Loki's Stray


Tinora Kanine is a solo reporter and an above-average teenager. She's had everything given to her on a silver platter, including mutant abilities, angry Avengers, and a criminal mentor.

Action / Adventure
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Chapter 1

I don't know how it happened, nor why, but I'm now being followed by a couple of strange men. They're not being very stealthy about it… yet they're not exactly obvious either. They're just there. Wherever I look; there, in the crowd, or behind newspapers.

I said I didn't know why… well… I kinda lied. That day was a jumbled one for me for sure. I must have caught someone's attention somehow during it all. At least, that was my guess. I'm actually not entirely sure if they're actually following me...

I hurried around the corner of the street feeling open and vulnerable. Nothing made sense to me today. Absolutely nothing. There've been friends and foes all about the street. The police type of thing called SHIELD has popped up from time to time, and different heroes of New York have swung, flew, ran, or drove by numerous times.

I decided to head back to my apartment… well… hotel room, to try to clear my head. I hailed a taxi to get there faster, even when I knew it was only a couple blocks away. I just had this feeling that something would go horribly wrong at any minute. Fortunately, nothing did, and I arrived at my room with no incidents. I flopped on my queen sized bed with an exhausted sigh.

"Nothing would do me better than a good hours rest." I told myself, turning onto my side for further comfort of the soft mattress. The pillow felt warm and extremely soft under my head. Soon, to my relief, sleep overcame me.

I awoke to the dreadful scream of a woman. My eyes flew open and I jumped onto my feet. There in front of me stood my waitress. She normally brought me food at this time, but now the tray was on the ground with what used to be my spaghetti and meatball dinner now splayed all over the hotel rug. She was trembling all over, and screamed again when I stood. My eyes tried to follow her gaze, but I found nothing different around or behind me. Then, her eyes met mine, and I knew that it wasn't something near me. It was me. My gaze searched for any other emotion than horror, but failed to find otherwise.

"Pauline? What's the matter?" I asked hesitantly, taking a step toward her, but still stayed on my bed.

The waitress only screamed again, louder this time, and started backing away.

"Pauline, I don't understand! What's wrong?!" I asked again, louder this time. Apparently it was too much for the poor lady, for she then fell on the floor in a faint.

I jumped off of the bed and ran to her side. Just before I could touch her however, a group of bell-boys came running in, and all stopped and stared.

"It wasn't me! She just fainted right here. I swear!" I insisted to clear up any suspicion. Unfortunately, the new arrivals didn't seem to hear me. Instead, they all moved to grab some sort of object and rushed in upon me, shouting all sorts of things that shouldn't be repeated.

"Hey! What're you- OW!"

The first object came and whacked me over the head. My outcry only seemed to rouse up the boys' wrath, and more things cracked smartly on my back and head.

My anger was now confusion. I was a popular customer in the hotel. Practically every worker here knows me. So… why were they acting so violently against me?

The end of a broom smacked across my nose, and my control snapped. I threw my hand up and felt a solid smack. Then the poor boy went flying back into the wall, breaking through into the next room.

I stared in shock at the blown in wall, terrified at what I did. Another stroke of an object sent pain shooting through my leg, and something awakened in me; something strong and powerful. Something wise. Something overflowing with anger and hate towards the humans with their sticks. It pushed itself into my consciousness and suddenly my senses sharpened to an ultimate level.

Another object came flying down, but this time, hit nothing but air when I darted away. In one fluid motion, I came back at the attackers and disarmed them. But that was not enough. The creature within me wanted more. My body started to move unconsciously and I felt like I was in a dream. Everyone was falling, screaming for help or of pain. Something entered my mouth and I bit down hard. A shriek of agony, then the boy I bit collapsed under my weight. The rage flowing through me demanded a harsh punishment for all the enemies before me. It wanted blood. My mind immediately agreed and my head darted to the prisoner's exposed neck. Before I was able to follow through with the killing stroke, a searing pain stretched across my nose and cheek. I howled in agony, then the creature that had taken me retreated back into the depths of my soul, leaving me and my own mind to act for ourselves.

