Dragons, Humans, Gladiators, & Freedom

Drago's side story

(These are just a some short stories I wrote about the other characters pasts, just so you get to know them. Also in these stories will be some of the things that happen between chapter 9 and 10 because if I wrote them they would literally be 'episodes' of them just fighting. So I thought it would be nicer to meet and understand the characters instead.

Also, if anyone wants to, I am giving you permission to use or write your own side story for my Dragons, Humans, Gladiator, Freedom story. Just let me know so I can check it out. It would be very interesting what you think about these characters. Thank you)

Walking down the market of Slass Ishull, Scourge passed though the crowd of people. Shout of people and smells of cooked meats and fresh fruit filled the market air. Clanks of weapon being looked and tested were heard and seen as Scourge made his way past it.

He only stopped when the smell of fresh flowers hit his nose. Looking over, he saw someone holding a bundle of them. Knowing who it was, he could not pass up the chance to stop and make fun of the person. He made his way over to her.

"Lovely assortment of flowers" Scouge stood in her path as he crossed his arms looking at her. "Quite the 'admire' of yours to buy you such a bouquet."

Alkaia gave him a broad stare as she walked around him "I bought them for myself."

Scourged watched her leave as he knew that he got on her nerves.

"What's with you two?"

Looking behind him, Scourge saw Malie come up from behind him. He had to admit, he had not seen the little scholar in a long time. But she did grow from a small teen to a beautiful young girl.

"We are just two people who have an itch to slaughter each other. Competition really" Scourge shrugged his shoulders.

"Some may say a lover quarrel" Malie gave Scourge a smirk.

Scourge eyes shown like daggers when those words left her mouth. "Hahaha" A dark chuckle left his lips as he turned to her and stared Malie down. "Lovers, no. It's the feeling you get when you have someone only a few feet away from. The words that escape their lips are like poison ivy. It makes you itch and stings like Zoroaster. You want nothing more to rip out it roots and drown it in toxin." A dark smiled formed on the torturous face. "That's why we play our little game. We want so much to rip out each others throats but our leaders says we can not"

Molie tried to stay calm, but inside she was very frighten of the man. "It makes me wonder why you became like this"

"The root that started it all" Scourge nodded his head at understanding her words.

Biblocks are more interested in knowing how it everything started. That way they could stamp it out at the source.

"It has been the same way as why Drago lost his arm and came to have a dragon army"

"Didn't he lose it to a dragon?" Molie was very curious.

Scourge just smirk as he thought back. Back to when everything started...


Over the mountain boarder that lined across the continent, lived two realms. One known through out this story is called Europa. While on the other side of the wall laid the land of Azios.

It is very different from Europa. It is filled with people with dark color hair and light skin. Some in the south do have darker sin for they are near the equator, but for now, the story with be focused on the Perisan country.

In this countries highlands laid a bed of a solider camp. It was the time of war as every country wished to be powerful and rule. Perisan was the biggest and most powerful. Next to them were the Huns and the Turkish which the Persians were fighting against.

The two had been as war for each other for a long time and it still continued to this day.

But today was different. These soldiers had just finished battle and had taken a Huns' village. They were going to finish the rest of their journey home when the sun decided to set.

But soon, morning rose as the new days greeted the army.

Inside one of the tents laid the army general named Drago. He was younger. Age of 28 he is. He laid on his fur bed as he began to twitch. Dreams of the battle at one of the Huns' villages was still fresh in his mind. He dreamt of killing soldier. They're blood soaked his clothes and coated his blade. Down below him was a mother with her kids looking at him with horror.

His eyes sprung open when he dreamt of stabbing the woman by accident. Sweat cloaked his body as he tried to steady his breath. Once calm, he decided to sit up straight.

His mind was brought out when he heard the flap of his tent open. Drago looked up to see that Scourge had walked in.

He, too, was young. Both eyes and a more innocent face. Scourge was a year or two younger than Drago. He was Drago's best friends when he joined for training when he was ten.

In this society, all boys were forced to join the army camps for training. It did not matter if you were a poor peasant boy or noble men. Young boys were forced to join.

It had been the same with Drago's family. He was the proud son of a nobleman, who was one of the Sultan's main generals. His father was proud that both his son's were part of the military world.

Now Drago was a general of a small army, with Scourge as his lieutenant and right hand man. Both of them were a perfect team.

Scourge looked at his friend as he could guess what had happen. "Nightmare"

"Not that bad" Drago got up from his bed as he began to get ready. "How are preparations?"

