiccup took this opportunity to see if the bot knew another language. "Parlez-vous francais?"

"Oui monsieur!" The boy nodded happily at the game.

"They speak a language I know" Tuffnut took this opportunity to do something stupid. "Pardon Messieurs. *&*&^%%*$%$%&%^*#& #&"

When Tuffnut whispered into the boy's ear, the boy eyes widened and he punched Tuffnut square in the face.

"Oooh, I like him" Ruffnut placed her elbow on Astrid's shoulder, as they watched Snotlout pulled Tuffnut back.

"Buenos dias"

"Guten tag"

Every one of the Atlantians pulled off their masked and greeted them. Some were odd, for two of them were giant weird bunny who acted human. They were even bigger than Gobber. One had blue fur with dark blue makings and the other was brown with dark brown makings. They both looked fierce and unsure of the strangers as they stayed back. Hiccup could guess they were the Pookas that the book had mentioned. Humanoid rabbit creatures who live with the Atlantians.

Hiccup saw two girls, one with two red braids and one who had one white braid that went off her shoulder. The one who looked older, white braided one, was holding back the other girl. He guessed the older one was scared for her safety. But yet again they were strange to their world.

"How do they know all these language?" asked Astrid as she waved.

"Their language must be based on a root directed. It's just like the Tower of Babel" Hiccup tried to get the other to understand.

"Hmmm" Alvin rubbed his chin. "Then maybe English is in there too" Alvin pulled Hiccup behind him "We're explorers from the surface world. We came in peace."

"Welcome to the city of Atlantis" The boy shouted and grabbed Hiccup. "Come. You must speak with my mother now"


The Atlantians guided them along the bridge. Hiccup with in the same car as Alvin and Heather, who were thinking and annoyed by Hiccups banter. They knew Hiccup was excited by all the new things he saw. How Atlantians spoke to the amazing architecture that was all around them.

"Someone is having a good time" Heather said sarcastically.

"Ya, like a kid at Christmas" Alvin was ready to bring his head against the steering wheel.

"Commander, there were not supposed to be people down here" Heather whispered to Alvin. "This changes everything"

"This changes nothing" Alvin grumbled.


Inside they were greeted with two guards who guarded a large door that opened up to a magnificent water throne room. Similar to that of a Chinese garden, but the atmosphere wasn't at all as peace as it looked.

"We can't stay like this forever. Let me take…" The man who was talking had onyx black hair and skin of grey with black eyes. He had the same markings as all the other Atlantians but they were black, where theirs were blue. He wore a dark pharaoh like skirt. The men with him wore similar garments and dark tattoos.

They looked to be talking to the one on the throne. A strong, confident woman with her hair of crystal white up and a crown of crystal on her head. Her face was hard with her blue crystal spear staff in hand. (Atlantis 2 spear) She looked to Hiccup more of the ice queen from those myth tales.

"Greetings, your highness…..Pitch" the boy, who they now knew was a prince, spoke. He was talking he sounded respectful, but when he was talking to the other called Pitch, he looked as though he disliked the man. "I have brought visitors"

The ice queen look at the crew then back at the prince. "You know the law Jack. No outsiders may see the city and live"

Hiccup copied down Jack's and the queen's conversation in his notebook as he followed their conversation.

"Mother…."Jack tried to reason with her. "These people may be able to help us"

"We do not need help from outsiders" she slammed the staff into the ground as she raised her voice.


"That is enough! We will discuss this later" The queen said sternly.

"If I may interject" Pitch spoke in English, and it was in a gentle, kind, understanding voice. "Why not let them stay for a while. I'm sure we can persuade them to keep our secret. Maybe let them stay for a few days. Two at most. Some of my men say that there….monstrosities need to be repaired."

"Why do you say this Pitch?" The Queen eyed him suspiciously.

Pitch walked over to the group and looked at them curiously. "I too am curious about these…surface dwellers. If it pleases you…my men will watch them while they stay."

The Queen though about it and gave a quick look to her golden yellow shaman Sandy. Then she looked back at the group. "Fine, two days, but that is all"

"That's all we need your highness" Alvin and the rest bowed to the royals and everyone exited out of the room.


Once they were gone, the Queen let out a sigh and she leaned back onto the hidden pillow. Jack ran up to the Queen. Know you can see the throne was more of a bed hidden by the lighting and drapes. Jack helped put her feet onto the bed as she laid down.

"Your heart is to soft Jack." She sighed as the Shaman brought medicine to her. "Thank you, Sandy"

"And you are pulling the wool over everyone's eyes" Jack rung a cloth and patted his mother's forehead. "These people could help us"

"Yet they bring weapons" The Queen questioned "And Pitch…what could he be up to?"

