The Therapist

Chapter 31

The Therapist

Chapter Thirty-One: Thor's Failed Prank

The next morning: Loki was up first, and he noticed the water in the glass next to his bed looked off, somehow. Sniffing it, he smelled alcohol, and was puzzled. He smelled Natalie's water too- same thing. Natalie looked at him sleepily, and asked, "What's wrong?"

"Someone spiked our water," Loki said. "The water smells like alcohol."

Natalie's eyes widened, and she asked, "Who would do that? Everyone here knows that I'm afraid of alcohol- why would they spike our water?"

"I don't know," Loki said. "JARVIS, has anyone besides Natalie and myself been in here since I painted Thor's hammer?"

"Mr. Odinson came into the room at 2:09 AM with a bottle of Asgardian mead," JARVIS replied.

Loki's jaw clenched, and he took both glasses of water to the bathroom and dumped them out. When he got back to the bedroom, he noticed Natalie looked nervous. "I am going to go educate Thor on why he should never get alcohol anywhere near you," Loki told her, and left.

As soon as he was out of earshot of the room, Loki said, "JARVIS, would you inform Tony of this and ask him to keep Natalie company?"

"Certainly, Mr. Laufeyson," JARVIS said.

"Thank you," Loki said, and teleported to Thor's room.

Tony was in his room, pulling on a shirt, when JARVIS said, "Mr. Laufeyson asks me to inform you that Mr. Odinson put alcohol in both his and Miss McKenzie's water glasses last night, and asks if you would go keep Miss McKenzie company. I presume Mr. Laufeyson is planning to remonstrate with Mr. Odinson on what an extremely bad idea that was."

"Thanks J, I'll go now," Tony said, and left, heading to Natalie and Loki's room.

Meanwhile, Loki had teleported into Thor's room, and found him getting dressed. Loki's appearance caused him to look up- just in time to receive a fist to the face. Thor stumbled back, surprised, and asked, "Loki?"

"WHY did you spike Natalie and my drinks?" Loki snarled. "You KNOW she's terrified of alcohol; what the fuck were you thinking!?"

"You painted Mjolnir," Thor said sulkily. "I only wished to get you back."

"That was harmless fun! Natalie is terrified of alcohol, and that much of our alcohol could have killed her if she drank it!" Loki shouted. "You are extremely lucky I noticed it beforehand, or Natalie could have died! Do you EVER think before you do things, Thor!?"

Thor looked properly ashamed, and said, "I did not think of that. I am sorry."

"You NEVER think," Loki snarled, and punched Thor in the face again before storming out.

Meanwhile, Tony had entered Natalie and Loki's room, and found Natalie sitting on the bed, staring blankly at her hands. Tony went over and sat down next to her. She didn't seem to notice him, and Tony took one of her hands in his. Natalie looked up at him, startled, and said, "Hi Tony."

"Hey," Tony said. "I heard what happened; are you okay?"

"Not really," Natalie said. "I was thinking about my twenty-first birthday; I had just started making friends at college, and they apparently decided my twenty-first birthday meant I needed to get drunk. That's actually how I met my friend Katie; I kind of overreacted to a few of the women trying to get me to go to a bar with them, and Katie not only stood up for me, but she was the one who calmed me down. She took me to a little ice cream place after she chewed out the women trying to get me to go to a bar, and we got sundaes. This was before I met Amelia and Marie. Katie left the women I was hanging out with in shock, because she's got a reputation for being very quiet, and she really raked them over the coals. She was also in the psych program, which is probably why she did that; the other women weren't, and didn't recognize the signs that I was having a panic attack. Katie did, though, and managed to calm me down."

"Has anyone ever spiked your drink before?" Tony asked.

"After that incident, no," Natalie said. "That incident spread like wildfire, and after Katie and I got close, she made sure that no one got alcohol anywhere near me. And due to the gossip hounds, no one wanted to mess with her- or with me. This was the first time anyone's gotten alcohol into something I might have drunk, and to be honest, it's scary. I'm just glad JARVIS knew who did it, or I'd be really uncomfortable around everyone besides Loki until we figured it out."