"Not bad, almost done" Scourge watch as Drago put his last armor on before exiting the tent.

"Good" Drago looked out at his men. "It will be nice to see buildings and lively streets again"

"Are you going to see your family?"

"Yes. Aren't you?"

"You forget that my family is not alive"

It was true. Just last year did Scourge's brother died in battle. Drago felt awful about bringing it up. But he knew that would only annoy his friend more.

Drago decided to focus on the positive. They were going home.


The streets of Kashen were busy as people crowded stalls and roads. The small army had already dispersed not to long ago. Drago was in one of the main buildings finishing up his report. The doors opened up and Drago walked out. He let out a sigh in relief as he was glad that was done. It was tiring giving such long reports. Drago was in for a surprise when he saw who was waiting for him.

He had similar features to Drago. He had short black hair and a short fuzzy beard. He faces was gentle and kind even though he was Persia's most deadliest generals. The name Valdimar the Merciless fit him perfectly.

"Brother" Drago hugged Valdimar. "How's the family"

"Good" Valdimar had a wife and two daughters. They lived in the upper part of the city. It was clean and well kept. A good place to raise a family.

Drago hoped that one day he could be like his big brother. But sadly the call of war always dragged him out.

"Everyone missed you" Valdimar patted Drago on the back.

It was common for his brother to do this. Valdimar was the favorite child of the family. 'He was going to do something great' their father always said. Some believed it was because Valdimar's mother was all Persian unlike Drago's mother.

It was very hard for Drago to feel pressured to do something great like Valdimar. It was because of his brother that he was able to make it all these years. Valdimar was the kind of brother who supported him. He was not like the usual favorite children in most family. He was kind and didn't use their status over others.

But their was a dark side to his brother. One he had seen many times during the battle field. Similar to the horror story of Vlad the Impaler, Valdimar would torture and hanged his victim on spikes and poles as a warning to others. The problem was that his victims were alive but mind shattered. They say on silent nights you can hear the victims scream.

Drago nodded his head as he told Valdimar all about what he and his men accomplishments.

Drago and Valdimar chatted as they walked out of the building. Valdimar had invited the younger brother to dinner at his house. Drago was happy that he was going to see the nieces again. And adjust to society without all the ability of being afraid of getting attack during dinner.


Dinner had been enjoyable. It had been along time since Drago had the time to have a delicious dinner. Camp food usual was hard dried salty meat for a quick bite to any type of game that was hopping around. Unfortunately, there would be hardly a spice to the army meal.

Drago felt very full after eating that hardy meal. He sat down in one of his brother's comfy chairs and decided to enjoy the peace. It had been so long since he felt like this.

"You're stilling thinking about living in the country when you turn old?" Valdimar looked at his younger brother.

Drago had told his big brother over and over of how once he was able to retire, he was going to build a like house in the country and live his days in peace and quite. Maybe have a farm, a wife, and maybe a couple of kids. "I still have my soldier pension. All that money is put to my future."

"You haven't touch a cent" That was hard for Valdimar to believe. His brother had no home so of course he had to stay as some kind of inn.

"Only for the necessity." Drago reassured him. "I still plan for the Shah to keep his promise."

"I would not rely on to much of that" Valdimar knew that their society was not good when based on trust.

Just like other cultures. Their leader might turn and want for more money, which can turn for the worse on the people, especially certain military officers.


A knock came to the door. Both turned their attention to the door as Valdimar's wife opened the door. Two soldiers came in and told them that Drago was being called in.

Drago sighed as his vacation had just ended. He just hoped his men weren't in a worse situation than he.


The screams of the battle field raced through the valley. It had been three weeks since the battle first commence. The strong Turkish strong hold was able to hold them back. No Persians could get through to attack and claim the city on the other side.

Both side were holding strong and this battle should decide who would claim victor.

Drago and his army had made it days before. All the Generals were suppose to gather in the large tent to discuss strategy.

Drago entered the tent filled with other Generals. Some from the Noble Class to the ones who made their way. The person who was speaking was one of the sons' of the richest and nobleman in all of Persia. General Schuyler.

Everyone hated him and Drago was no exception.

"We will attack here and take them out with a front assault." Schuyler sounded prideful and a know it all.

But Drago knew his attack held a lot of holes. "We should keep our defense…."

"Did I ask for your advice" If Schuyler could hiss he would sound like a snake. I thought of his plan fool proof. And didn't want some wash up boy to tell him other wise.

Drago knew that this would be a disaster, and he wasn't the only one.