I stumbled off the boy I had almost killed, horrified at my actions. Then my eyes found the ragged wound on his arm from when I bit him. The bite was large, and wrapped all around the width of the arm.

My mouth isn't that big…

I held my hands out in front of me, and gasped at the sight. No longer were they human hands, but huge, black, canine paws. All at once the reality of my situation became clear. I was no longer the human girl, Tinora Kanin, but a huge, dog-like creature.

Another searing pain shot across the top of my shoulder, pulling me from my thoughts. My eyes looked at the doorway to see a bunch of police standing or kneeling, aiming the points of their guns straight at me. Luckily, they didn't go on an all-out fire on me. I was a strange thing to encounter, and, in my mind, I knew that they weren't about to enrage something they didn't understand.

I opened my mouth to say something, then shut it again, realizing that, now an animal, I could no longer speak the human tongue. There was no worth to even try communicating in that fashion. Instead of speaking, I could only sit still and do nothing, for I was vastly unknowledgeable to the body language of a dog.

When I got to the point of doing something to stop the stand-off, movement from the side of the police group caught my eye. One of them, a middle aged, kind looking man, had stood from his crouching position. As I eyed him, he dropped his gun, and started to walk toward me slowly, murmuring soothing words to me.

Yes! I have a chance to get help!

Forgetting my current position, I, following my feelings of excitement, leapt up on my paws and started towards the policeman. A gun rang out, and, yet again, pain shot through my senses. Luckily for me however, the bullet only grazed my nose. How every shot was only grazing me, I wasn't able to figure out. It was possible they didn't want to kill me, which would be a massive relief.

Horrified, I could feel myself slipping once again into the clutches of whatever creature resided within me. Within seconds, blackness swallowed my vision, and then dispersed moments later for me to see the damage. Every policeman was down on the floor, knocked out, and wounded in some way, scattered all around the room.

I blinked with shock, confusion, and fright. The destruction was only getting worse every time I lost control. My hind quarters bumped into something, making me spin to see what it was.

It was a mirror that hung on the wall. Within the slightly blurred surface the image of a huge, black animal was held. Eyes like shards of ice returned my scared stare while I looked at my reflection. The fur around the mouth and paws was stained with blood. The fur itself was long, wild, and as black as death. The size of it was what helped me understand the frightened reactions of the waitress, bell-boys, and policemen. I, before having paws and fur, used to always dress in front of that mirror, and remembered vividly how high my reflection stood. The image of me now, was taller than what it used to be; I estimated by nearly ten inches. From my normal height of five foot three, I sprouted to just over six feet.

I felt a deep rumbling in my chest, and saw the wolf reflection draw its lips in a menacing growl, revealing large, pearl-white, razor sharp teeth.

No. No, that's not me… It's not me… I-I can't stand it!

Without thinking, my forelegs shot out, and my huge, canine paws crashed into the mirrored surface, sending it shattering to all ends of the room. Then, feeling overwhelmed with the past several minutes, I bounded out the door to the nearest stairwell, shoving past any people who were disturbed by the ruckus in my original room. At the stairs, I tripped over my new paws, and sent myself tumbling down the two levels, falling onto the flat, grey-tiled floor of the hotel entry at the bottom. I stood back up, and steered to the glass doors. The screams around me fueled my legs to run even faster. Wherever there were people, I was a danger.

When the sight of the New York streets rushed before me, I felt relieved and bounded even faster, crashing through the fancy hotel doors into the street. My relief quickly dissipated, however, for not ten yards away on every side was a large group of people who had gathered to hear what the police were doing at the hotel. I made a dead stop in front of every person in the area, totally feeling flustered and angry that there was no place to run without having people around.

Rain pattered on my back and head, making my ears flick irritably. Then a large drop fell into the bloody bullet graze along my muzzle. The sharp pain caused a low bark to escape through my gritted, canine teeth. The crowd that had stood dazed and shocked now started to holler and shout in fear. New policemen ran tot he scene, some herding the people away into nearby buildings, while others quickly surrounded me with their guns pointed threateningly towards me.

