Atlantis (Hijack)

Chapter 5: Dragons and Betrayal

They walked through the crowded streets, talking to each other about everything. As they walked met up with the rest of the gang. Snotlout, the twins and Mildew were looking at tattoos.

"Look at those tattoos"

"That's nothing" Mildew lifted his shirt up. "See, I've got all the states here. Dance rode island"

Snotlout was going to puke but the twins on the other hand looked at the old man's bouncing tummy with awe.


Later, they met up with Astrid and Gobber for lunch. Hiccup let Jack continue as he tried to figure out how the utensils worked. After a while he gave up and just ate with his hands. Jack began to laugh at the boys antiques.

The other two, were different with the food. Astrid got sick a couple times when the women kept passing bowls of unusual food to them.

"Don't forget to eat the heads" Gobber swallowed the live head down. "That's where the nutrients are"

Astrid was going to hurl as she passed her plate to the twins when they sat down to join them.


After a while, the two boys left the street and were now climbing up the large stone rocks. They were using the vines and cracks to get up to the top. Jack wanted to show Hiccup something that he would like. When they reached the top, Hiccup gasped at the site. Tears escaped his eyes.

"You know. My father would tell me stories about this place. Man if…" Hiccup wiped his eyes as he turned to scan the area until he saw Jack. "If he could see me WOAH!"

A beautiful aqua dragon that looked out of something from a storybook or even the ones that they said existed in medieval times, was next to Jack Blue, purple and teal was its colors. Wings spread from the back of the feminine serpent's thin body and purple belly. A saddle was on her back along with a bridle on her head with reins connecting to it.

"This is Amphitrite" Jack patted the dragon as it buried its head in Jack's arms. "She's my water dragon"

"You're what?" Hiccup tried to get a little closer to the beast and boy. "You ride dragons"

"Well, I do…"Jack watched as Hiccup tried to pet her when she snapped at the boy. "Sorry about that. Dragons are wilder now and are not used to human touch"

"Really. I didn't notice" Hiccup looked at his fingers to make sure they were all still there. Then he looked back at Jack. "But she likes you"

"Yes, we have become close" They're foreheads touched as the dragons started to purr. "Besides" Jack pulled his head away and leaned to look at Hiccup. "She has someone who already desires her"

Hiccup turned to look to where Jack was looking and next to him was a giant black salamander like dragon. "Holy" Hiccup jumped in fear of the thing attacking him. The creature just stared back at him, green eyes wide and curious.

"Funny. That dragon doesn't get close to anybody. Well, except me since Amphitrite is the dragon he likes." Jack tried to think.

For some reason when Hiccup looked into the creature's eyes, he saw something. His hand seemed to move on its own. The creature stared at him before letting out small growl. Hiccup thought for a minute and closed his eyes. The dragon started to calmed down. Hand still out, the dragon pressed its head into Hiccup's. He opened his eyes as he let out a gasp. He fell to his knees and wrapped his arms around the creature. "You've been alone for long time haven't you?"

The creature returned with a purr. Hiccup saw something in the dragon similar to how he was. Loneliness, wants, dreams. They may have only met today, but it seemed like they have been friends all their lives.

On the other side of the platform, water dragon and prince stared at the two.

"Wow. That was intense" Jack commented.

The water dragon nodded in agreement.

Jack thought of this opportune moment to go up to Hiccup "Okay, Hiccup. Get on him"

"What" Hiccup got up onto his feet and looked at Jack like he was nuts.

"Come on Hiccup" Amphitrite came up to Jack and he climbed on her back. He grabbed her reigns and looked at Hiccup.

"Ummm" Hiccup climbed onto the black dragon. "Shouldn't I be wearing a seatbelt or something?"

"We'll get one for you later. For now you can go bareback. Hup" Jack and Amphitrite jumped of the edge and flew into the sky.

Hiccup stared in awe then looked down at the dragon. "Okay. Umm Toothless… we're going to take this nice and aaaahhh!"

Toothless took off after them, soaring full force through the air. Hiccup held on for dear life and the dragon slowed down a bit. Hiccup breathed in and out, letting go of toothless neck, he sat up and looked around.

It was amazing. The view of all Atlantis was magnificent and breathe taking.

'This flying thing was great' Hiccup thought. He felt so free and allowed his arms from his front to widening them out on his sides. Feeling the air flow through him, feeling like he was flying more than the dragon. He put his arms back down when he felt like he was losing his balance.

"It's great isn't it" Jack and Amphitrite came up beside him.

"And you get to do this every day!" Hiccup looked down below at the city.

"Ya, it's the only thing that make me feel…"


They both looked at each other with those love struck eyes. Both dragons just sighed and shook their heads at the humans' stupidity.

Jack laughed as he pointed Amphitrite to the place he wanted her to go. Hiccup and Toothless followed after them.


In one of the buildings window, a playroom full of children, who screamed and ran through the room. When they heard a whooshing sound and shadows on the wall, the group of kids ran towards the large balcony/ terrace. Their teacher/nanny let out a sigh as she walked with her little fairy towards where the children went.

They all gasped and awed when Jack, Hiccup, Toothless, and Amphitrite landed on the terrace. Jack got of his dragon and a little blonde messy hair girl jumped onto Jack.


Jack clutched her to his chest and twirled. "Sophie. You're getting so big. Have you've been eating?"


"Jack!" A little brown hair boy came up to him, looking upset. "Where have you been?"

"Aaahhh Jamie. You know I always keep my promises" Jack smiled sheepishly.

All the little kids crowded around the prince and water dragon. No one paid attention to Hiccup until little Sophie snuck up on Hiccup.