That's why a few moment later, Drago and the rest of the army was waiting on the battle field to attack. It only took the yells of the General Schuyler for the battle to begin.


The explosion from the flaming boulders hitting the ground lit up the ground. Persian soldiers began to fall one by one. Drago looked up to the one in charge. He saw the fear and distress of the man was suppose to be in charge.

Drago felt the hurt of betrayal when the man bucked his horse to turned and run. He watched as the whiteness of the horse faded into the darkness. The horror and realization of how the battle would turned out. He had no choice but to order his men to retreat.


It was like a flash. Drago remembered fire lighting up the sky before darkness. The only thing that woke him up from the darkness and into shock was Scourge. His friend stood over him as his words were just jumbles in of sound.

He felt his body be lifted off the ground as they trudged out. The thing that frighten him the most was that he could not feel his left arm.


His arm had to be completely amputated. He never felt more useless than he did now. One thing everyone knew about Amputees was that they were useless in a fight. The Persian Military banned them from joining.

So here Drago was, sitting in a chair in front of the court Marshals who were deciding his fate.

"General Drago. You are here accused of cowardice"

'Cowardice.' Drago was never a coward. He looked up at the five men to see the real coward in front of him. General Schuyler, the man who turned tail and ran. Before Drago could even open his mouth to comment, the Marshals ranted on how it was a good thing General Schuyler order a retreat, how he was able to save millions of lives thanks to his quick thinking.

Drago blocked out most of it after that. There was no way he could get out of this. The military would believe every lie that fell out of the coward's mouth. It didn't help that everyone who could have helped were dead.

After that the words fine and force leave was all the words that needed to be sunk in.

He got up and exited the room. His brother of course waited for him outside. He tried to reassure him but Drago shoved his arm off.

He could still here his brother screaming at him down the all "What was I suppose to do?"


Drago decided to clear his head. He had taken a journey to the Harbors of Norcret. It was the most upper part of Azios. It was also close to the end of the border. If anyone traveled East from there, they would hit the mysterious land of Europa.

Drago remember the tales he had heard from merchants and fishermen. How it was a chaotic place filled with monsters and war. They thought of it as Duzakh, the underworld.

"Sorry to hear"

Drago looked to his left to see Scourge. The man had lost his eye during that battle. He know had a black eye patch over his eye. "I thought you be shipped off to another commander"

"I quit"

That shocked Drago "I didn't want you to do that"

"It be boring without you" the reason why Scourge liked the military was because Drago made it interesting. When he saw Drago as a boy stab a man multiple times during a trail made scourge all the more fascinated with the him.

"Where will you go?" Drago wondered what Scourge would do with his life now that he was out of the military.

"What about you?"

"East" Drago looked out at the ocean.

That surprised Scourge. "Interesting"

"You want to come?" Drago could already guess what the man was going to say.


Drago had used all his money to have a big boat built. One made of wood and held thee large sails. That would hold up to about two hundred men. It had taken months when the boat was finally complete.

Drago invited some of his men from the army to join them in an adventure in the new world. Scourge and Drago were more than surprised when it was not only them that showed up. All the men were either from Drago's army or other men who were military active and wanted out of this country.

The boat was getting ready to leave when Drago saw a small group of men coming towards them. Scourge and some of the men were getting ready to take out their weapons when Drago held up his hand.

Drago walked down the plank and walked toward him. Drago watched as the man on the white horse got off and walked towards him. He wasn't really surprised to see his bother. Or even the letter in his hand.

"Nice ship"

"Why thank you. I had a lot of work put into it"

They stood at a stand still. They both knew the reason why Valdimar was here.

"How bad?" Drago watched as his brother sighed and unfolded the paper.

"I've got orders that say if Drago and the men with him leave the harbor, they are exiled and forced never to return here again." Valdimar rolled the paper back up before he looked at his brother. "So you really leaving"

"Yup" Drago glared at him.

"You know there wasn't anything I could do"

"You could have stood up for me" Drago eye squinted in hate at his brother.

"Yes, let me and a bunch of dead officers get together and tell the Marshalls about how Schuyler was really the coward" Valdimar raised his voice a little.

"Everyone hated him" Drago stated.

"Yes, everyone hated him. But when you the son of the richest man in the city, everyone will believe you over the expendables."

Drago knew he was right. It was just somewhere deep inside of him did he not want to hear of it out of his brother's mouth. Instead he just turned around and left Valdimar standing there.

