Dragons, Humans, Gladiators, & Freedom

Myrrna's side story

Myrrna stared out into the streets below. She looked at her proud female tribe. She felt proud and pleased with the way everything worked. Her smile only faltered when she remembered who it was that was sitting in a chair not far from her.

Kahn. That bald man who was cocky and arrogant, like her. They were the same and different at the same time.

Not because they both were warlords, or being male and female. They just both had a lose of something. Let it be family, a love one, or even faith. They just had that ability to know about the other that would scare others.

Today was the of the fights on Thesera, as their agreement required until the new island could be built. Unfortunately for her, Kahn decided to leave later due to living not far from the Amazon Territory.

But she knew the real reason he was here. He wanted to get under the Amazon Queen's skin. All the Scholars want to do is know your deepest darkest secret. And turn it into blackmail.

"You were once as princess. A beautiful daughter of the once proud Queen Lysippe." Kahn saw the Queen eyes begin look sad. "A princess of the island of Amazon woman. If I remember the story correctly, you fell in love with a boy who washed up on your little island."

Myrrna hated how that man knew everything. He was a source of information that he twist into his own words. But she knew that he did not use it to mock her. It was away to get to her center. To see if she had emotions. The proof that she could feel.

She was the same as he. They both shared tragic pasts that turned them into what they are today. The day she stopped dreaming of fairytales and faced reality.


Not far off from the Greek island, in the vast Ionian Sea, laid island that was filled with all kinds of birds and plants. Both Animals and reptiles lived here as well. It was a peaceful island. The only people who lived here were warrior women along with dancers, singers, and different kinds of artists. They all lived in peace thanks to the whirlpools that surrounded the island as a protector.

Today was very lively for the island. The young princess Myrrna, daughter of Queen Lysippe, was of age where she could be claimed as a woman of the tribe. The coming-of-age ceremony was a rite that honors femininity, renewal, rebirth and balance that marks the passing of these insight and values from one generation to the next.

It was an exciting time for the female tribe. All the women were busy preparing for the princess ceremony, that no one realized that the princess was no where to be seen.

On one of the sandy beaches, a young blonde hair girl was walking along the shore collect seashells. Her pet Komodo named Ki-lee scurried right behind her.

It was always a great idea to collect seashells and any other artifacts that have washed up on shore last night's storm. The storm had been one of the biggest that had hit the island since the olden days. It was lucky for the island folk's, that the storm had not hit them so badly.

Instead, when people looked out at the sea, they could see small funnels of water tornadoes. There were also lighting storm that lit up the water. Some say they could see sea creatures that swam in the ocean when the lighting hit.

Myrrna's mother had told her that it could have been the goddess showing off her power. That she will protect them from any dangerous force. Like she had for thousands of years.

She believed her mothers words.

Myrnna walked along the shore until she came by an odd object. She slowly bent down and began to push the sand off it. It began to reveal a beautiful wooden box. She picked up and looked at it. She tried to open it but for some reason, it would not. The young princess decided to give up and ask the others later.

Before she could fully get up, Myrrna began to hear the sounds of moans. She was startled by this and quickly looked around for the source. Right way, she saw something strange creature half in the sand. She did not know if she should get close to it or run away. Her lizard on the other hand, decided differently.

The large reptile walked closer to the strange creature to see that it was a man. A boy in fact. Looking down at the strange creature, the lizard decided to be mean. Slithering his tongue in and out, Ki-lee gave a lick to the man's ear.

Right away the man jumped out of the sand and looked around widely. He freaked out when he right away saw the large lizard.

Myrrna could not help but laugh at the site, but right away stopped when the man looked at her. They stared at each other what seemed like hours.

She only stopped staring when more men were coming over the water. They looked to be on a broken boat that looked to be sinking. Right away the princess and komodo ran off when the reinforcements came.

Myrrna watched from behind a bush at the group. It looked like the men were happy to see the boy still alive. She could not hear what they were saying but saw how they patted the boy on the back.

Before Myrrna could find out more, she heard the sound of stomps. She looked to the left to see a bunch the female warriors coming straight at the men. She watched as they fought and battle the warriors. But it was short lived, for the men were tired and they decided to retreat. All of them were going in different directions. Some were caught while others escaped.

