Dragons, Humans, Gladiators, & Freedom

Astrid's side story

(AN: I wrote Astrid's, Snotlous, Fishlegs, Ruffnut, and Tuffnut's story to be read as if it was 'them telling the story or from their mind.)

She had always been strong. Astrid was going to be a great shield maiden if she stayed in her village. Her uncle would help her train every day. Her favorite weapon was an axe. She was able to slice a tree down the middle when she was such a small child. It made her uncle proud. She was going to be something great, but that all changed when she was taken from her home.

She was force to lined up with the rest of the children. She and the rest of the children had been stolen in the night by a group of slave trader. She watched as the man poke and touched them to see how much he could make out of them.

She knew how it worked. Her uncle had told her stories about people who had been forced to work as slave. Who knew she end up like the ones in her uncles story.

She held herself back as she wanted to bite his fingers off. Her uncle had told her to never make the situation worse. She had to plan her escape not force it. That's why she was at a complete surprise when she one of the kids give the fat man a big bite.

She watched the skinny kid run off to gods know where with the men on his heals.

'Stupid kid' she thought. Astrid never got a good look at the boy. She just thought that the boy would end up dead in a matter of second by the angry traders.

She along with the rest of the children were then pushed down a hall and towards the dungeon with the other children that would be turned into slaves.


While weeks had passed, Astrid tried to come up with an ideas on how to escape. So far, nothing had come to hear. The guards were much bigger and stronger than her. And they didn't give them enough food to give them enough strength to fight them. Her captors were smart.

Astrid was only brought out of her thoughts when she was forced up with a bunch of other children. She was forced out of the room and down the hallway.

That's when the idea hit her. She was going to be sold. That's when the idea struck in her head about how she would sneak away when her new owners let their guards down.

Many people, she thought would buy her, probably thought she was weak. That would soon change when she held a knife to their throat.


When they at last came to the end of the hallway they met with a door. Astrid raised an eye-brow as to why they were stopping. Her answer was met when she hear the sound of a roar from behind the door.

She knew that roar. She had hear it all her life from her village growing up. It was the sound of a dragon. Fear kicked in inside her as she began to panic. She hit her captor as she tried to get away. All she got was a push towards the, now, open door.

Astrid looked side to side as she saw rows of caged filled with different dragons of different species. The cage door was thrust open as she was pushed inside. She fell onto the ground floor with a thump.

Astrid looked up as she came face to face with a Nadder. Fear struck inside of her as she did not know what to do. The Nadder, however, stalked towards her.

That's when the training with her Uncle about dragons kicked in. "Stay in its blind spot"

With that, Astrid moved in front of the bird dragon. They both danced as the dragon tried to find the girl.

Once the dragon tilted its head to look at her, did it get angry. It brought out it tail as it began to spike. Astrid gasped as she quickly moved out of the way. The needles hit the ground as they made dents in the stone. Luckily, none of its poisonous needles hit the girl.

A smirk appeared on her face as she put her hands on her hips and looked at the Nadder. "What do you want to do now?"

The bird dragon stared at her for a few before giving up. It decided that that she was not worth the trouble or the last of her needles. Yes, the dragon could breath fire at the little girl but felt that would be just like those other humans that locked it up in here. Plus the little human wasn't doing anything threatening any way.

Astrid watched the dragon lay on the ground before laying its head down. It was like a sign saying 'stay on your side and I'll stay on mine'.

Astrid was happy to comply with that. She sat on the floor as she drew her legs to her. The air was cold. Even though she grew up in the coldest region in the archipelago, she still felt cold.

She tried to get some sleep. If only she stopped shivering.


When Astrid woke the next days she was surrounded in warmth. There was a vibration on her back. She could not understand it at first, but the grew in fear. Opening her eyes she met with blue.

She tried to get out of the darkness. Light was let through as she sprung out into the opening. Clamoring towards the cage edges, she freaked out.

When she finally took the time to calm down, did Astrid turn around. She saw the dragon stared at her as if it were say 'what the hel is wrong with you?'

Astrid breathed in and out for a couple of minutes before she collapsed to the ground. She felt exhausted and tired. And still a little shaky at what just happened.

Astrid stared at the Nadder as it watched her. It began to creep forward. That's when Astrid stared heavy breathing again. The dragon then stopped and laid down like a bird. Then it flopped its head to the ground as it tried to look less frightening.

Astrid did not no what to do. The dragon looked up at her like this harmless creature. She could not understand why it was doing this.

She didn't know what came over her but she scooted towards the dragon. Reaching a hand out she tried to touch it. When the head began to move did she become afraid. She closed her eyes and waited for her hand to be eaten. Instead, she felt scaly flesh touch her hand.

