Dragons, Humans, Gladiators, & Freedom


A boy who was taken from his home and turned into a slave. That is, until his new master, Drago, found him interesting. Hiccup, who was raised by dragons, must battle with other dragons and riders.

Adventure / Action
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It was a calm summer night on the little island known as Berk. This island has been here for seven generation of Viking heritage. Like any Viking, they are tough, brave, and daring. The Vikings here hunt, fish, and farm. But similar to your average day people, they do have their slight problems. Mostly the pests.

Unlike normal villages, they have locus, mosquitoes, even a little mouse can cause trouble. But here in the Norwegian region, there is a very different kind of pest. They are called…Dragons.

But sadly, like mostly places, people will believe that they have reached the worst of their Gods' hate by their continuous sworn enemy. But little did the Berkians know that what they thought could be the worst, has yet to come. That they and the dragons would have a lot more in common then they thought.


On this quiet night, there were no signs of a dragon attack. With that, the regular night watch duty remained with only a few soldiers watching. The Berkians slept in their houses with a peace of mind.

It was the same with the great Stoick the Vast. Chief of Berk and protector of his people. People thought of him as strong as an ox and daring enough to pop a dragons head clean off its shoulder with his bear hands. Most of the Vikings believe it so. But tonight, he was a father. As he sat in his favorite armchair in his house, while up stairs, his young son of six laid asleep in his bed.

The boy's name was Hiccup. Viking tradition was that they would name their child a hideous name that will frighten off gnomes and trolls. But unfortunately that was not the case for this boy. Born prematurely, he was the runt of the village. Tiny he was when he came to this life, people thought he would not make it through the night.

But Stoick believed. He believed his son would not only survived the night but with be the greatest warrior of all of Berk. Alas, the child became different from his expectations. He was still a runt, thus the Viking tradition to call the boy a Hiccup which means a small runt. The boy had a nack for getting into trouble, never paid attentions, unlike most kids his age, they were picking up axes and shields with ease. Hiccup could not lift a hammer or through a simple bola.

One thing that was different was that the boy was smart. Some says smarter than a normal six year old should be. He spends most of his time drawing and reading books that were near the level of an adult. Hiccup found the stories in books more interesting and would read them to pass the time. It wasn't like he could do anything else. Other children stayed far away from him while adults ignored him. His father's friend Gobber, did come by and looked after him but he was more interested in telling young Hiccup about how he got his injuries. His father couldn't be bother being with Hiccup due to him being Chief and taking care of the village. And his mother…..his mother had been taken and eaten by a dragon when Hiccup was just a babe.

There are times where Stoick would take time to be a father to Hiccup but it was very difficult when that child had nothing in common with him. One time, Stoick took the boy fishing and Hiccup ran off looking for trolls. He blamed Gobber for that. Stoick just hoped that in the future, the boy would be able to be a great and powerful chief like him.


Stoick sat in his chair whistling a lovely tune while whittling a block of wood into a duck or something for his son to play with. Glancing up so often to make sure Hiccup was okay, the chief smiled to himself as he continued his work.

That peace came to a halt when sound of a loud bang and screams were heard outside. Stoick quickly got to his feet as he rushed to the door. Swinging it open, he was greeted with the site of a people running about. The dark night was brightened by the firey poles that lit up the sky with their orangey glow. When Stoick looked towards the sky to see it filled up by the large swarm of dragons.

Stoick's eyes widen in fear. Drawing his sword as he watched and waiting for them to attack. Eyes looking left and right to see that the dragons were not attacking. Confused at first as to why the beast were not attacking them. They usual came to take their food and livestock. But these creatures seemed to be doing something else.


Stoick's heart dropped as he quickly turned to his house to see Hiccup looking out from the doorway. "Hiccup. Get back inside son"

Hiccup clutched his stuffed dragon to his chest. It was the last gift from his mother and it was kind of cute and yet terrifying. Guess that's what happens when you live in a dragon attacking world. Right now, Hiccup looked at the sky in wonder and fear. "What are the dragons flying away from?"

Stoick took a few second to realize what his son was asking was true. The dragons did not attack. They looked to be trying to get away from something.


The chief looked to see his friend Gobber come running towards him. Fear looked to be struck in the one legged man. Stoick was about to ask what was going on when he heard a loud crashing sound not far off from them. He turned to look to see a boulder had hit a house. Stoick startled at first, terror struck the chief as he looked up at the sea. On the dark waters were boats of different sizes.