"Who are you funny looking man?"

"I'm ah" Hiccup tried to get out a of surprise mode from the little girls sudden appearance.

"His name is Hiccup" Jack covered for him.

"Why is your name sound like the sound that comes out of people's mouth?" Sophie asked, along of more kids showed up and started looking at the strange man.

"He's got funny cloths"

"He has no markings"

"Alright children, that's enough" a young woman with blonde hair and beautiful, different color feathers laced into her head, guided the children back inside.

"Awww, but Tooth" one boy cried out.

"No buts" Tooth gave the children a stern look that meant business.

The children moaned as they were ushered in.

"Come on Sophie" Jamie grabbed his little sister's hand.

"Okay, bye-bye strange man"

"Aren't they cute" Jack came up next to Hiccup.

"Yeah" Hiccup looked at Jack "and your allowed to do this"

"Oh, he tries" Tooth came out and introduced herself. "Toothinea. Jack's friend and babysitter"

"Hiccup" He shook her hand.

"I see Jack is getting you into trouble" Tooth leaned over to see Toothless trying to get Amphitrite attention.

"Ya, but what can you do?" Hiccup shrugged then scratched the back of his head. "You can't really argue with a prince."

"I know. One wrong move and it off with your head." They both laughed at their game but the result left Jack angry.

"Really, is that what you two think" Jack turned away from the two and let out a huff.

"Aahh, come on Jack. It was a joke" she whispered to Jack in Atlantian. "Come on he's good looking. And look you'll never find someone like him"

Jack turned to see Hiccup giving him this most pitiful look. Jack could help but smile. Tooth pushed him and whispered "Don't lose this one"

Jack walked u to Hiccup and looked him in the eyes. He smiled and then punched him in the arm. They both laughed and Jack slung his arm over Hiccup's shoulder.

Tooth let out a sigh as she mumbled something in Atlantian. She then saw the children looking at them through the door. "All right, enough. In ya go you little rotting teeth."

The children giggled as they were assured in by Tooth.

Hiccup blushed while Jack just laughed at the comedy. He let go of the blushing boy as he climbed back onto Amphitrite's back "Come on. We have to more to see"


In one of the towers, Pitch sat on his throne. Waiting.


The doors opened and one of his men was carrying in the screaming Heather.

"Put me down! You brute!" The man put her down on the ground and Heather gave one last punch to the man. She let out a huff as she shook out her hand. "What's going on here!?"

"My dear girl" Pitch got up from his chair. "I'm sorry about all this"

"You better be" Heather gave the strange man a raised eye brow.

"Let's see where to begin" The man paced back and forth. "Ah yes. You are here to find the crystal"

"How'd you?" Heather was lost for words.

Then Pitch opened his hand and the brown Pooka took out a piece of old paper. Pitch went up to her and showed her the paper.

Heather's eyes widen when she saw it. It was the missing page that Alvin took from the shepherd's journal. "What the….."

"You see, my lady. We have something in common." Pitch allowed Heather to have the page.

"We do?" She looked at Pitch with curious eyes. Still unsure if the man could be trusted.

"Yes" Pitch came up behind Heather and laid his hands upon her shoulders "We have a lot in common in deed. Come, come, let me show you" Pitch drew Heather into his ploy. "You are smart and so am I. We want more and people stand in our way" Pitch led Heather over to the chair and allowed her to sit.

"You want the crystal for…?" Heather asked.

"Oh my girl, do you honestly think the crystal is some sort of priceless decoration" Pitch tried to stay calm at the girl's ignorance.

"No, I assumed from the way Haddock talked about it, it was much more." Heather tried to tell her thoughts.

"Yes it is! It's a power source that not only powers these beauties" Pitch showed Heather the crystal necklace. "But all of this." Letting go of the necklace, he spread his arms out to show he was talking about all of Atlantis. He then turned to Heather. "And a long time ago, it was used at a weapon."

"A weapon?" An evil smile appeared on Heathers face.

"Yes, a weapon that could bring the surface world to its knees." Pitch's excitement rose as he went on "The problem is though, is that I have no idea where it is"

"Your Queen is hiding it" Heather now understood what the whole conversation is about back at the palace.

"Exactly! No matter how persuasive I am. She won't budge"

"And the prince?" Heather smirked inside when she saw the man's eyes soften.

"Jack is a little …..oblivious about all this" Pitch got back on topic, but Heather wasn't letting this go.

"And hung over Hiccup" Heather smirk as she knew that she was getting under Pitch's skin.

"Yesssss" Pitch clenched his hand into a fist but held his anger in and turned to look at her. "But all that will change"

"You want to be king" Heather stated.

"Yes" Pitch smirked

"What am I getting out of this" Heather twirled her hair in her fingers, waiting.

"Anything you want" Pitched smiled at the girl.

"I want to be queen" Heather stated like it was obvious.

"I'm afraid that role is going to be filled soon" Pitch reasoned with the girl.

"NO!" Heather yelled at Pitch before she got up. "I want my own country. My own kingdom. Don't worry. I'll be an ally country to your" Heather smirked after she explained.

Pitch laughed as he led Heather out the door. "I'm sure we can …arrange something"

"We then…Good night "Heather let a seductive smile as she exited out the door.

Once she was gone, Pitch let out of breath of air as he returned to his throne.

"You're not really going to…."

"Of course not you idiot!" Pitch yelled at the brown Pooka.

He bought his hand out as something tall, black with dark pool black eyes came to him. It stretched out it long neck and placed it head by Pitch.

"My dear Hyde" Pitch petted the dark dragon's head as he continued to talk with the brown Pooka. "Those vermin should learn their place. Under my boot"

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