Myrrna did not have time to watch for she did not want to get in trouble or caught.


The ceremony had been quick and beautiful. Dancers were dancing. Fire was thrown and a blaze by the fire dancer. Everything was lively until Myrrna was called up. She was dressed in all white short dress. She was covered in flower oil before she was presented by the Queen with a glass orb. It was crafted carefully and beautiful.

The ceremony concluded with Myrrna and a bunch of priestess taking her to the caverns where her final test would take place. Myrrna had to swim from the open water pocket to under the rocky caverns and to an open small lake at the end of it.

It was a hard and dangerous trail. Some had died during this trail, but only the strong could take part in these rites of passage. Myrrna was not afraid. She had been swimming in these waters since before she could walk. People said that she was part fish.

The priestess gave Myrrna the last rights before she went into the water and dived in. She swam through the tunnels and passages as if the Goddess was telling her where to go. She could feel her lungs being to want air. She tried not to panic as the water began to get blurry as it once was clear when she first entered.

Taking a chance, Myrrna headed up. For some reason there was no fear. No fear of hitting the top of the cave and shattering her skull or drowning.

Instead, she hit the top of the water with a splash. Gasping for air, Myrrna had made it out of the tunnels and into the crystal blue, small lake, known as λίμνη θεά. The young woman now, began to swim around in the lake. She felt the Goddess spirit rush through her as she water danced.


Unaware, not far from her, was the young man she had met on the beach. He was looking for him men and had gotten lost. He had made his way down a dirt path and happened upon the lake. Gasping for breath, he staggered to the water and took a drink.

It was so good to get a taste of water to quench his throat. He became startled when something sprang out of the water. First thought came to mind was a fish, but fish did not have hair of gold. Flipping out, he ducked into some bushes.

Carefully looking up, he saw that it was some girl. But not just any girl. It was the beautiful one from the beach.

He watched as she water danced in the lake with grace and beauty. If not for seeing the legs in the clear water, he would think she be a mermaid.

Taking a chance, he began to take off his shoes and shirt. Slowly, he made his way into the water with out her noticing. He began to swim closer to her when she stopped and turned to face him.


Myrrna was started. She was very afraid for she did not know what he would do. She had heard the many stories from her female tribe about how men were tricksters. They come and rape and kill young girls for their own pleasure.

But he did not try to grab for her or even threaten her. Instead he just stared. It was like he was thinking the same as her. 'Who is this mysterious creature?'

They both stared for what seemed like forever. It wasn't until Myrrna gave a smile and began to swim around, that the boy followed after as they played.


A few weeks after their first meeting, Myrrna and the boy, now known as Sonza, had been together. They got to know each other. and talk about their world and different cultures.

Apparently, Sonza was a prince from a kingdom not far off from here. It was a peaceful and small kingdom. They did not conquer other nations or provoke anyone. But that still did not stop it from being attacked one day. That's what prince Sonza and his men were doing. They were trying to head off to one of their allies to find help. Sadly by the time they headed out to sea their kingdom had fallen.

Myrrna felt bad for the young prince. She and her tribe were lucky to be protected by the whirlpools. She had talked about allowing them to live her with them. Her mother had told her that this was not a good idea. Having men on the island could cause consequences that will upset the goddess.

Myrnna felt bad when she had to tell her new friends that he had to be kicked off the island. She had grown close to the all man crew. The captain was hilarious. Definitely different from the captain of the guard. He was loose, happy go lucky, and told funny stories. The other lads were young, kind, and knew how to fish and some of them could cook delicious meals.

She would be sad to see them go.


Another week had passed and there still was know way for the men to get off the island. But the good thing was that some of the females had taken a liking to the men. This was a good thing, since it means there would be no fighting and killing.

Myrrna and Sonza decided to take a break from the village and were sitting on top of some rocks on the beach. They looked out into the ocean as if they were waiting for something to happen.

"You know….."

Myrnna looked over at Sonza, who looked to be in a daze.

"I'm going to miss this small island" Sonza thought about his crazy time he had hear.

"What will you do when you get back?" Myrrna asked.