Valdimar sighed at his brother's choice. He turned to his attention to the men. "I've come here to give you a choice…."

The words droned on in Scourge's mind. He watched Drago ascend and enter the boat. "You have a nice chat"

"How many of the men are leaving?" Drago prepared himself for the worst.

"None' Scourge shrugged.

"None" Drago was astounded.

"They liked you more than this piece of shit of a country." Scourge made it sound like it was obvious.

"They know where were heading, right?"

"This should be exciting"

Drago could not help but chuckle at his friends comment. It was true. This would be exciting.

The last thing he remembered hearing was his brother shouting at him not to forget to write.


It had been taken five days to finally be out of Azios territory. The last of the rocky border had past by their ship and they were now in the dark reaches of Europa. So far men had found it to be cold and snowy like the North should be.

It was nighttime now and the men were cover in bear fur and warm blanket. Three men were trying to keep warm while looking out for any ice or land. So far it was just water, water, and more water.

The men tried to huddle together for warmth. They prayed something would happen soon.


The shipped began to rock heavily back and forth. That startled the men. They ran to the edge to see what had hit them.

"What was that!?" Scourge yelled at the men over the Sterncastle deck.

The men just looked at him with a shrug. "Maybe….a whale?"


The sound filled the air like a bunch of banishes at once. It was definitely not a whale.


Drago slammed the door to navigation room open. He was met with a shocking surprise. Out on the decks were three giant sea monsters.

The beasts had numbers of small flukes and the neck with one large fin. They had large membranous wings that resemble fins. They were blue and green in color. They shot bio-electricity out of their mouths and onto the deck.

Each man was scrambling around and trying to defend themselves. They had never fought beast like these.

After a while, two of the beast decided to back off and shot back in the water. Drago watched down the steps. His eyes scanned the destruction of the deck. It would have taken hours for the men to destroy only took minutes for those beasts.

Drago heard the sound of screeches did he turn his attention to the source. He looked over to where the men stood to see one of the beasts caught in a metal net. "What is it?"

"No idea"


Later that day, the beast had died. It skinned dried and body cracked. They figured it was similar to fish that need water to survive. They dried it and kept the skin, claws, and teeth for trade. They kept meat for food.

They never knew who might wanted to trade with them. Everything was knew to them on this side of the continent. Hopefully they would find someone soon.

Boat sailed on across the sea. It took them a few more weeks until they came upon an island. The only reason they could land on the island was because it was on fire and under attack.

People would think the island would be under attack by other humans, but no. This island was attacked by those same creatures that attacked them. They heard men, women, and children scream for their lives as the beast let out a blaze of fire. What they found strange though was that it was not only men but women tried to fight off the beasts with their axes, shields, and swords. One guy took out a beast with his bare hands. It was amazing to watch.

"Sir" One of the men solitude to Drago. "Should we help?"

"Lets watch" Drago was more curious about the outcome.

It seemed like hours before the beast left with their spoils. A few hairy creatures, Drago assumed were cows, and lots of sheep. It looked to be only a few had not survived the night.

Drago told his men to dock.


The islanders did find them to be strange but it was thanks to a merchant who was staying there that they were able to communicate.

"The chief says he is sorry that he could not greet you properly" The merchant translated the Chiefs words.

"Its no problem" Drago resumed to drinking his drink. Apparently their Ale, what they called their liquor, was delicious.

Chief pointed to Drago's arm and spoke some words to the Merchant. "The Chief asks, what happen to your arm?"

"Battle" Drago shifted his cape of his stump. He was not proud of it.

"Dragons?" When the merchant see the look on Drago's face, did he clarify what he meant by dragons. "Those winged beasts."

The chief started shouting at his warrior to get something. The men came back with some kind of strange book. The warrior gave it to Drago to look at.

"The book of dragons. We have a copy thanks to our treaty with the Hooligan tribe in the far east says the chief."

Drago scanned through the book as he came upon image after image of each creature. He even came upon the dragon they had just fought. Drago handed the book over to Scourge who looked at it.

"Interesting" Scourge looked through the book.


They had stayed here for a few days. The villagers had gotten used to the soldiers. The soldiers found the villagers interesting. The villagers taught the soldiers how everything worked in their village. From the blacksmith shop to fishing and the farming of animals.

Drago and Scourge were watching it all commence from the top of the ship.

"How long?"

"Not long" Scourged answered.

They were, then, summoned to the Great Hall. Inside they were met with five different men. The blacksmith was new.

"Drago my friend" The merchant called out. "Our chief wants to present you with a gift."