Fearsome ships that were held together with iron and wood, skulls and spikes littered the boat making it looked like something out of a ghost story. Sails had a dark tan to it with a crest that had a black spiked gladiator helmet on them. The helmet had stains of red on it that looked like it was crying tears off blood. The ship's men restocked their weapons as they aimed at the tiny island.

Stoick's voice became mute as he was in shock at the site. Gobber came next to his friend in horror at the site, but was able to let two words slip from his lips.

"Frihet Ktí̱tores"

Slave hunters. Pirates. Worst of the worst they called them. Everyone knew of them. They took people who could not defend themselves from their home and loved ones to be sold for the pleasure of other. They would be used for battle, sex, or entertainment.

Words were able to touch Stoick's lips again and he began to speak. "I thought they were off in the waters of Gaul. They should be no where near our island."

Gobber didn't have time to answer when the ships launched rocks and fiery balls at the village.

"Hiccup!" Stoick quickly grabbed his son before the rock hit their home. Cradling his son in his arms, he turned back to his beloved village to see Vikings panicking and houses on fire. Stoick handed his son to Gobber as he barked orders that the Vikings. They need to stop panicking and work together. The others and children should go with Sanborn to the hidden far off beach so they will be far away from village and the enemy would not be able to find and capture them.

Everyone nodded their heads as the warriors grabbed their axe and swords, while the others headed to the beach. Gobber put down little Hiccup as the boy clutched his fathers leg. Stoick looked at his son with the same fear and worriedness as his son. Stoick new he had to show no fear at this time but knelt down and reassured his son that everything will be okay.

Sandborn came by the three and held out his hand to Hiccup. Looking at his father one last time, Hiccup grabbed the tall Vikings hand and they left for the beach. .

Stoick watched them leave as he prayed to Odin that he would look out and watch his son.


A few hours later, the slave traders' ships arrived at their shores. The tyrants clambered on to the docks as they swung their weapons upon the Vikings. Vikings and slave traders clash sword as they fought. Defending their village from the intruders, they had no idea of what the real plan of the traders was.


On the hidden beach, the others were waiting for their warriors to come and say they were safe. Praying to Odin that none had ended up captured, they waited for their salvation to come.

Hiccup drew in the dirt to occupy his time. Thinking that any minute that his father was going to come barreling down the walkway and hug him tight. Gobber would be there, telling him stories of how they gutted and kicked those pirates' butts. Made them scream all the way back to their daddies. Hiccup chuckled at the thought.

The sudden sounds of bushes rustle made everyone stand up. They were in for a shock when out came a bunch of pirates. Smirking a ghastly grin at the group. It wasn't until the Vikings realized that the true plan of the slave hunters. They wanted to the village to spit up.

It was a trap.

The warriors, that staid with the group, took out there weapons as they attacked the pirates. Clashed of metal and steal, the Vikings tried to keep the pirates at bay. But unfortunately, they were out numbered. While the warrior hunters kept the Vikings busy, the rest went after the weakest. Grabbing a hold of as many kids, elderly, women, and men as they could, they carried them off toward the small boats that were coming onto the shore. Tying them up, the hunters dragged them into the boats. Screams and shouts could be heard, along with yelling of 'SILENCE' and slaps to quiet them down. Threats were insured as the Berkains were forced into the boats.

Hiccup had the courage to hide in one of the near by bushes. Hands clamped over his mouth as he tried desperately to stay quiet. Fear consumed the boy as the tried not to let out a sound. He watched as the Vikings warriors fought. Eyes widen when he saw a sword dig into Sandborn's belly. Shock, fear, sadness, filled the small boy as he watched the pirate take out his blade and Sandborn fell to the ground with a plop. Hiccup looked at Sandborn's cold, dead face. He saw the life in the man's eye disappear as Hiccup wanted nothing more but to cry.

Hiccup watched as the murderer cleaned off his blade and began to look back at the boat. The boy saw that some of the boats had left or were leaving. Hope filled Hiccup that he might survive this, but it was all dashed away when he was roughly lifted by the back of his shirt out of the bush.

"Looks like we almost missed one"

Hiccup looked up to see one of the pirate men holding him out like he found a great big catch. The murderer looked over at them as he walked towards him. Fear and hatred ran through the boys mind. Fear, however, ruled him the most which silenced Hiccup.

"Looks a little bit like a runt through"

"Ah, but many people will pay to have this kind"

The murder just shook his head as he and Hiccup's captor walked to the last boat along the shore. Once seated, they shoved off as Hiccup watched his home get smaller. It would be the very last time he would see those shores again.

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