"I guess…try to rebuild my kingdom." Sonza let out a sigh at the thought. "If there really is a kingdom left to save"

Myrrna watched as Sonza began to tear at the thought of his home being utterly gone. She could not even imagine what it was like to lose her home.

They both turned there attention when they heard the sound of sand being ruffle moved. Looking behind them, they saw Ki-lee with a small wooden object in his mouth. Taking it out of his mouth, Myrrna saw that it was the small box that she found on the beach.

Grasping it her hands, Sonza let out a gasp as he looked at the box. "I thought I lost it forever"

Myrrrna handed the box over to Sonza and she watched as he began to unlock it. Inside, music began to place. It was the most tranquil and beautiful sound she ever heard. It was like the goddess was speaking to her heart.

She looked back up at Sonza. He had such a gently look to him. It was hard for Myrrna to believe that someone like him, could be cruel and dark. Maybe…all men were like that.

Closing their eyes, they kiss.


It had been a wonderful afternoon that turned into night. Myrrna was happy in the arms of Sonza as they stared into the sky. The stars were bright tonight. It brought happiness to the young couple.

Tomorrow they were going to speak to the Queen about having a wedding and allowing the men to stay here. If she said no, then Myrrna will leave with them back to Sonza's kingdom.

They were happy with their plan, until the sound of booms and whistle filled the air did the couple rose and look out to sea.

On the water laid a large ship. Sonza squinted his eyes at the ship before he realized who they were. "Pirates"

Another catapult was fired but it did not aim at the island. Instead it was aimed of to the side. It was very confusing why they would do that until it became clear. It was cutting off a currant, thus ending the whirlpools.

Once the last whirlpool was gone the ship sailed in.

Sonza and Myrrna rain towards the village, but they had to cut through the beach to get there. They had no warning when boulders slammed against the rocky cliffs and onto the sandy beach.

One of the boulders hit the ground very close to the couple. The force flew them off the ground. They fell with a mighty flop that when they were able to readjust themselves, they were already surrounded.

Sonza stood in front of Myrrna as he stood in front of the pirates.

"Prince Sonza?" One of the pirates asked.

"Yes" Sonza raised an eyebrow.

Myrrna watched in shock as he lover was stabbed with a dagger.


Myrnna could not believe this was happening to her island. Not to long ago did they island become under sieged by these awful men. They had burned their homes, burned their crops, and tainted their waters.

She watched as women, mothers, and children were taken, shackled, and dragged to the boats. Nothingness filled her has she was still looking at the dead body of her mother. The once proud Queen of the Amazons was naked, cut up, and used for the men's sexual pleasure.

One of the savage pirates grabbed her roughly by the arm and began to drag her. She still felt nothing. Sound had become nothing more than a muffle. Her eyes began to roam around as she saw the pirate's drink and eat, women screaming, and children crying.

That's when the sound of heartbeats got louder. Voices rang through her head of how could their goddess do this to them. They had been good to her. They sacrificed. They prayed. Why would she do this? She had always believed that their goddess was kind, loving, and fair.

Anger filled her at the thought of her Sonza dead. He was kind and gently. She believed that the goddess had brought him to her. Now her taking him away and bring these filth drove her mad.

Angered filled her as the heartbeat got stronger. She did not how or went it happen. But the next thing she remembered was climbing onto the man and squeezing his neck. He gasped for air and soon his neck snap.

Shouts from the other pirates drew her attention. She looked up at them as they came closer. She picked up the sword from the dead pirates belt before she got up and stalked towards them. The pirates ran at her as she sliced them.


It was a bloody battle that last the night. At the end of it all, Myrrna stood. Twenty dead pirates laid at her feet. She huffed as the adrenaline left her body. She tossed the sword to the side as she went to her female tribesmen and undid their bonds.

Luckily, only a small fraction of their tribe lied dead. But that was the sad part as well. They were all good people in the tribe's eyes. None needed to die but what else could be done. The ones that did live were not warriors.

The warriors that were alive were injured. Some with broken bones, while other broken pride. The commander, who was now dubbed to apprentice, walked over to Myrrna, who was staring at the large ship in the bay.

"What shall we do now my Queen?" The new captain struggled to get down on one knee as she bowed to her knew ruler.

Myrrna understood that she would be the new Queen. Right away she did not want to be a weak Queen. Thinking you were safe got her mother killed. Thinking that you were non threatening got Sonza and his kingdom killed.

