Atlantis (Hijack)

Chapter 7: Saving Jack

They pad locked the crystallized Jack. Locking him in a steel like cell. The window that enable people to see Jack became fogy and crystallized. Astrid tightened the last bolt on the cell before jumping off.

Hiccup tried to reason with the group one last time before they left. "So…I guess this is it then, huh? You're wiping out an entire civilization. But hey, you'll be right" Hiccup went down the line of his so called friends. "Congrats Astrid, guess you and your dad will be able to open that second garage after all." He saw how everyone's faces fell, but let his anger go. "And Snotlout, you can start a whole chain of flower shops. I'm sure your family's' going to be proud of you. But that's what this is all about, right. Money."

"Oh get over yourself boy" Alvin had just about enough of Hiccups banter. "You've read Darwin. It's called natural selection. We're just helping it along"

One of his men came up to Alvin and told him they were ready to go.

"Yeah, give me a minute." Alvin walked over to Hiccup. "I know I'm forgetting something" Alvin began counting with his fingers as he thought aloud. "I got the cargo, the crystal, the crew…." Alvin's face then lit up when he remembered. "Oh yeah" Alvin decked Hiccup square in the jaw.

Everyone gasped, as mummers and whispered filled the air. Even Elsa had to hold back Bunny before he got shot.

"Look at it this way, son" Alvin walked over to the truck. "You were the man who discovered Atlantis and now you're part of the exhibit." Alvin climbed into the truck. Shutting the door, he shouted to his men. "Move out!"

Heather yelled. "That was an order, not a suggestion"

Everyone climbed into their designated vehicle, but Astrid paused in thought and let out a depressed sigh. She kicked the door open and climbed out. She trudged put of the door towards Hiccup. Snotlout, the twins, even Mildew looked at each other before following in suit. Astrid and Snotlout helped Hiccup to his feet and they all turned to give Alvin a glare.

Alvin sigh when he saw the group act stupid. "Oh, you can't be serious"

"This is wrong and you know it" Astrid yelled.

"We're this close to our biggest payday ever!" Alvin shouted at them "And you pick now of all times to grow a conscience"

"We've done a lot of things we're not proud of" Snotlout admitted.

"Yeah" Tuffnut backed Snotlout up. "We may have done grave robbing, plundering tombs, double parking, but hey, nobody got hurt"

"Well, nobody we knew" Ruffnut backed her brother up.

"Well, if that's the way they want it" Heather climbed into the truck that had the crystal. "More for us" She looked at the rearview to see Hyde in the crowd.

The cars rode off and onto the wooden bridge. Hiccup watched them leave. He started to move forwards when Snotlout held him back.

"Wait a minute"

Under the bridge were a bunch of left over explosions from Snotlout. The bridge lit up and Alvin through the detonator to the wide as they drove off. Hiccup could not believe that the bridge that connected them to the caverns were gone. He turned to Snotlout, who gave him a nonchalant shrug.

"At the last minute, Alvin wanted me to set off some explosions, so no one would follow us."

"Nice Snotlout" Astrid huffed, ready to punch him.

"Hey! Not my fault as of two seconds ago we were on Alvin's side"


Hiccup looked up at the palace to see Gobber calling for him. "You better get in here"


Hiccup hurried into the palace to see Sandy attending to the Queen. He looked up at Hiccup and it was like he was telling Hiccup that it wasn't good.

Gobber came up behind Hiccup and put his hand on his shoulder. "Internal bleeding. She doesn't have much time"

The Queen looked up at Hiccup and beckoned him over. Hiccup knelt next to the Queen as he held up his hand for her to grasp it.

"I'm so sorry"

"It's not your fault" Gobber was putting way all medical equipment. "He's been after that crystal since Iceland."

"The crystals" An idea popped into Hiccup's head. He lifted the necklace that was around the Queens neck to show Gobber what he meant. "That's it. These crystal have healing energy. If we could …"

"No…." The Queen grasped Hiccups hand tightly. "Where's my son?"

"He's…" Hiccup tried to find a way to tell the Queen that her son was taken by Alvin.

"He's been chosen….like his father before him"

"What?" Hiccup heard the story before but he did not know that like Jack, Jack's father turned into a crystal as well.

