Dragons, Humans, Gladiators, & Freedom

Chapter 9

Night had fallen in Ryvvendar and the Warlords were drinking wine, ale, and tea. They sat in a semi circle as they began their conversation.

"Sorry about your boy" The Amazon queen looked amused at the Barbarian King. "It must strike your pride when something of yours loses to a girl"

"I thought it was a wonderful fight" Kahn drank his cup of tea in bliss before he looked at the Amazon. "Even though you two destroyed the arena."

"That's what it's meant for" Drago stated. "I'm sorry yours didn't get to fight"

"Probably can't do much" Gadar whispered before he drank more of his liquor.

However, Kahn had heard him and glared at the man. "Then how about yours and mine fight tomorrow. It will be very interesting to see how my fat little boy does against your strong buff of a boy"

Gadar raised an eye-brow at the bald man. "What are you hiding?"

"What? You don't want an easy win?" Kahn looked at the Barbarian innocently.

Gadar didn't buy it. He never judged anyone by what they looked or sound like. He had learn that the hard way when he had faced Kahn those years ago. The man was smart but went Berserk whenever he was backed into a corner. That's why they called him the 'Berserker Scholar'.

"I say fight" Kasif raised his glass to the men.

"Here, here" Tresa agreed.

"I would also like to see that match" Myrnna then looked to Drago. "The same with our fight. We left at a tie, correct?"

Drago to wanted to have a rematch. It had been the first time Hiccup had fought with anyone of his species. He performed splendidly with his first time.

"Wait, wait, wait" Kasif halted their conversation. "What about our twins? Who are they gonna fight?"

"Why not each other?" Gadar rubbed in chin in thought.

"One dragon, vlákas" Myrnna rubbed her eyes at the moron's attempt to fix the situation.

"Winner of the match takes them on" Drago folded his hands as he placed his head on top of them.

"Like a tournament?" Kahn rubbed his chin at the thought.

"Works for us" Tresa nodded her head while her husband held up a thumbs up while drinking his wine.

"Then it's settled then" Myrrna clapped her hands. "Tomorrow, the tournament begins.


Hiccup was exhausted. His adrenaline had finally dismissed from him as he tried to keep up with Astrid.

Toothless and Hiccup were surprised to see themselves fighting Astrid and Stormfly again. Hiccup thought they would put them up against Snotlout or Fishlegs. Guess they wanted a rematch from their last battle.


Hiccup held up his shield as he blocked Astrid's attack. She slammed her wooden axe into the shield as it seeped into it. They both fell to the ground with shield and axe on Hiccup with Astrid on top on top of him.

They struggle for a bit as they could hear their dragons fight each other around them. Astrid heard the sound of something getting closer to her that she right away grabbed her axe. Unfortunately, it was so badly embedded into the shield, that it was impossible to get it out.

With quick thinking, Astrid put her foot onto Hiccup chest, but instead her foot was on his face, and tried to pull the shield off Hiccup's wrist. It was a success when she ripped the shield and axe off his arm and hit the creature behind her.

Weapon met Night Fury face as Toothless stumbled backwards. During that time, Stormfly was able to tackle the black dragon to the ground.

Astrid breathed heavily as she turned her attention back to Hiccup. The boy was also out of breath. Hiccup stayed on the ground as he banged his head on the ground in defeat.

The crowd screamed as Astrid was named winner.

Astrid signaled for Stormfly to get off Toothless. Once the paw was off, Toothless went over to Hiccup and nuzzled the boy. Hiccup patted the black dragon in reassurance. Toothless then came next to Hiccup and the black dragon laid down on the ground.

This allowed Hiccup to crawl onto Toothless's back. The Night Fury carried the boy out as they made their way back to their cage.


Drago narrowed his eyes at the field. His elbow on his armrest while his head on top of his first, Drago watched as the Night Fury carried Hiccup out.

"Sorry about your boy" Myrrna touched the tips of her fingers together as she smirked at Drago.

"I'm not" Kasif piped up. "It would be boring to see Drago's boy fight the twins again"

"Ya" Tresa's face lit up at the thought "We should have four of them fight. Two against our twins."

"Definitely" Kasif sat up in his chair as he clasped his hand in his wife's. "We could see if they would work together or fight each other"

"Either way, it going to be a glorious battle" Tress jumped up and down in her seat at the excitement of seeing that battle.

"Let's work on this battle first" Kahn had to admit that was a wonderful idea. No one knew how the feral mind works. So far, all he had seen is that when put in a cage they will fight against each other. The only proof of teamwork was the twins. Was it because they were siblings? "Ours it next" Kahn turned to Gadar with a mocking smile on his face.

Gadar huffed a little before turning his attention to the arena. He was curious to see the fat boy fight.


Two cage doors were open. One leading to Snotlout's while the other to Fishlegs'. Both boys exited and their dragons followed behind. Both of them stood across from each other as Snotlout punched his hand into the other as he looked smugged at Fishlegs.