"I wonder why Thor would do that," Tony said.

"I imagine it's because Loki painted his pet hammer," Natalie replied. "The prank was my idea, though, so maybe that's why he didn't spike only Loki's water."

"Will you be okay being around Thor?" Tony asked.

"I think so, as long as he doesn't hand me anything to drink for a while," Natalie said.

"Are you sure? I don't mind telling him he has to go back to Asgard for a while," Tony said.

Natalie smiled softly. "Thanks, but you don't have to," she said. "I'll be fine."

This was about when Loki got back, still looking grouchy. "I'm going to KILL Thor," he grumbled.

"Why?" Tony asked. "Besides him spiking your waters, that is?"

"He claims it was a harmless prank, and didn't take into account that drinking Asgardian mead could have killed Natalie if neither of us had noticed that the water was spiked," Loki said grimly. "Sometimes I wonder if he even HAS a brain."

"I think I'll go get rid of whatever alcohol stash he has," Tony said, and left. Loki sat down with Natalie, and asked gently, "Are you okay?"

"I'm better," Natalie said, leaning against Loki. He wrapped his arms around her, and she snuggled closer, hugging back.

They stayed like that for some time, but eventually Loki said, "I'm hungry…."

Natalie giggled. "Let me get dressed, and we can go have breakfast," she said. She got up and took the clothes she had laid out to the bathroom, then got dressed and did her hair. She left the bathroom and found Loki waiting patiently. He got up when he saw her, and they went down to the kitchen together.

Everyone was down there already, eating pancakes and bacon. They were also giving Thor rather dirty looks, and Bruce looked like he was trying to calm down. Apparently Tony had told them all what Thor did. Thor himself looked miserable. The others looked up when Natalie and Loki walked in, and Steve asked, "Are you okay, Natalie?"

"Sort of," Natalie said. "Did you leave us any bacon?"

"Yeah, there's plenty," Clint said.

Natalie and Loki took seats, and Loki handed her some bacon and pancakes. She smiled at him and started eating. It didn't take her long to notice Thor kept glancing at her, and finally she gave up ignoring him, and asked, "Thor, why did you do that?"

"It was a prank Loki often played when we were children- spiking others' drinks," Thor said. "I had forgotten that Asgardian alcohol is stronger than that of this realm, and I did not think about your fear. I am truly sorry; I merely wanted to prank my brother."

Loki choked, and Tony started pounding him on the back. When Loki got his breath back, he asked incredulously, "YOU actually tried to PRANK me!? You hate pranks!"

Thor looked uncomfortable, and said, "I thought that you would prefer me pranking you to chasing you around with Mjolnir or beating you up."

"I normally would, but I don't think the alcohol was necessary," Loki said. "If you want to prank me, do it without alcohol."

"I will remember that," Thor promised. "Mother sent me a message this morning."

"What was the message?" Loki asked.

"She had a vision, and wishes to speak with you and Natalie," Thor said. "We have been asked to go to Asgard."

Loki drooped visibly. "Can she not come here?" he practically whined.

"Mother is the sole ruler of Asgard now; we are lucky she is still able to come to Natalie's birthday," Thor said.

"Fine…." Loki said. "Natalie and I will go change into something nicer." He grabbed Natalie and teleported them to their room. Natalie followed Loki to the closet, watching as he pulled out his Asgardian clothing. She pulled out a blue skirt that went to her ankles, black tights, and a white button-down shirt. She also grabbed her black ankle boots, and changed quickly, then went to the bathroom and French-braided her long hair. Coming out, she found Loki dressed and pulling his boots on. He looked up when she came out, and Natalie noticed he looked unhappy.

"You're not happy we're going to see Frigga?" Natalie asked.

"I simply do not want to go back to Asgard," Loki replied. "The vast majority of the population was overjoyed that I had been banished. I am not fool enough to think that their resentment of me has faded."

"I'm not either, but at least we don't have to stay," Natalie said. "Frigga only wants to talk to us; and I'm sure by now she's realized that this is your home."

"I hope you are right," Loki muttered, and then said, "Let's go."

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