Atlantis (Hijack)

Chapter 6: The Secret Crystal

Jack let a yawn as he trudged through the streets. He always did this in the morning after he got up. This was his morning routine before he went out hunting with everyone.

Jack was in so much trouble. It was already the next day and the explorers were going to leave tomorrow. He never knew he would fall head over heels for young Hiccup. Sure he was fascinated with him at first but lately he felt like his heart would burst out of his chest.

Jack climbed on top of a broken wall and sat on the ledge with his back against another wall. The shadow from the light being blocked by the wall made Jack stay in the shadows. Letting out a depress sigh as he couldn't that this was happening.

"Hey Jackie!"

Jack looked up to see Bunny, the blue Pooka with the dark blue marking, with his mask and spear in hand.

"You ready to go hunting?" Bunny tossed the spear at Jack who caught it easily.

"Ugh" Jack let out another sigh as he placed his head on the weapon.

"What's wrong?" Bunny laid against the wall and watch Jack come out of his slump a little.

"I feel so messed up inside" Jack looked down depressed. He felt like his heart was breaking into pieces.

"That's called looooovvvveee"

Behind the wall popped Tooth, Elsa, and Anna. They climbed on the ledge and sat next to Jack.

"You got to be kidding me" Bunny huffed as he placed his back against the wall.

"Come on Bunny. You're in love too" When Anna said that both Elsa and Bunny blush.

"Come on Jack, give us the deets" Tooth bounced, wanting to know what was going on in the love struck teen.

"There's nothing to tell. He's going to leave anyway" Jack huffed into depression again.

"Why not. Just ask him to stay?" Asked Tooth.

"Because he might have a family of his own" Elsa stated.

"Not really. He's mostly on his own" Jack thought about it for a minute. "He's got a cat"

"A what?" They all looked at him weirdly.

"It's some kind of small animal with claws, white fur, and it purrs." Jack tried to sum up what Jack told him about what a cat is. "He calls it Fluffy"

They all gave him a strange look, when suddenly Hiccup showed up and all of them stared at him.

"Um…..bad timing" Hiccup gulped under all the stared he received.

"Nope" Anna jumped off the ledge and she and Tooth grabbed the two lovers, Elsa and Bunny, and walked away.

"Did I miss something" Hiccup pointed to the group, then looked back at Jack asking.

"Nope" Jack got off the ledge and walked up to Hiccup. 'Maybe I should ask Hiccup to stay. I can tell him he can bring his cat here'

"You wanted to show me something yesterday." Hiccup tried to break the awkwardness.

"Yes, of course" Jack grabbed his arm and dragged him in the direction of the area he wanted to show him.


They came to an opening, which had a wall with writing and artwork. On the other side were stairs leading down into the water.

"Here huh" Hiccup scanned the wall trying to read it. "Okay let's see here. This says…" When Hiccup turned around and saw Jack taking off his top layer cloth, he could only stare. "Jack…What are ….What are you doing?"

"You do swim no?" Jack wadded into the water and looked back at Hiccup.

"Oh I swim pretty boy" Realizing what he just said and quickly fixed himself and took off his clothes to be only be left in his boxer. "Pretty good. Hehe. You are looking at the famous belly flopper champion at Camp Hooligan."

Jack tried to stifle his laughter as he watched Hiccup pants blew up.

Hiccup quickly tried to de-blow his pants as he swiftly corrected himself. "Come on. We're wasting time." Hiccup flopped/dived into the water but came up again with Jack smirking and waiting for him to come back up. Once he did, Hiccup said "Why don't you lead, for I have no idea where were going"

Jack dived perfectly into the water and led Hiccup down into the deep water. Jack's crystal light was the only thing that was enabling them to see in the dark water. As they swam through the water, Hiccup saw not only fish but an underwater ruins. It was like the rest of the city was still there and hadn't come to the surface at all. Hiccup stared at the works in amazement, but soon needed to come up for air. Hiccup was so grateful when they came to an air pocket.

"Wow that was amazing" Hiccup was gasping a little for air.

"You okay?" Jack asked.

"Well, I didn't drowned." Hiccup decided now to make a small joke which Jack did not get.

"Good. Follow me"

They both dived back down. Following Jack until they reach a large mural with a large star with righting under it. Hiccup started translating ever inch and was more amazed by every passage. Once done he pointed up to the air pocket, since they both need air.


"This is amazing! A complete history of Atlantis! It just like Plato described" Hiccup's voice rose in excitement of the words he translated. "Well, he was off on a few details"

"The lights I saw. The star in the middle of the city. What does it say about that?" Jack wanted to know what that thing that took his father was.