A gap in the police ring caught my eye, and I didn't hesitate to take it. Just through, I had to stop once again to stop from bowling over a young man who only looked eighteen. I snorted in annoyance, trying to dodge around him, but to no avail for the boy only darted in my way again.

"Get out of my way!"

My words only came out as sharp barks and growls.

This is impossible!

My anguish turned into a long, frustrated howl into the sky that echoed among the tall buildings. Feeling beat, I slumped to the ground and put my chin on the hard pavement, wrapping my paws over my muzzle as I did so.

My eyes were covered, and my nose was filled with the smell of the road, but I could still hear where everyone was, and I knew that they were all - including the police who had been helping the people to safety - circling around me, staring at my large, quivering, black form. Some, who had dogs of their own, recognized my behavior and could tell I wasn't going to fight. These men murmured among themselves as to how I appeared at the hotel, how to approach me, and where I was to go after I was safely put away. A tentative hand brushed my neck, making me jump and causing all of the cops to flinch back.

Suddenly, the sound of papers and dropped umbrellas scraping the ground caught my attention. I swiveled my ears to the sound to better hear the deep thrum of powerful rockets and air that forced the items along the ground to skitter away in all directions. Rapidly, the sound ceased, and metal clunked heavily, yet neatly, against the street.

"I've got it handled boys." A deep, familiar voice hummed rather metallically. "Go ahead and scuttle around looking for clues of the accident and what-not. That's what you're best at isn't it?"

The sarcasm dripped from the newcomer's voice and seemed to seep through my thick fur to penetrate my memories. My recognition of who the man was didn't help my mood any. I had met him before-- actually many times, because he was often at the science fair finals I was always in. Not to mention he's the most popular guy in the whole of New York. The thought that Tony Stark-aka Iron Man- the leader of the famous team of crime-fighters, the Avengers, was here and taking responsibility of the trouble I had caused, only chilled my soul to make me quiver even more with fright. If SHIELD was involving themselves in such short notice, then I was being targeted as a terrible threat to New York. Besides, I never knew Tony to be an animal-loving kind of guy.

The police quickly departed, leaving me to shiver on my own in the pathetic position I was in.

"Let's see what we have here then." I heard Tony say behind me. I heard him step forward, the metal of his suit making a soft clanking sound on the wet ground. He stepped again. Each time he moved, fear rippled through my thoughts. Finally he stopped, merely a foot away from me. "Where'd you come from my large, furry menace?" He asked, making my fur stand on end with the ending term

Finally, I couldn't stand it. I had to run away. Anywhere was better than there. But Iron Man was standing right next to me. I couldn't just up and run...

Tony moved again, this time closer to my head. His cold, metal fingers barely brushed the fur on my forehead before I was on my paws and running down the street. His touch had startled me to the point where all my already strained thoughts, inner feelings, and senses screamed to be away from it all. My long stride carried me farther than I expected, but it wasn't fast enough. I could easily hear the powerful thrum of Tony's suit as he flew in pursuit only meters behind me. He sped up to fly alongside me and I cast him a look full of my storm of emotions. Without hesitation, Tony's arm rose right in front of my face and a blue glow started to burn in his metal palm. The first energy blast whizzed a centimeter from my nose. I luckily missed a step in my stride and stumbled, avoiding the second shot.

Now Tony rose into the air right above me, and started to fire numerous times, all of which I dodged and jumped away from, but only just. Without warning, a deadweight slammed onto my back and my legs buckled from underneath me. I could feel my breath being pushed from my lungs while Tony sat on me, keeping a tight hold around my neck. The world started to spin, and black seeped into the edges of my vision. I started to let myself go into the grips of the darkness, when something loud echoed in my ears, and Tony's weight instantly was removed from my body. Without thinking, I stumbled to my paws, and started to run again, not stopping until I eventually collapsed in an alley, exhausted, and passed out.

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