Fishlegs, however, did not look amused. He instead patted his Gronkle and continued to ignore Snotlout.


One of the wooden swords had hit Meatlug on the side. The dragon was not wounded because of it springy skin, but the dragon did feel threaten.

A normal dragon would get angry and attack. But Meatlug instead looked scared and looked down at her boy for comfort.

Fishlegs was facing Meatlugs body had the moment. But when he turned his head, people could see the anger in it. When the husky boy looked at Snotlout, he saw that annoying smirk on his face.

Anger built up in Fishlegs as he turned his full body towards Snotlout. "Meatlug"

The Gronckle looked to Fishlegs.

"Battle ready"

Meatlug right away changed from gentle dragon to deadly monster. Her body was tense as her wings spread open. She growled at the two with anger in her eyes.

Snotlout chuckled before he snapped his finger. Right away, Hoofang cried out as his body burst into flames. He snarled at the two before shot forward at Meatlug.

The dragon tossed and tumbled. Hookfang began to claw at the Boulder class dragon and Meatlug hit him with her tail. They both fired at each other as they went at it.

The boy stared at each other. Fishlegs looked to his right to see a shield on the ground. He picked it up and saw that Snotlout had one as well.

They both stared again each other before they launched themselves at each other. Fishlegs slammed his shield onto Snotlouts as he grunted with each thrust.

Snotlout held strong as he tried to pushed back. He only had minutes before the husky boy went at him again.

The crowds screamed in exhilaration at the battle. They would scream, gasp, and shrink back when they imagined the hurt the one must feel when the other got hit.

The shields had finally broken from the slamming. Both Snotlout and Fishlegs climbed onto their dragons. Each looking crazy and mad from being hyped up from the battle. They both gave a mighty cry as their dragons launched their most powerful blast of fire.

The shot zoomed past each other as they hit both rider and dragon. They both hit the wall with such forced that the crowd was certain they head a 'crack'.

Looking over the side, the crowd watched the smoke clear before they saw who one.

Both dragons and boys were laying against the walls in both tiredness and defeat. The match was claimed a tie.


"Excellent" Gadar clapped his hands at the sight. He then leaned over to Kahn. "I should have guessed the head of the 'Berserk Librarians' would have their dragon boy act the same way.

"Ya, bring on the blood" Kasif then leaned over Kahn. "Can he do that again?"

Kahn dead pan at the King of thieves. He was, though, delighted by the out come of the battle. He was quite shocked to see someone match against his berserk dragon child. Many times he had watched that child fight and no one could match him once he went into Berserk mode. He was inside, however, wished for the boy to defeat the barbarian dragon boy.

Drago decided to take this chance to introduce the next fight.


After the fights had ended, everyone was back in their cages as they enjoyed their dinner and relaxation.

Astrid was rubbing the back of her head from her battle with the twins. "I have no idea how you were able to take them. It as if you're high when you fight them"

" Ya, I know. Isn't it great" Tuffnut was back to sitting on Belch's next as he twirled the large strands of blonde hair.

"Is that her hair" Hiccup asked while Astrid quickly patted the back of her head to find a small bald spot.

"No!" Tuffnut quickly hid it behind his back.

Everyone laughed. It was nice to take a break from their hellish life. It had only been a couple of days but each had grown in their own way to enjoy each others company.

"Cough, cough"

Hiccup turned his attention to Dusty "You getting a cold?"

"No, nothing like that" Dusty smiled at young Hiccup. He began to reassure the small boy that everything was okay.

"Ya" Snotlout pounded his chest "He's not gonna let some little cold bother him, right Hookfang"

The Monstrous Nightmare slowly nodded his head.

"Just take it easy" Fishlegs suggested.

"Do dragons get colds?" Astrid wondered.

"Of course, they do" Tuffnut had his eyes shut as gave a lecture. "Just like humans, dragon's sickness will arise in later years when the immune system becomes weak, which lets any dangerous substances become harmful to their body, thus a cold is born."

The group stared at Tuffnut for a moment. It was one of those moment where they did not know if they should take him seriously or believe him. Even though his comment was mostly right.

Hiccup shook his head as he went back to rubbing Dusty's head. "Why don't you get some sleep"

The dragon nodded his head before he picked himself up to see on the other side of the cage. The dragon closed his eyes as he began to seep in to dreamland.

Hiccup looked over at Toothless. "He going to be alright, right?"

Toothless did not say anything. He just rubbed against Hiccup in sympathy.


Night had fallen and the rain had finally decided to fall. The pitter, patter of heavy rain could be heard. A couple soldier ran through the water while trying to find cover.

Inside the dragon cages, everyone was sleeping. The lull of breathing and snoring was the only sound that escaped everyone's lips. It was semi quiet and peaceful that night.