"Probably up to no good, but he has a point"

"Jack" Her voice becoming a warning line to not cross.

"You know he's right about Atlantis….us" Jack let out a sigh. "We were once a great city. Now look at us. A thousand years our people have to scavenge for food and our city, our culture is crumbling before us" Jack got more frustrated. "If the kings and queens could see us now…."

"Jack…" she grabbed her son's hand and held them with her own. "These outsiders…"

"Can help us unlock our past, perhaps we can save our future"

"What they have to teach us, we have already learned" The queen gently touched her hand to her son's cheek. "Our way of life is preserved. Jack look at me. When you take the throne, you will face many obstacles like these"

Jack looked to his mother with sadness, and turned to look at Sandy, who mutely shook his head to say that can leave.

Jack let his mother rest as he got up and left knowing he couldn't change her mind.

The Queen watched her son exit out the door and closed her eyes for a few before asking Sandy. "Sandy….what do you see?"


(A Few Hours Before)

The crew exited the palace, sighing and tired from nervousness and intensity.

"Well that went well" Snotlout sat down exhausted.

"Was it that bad?"

The only ones who were not with then when they met the Queen was Gobber and the twins because of certain reason.

"It seems the queen doesn't trust us, but her son wants something from us. This Pitch guy though….." Hiccup was looking through his note while explaining to the group what was going on.

Astrid shivered "Ya, he gives me the creeps"

"Well chills or no chills that man got us to stay here for a while" Alvin smirked to the crew.

"Well, they're hiding something. And I went to know what that is?" Heather turned to Alvin.

"True" Alvin rubbed his chin to think. "We need someone to talk to the prince"


"Someone who won't scare him away"

"Ya, scare him"

"Someone who speaks the language"

Ya, language" Tuffnut was then hit very hard by Astrid. "Shutting up now"

"Good man Haddock" Alvin patted Hiccup on the back. "Thanks for volunteering"

"Wait, What!?" Hiccup looked up from his book, startled by what they wanted him to do.


(Back to current time)

After waiting a while, Hiccup waited for Jack to come out. Hiccup went over his lines while pacing. "Okay, Hiccup. You can do this. He's just a guy. A really hot guy with dazzling teeth, hair….nononono! Focus!" Hiccup heard the door open and looked to see Jack coming out. "This is it" Hiccup let out a breath of air. "Let's do this" by the time he looked around, Jack was gone. "What the?" Hiccup came out from his hiding spot unknown to him that Jack was sneaking up behind him.

Grabbing Hiccup and covering his mouth, Jack said "I've got some questions for you and I'm not letting you leave until you answer them all"

Once Jack let go of him, Hiccup couldn't think straight because Jack stole everything he wanted to say from the geco. "Okay"

"Good. Come" Jack grabbed a hold of Hiccup and dragged the poor boy down the street.

They walked down the ruined path, Jack kept going on and on about questions he wanted to know. He was as bad as Hiccup and Hiccup could nor answer or ask do to Jack nonstop talking.

"Oh, there is so much to ask about your world. You are a scholar, are you not? Judging by your diminish physique….and large forehead, you are suited for nothing else. What is your country like? How did you hmmm…."

Hiccup cut Jack off "Wait a minute. I go a few questions too" Hiccup took his hand off Jacks mouth when the boy stopped talking. "So let's do this okay? You ask one then I'll ask one"

"Fine then" Jack smiled.

"First off, I'm Hiccup. Yes, I am a scholar, but also a semi mechanic slash blacksmith. It's kind of a hobby for mine" Hiccup got out a cool looking brass gear tied on a string with a little circular blue sea glass on it. "It's something from my father's old broken watch. Pieces were missing and my father didn't want to toss it, but it was so badly broken and I made this for him but…"

"It's beautiful" Jack stared at it with awe.

"Thanks but I also do other crazy stuff" Hiccup put the necklace back in his skirt. "What about you? What's your story?"

"Well, my name is Jacktonloflegsonometo prince of Atlantis. Son of Queen Naferatnolosigas of Atlantis." Jack turned around to see Hiccup's mouth gaped open. "But everyone calls me Jack."

"U-huh" Hiccup thanks whoever was listening for giving this boy am easer nickname to say. "So how did…your culture… end up down" Hiccup made lots of gesture but looked at Jack as he looked down with sadness.