Sonza, the man she loved. And to this day, he was the only man she would ever love.

Turning her attention back to the ship, one thing came to mind. "How long to the warriors are healed and ready to fight"

The captain was awestruck by this. "A couple of weeks"

"Good" Myrrna heart darkened that day.


Years and Years had passed and the once mythical island of the Thesera, home of the angelic, gentle women, was now turned into a man hating island of Amazons. Myrrna, the Queen of the Amazons ruled the island with a powerful fist.

Last time a man made a sexual comment at her, she cut off his dick and fed it to him. That's how the rumor of Amazon's cutting men's dick's off came about.

The Amazons conquered from day one. When they had taken the pirate ship into one of the ports off a Greece. It was a small slave town but was destroyed in a day. Women were offered a choice whether to return to their homes or do something great and fight with them. The women mostly choice to fight.

Men, however, were different. Myrrna and the rest of her Amazons choice to never trust men again unless they were marked. After the incident at one of their conquer island when of the noble tried lie and swindler his way out of being killed. Lying to them about following them and not to harm anyone.

They believed him as he took them to his home and told them all about having them trade with their home and how they could live in peace. His words sounded true and harmless. Until one of the servant girls told her not to drink the wine.

Myrnna's generals, Alkaia, stabbed him in the hands. He began to cry and tell them everything. How they were planning to kill them in the night and take over their island and take their women as slaves. He laughed until he was sliced in the neck. All the traitors died after him.

That's why all men had to take a passage where they would be marked on their neck that showed they belong to the Amazons. And of course, the neck was the most sensitive part of the body. That's why it was the most agonizing treatment that would wither kill them or scar them.

It was the perfect life for them. That is until the North came to visit.


Myrrna hated Barbarians. She especially hated Gadar and his idiotic tribe. She could not understand how any women could allow themselves to work with those men. The Barbarians, too, saw them strange and some made crude remarks at them.

But that one day when that strange man from the other side came, he began to intrigue her. Not in any sexual way. But he was smart. He knew when to keep his mouth shut and listen. Unlike her, his military island was full of men.

He told her where he came from, how women staid home and cooked while men and boys went off to fight. He thought if he had women on the island they would be distraction. The men would forget their duties. He could not have that.

Instead, he respected her and her army. One soldier to another he admired her ability to battle.

Yes, Drago Bludvist was definitely not a normal man. He talked about a dragon army. He had showed them off to her and wanted give some to her as a gift. But she did not want to accept them. His dragons were T]too muscular and brawny. A man's dragon they seemed.

He chuckled at her and said true. He told her that she had already her own dragon of the sea. The sea serpents that lived out side her island.

Tide Gliders, Shockjaws, Sliquifiers, and many more lined the seas waters. Drago would love to collect a few of those but decided against. He did not want to anger his new friend and ally.


Rumors, rumors, rumors, were always spreading about that man. Myrrna thought she would hear more about those thieves but no. It was always about Drago. Rumors spreading around of how he required this child who's part dragon.

What did this child have wings and a tail? Did it breathe fire? Who knows.

But it did get some of the women interested. They feared and wondered what it would be like to have something of that here. She found it annoying.

And yet….she wanted one too.


What could you say about Essos. It was disgusting from looks to smell. It was full of the swindlers, murders, and rapist. Men, women, and children lined the walls like life stalk. Wild animals were held in cages too small for comfort. There were always the snide comments from the slave traders as well.

Myrrna could not believe she was thinking that the City of Thieves was a vacation spot to this place would scare anyone. Like her warriors, she kept up her guard.

Luckily they were greeted by a female trader. Myrrna could tell that the trader's mind was a little bit twisted. "Welcome to Essos" She gazed up at them with a greedy smile. "This way"

Making their way down the corridor and hallway, they came upon the room full of caged dragons. The reptiles snared and growled at the women.

It kind of reminded her of her poor Komodo, Ki-lee. She did not show it but inside a tear fell.

Regaining herself, she turned back her attention to the cages. So far all were filled with dragon. This was getting annoying as she glared at the trader to hurry up.