Astrid's eyes sprung open as she let out a gasp. She turned to look at the dragon. They both stared at each other for a while as the dragon began to purr.

"Hey girl"


It felt like weeks being stuck in this cage. Both Stormfly and her hated it. They hated being trapped. Waiting for their doom to suddenly appear.

By the way, that's what Astrid called her female Nadder comapion, Stormfly. The Nadder loved the way it sounded.

A few time they would try to communicate with each other. Astrid got the fact that Stomrfly loved it when Astrid scratched the back of her neck to her chin. Astrid did freak out through when Stormfly fell to the floor in a thump. The bird dragon purred in bliss as Astrid soon found it funny.

Stormfly could understand a little of what the girl was saying. Her name Astrid and she came from the North. The dragon tried to tell Astrid that is was also from the North. A little island that held lots of dragons and inside the base of the volcano. The little girl did get some of it, she just wished there was some way for her to speak dragon.


Both turned their heads when they saw someone come in. They were different from the men that had come in earlier. Astrid was curious to what they were talking about but decided against it. She did not need to show weakness.

Astrid tried to get a better look but was snatched up be Stormfly. The dragon hid Astrid under her wings to protect the girl from the introducers.

Astrid could not see but she could hear them. She heard the sounds of female voices making comments about Stormfly. Astrid could hear the dragon growl as she saw the tail being picked up. It did not take long for Astrid to realize what had happen. The sound of a bunch needles hitting the ground made Astrid pray that one of them at least it the slavers.

As Astrid looked up, she saw that Stormfly had to twist her body to launch her needles. Thus, one wing coming off and the other only barely covering her. She could see them as much as they could see her. They were strange.

They looked similar to Valkyries she had heard through the stories. But these women wore less clothing. All leathery and more macho. Like they were trying to pull off being a guy attitude with a girl body.

They stared at each other. Judging.

That's when the words of dread rung through her.

"Dragon, male or female?"

Astrid did not want to leave Stormfly. She was the only dragon she wanted to be near. Stormfly was her protector. Her sister.

When the slaver confirmed that Stormfly was a female, did that evil smile appear on that woman's face.


Astrid and Stormfly fought with every tooth and claw they could muster. They would not allow the dark Valkyries to take them to what every Gods awful place those women were from.

Now they in another cage on some kind of boat. Thank Odin neither one of them got sea sick.

Astrid huddled next to Stormfly, trying to keep warm. Thoughts ran into her head of what would happen next.

The sound of cages raddled as they both looked over. They saw more Nadder's like Stormfly along with these dragons that stood like a Nadder but had head and tail like a Zippleback. They were odd and strange.

All of the dragons were afraid. Just like Astrid and Stormfly they wondered what would happen next.


It felt like it had been weeks when they finally landed on the island. Astrid never felt sick for land in all her life.

But this was just the tip of the iceberg. Everything changed after this day.

Astrid was forced to fight. She had no idea why. At first it was fighting dragons. Astrid was so glad he Uncle had decided to teach her how to fight at a young age. For if he didn't, she had a feeling she would not be alive.

At first it was just the Nadders. Then came the dragon known as a Scuttleclaw. By that time Astrid was able to dodge and defend herself from any dragon attack. She did not kill them as they did not kill her.

Some how during this year, Astrid was able to make a connection with the dragons. She did not know how, but it just felt that words did not need to be spoken to understand one another. It was the same with Astrid's voice. She had no use for it after she came here. Astrid felt like that even if she were able to speak, it still would not help their situation.

One time she came close to speaking. She had arrived in the arena ready to fight when something was different. There were no dragons. Instead was a bunch of those warrior women crowding around her. She did not know what was going on until she saw that trainer in front of her.

She spoke those strange words. It was a good thing Astrid was able to pick some of the language up. "Let...see..póso..well..boreíte..really fight"

They wanted to see her fight. Then she would give her a real fight.

One of the women charged at her. Astrid jumped over the women and then kicked her. The warrior fell to the ground with a thump. Astrid could see how angry she was at be humiliated by a little girl.

Astrid smirked at this before the trainer smirked darkly at her and order the rest to attack.


Astrid was on the floor next to Stormfly. The female dragons head rested on Astrid lap as she allow the girl to pet her. It was a technique the Stormfly used to calm Astrid down.

The poor girl was covered in bandages and bruises. She was lucky enough to be able to walk. The dragon felt bad that she wasn't there for her sister.

Astrid felt Stormfly purr before she heard lose words. "It will be alright"

It was a light at the end of a cavern. Hearing those words brought Astrid hope once again. She wasn't alone and she would never be alone as long as she was with Stormfly.