"In times of danger….the crystal will choose a host…one of royal blood…to protect itself….and its people. It will accept no other." The Queen explained between gasps.

"Wait a minute. You're telling me that this thing, is alive?" Hiccup knew from the book that the crystal was a living thing, but that it had thoughts too.

"In a way…the crystal thrives…on the collective emotions…of all who came before us. In return, it provides power...longevity….protection. As it grew…it developed a consciousness of its own." The Queen coughed viscously and blood dripped from her mouth. "In my arrogance…we sought to use it as a weapon of war…but its power proved too great to control. It overwhelmed us…and led to our destruction"

"That's why you hid it." Hiccup got why the Queen hid under Atlantis. "To keep history from repeating itself."

"And to prevent Jack from suffering the same fate…as my beloved husband."

Hiccup didn't understand "What do you….."

"If he remains bonded to the crystal…he could be lost forever. The love of my son is all I have left." The Queen took off her crystal necklace and put it in Hiccup's hand. "My burden would have become his…when the time was right" She then place a hand on his shoulder. "But now…it's up to you"

"Me?" Hiccup whispered.

"Return the crystal" The Queen coughed again. "Save Atlantis. And….save my son" The Queen hand slowly fell off Hiccup's shoulder and thumbed onto the side. The Queen breath stopped and every Atlantian bowed to their knees at the Queens passing.


Hiccup was outside the doors of the palace, watching the land. He looked at the crystal in his hand. His head fell as he curled into a ball. He heard footsteps behind him and he looked up to see Astrid.

"So, what now?" Astrid looked at the pitiful face that was on Hiccup. "We followed you in and we'll follow you out. It's you decision."

"Oh my decision" Hiccup stood up and began to yell. "Well, I think we've seem effective my decision has been. Let's recap shall we. I lead a band of plundering vandals to the greatest archeological find, thus enabling the kidnap and or murder of the royal family. Not to mention personally delivering the most powerful force known to man into the hands of a madman mercenary! Who's going to sell it to the Kaiser!" Hiccup looked back at Astrid, yelling "Did I leave anything out!"

"Well you did set the camp on fire"

The rest of the gang came up behind Astrid.

"And dropped us down a big hole" Ruffnut continued after her brother.

"Thanks a lot guys" Hiccup let out sigh and raised in his hands in defeat.

"Of course in my experience." Gobber walked over to Hiccup. "When you hit rock bottom, the only place to go is up" Gobber handed the journal to Hiccup. "A man named Stoic Haddock said that to me."

Hiccup's eyes widen as all thoughts poured through his head. He walked past the group and down the stairs.

"We're are you going?" Snotlout shouted to the runaway Hiccup.

"I'm going after Alvin" Hiccup didn't look back at the group, only determined to reach the place he wanted to get to.

"That's just crazy" Ruffnut called back to Hiccup for even suggesting that.

""Didn't say it was the smartest thing"

As the group watched Hiccup go, Astrid let out a huff in frustration. "Come on, be better follow after him so he doesn't hurt himself."

They followed after him, along with the Atlantians, into a field full of vehicles like the one Hiccup and Jack discovered. Hiccup climbed in the cockpit which made the group stop and stare at him.

"Hiccup, what are you doing?" Ask Astrid.

"Just follow my lead." Hiccup placed his hand on the pad and turned the crystal, like a car.

The vehicle floated upward and glowed exactly like the one that Jack and Hiccup played with. Everyone gasped at the fish like machine.

"Well… you don't see that every day" Gobber awed like everyone else.

"It's simple all you have to do…." Hiccup explained how the vehicle worked.

"Yeah, Yeah, shut up. We get it, okay." Hiccup was interrupted and pushed out of the way by Astrid. She pushed down on the pad which cause it to fly backwards and slammed into the wall behind them. The rumble caused more Atlantians to come see what was going on.

"Gently Astrid" Hiccup tried not to get aggravated by Astrid's impatiens.

"Hey Hiccup, you got something sport" shouted Snotlout. "Like a tuna"

"How the bloody hell does this work?" Asked Bunny, who came up to look at the strange machine.

"All you got to do is use the use the crystals. Jack showed me" Hiccup jumped off the fish and walked over to one that looked like a hammer head shark. "Half turn right, quarter back. Keep your hand on the pad."