The black smith stepped forwards. Similar to a bunch of these Viking men, he had seen most of them with amputees. Unlike most amputees from Persia, the Vikings put handicaps on them. Peg legs to hooks for hands. It was amazing in Drago's eyes. Amputees with a purpose. They're ability not the problem but fixable.

The black smith had something under a blanket. Standing in front of Drago he took it off. Inside was a large metal arm.

The black smith began to speak as the merchant translated "Its not as useful as a full arm, but it should make you feel better about losing it"

The black smith was about to take of Drago's cape when Drago stepped back.

"He says he needs to remove you cape to put it on you" the merchant chuckled fearfully.

Drago removed his cape himself before he allowed the man to slip the arm on. Once completed he got a full look at the arm. He was astonished by the working of it. It was total useless to use but it made it look like Drago had to arms. He was more than happy to have that.

"The chief wants to show you something else as well."

Drago raised an eye-brow at them. What else was there to see?


When they came upon the arena were they really amazed. A large cage was on top of the stone bowl. A steal gate by the exit and entrance, ten wooden doors aligned the interior. Each door shook as if something was on the other side.

The gate suddenly closed shut as Drago and his men look up in the rafters.

The chief looked smugly at them. His hand flickered to his warriors as each opened a door. They all revealed to hold dragons inside. Two Gronkles, Four Nadders, two Zipplebacks and two Monstrous Nightmare.

The Chief began to laugh at their predicament. He knew it wouldn't take long for them to die. He and his clan would take over the rest of the soldier and take their ship for their own. It was a wonderful day to take in some spoils after that terrible battle with the dragons. He would definitely take that arm back and claim it as a trophy.

Drago had a feeling this would happen. The Persian man took a bull hook from behind his back. Stepping forward towards the dragon. He swirled the pole around and gave a mighty yell. The dragon's eyes then widen before they lowered their head before backing away. They were afraid of the man.

Drago stepped forward and in front of the Monstrous Nightmare. It began to whimper as it lower its head to the ground. Drago stepped on dragon's head before smiling darkly at it.

Just as expected. Every creature had an alpha and Drago made sure the dragon's knew he was one. Drago took his foot of the dragon before he let out a giant howl as he swirled his staff. Chaos insure after as screams filled the air. The small island was under attack.


It had taken nine months to reconstructs the island into Drago's image. He had killed the merchant not long after. He lived out his usefulness when he had taught them all they what they needed to know to survive in this unknown country. The rest of the villagers were dead or sold off. He found some of the were men useful and forced them to join his army. The others were resourced to torture before being strung up outside the gates. Now they were nothing more than skeletons and bones.

It took Drago year to have an army. It took him two years to collect enough dragon to conquer. It took him three years to be King of the North. Drago and his army were feared far and wide.

Eight years after that, is when Drago had required Hiccup.

Drago was sitting in his chair going over more paper work. There had been an up rise on one of the island and had to send a few soldiers to deal with it. Luckily it wasn't too bad. It would be a shame to lose some of the men and dragons.

There was a sudden knock at the door as Drago looked up. He saw Scourge walk in looking exhausted and disheveled. Scratch marks ran down his arms, legs, and a few on his face. He had bite marks in certain places. And he was sopping wet.

Raising an eye-brow, Drago asked. "What happen to you?"


The eye-brow raised hire on Drago's face.

"Stupid bastard scholar told me that I should clean the boy at least once a month." Grabbing a chair, Scourge sat down as he tried to get the blood of him. "Says that if I don't clean him, he'll get diseased and infection. Plus, he will probably stink up the place if we just have that dragon clean him."

Drago gave it some thought before he decided that this was probably the smart choice. Back in his army days, he had seen prisoners become dirty and die off because of infection. Who knew being clean was so important.

Drago decided to amuse himself. "I'm guessing he didn't take it to well"

"The bastard tried to kick and bite me in places you don't want to know" Scourge through the bloody cloth to the floor.

"Please tell me you at least gave him a hair cut"

Scourge knew that Drago was teasing him and decided to go along with it. "Ya ya. A nice trim I gave him"

Drago still tried to wrap his mind around this "Did you chain him….."

"Ya, we used the chains from the changing room. Still can't believe that kid can put up a fight." Scourge breathed in frustration. "He's a frickin twig, for gods' sake."

"I'm sure he hates you more than you hate him right now" Drago got back to work on his papers.

"Damn bastard" Scourge grabbed Drago's cup and gave a swing.


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