Atlantis (Hijack)

Chapter 8: Betrayal, Plans, and Love

"Moan" Jack let out a groan, trying to wake up from his deep slumber. Slowly his eyes opened as his hands came to his forehead from the pounding it delivered. Jack noticed he had a blanket on him as he slowly sat up and saw he was in his room. He was on his bed, (similar to the bed from kh bbs, sleeping beauty),looking around he saw the tiled floor, dresser, desk with chair, ect.

"I'm glad your awake" Pitch was staring Jack's open window.

"Pitch" Jack glared, but grabbed his head when a shooting pain came back.

"Careful Jack" Pitch came over to Jack

"That's…." Jack saw the spear in in the man's hands and recognized it.

"Yes, your mother little trinket" Pitch examined the weapon. "But she didn't tell you did she" Pitch held up the spear. "This is a weapon of mass destruction. My father invented it"

"Your father…." Jack tried to not let of gasp when he realized that the man that Pitch was talking about was the man he would his mother mumble now and then.

"Yes, my father. She didn't tell you did she? That they worked together. Creating weapons from the crystal's power" Pitch showed Jack the weapon. "This was one of them. A shard from the crystal itself. With just a touch on the heart, it can drive them into their darkest fear with no way out. "

Jack watched as Pitch looked at the weapon with glee. "You won't get away with this"

"I don't think so Jack" Pitch smirked at the frighten boy. "Once we take over the surface world, everything will be as it should. You and that crystal."

Jack growled at him. "I'll never help you"

"I don't think you have a choice" Pitch reach up to pet the boy but Jack tried to bite him. "Now, now Jack. We wouldn't want anything to happen to your so called pet"

"What…."Jack watched as Pitch went over to the door.

"Oh but Jack, I thought you liked that weak boy you so desperately fawn over." Pitch then let out a smirk when he saw Jack's eyes widen.

"Pitch, what did you do?"

"No Jack. What did you do?" Pitch exited through the door.

Once Pitch was gone, Jack went into a full outrage. Getting out of the bed by throwing the blanket off him. He tried to stand but fell to his knees from little strength, but his adrenalin was still kicking in. He sat up and pounded the floor with his hands as hard as he could. After a while tears flowed down his face. His hands came to a halt. Hands blistered and battered, as his head fell in sadness.


Jack lifted his head to see four connecting tiles lift up and through the crack he saw Tooth and Anna.

"Jack" Anna whispered.

Jack crawled over to the opening. "Anna…Tooth"

"Come on Jack" Tooth helped Jack into the opening.

Anna closed it after Jack was in, as they crawled through the tunnels. Like they had done since they were kids.


Pitch walked down the halls, humming to himself, thinking Jack was still locked in his room. He was almost to his destination when he was halted by a yell.

"How dare you!"

Pitch turned around with a broad look as he saw Heather come at him fuming.

"We were supposed to work together" Heather pointed her finger at Pitch. "There I was busting my ass and you were where? I almost got killed if not for one of your men hadn't caught me"

Pitch stilled looked bored "Sorry about that. I needed to know how it all worked before helping you"

"Helping? You called that helping!" Heather was getting more upset and knew Pitch didn't care.

"You know…."Pitch held up the spear and gave a dark smile. "You are really getting on my nerves"

Pitch stabbed Heather in the heart with the spear. Just like the guard, Heather let out a scream as her eyes turned black.

She fell to the floor as Hyde came over to Pitch. "Finally!"

"Tell me about it" Pitch put down the spear but noticed how his crystal necklace along with Hyde's had turned red as well. "That's new, but fitting." Pitch let out a grin and looked at Hyde. "Shall we say hi to our guest?"


Inside the dungeon, chained to the wall was young Hiccup. He tugged the chains with all his might but it was no use. Falling to his knees, he let out a sigh.

"I see our guest has gotten settled."

Hiccup looked up to see Pitch come walking in with Hyde. He eyed something over on Hyde's shoulder. Hyde let out a smirk as he tossed the large lump off his shoulder and onto the floor.

Once he got a closer, he saw that it was Heather. She wasn't breathing and her eyes were black.

"Heather?" Hiccup whispered.

"Don't even bother" Pitch kicked the dead girl as she rolled over. "Now let's get down to business" Pitch knelt in front of Hiccup. "You will do everything I say and you can live you worthless life as Jack's personal pet. How does that sound?"

Hiccup glared at Pitch with hate in his eyes. "What makes you think Jack and I will allow you to get away with this?"

"Hmmm, let's see" Pitch thought aloud. "I have the weapons, the army, the crystal, Jack and you… (chuckle) you're chained to a wall" He saw Hiccup was acting the same way that he was with Alvin. Confident and strong willed, believing that whatever Pitch was offering him was full of shit. Pitch smiled to himself, and slowly got up and walked out. "We'll let you think for while"

The door slammed shut and Hiccup let out a breath of air. So many question ran through his head. 'What had he gotten himself into? Where was Jack?' He thought after the defeat of Alvin and saving the city that everything would go back to normal. But no. He and Jack had forgotten all about Pitch. He didn't stop and tried to think 'where had the man been when all this was happening?' Instead he found out that Pitch had plan this all out ever since they arrived.

He saw Heather still on her side. Thank gods she was showing her back to him. He knew she was a bitch but still felt pity for the woman. Just like the guard, Heather was dead to the world. Whatever that spear was, it was something no man should trifle with.