Everyone stared at their crystal and ran over to a vehicle. They copied Hiccup and everyone's machine floated upward. Everyone except Hiccup, who was still on the ground.

"Hey Hiccup!" Astrid shouted to the boy. "You can ride with us"

"No thanks, I got my own ride." Hiccup cupped his hands, like Jack showed him, and let out a loud roar like sound.

Some of them put their hands to their ears when a loud roar, called back to Hiccup. Their eyes widen when a black salamander dragon flew towards Hiccup.

"Everyone meet Toothless." Hiccup climbed onto the dragons back. "Toothless meet everyone"

"Okay, that's not what I was expecting" the twins nodded their head in agreement to Snotlout's comment.

Toothless flew in front of the army of men and woman and guided them out.

"Alright. This is it. We're going to rescue the prince and save Atlantis. Or we're gonna die trying." Hiccup pointed his hand forwards like a general telling his army to charge. "Now let's do this"

The crowd cheer as they watched the warriors fly off. Unknown to them, a man in a dark robe holding the Queen's spear, watched the warrior leave from the palace.


Inside the volcano shaft, Alvin was getting ready to leave. The men shot of an explosive into the top which caused it to crack and make an opening.

The red zeppelin, similar to that of a hot air balloon except much large, inflated. It floated into the air and the cell holding Jack was chained to it. All the men were getting everything ready for Alvin and made sure everything was square.

Everything went smoothly on Alvin's eyes. "I love it when I win"


Whole in the tunnels, Hiccup and the group were going through the cavern and about to meet up with Alvin.

"We're going to hit them low and fast" Hiccup shouted his plan to the group. "We'll hit them with a surprise attack"

Astrid came up behind Hiccup and shouted. "Alvin is never surprised and he's got a lot of guns"

"Great. Well, do you have any suggestions" Hiccup shouted back at her.

"Yeah!" Snotlout shouted his idea. "Don't get shot"

"There they are"

They entered the shaft with guns a blazing after them. Apparently, Alvin saw them when they entered and shouted for his men to shoot. Bullets from both regular gun and machine guns were fired at them, which almost hit most of them.

"Woah! You said they only had guns" Hiccup maneuvered Toothless, so he wouldn't get hit. Since Toothless was more vulnerable to bullets, it made it more dangerous.

"I said that he's never surprised" Astrid yelled back.

A gun shot at Tuffnut's cruiser and he ended up hitting one of the buttons on the panel. It caused a stream similar to that of the leviathan's beam, out of the fish's mouth. It blew up the truck, the one with the heavy machine gun attached to it, with a heavy blast. "Okay, now we're talking"

Everyone used the beam, while Toothless used plasma blast, on them. Hiccup saw that Alvin and Heather were getting away.

"Snotlout, new plan."

Snotlout turned his attention to Hiccup.

"You and me, we're going to act like decoys while Astrid and Gobber will fly up underneath that thing and cut him loose"

We're on it" Astrid and Gobber flew closer to the zeppelin.

Alvin and Heather was busy shooting at the fly vehicles that were trying to get close to the balloon. They both tried to shoot Hiccup and Snotlout who were playing their part well. Alvin was distracted until he had to load his gun and heard sounds coming from below them. He saw Astrid was trying to cut the chains that were connecting the cell to the zeppelin.

"I thought you said this thing could cut through a femur in 28 seconds!" Astrid was trying to saw through the chains with the saw that Gobber had.

"Less talking, more sawing!" Gobber yelled at her to hurry up. They were soon getting blasted by bullet from both Alvin and Heather. "Okay. Time to go. Time's up!" Gobber grabbed Astrid, who was still sawing away.

Hiccup saw Astrid and Gobber high tale it out of there. A good idea struck, well, more like a bad idea. "Gulp. Okay Toothless. I'm gonna jump onto one of the balloons and I need you take out one of the smaller ones." Toothless gave him the 'are you crazy' look. "I know buddy, but we have no choice."

With that, Toothless and Hiccup darted for the balloon. Once they were close enough, Hiccup jumped off Toothless and grabbed the robes that wrapped around the large balloon. Toothless fired a plasma at the smaller one which exploded and caused the zeppelin to descend.