"It is said that the gods became jealous of Atlantis." Jack began to walk along side Hiccup as he continued. "They sent a great cataclysm and banished it here. All I can remember is the sky going dark and people shouting and running. Then, a bright light like a star…floating above the city." Jack then stopped and looked at the water. "My mother says it called to my father. I never saw him again"

"I'm sorry" Hiccup remembered how he was in the same boat too. "If it makes you feel better, I lost my WAIT a minute." Hiccup replayed what Jack just heard. "You were there is that what your telling me."

"Yeesss" Jack eyed him suspiciousl.

"Wow" Hiccup stared and then gave a thumbs up. "You look pretty good" and whispered to himself. "For a thousand year old boy"

"So how did you find this place?" Jack stared at him.

"Well, I'll tell you it wasn't easy" Hiccup got out the journal to show Jack. "If it wasn't for this book, we never would have made it"

Jack grabbed the journal and looked at it with astonishment.

"Okay, second question" Hiccup showed Jack the page. "Legend has it that a power source your people possessed. Some kind that enable them to…."

"You mean you can understand this?"

"Yes, I'm a linguist. That's what I do. It my job remember?" Hiccup was unable to continue when the journal was held up to his face.

"You can read this, right here!?"

"Yes, I can read Atlantian. Just like…." Hiccup saw the sad glossy eyes form on Jack. "You can't can you?"

"No one can" Jack closed the book and gave the book back to Hiccup. "Such knowledge has been lost to us since the time of the mehblemok"

"You mean the great flood" Hiccup then remembered the conversation in the palace. "Is they why Pitch fellow….."

"He wished to bring Atlantis back to its form and glory."

"Isn't a good thing?"

"Not when your culture was built on conquering everyone." Jack sighed as he continued. "Pitch believes we should be put back on top while the rest of you bow at our feet"


"Yes, my mother has been putting him off for a long time now. I fear that one day he may find away." Jack let out a depressed sigh.

Hiccup watched the depression take the boy. He not only lost his father, culture, and language, but the only one in his world who wanted to bring it back wants to use it for domination. Hiccup took out the book and decided to cheer the boy up. "Then how about this 'Le bu ten shu ten de…"

"Follow the narrow passage for another league. There you find the first mark" Jack looked at Hiccup with glee. He was happy that he was able to understand.

"Yes yes. That's it. How was my accent" Hiccup put the book away, looking proud and smug.

"Boorish, provincial….and you speak it through your nose" Jack smiled back.

"Ya, gotta work on that"

Jack grabbed his arm and dragged off himself somewhere. "Here, let me show you something"

Hiccup was pulled until Jack stopped in front of a tarped object. Jack undid his hand from Hiccup and went over and pulled the tarp off the dark stone fish like vehicle.

"Woah" Hiccup started geeking out at the vehicle. "What is….what is this? What does this do? How does it work?"

"I have no idea" Jack shrugged his shoulder.

Hiccup stood up and stared, still gawking, at Jack. "What do you mean?"

"I've tried everything" Jack showed him the instructions.

"Okay, let's see here. Hmmm" Hiccup read the script and began to decipher. "Place the crystal into the shot"

"Yes, Yes"

"Gentle place your hand on the inscription pad."

"I did that"

"Okay...did you turn the crystal one-quarter turn back?"


"While your hand was on the inscription pad?" Hiccup looked back at Jack.

"Ye-no" Jack thought about it for a minute and realized that he didn't.

Hiccup stood up smirking. "Ah, well see, there's your problem. That's easy to miss"

Jack shoved Hiccup out of the way and did everything Hiccup instructed. The object lit up and its markings glowed a light blue. It hovered off the ground like a futuristic hovercraft.

"This is amazing. I can see the whole city on this thing." Hiccup examined the vehicle and placed his hand on the pad again. "I wonder how fast it…"

The vehicle went flying into the walls, flinging back and forth like a pinball game. By the time it stopped it smashed into the wall and pieces fell off. The hover powered down and stopped working.

"Okay" both boys eyes widen at the site "Who's hungry?" Asked Jack to break the ice.


The boys laughed and began to walk away. Unknown to them, Pitch and the brown Pooka watched them from a high up window.

"Looks like Jack fancies him" The Pooka smirked at Pitch. "Seems the boy fancies him too"

"That is quiet a problem" Pitch turned from the window. "What did you find out about these ….vermin?"

"Nothing so far, but the men are looking into it" Said the brown Pooka.

"Good, very good" Pitch walked over and sat down in his chair. Cupping his chin as he looked back at the Pooka. "Find out all you can about them. If we play our cards right, we can get a lot out of this" Pitch smiled darkly at the thought "What about their crew. Anyone strike your interest?"

"The raven haired girl perhaps" The Pooka thought for a minute.

"True, she does seem smart"

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