"I don't known, but we're gonna find out"

They both dived back under and swam to they came to a picture of two large giant men. The star was pointing its rays at the men's chest. Hiccup began to translate along the rings. Coming to the conclusion of what both of them have been searching for.

They came to the air pocket again, as they both let out a gasp.

"The heart of Atlantis." Hiccup's mouth gaped at the thought.

"What?" Jack was confused by what Hiccup's said.

"It's the heart of Atlantis! That's what the shepherd was talking about. It wasn't a star. It was…" Hiccup grabbed Jack crystal to show him. "It was a crystal, like this. Get it. The power source I've been searching for…. The bright light you remember. They're both the same thing."

"That cannot be" Jack was becoming shocked like Hiccup.

"It's what keeping these thing" Hiccup raised the crystal in his hands to gesture to all around them. "You, all of Atlantis alive"

"Then….Where is it?' Asked Jack

"I don't know" Hiccup tried to think. "You'd think something so important would be in the journal, but….unless…the missing page" Hiccup looked at Jack as they both came to the same conclusion.


They both dived and same back to the surface and gasped for air.

"You boys have a nice swim"

They both looked up to see Alvin with his band of men, guns in arms.

"Hey guys. What's going on?" Hiccup swam to one of the rock ledges and used it for support. He scanned the men until he came to the conclusion of what was going on. "I'm such an idiot. This is just another treasure hunt for you. You're after the crystal."

"You mean this?" Alvin took out the missing page from his book. On it was all the information about the crystal and how it worked.

"The heart of Atlantis"

"Yeah, about that" Alvin waved his gun. "I've would have told you sooner but …it was a strictly need to know basis. And, we'll now you know" Alvin got up and took out his hand. "We had to be sure you were on of us. Welcome to the club, son"

"I'm no mercenary" Hiccup yelled.

All the sudden, Jack was grabbed by one of the soldiers by his hair. Jack fought off the man and tossed him over the shoulder. More men came after him, as he defended himself. He only stopped when a gun was fired and more than one gun was pointed at Hiccup. One solider grabbed Jack and pulled his arms behind his back.

Alvin continued like those few minutes had not been interrupted by the Atlantians outburst. "Mercenary? I prefer the term 'Adventure Capitalist'. Besides, you're the one who got us here. You led us right to the treasure chest."

"You don't know what you're tempering with, Alvin." Hiccup was pulled out of the water and held in front of Alvin.

"What's to know? It's big. It's shiny. It's gonna make us all rich" Alvin gave an evil smile at the thought of how rich they were gonna be.

"You think it's some kind of some kind of priceless gem. I thought it was some kind of a battery, but were both wrong. It's their life force." Hiccup broke free of the guard's grip and tried to explain to Alvin how wrong this was. "The crystal is the only thing keeping these people alive. You take that away and they'll die."

"Well, that changes everything" Alvin rubbed his chin "Hey Heather, what do you think?"

"Knowing that, I'd double the price" She looked at her nails like she was not interested.

"I was thinking triple" Alvin laughed.

"Alvin don't do this" Hiccup tried to reason with the large man.

"Academics, you never wanted to get your hands dirty. Think about it. If you gave back everything you stole artifact from a museum, you'd be left with an empty building. We're providing a necessary service to the archeological community." Alvin tried to reason.

"Not interested" Hiccup grunted.

"I got to admit I'm disappointed. You're an idealist. Just like you father. Do yourself a favor, Hiccup. Don't be like him. For once, do the smart thing" Alvin met with Hiccup's upset face. "I really hate it when negotiation goes sour" Alvin snapped his fingers and the men pointed their gun at Jack. "Well?" Alvin brought out the page and held it up to Hiccup.

Hiccup and Jack were dragged to the palace, while unknown to them. In the shadows, a figure watched them leave and then headed out to report back to Pitch.



The doors to the palace were blasted open. Out came the armored men, guns in hands. Everyone was startled the sudden commissioned.

"Knock, Knock" Alvin trudged in "Anyone home"

Both the Queen and Sandy raised their head to see who had entered. The guard pointed there weapons at the men, to protect the Queen.

"Ah ah. Tell your guards to put down their weapon. Now!" Alvin ordered.

When everyone saw Heather drag in the prince, the Queen ordered them to put down their weapons. All the guards complied and clanking could be heard from all the weapons hitting the floor.

"Spread out" Heather shouted as the men grabbed the guards and pointed their guns at everyone. "Search everywhere"

Tuffnut looked through pots and bowls while Gobber pulled the cloths and looked behind them. Everyone was either breaking or looking under and over everything that was in the throne room. Alvin was stilling holding onto Hiccup while Heather with Jack.

When nothing was showing up, Alvin started doing the only thing he could do, yell at Hiccup. "You're not applying yourself son. There's got to be something else."