Alvin ran to the side and saw the ground coming closer. "We're losing attitude"

Heather pushed off the last of the barrels, hoping that was enough. "That's it. Unless someone wants to jump."

"Ladies first" Alvin lifted Heather up and over the side, but Heather grabbed the rail just in time to kick Alvin in the face.

"You said we were in this together!" She kicked Alvin again. "You promised me a percentage!"

Alvin grabbed her foot before she could kick him again. "Next time, get it in writing." He punched her so her that she fell overboard. "Nothing personal!" Alvin turned before he saw if Heather even hit the ground.

Hiccup loosened one off the rope and repelled himself, feet first, at Alvin. Delivering a forceful hit that sent Alvin backwards. They both flew over the side, but since Hiccup had the robe and Alvin had Hiccup, they came crumbling down to the below deck where the engine was.

They both got to their feet with Alvin anger still boiling. "Well, I have to admit Mr. Haddock." Alvin got closer to Hiccup ready to slug him. "You're a bugger pain in my side than I thought"

Hiccup tried to punch Alvin, but his fist was caught by Alvin and Alvin slugged him back. That caused Hiccup to ram full force into the weak rail and the railing went sailing over and onto the blades. Causing it to lodge itself and stop the blades from spinning.

Hiccup held onto the rail as Alvin bantered on and on. "I takes a lot to get under my skin, but congratulation Mr. Haddock, you just won the solid kewpie doll."

Hiccup reached and grabbed the chain that held Jack's cell. Hiccup tried to slide down and a sudden blast from the balloon caused both men to look and see everything Alvin worked for come crashing down. This caused Alvin to be enraged and loose his mind. He grabbed an axe and climbed down after Hiccup.

Mad with rage, and a monstrous smile, Hiccup knew Alvin had lost his mind. Alvin swung viscously at Hiccup, trying in every way to kill him. Hiccup slid and grabbed the side of the cell. He held onto it for dear life, moving out of the way every time Alvin swung. Alvin's last swung hit the glass window.

"Tired Mr. Haddock" Alvin swing again. "It's a darn shame"

Hiccup saw the glow of the shards and picked one up. The electricity flowed through his hand and up his arm.

"I'm just getting warmed up" Alvin grabbed the boy by the collar and was ready to swing the axe.

Hiccup quickly used the only weapon in his possession and sliced Alvin's arm which caused Alvin to let go in pain. Grabbing onto his arm, Alvin let out a horrifying screech as his body began to turn into crystal. Trying to rub it off, but it encased hum until the man was nothing more than a crystalized statue.

Hiccup breathed out a sigh of relief from his perch. But let out a gasp as Alvin's crystal hand tried to grab him. Alvin climbed onto the circular ledge which caused Hiccup to fly back and under. With his weight, he pushed Alvin's side up into the blade. Slicing him up into shards of crystal. The chains broke off and Jack's cell fell to the floor. Hiccup fell too but was caught by Toothless before he hit the ground. They crash landed with a thud, but when Hiccup looked up and saw the flaming zeppelin heading straight for them, he quickly pushed the cell and they both went over just in time to miss getting hit by the balloon.

Gobber, Astrid, Snotlout, the twins, Bunny and Elsa floated down next to him. They got off their machines to help but stopped when the ground shook.

"The volcano" Tuffnut looked around in fear. "SHE'S AWAKES!"

Cracks and lava started seeping out as the gang got back on their machines and were about to head out.

"We have to go!" Bunny climbed behind Elsa as she brought the machine up.

"No, we have to bring him back!" Hiccup grabbed the chain and put the hook through the latch. "Or the whole city will die!"

"If we don't get out of here, we're all gonna die" Astrid grabbed the chain and ran to her and Gobber's vehicle.

"It's the only way to reverse all this!" Hiccup shouted,

Astrid tossed the chain to Gobber, who tossed it over and back to Astrid, who connected it. Astrid climbed next to Gobber and Hiccup went back onto Toothless. Astrid made the fish move forwards, but the loop came off.

Hiccup jumped off Toothless and grabbed the chain.

"Hiccup!" Astrid shouted when she saw Hiccup crazy antics.

Hiccup wrapped the chain around the cell and jumped on. "Go!"