Hiccup leaned back against the wall trying to think of something to get out of this and save Jack.


That sound startled Hiccup as he sat up and looked around for the source for the sound.


Four of the stone connecting tablets on the floor began to move and open up to reveal Astrid, Bunny and Elsa.

"Guys" Hiccup whispered.

Elsa held up her finger to her lips, telling Hiccup to be quiet. Bunny held up the stone and both Astrid and Elsa climbed out. They both got the crystals out and the cuffs fell off. Hiccup rubbed his wrists from soreness. Astrid grabbed Hiccup's wrist and lead him over to the opening. They all climbed in and Bunny closed the stone back into place.


One of the guards was walking through the halls quickly as possible. Letting out a huff as he opened the doors to the throne room. Slipping inside, whispers could be hear until Pitch's voice ran along with a bang following after.


Inside the room the guard was cowering in fear from Pitch's anger. Kicking the table, plate of fruit fell onto the floor with a role He grudged angrily over to the window, then placed both his hands on the sill, and let out a sigh. Calmness met him as Hyde watched the man and saw Pitch's black dragon came over the crazy man. The dark man let out a creepy chuckle the led into an evil laugh.

Pitch stood upright and patted his beast. "Let them think they have the upper advantage. We let them think all is well. Then crush them"

"What shall we do?" Hyde ask.

"We prepare for war. The best way to rule over a spirited nation…is to break it" A dark smile appeared on Pitch's face.


The escape-es headed over to the far side of Atlantis. The area was filled with Altantian refuges and warriors. They were surrounded by rocks with dragons on them. They growled and yawned as the dragons didn't care that they were in there home.

"We're staying here until we come up with a plan" Bunny stated as both eh and Jack looked at the site.

Jack felt awful for his people. "This is….."

"Hey hey. You and I both know Pitch was going to pull this one day" Bunny tried to cheer Jack up, but only made it worse.

"I know..but…"

Jack looked up to see Amphirite flying down in front of him. Jack warped his armed around the water dragon and she returned with a purr.

Over by Hiccup's group, Astrid showed what was going on so far.

"Okay, so we counted our forces, weapons and guns, but we still need to think of a way to get the spear away from Pitch." Astrid showed Hiccup the maps and sketches they had.

Hiccup looked at all of them and let out a breath. "It's not enough. Pitch has the same vehicles but his warrior might have the same power as him"

"And he's got most of the Pooka's on his side too" Bunny and Jack came up to the group.


"That's why we have a better idea"

Hiccup looked up. Eyes almost bulged out of their sockets in shock "Ruff. Tuff. Do you know what you're sitting on?"

"Yup!" Tuffnut and Ruffnut were on the back of two headed zipple-back. The beast let out a growl as their new riders gave each other a high five.

"We thought it be a surprise attack" Astrid explained.

"The dragons are just as unhappy as we are that our homes are being taking over by Pitch and his ruffians." Tooth crossed her arms in detest.

"That's why we came up with an idea" Astrid pointed to the map. "The Pookas will be on the ground, while the vehicles and dragons will take the air."

"This is…this is amazing" Hiccup was astonished by the awesome plan they came up with. He looked up at them amazed and back at Jack. They both new with this plan, they could actually win.

"Hey, you're not the only one who can come up with a crazy, unrealistic plan" Snotlout yelled from on top of a monstrous nightmare.

They all got ready for tomorrow. For when tomorrow comes, the war beings.


Alone in one of the rooms, Jack and Hiccup were practicing hand to hand combat.

"Yes, like that" Jack caught Hiccup's fist. "That's good for now, let's take a break"

Hiccup collapsed on the ground with exhaustion. Toothless came over to him and sniffed him like he was looking to any wounds. Hiccup laughed and petted the dragon. "Thanks for making a saddle for him"

On the back of Toothless was a leather saddle.

"It was hard at first, too bad he wouldn't wear the bridle." Jack petted his own dragon, Amphitrite.

"I have a feeling that he wouldn't like it anyway." Hiccup looked up at Jack will a smile, but once he saw that dazzling smile, he turned away will a heavy blush.

Jack smile faltered, remembering something he wanted to ask. "You know, after this battle….you will have to head home"

Hiccup looked up at the nervous boy. "Ya" Hiccup just realized that Jack was right. After all this he and the rest of the explorers were going to head back. That meant never seeing Jack again.

"Well I…I was wondering if….if:

Jack tried ti say the words but his nervousness got the better of him. He finally just up and said it. "Will you stay here with me?"

Turning away, blushing mad. Jack was unable to see a huge blush on Hiccup's face and his mouth was gaped open.

Toothless looked up at his rider and shook his head. He gave Hiccup a push that brought him back. Hiccup snapped out of it and looked at the blushing Atlantian.

Running through his head everything. 'Stay here, I mean this is what I've always dreamed of this place and I can live here with Jack, but then again I own a house, cat and job working as a boiler man…..who am I kidding' "Yes"

Jack head shot up and looked at Hiccup with hope.

Hiccup got onto his feet and walked over to Jack. He held his hands saying. "Yes, I'll stay with you" Hiccup kissed Jack on the lips, but when he felt no pressing back, he broke it "I'm sorry. I just assume…"

Jack lunged himself onto Hiccup causing both to fall backwards. The lights shut off and all was quiet, except for the rustling up stairs.

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