Hiccup slept comfortable against Toothless's belly. The rhythm of the belly rocked Hiccup into a nice slumber. But he was shortly brought out of that when the sound of heavy coughing, did he wake up.

Hiccup gently opened his eyes and looked to his left. He saw smoke coming through the bars from cage next door. "Dusty?"

Hiccup began to crawl over to the bar. What he saw shocked him.

On the other side of the cage was Dusty. The dragon was huffing and puffing as smoke came out of his nostrils. His eyes looked tired as he tried to stay awake.

Hiccup became worried that the old dragon could be sick.

"Hiccup" Dusty used the last of his strength to push his head towards Hiccup.

Hiccup clasp Dusty's head as much as he could through the bars. Tears poured out of him as the smoke came to an abrupt halt. Toothless was next to the boy as he tried his best to comfort him.

Hiccup's cry woke the others up as well. All were curious to see what was going on. All the children were shocked, while their dragons tried to comfort them through the whole ordeal.

Hiccup stroke Dusty's head to comfort the dragon. He watched the old dragon lift his head up before it gave him what looked like a smile.

Dusty's eyes began to close as the head fell into Hiccup hands.

When the dragon did not respond to him, Hiccup tried desperately to shake the Dusty wake. He began to scream as the dragon became colder to the touch.

That's when everyone began to cry as the Dragons let out screeches and roars at their fallen brethren. Their cries alerted the outside as the doors burst open and a trapper came in to see what was going on.

He was in a state of shock when he saw the Excermess dead on the ground. "Go get Scourge"

The other scrambled back out the door as he ran swiftly through the rain.

Later, Scourge reappeared outside the doors. He looked into the cage and saw what had happen. "Finally" He shouted at the men "Get it out"

Hiccup became frantic. He clutched Dusty's head to his body. No matter how heavy it felt in the boy's arms, he would not let him go. It had been quite a battle after that. The men finally got the dragon's head out of the boy arms and carried the old dragon away.

Hiccup watched them leave. It was the first time he noticed how black Dusty's skin was.


The heavy rain fell while lighting flash. Before it was just a harmless shower, but looked to be quite a fierce storm.

The Warlords were nicely tucked in one of Dinning area's. They were enjoying their food and drink while becoming engross in each other conversation. It was then time for Drago to reveal his idea.

"Ladies and Gentlemen" Every turned to face Drago. "It is time for us to come to an agreement"

"Agreement?" Kahn took a sip of his wine. "What's this all about?"

"We need to discuss what are our plans are from here on" Drago watched as they all looked at him with confusion. "You did not expect us to keep up this sheared."

They watched as Drago got up from his seat and walked around.

"Even though I like having you all here, this is not a place of entertainment. This is a military base. It need to be represent by fear, power." Drago draped himself over Kasif's chair as he looked into the man's face. "How can I be associated with that when everyone is having a good time?"

"True" Gadar put his elbows on the table as he placed his head on his knuckles.

"We need to be shown as a powerful nation"

"Something that would make them both beg for their lives and a way out of their boring life"

"Something to please the masses"

"An entertainment spot if you will. A place of easy access and a place that makes it easy for all of us to come together. A way to bring in hundreds of people who will beg for excitement and pleasure. To bring in not only money but we can gain new allies in this as well" In Drago's hand was a large piece of paper. He laid it out on the table for all the Warlords to see. "That's why I have come up with a glorious idea"

On the paper was a blue print for not only new arena but a whole island filled with building, stalls, and stables. It had large docks for ships to dock of every size. It was bigger and better than the arena in their homeland combined.

"What do you say my friends?" Drago held out his hand to the group. "Shall we build something better than the Romans?"

They all turned to each other before they looked to Drago.


It was the next day. It was still heavily clouded but no one seemed to mind. The screams and shouts of the crowd could be heard throughout the arena. Everyone was so excited for today's battle. People from everywhere had come to see the glorious battle.

Hiccup stood in the middle of the arena. Face covered by his mask as he stood their like a dark shadow. He made no movements or even tried to calm Toothless next to him.

The Night Fury was also different. More agitated and mean. The eyes of the dragon were slit and smoke came out of the black beast's mouth. It looked as if two demons were standing there.

"What's with your boy?" Kahn was curious to why the boy felt off.

Drago only smirked before he stood up from his chair. Looking down at the boy, he watched as the boy looked up at him. But it really wasn't Drago, himself, Hiccup was looking at. Instead, it was the garment draped over his metal arm.

The material was black and scaly. It could only mean one thing.

At that moment, Hiccup let out a viscous scream. The Night Fury soon followed after the boy.

They crowd cried in glee at the mad boy. The other dragons and children looked at their friend with pity. For they knew that sanity had left the gentle boy.

Astrid watched the gates open up as three dragon entered in. She watch in fear as Hiccup and Toothless charged at the dragon as if they were the mighty sea serpent, Jörmungandr. She just hoped that after today, Hiccup would come back to being that smart boy who promised her freedom.

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