Why Me


Romance / Drama
Thu Sprouse
Work in progress
Age Limitation:

Chapter 1


"Y/N, wake up your gonna be late!" "Morning Eomma!" I yelled. I slowly open your eyes, blinking the fantasy and dreams back where they came from. My eyes slowly made their way over to my alarm clock which had read 7:15. "Crap, I only have 15 minutes!" I rushed into my bathroom and went downstairs after brushing my teeth and finding my new

school uniform.

I grabbed a granola bar and sped out the door. It was a 5 min. walk to school so I had to hurry. "This is my first day of school and I'm already late."

I had just moved from Busan to Seoul. It was hard to leave my family and friends behind, but I knew that the changes would have been good for me to find and make new friendships, but still keeping my memories that I have now. I am 17 and entering my junior year of high school. My family had moved here because my Appa and Eomma had business to do in Seoul.

I finally made it to the school after running my way there remembering my track skills back in Busan. "Finally, just on time." I was walking throughout the school when I felt a tug on my sleeve."

"You're Y/N right?"


Hi guys it's T.S. I'm not Korean if you're wondering! I'm actually Vietnamese. Well enough about me how are you guys liking this chapter. I know that my writing is crap, but I wanted to try. So should I continue of leave this story like it is, a cliffhanger?

-Yours Truly, T.S.

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