They pushed forwards, just in time before the lava encased Hiccup. Hiccup held on for dear life, as Astrid was trying to guide them out. Similar to Aladdin riding his carpet through the cave of wonders, they shot through the tunnels until they reached the opening to Atlantis. They made it out of the hole before being hit by lava.

Only seeps of lava pooled out of the hole, but Tuffnut knew this was only the beginning. "The fissure is about to eject its pyroclastic fury!"

"Hiccup, Tuffnut says the walls going to blow!" Ruffnut translated.

"I know, I know" Hiccup and the cell were lowered into the middle of the plaza. Hiccup grabbed the spear from one of the men and pointed the tip into one of the creases and cracked it open. When one case opened the rest spread out and around Jack. Jack's bright light glowed harshly as everyone stepped back. Hiccup stayed put, trying to shield his eyes from the harsh light. The light dimmed as the cases floated away. The floor creases lit up with the same blue that was the same as Jack. The Atlantis carvings glowed and grew as if they were searching for something. Underground the lights hit the rock faces and they lit up again. They floated up and out of the water. They did not care that the ceiling was in the way, they broke through and Jack lifted up into the air along with the rock faces.

Above the city they floated, the rocks rotated faster around Jack causing the same crystal light that once formed before. Shots of beams came out and shot the stone guardian like statutes. More of the light hit them and the once sleepy guardians began to move. They were too glowing blue in their creases like the city as they walked.

Everyone stared and gasped at the moving stone men. All around Atlantis the guardians were. Moving to the edge, not caring about the molten rocks hitting them. The wall began to crack as lava seeped more out. Time was running out.

The edge of Atlantis were lined with all the stone men. They clapped there hand as the blue light formed out of them. The same light from the beginning of when they sunk below. People started to worry for as the force field grew and it was slowly forming around the city. The wall finally broke as the lava sped upon them. They made it just in time to cover Atlantis in lava. The lava harden itself and the only thing that was left was a giant igneous rock.

For a while it seem all was done, but then the Atlantis' blue engravings formed on the rock. Cracking could be heard until they broke off to reveal Atlantis, still in one piece. As the rocks fell off and some water came shooting out through the canals. Allowing steam to be made as the force field was dropped.

Hiccup watched as the mist began to clear and saw a light shin down. He looked up the ray that led between the rock faces. Jack floated down from the light, human again, but exhausted. Hiccup ran over to him and caught him on his way down. Hiccup crumbled to his knees as he looked down at Jack whose head was in his chest. Jack's eyes fluttered open and looked up at Hiccup. Looking back down at his hand, he opened his and up to see the bracelet that his father took with him. They both smiled at each other, but shot their heads up when they heard clapping.

"Well done" Pitch was standing there with different garments on than before. He held the spear in his hand as he gave the two an evil smile. "Everything has fallen into place"

Hiccup allowed Jack to sit up and got to his own feet as he stood in front of Jack. "What do you mean?"

"What!? You're all shocked that this actual happened?" Pitch looked at everyone like he was surprised. "I told you all before. These monstrosities would bring nothing but domination on us and anyone who's around them."

"Hey! He just saved your life" Astrid was pissed that this man excused Hiccup of doing all this.

Pitch gave a lonesome sigh as he made his way to her. One of the Atlantian guards pulled her behind him as he stuck his spear at Pitch in defense.

"Oh Please" Pitch brought the spear up to the man's chest and the crystal on the spear turned red.

Some kind of horrid red/black glow escaped from the crystal into the man. The man fell to the floor gasping for air and made the same noise Alvin did when he was cut by the shard. His eyes turned black as he fell to the ground unmoving.

"Anyone else?" Pitch turned to the crowd, knowing that everyone was frighten of him.

Nobody moved or said anything. Clutching their loved ones, afraid of what Pitch would do next.

"No?" Pitch looked around before bringing up his hand. "Good" With a snap of his fingers, Pitch's guards pointed their spears, which was similar to Pitch's except smaller, on the Atlantians. Some ran, some were pushed back. Pitch led out an evil chuckle as he turned back to the boys. "Now then. Where were we?"

A thump struck across the back of the head and he fell to the ground. He looked at Jack, who had lost consciousness. To back up to see "Heather", before darkness took him and screams could be heard.

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