"Well, there isn't. It just says 'the heart of Atlantis rest in the eyes of her Queen'." Hiccup tried to explain to Alvin, while keeping his anger under control. Knowing that it would only make the situation worse.

"Well, then maybe the Queen knows something we don't" Alvin stocked up to the Queen. "And she can help us with the blanks, hmmm" He then grabbed the Queen by her collar of her neck and she dropped her spear. "Where is it Quenny? Where's the crystal Chamber!?"

"You will destroy yourselves" The Queen tried to act tough, even when being strangled.

"Maybe I'm not making myself clear" Alvin punched the Queen in the stomach. And because of her old age, it caused more damage than it looked.

"May he gueno de near!" Jack screamed Atlantian at Alvin.

"This is not what we agreed on!" Gobber pushed past Alvin as he and Sandy tried to tend to the Queen.

"Plan's change Doc" Alvin sat on the throne and held up the book in his hand. "I suggest you put a bandage on that bleeding heart of yours. It doesn't suit a mercenary. Well, as usual, diplomacy has fallen back." Alvin took out his gun and pointed it at the Queen. "Now I'm going to count to ten and your gonna tell me where the crystal is" Cocking the gun, Alvin was going to start counting when he saw something.

Alvin looked at the stone platforms. Like is army, he thought they were decoration or a platform to stand on while talking to the Queen. But as he looked closer at it, they began to form into the symbol that was on the cover of the book.

"The eyes of her Queen. That is it! We're in!" Alvin got off the throne and walked through the water. He felt around until he found the underwater platform. He grabbed Hiccup and pulled him onto the platform next to him.

"Alvin for the last time, you've got to listen to me. You don't have the slightest idea what this power is capable of" Hiccup tried to reason with him.

"True, but I can think of a few countries who'd pay anything to find out" Heather pushed Jack onto the stone next to Hiccup.


The stone began to move as it sunk downward into the crystal chamber.


Inside was a hallow chamber with lots of water. The only land they could be seen was the one they were on. They all gaped at the huge crystal surrounded by stoned faces above.

"Jackpot!" Alvin gleamed.

"The royals of our past" Jack fell to the floor and bowed his head as he prayed to them.

Alvin got annoyed by Jack's action and told Hiccup "Tell him to wrap it up"

Hiccup tried to hold his anger and touched Jack lightly on the shoulder. Which caused Jack to gasp, thinking it was something else. Hiccup felt bad that he ruined Jack's prayer.

Alvin moved closer to the edge and saw a pebble at his feet. Kicking it into the crystal went red and mad. Similar to that old day, it began to search for something.

"Come on. Let's just get this over with" Heather was freaking out because of the crystal. "I don't like this place"

"Alright Haddock. What next?" Both mercenaries turned to Hiccup.

"Okay, there's a giant crystal hovering 150 feet above our heads over a bottomless pit of water" Hiccup explained in a sarcastic voice.

"The only thing that surprise me is that you…"

The beam landed on Jack and his crystal necklace levitated in front of his face. It glowed a soft blue as well as Jack's eyes lit up in the same blue. "O-tobo" He whispered and smiled to himself. He looked up at the crystal and walked past the yelling group towards the crystal.

The group kept bantering and Hiccup kept yelling back and forth about how to get the crystal down.

"It's alive. They're a part of it. It's a part them. I'm being as clear as I can here"

"You know what" Alvin took out his gun, trying to scare Hiccup.

"Hey, I have an idea. Why don't you decipher and I'll wave the gun around!" Hiccup pointed to the book and dramatically gestured as he tried desperately to make the two morons understand.

Alvin was about to yell back but Heather stopped him. They all turn to see Jack walk past them and towards the water.

"Jack" Hiccup whispered and tried to reach for the boy but was unable to, do to being stopped by Alvin.

Jack twirled around and said in Atlantian. "All will be well, Hiccup Haddock. Be not afraid"

"What did he say?" Alvin asked Hiccup for a translation.

"I did…I didn't get that" Hiccup was awe struck, by the fact that was certainly not Jack, but was the crystal talking to him. Maybe this was Jack's father talking to him.

Jack walked onto the water and towards the crystal. Once he was under it, it looked grander close up. The rocks opened and Jack floated into the crystal. The rocks closed and the crystal engulfed Jack. The rocks began to rotate faster around the crystal. The blue light became brighter as Hiccup watched as Jack and the crystal became one. The rocks came to a halt and slowly a blue crystal like Jack floated down. All the blue crystal like and electricity flowing through Jack. As we walked closer to the group on each side of him the stone fell. Slamming into the ground and caused tidal waves. Jack was unfazed as he came up to the group.

Alvin was about to grab him under when Hiccup stopped it. "Don't touch him"

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