The cage they finally stopped, held a large bird like creature. The trader explained that it was a Nadder and before she got a chance to continue. Its tail spiked as it shot the spikes at them. Two of the warriors stood in front of them, quickly, shielded them. Only a few made it through but the spikes were still very powerful. They gazed at the creature with awe.

Down at the Nadder's feet and under one of its wing, was a little blonde hair girl. Her face round and her yellow hair a two braided mess. She glared angrily at them.

Myrrna like the fire in her eyes. "Dragon, male or female?"

The trader was still quivering from what just almost happen. "Female"

"Good" Myrnna smiled darkly at the two.


Myrnna was happy with the results from the trainer about her dragon girl. Apparently her name was Astrid, meaning a 'Divine Beauty'. It made sense once they got her cleaned up and her hair in a single braid. She was also quite fierce as she predicted. She fought them the whole way to the ships cells.

They of course collected a few dragons such as Nadders and Scuttle Claws. She sadly had to call in a favor to Drago about asking him for some of his trappers to capture some of their sea dragons.

It was a struggle at first but soon some of her own trappers were able to capture some dragons. They kept the females and killed the males, of course. But they found Drago's way of keeping his dragon child as a pet rather boring.

Astrid was quite spirited and tricky. It was like she knew how everything worked. Mind of a solider Myrrna thought. That's why when her number one general, Alkaia, asked her if she could train the girl to fight, got her curious.

Alkaia explained that she would train the girl to not only fight dragons but warriors as well. "Imagine if we put our Astrid against Drago's" She would say.

It made Myrrna mind thinks at the thought. A malevolent smile came to her as she allowed Alkaia to train Astrid.


It was beautiful. The way Astrid could take down as single armed soldier without even a thought. A couple times they would think Astrid would snap the girl's neck. Each time she doesn't. No one knows why. Either the thought or fear of being a murder comes to mind.

Myrrna and Alkaia did not know which, but when they received word of Drago wanting to have a competition to see who's Dragon Child would rang supreme brought surprise and curiosity.

Alkaia would say that Drago and his monkey had finally grown a brain. All it did to Myrrna, was to send a reply.


From the beginning, seeing Drago's fort was like stepping into some kind of dark military story. All soldiers and trappers. A bunch of blacksmith shops to make weapons and armor. From dragons in cages to most pushing around crates and moving catapults.

Stone, wood, and cement walls were the material that made up this place. The Amazon's felt out of place here. There home was military, but green. Here, there was no such thing as vegetation.

Myrrna wondered if the place Drago came from was like this. He did say he was brought up in military. Maybe that why his home is like this.

After the first battle, the Amazon Queen was impressed. Drago's boy was fast and agile and held his own against Astrid. Not many could do that. And that black dragon was something else as well. Something out of a nightmare she thought.

It had been a couple years before Drago introduced her to Hiccup in the Fighter Cells. She did not know what to make of him. He was older than the first time she saw him. His body not so much boney. He had gained muscle of a more normal man. Nothing like Drago's or that man, Scourge's, body.

He was smart. Myrrna could understand why Drago had said that. Anyone could see it in the boy's eyes when they look into them. She would also see him sit patiently in his cage leaning on the Night Fury's side. He did not growl anymore or glare. It was like he was challenging her to make the first move. It excited her somehow.

They guess that Astrid and Hiccup were around seventeen years old now. More developed in more ways one. Defiantly can see possibilities in the boy and her girl. That why when Drago made a proposal, she excepted.


Thinking back at her life, she was sad some of those things happened but very glad that it did. She was strong and proud now. People feared her and her Amazons. She ruled the South and no one dared question her.

Today was the day they would hold the Battles here. Most Amazon's were not happy to have others here. Especially men. Thus the enhance security and constant watch of their guests. That was the agreement they signed.

A few large ships were coming in and Myrrna and her tribe. She stood off on the shore lines and watched them come in. By the ratty looking outer inters, they could tell who ship it belong to. Of course the first territory that had to come in belonged to the City of Thieves.

She grew more annoyed when shouts were heard across the water.

"Hey lesbian tribe! How's it going!?" Kasif shouted from the first boat.

Right away both his wife and crew members backed away from him .

She came up to her archer and whispered, "Aim, very carefully"

This was going to be a long day

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