One word to describe a boy, who she wanted to pound into the ground for being so annoying. That answer would be….Hiccup. The boy just got into her head. Once she saw a weak and skinny the boy was, she thought it be an easy win.

But no, the boy just kept on going. Not only that, but he was able to tame a Night Fury. The holy offspring of lighting and death itself. How the hel could a pathetic boy like him be in the same room as one.

She wanted to punch him. She wanted to punch him so hard. When the match was over she thought they would be put somewhere far away from him. But no, they put him right next to them.

Astrid hated the way he watched her. He looked like a curious little Terrible Terror. It annoyed her. That's why when she snapped at him, she hoped he was mute. Instead, he spoke the dragon language. It kind of made sense. He did look like a nerd.

That's when she found about the Night Fury's name. Toothless. Who in there right mind would name the holy off spring of lightning and death itself Toothless. Okay, it official, the boy was defiantly a wimp. She just wished he fought like one.

Astrid and Stormfly decided that they did not want to deal with them anymore. They attention was brought back when in the next cage over was an elderly looking dragon. Astrid did not know why but she was very curious about him.

His voice sounded old and he reminded her of her grandfather. She found it funny that the old dragon was called Dusty, but once the dragon told her that was his real name did she feel awful.

It was strange. She had never felt this way for a long time. Like she was a little child back, at what she remembers, to be some old home with a family. She could not remember it but it still had that warm feeling. She never knew how much she missed it.

That's how she started seeing Hiccup in a whole new light. Yes his name was funny but it he was kind and reassuring. He was smart too.

The next day, they had fought in the arena and got to meet their other brethren.

A nerdy but kind boy named Fishlegs. He and Hiccup were crazy about dragons and books. That's actually how Astrid got to know them. She did not know why, but like the nerds, she found them useful. Another thing about Fishlegs was to never take him for 's what Snotlout did and now the barbaric boy had to think twice before attacking Fishlegs. It makes her understand why Fishlegs had a boulder class dragon such as a Gronckle. Tough on the outside but innocent as a little lamb on the inside. Just watch out when the dragon attacks.

That's was another thing. Snotlout. He was the biggest son of a half-troll, rat-eating, munge bucket of….. Well, lets just say he think more with his dick more than his brain when it came to girls. She was so happy when she punched him in the face. A nice shiner to go with his personality. She did no whether to feel bad for the Monstrous Nightmare. Or feel bad for Snotlout for having the forgetful dragon. Still do not know till this day.

The twins. There's no way to describe them. Both confusing and yet idiot. And then smart…..It gives her a headache whenever she thinks about it. Dragon it a Zippleback that is a lot more useful then what the twins want them to do. Blow stuff up and get an arch enemy.

If these were her kin, she didn't know whether to be afraid or screwed.


It had been years now since their first meeting. Astrid had grown, developed. And so had Hiccup and Astrid's relation ship. They had grow to know each other and understand each other.

Hiccup knew what buttons to not push on her but only did it when necessary. She did not like that, but soon found out he did it so he would try to understand. To comfort. To make her feel better. She was starting to see something in Hiccup that she never saw before. Some one, she would gladly like to spend her life with.

In the beginning they would hold hands until the bars got smaller and now they hold with their fingers. He would read to her and she would listen. He would comforter thought the night and try to heal her injuries the best he could. Even though it was saliva from Toothless.

She remebered that one time that one time when after a fight she got seriously injured. That dumbass Snotlout had rammed into her on Hookfang that it badly banged up her arm. Thus she was forced to rest until it was healed. That didn't settle well with her mistress and trainer. They gave her a few lashed before she was sent back to her cell.

Astrid remembered how hard she tried not to cry. Hiccup tried to comfort her, but she really wanted to be left alone. Hiccup was there for her. He did everything her could so she wouldn't be alone that night.

After that, her feeling deepen for the boy. She remembered the day they kissed. It was the day after her scars healed and she wanted to thank him for staying with her. She was just going to say thank. That's it... A few seconds later, she kissed him on the lisps.

He kissed back.


To others, they were a couple. Snotlout of course hated it but got over it once he turned his attention to Ruffnut, which is weird since she did try to bury him alive at one point.

But she felt safe with Hiccup. He made her feel special. That she was not some pretty little tool that was only used for entertainment purposes.

She was a person. She had feelings and wanted a life outside these sorry excuse for a life. Hiccup would whisper words of promises that he believed would one day come true. Astrid had a feeling that Hiccup would make that possible one day.

A life outside of fighting, where dragon and human can be free. She wanted that life. She wanted that life with Hiccup.

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