Dragons, Humans, Gladiators, & Freedom

Kasif and (some) Tresa' Side Story

Kasif stared out at the great City of Thieves. Cup in his hand, he sloshed it around as if it were a drink that needed to be mixed. Smoke lit up the sky as the sound of a party rang through the streets. It was that type of day when there would be a party of people dancing and drinking. A big bon fire would be in the middle as people burned wood like it was nothing.

Kasif remembered the time when he too used to join in the festivities. Right now though, he just felt like standing there.

Kasif felt arms wrap around his body as the hands were placed on his shoulders. Not looking to meet with the person, he felt her feminine body touch his. He knew right away who it was.

"Reminiscing about the past again" Tresa's words were of a whisper. Asking a question which she undoubtedly knew the answer to.

She was confirmed when Kasif did not answer but instead took a drink. She smiled at him and she placed her head on his should as she closed her eyes.

Kasif stared out the window as he remember the time when he was young and this place was full of lies.


If we must start from somewhere, we must start at the beginning. Qyteti i ëndrrave was the most lavished and greenest place in all the desert kingdoms. It was the utopia of its time. A lawful city that held no crime, was well known for its trading in goods, and was the most wealthiest city.

That's why other people wanted it. Britania's king wanted to claim the holy city as his own. He and his troops were sent to the city to train and claim it as their own. The king of Qyteti i ëndrrave tried to make the King of Britania understand that his kingdom would never be taken.

Thus the long battle.

It has taken many years as the battle continued. Qyteti i ëndrrave could keep up with the Britania's constant strike due to the power of its strong walls and men. None could enter as the Britanians kept on striking the door with their giant wooden bar.

Inside the outer walls, the Qyteti i ëndrrav's soldier and archer watched from the tops as they tried to shot at the men. All was well on the inner part of the city. People still walked around as if it were a regular day. No one hid in their houses or prayed to their gods for help.

They did not need to fear the end to their food or water because they had all that in their city. They had luscious farm lands and sources of pumps that would bring the water from under the sand to their streams and lakes.

The truth is the battle can last for many more years and not a thing could prevent the Qyteti i ëndrraves from losing.

On the other hand, the Britatians were falling on short supplies on men and food. Thus, when King Ic-sus saw that battle would not end as fast as he thought, he sent a message to his kingdom. That they should not just send weapons and supplies, but people who could help them cook and make weapons for battle.

That's when armies of Britania men, blacksmiths, farmers, and women came to help their King. They set up workplaces for them to take care of the men and supply them with goods, until it was their turn to go up against the wall.

That's why, five days later, did the King Ameer, ruler of Qyteti i ëndrraves, came to the wall to see how the battle was going. When he looked over the wall at his enemy, he was struck by cupid's arrow when he saw the lovely blonde hair girl help with the cooking.

The King of Qyteti i ëndrraves had to have her. He through his whole army at the unexpected Britianians. They were crushed in a matter of one day. The King Ic-sus begged for mercy. King Ameer allowed the rest of the Britiana army to leave under one condition.

Of course, King Ic-sus agreed to this immediate. A simple farm girl was nothing compared to the powerful King and his army. Thus, King Ic-sus gave the simple peasant girl to the King of Qyteti i ëndrraves and left.

The Britaina girl was showed into the king's concubine courtiers. She was dressed in lavish clothing and given delicious foods. Even though she was treated as a princess, she was never considered as one. Both the Queen and the other ladies hated her.

The king spent a lot of time with her and later she produced a son. Skin like his father but hair and facial feature of his mother he had. It gave the nobles and ladies a more reason to hate her.

She died shortly after a few days of her son's birth. Said it was not to be from birth complication, but by poison.

Her son was given the name Kasif. He was known as the bastard child of the King. He grew knowing the hated the people felt for him. He kept to the shadows and bothered none. But one hobby he quite enjoyed was studying people.

He would hide behind curtains and wall. Balconies were also good to watch. Kasif had enough information about everyone that he could black mail them all. But he did not. For he did not yet require the instinct yet.

He would have been that way if you not his older brother, and fifth prince to the throne. Darris was gentle and kind. A great swordsmen and mentor to Kasif. At least, that's how he represented himself.

Kasif knew behind those kind words he spoke, that he too felt hate towards him. He used Kasif as a way to get on their father's good side. That's why Kasif was never abused phiscally. His father adored him for he looked like his mother. But not sexual. He loved him as an exotic pet that the king could keep.

Darris would often take his younger brother to the market with him. It was a way to show him how the world works through the value and economy of the people. Kasif found it boring. Until the day he first saw the actions of thievery.

This was new to him since crime never happened in this kingdom. A Utopia of a lawful and crime free world. It sparked a crave inspiring the boy. Kasif saw man get caught. People shouted and cheered for the guards that caught him.

While the gullible people drank it up, no one realized that two had escaped. Only Kasif noticed. He watched them with his eyes. They crawled though an opening that led to somewhere.

It wasn't till a hand on his shoulders did Kasif look up at his brother. Darris asked him if he was alright and he just responded with a nod of his head.

Kasif could have given up those men's names. Given him a light name for himself. But no. As they walked back to the palace, ideas plagued the young boys mind.

It wasn't until later that night did he dress in some dirty, peasant garbs and made is way out. Of course he hid his royal wear. If he walked around the palace in his state they think him as theirs and if walked the street in his rich silk clothing he be nabbed of the streets in an instant.

No, he had to be careful in this. He carried a dagger with him for protection. He did know how to fight though, both with and without the dagger. During his many watches, he would watch the soldiers teach the newbies' how to fight. As he watched he learned to copy them. So he defiantly was prepared.

As he made his way down the streets, Kasif retraced his steps until he came upon the place he did last see the two thieves. Looking at the side of the building, Kasif found a small entrance that look to lead to the sewers. Taking in a deep breath, he climbed down into it and made his way in.

Surprisingly enough, there was no water. Just dirt and stone walls that made it look like a tunnel. Kasif ventured deep into it until he heard the sounds of laughter. Coming towards the end, he met with a large open space. Inside were thousands of men and women. They danced and drank. Gambled and ate like pigs. Songs were sung through the room as the people sang with the tune.

This was such an opposite world than the one Kasif lived in. He climbed down and made his way through. Eyes open and wide to everything around him. He made his way around everyone without them noticing. It wasn't until he was on the other side did he notice.

He was being followed. Seeing another tunnel at the end, he decided to walk into it. Entering the stone (crevice), Kasif slowed his steps down until he could hear the man getting close. Halting his steps, and when he did a thick knife was wrapped around his neck.

"Don't move boy" The man's vice was deep a scruffy. He moved his hands around Kaisf body. Digging his hands into the boy's jackets, he searched.

But that was useless. Kasif knew not to bring any valuables or trinkets with him. It was common knowledge not to bring treasure with you when you're heading to a thieves hangout.

The man behind Kasif got agitated when he couldn't find anything. He turned the boy and grabbed him by the neck of his shirt. He looked at the boy angrily. The man saw that boy face was expressionless and held no fear in them. It felt odd to to the thief. Usual regular people, especially kids, would beg for their life.

He put down the blade and let the kid go. The man watched as a smile spread along the kid's face. "You're interesting"

He watched the boy stare at him, but it wasn't really him the boy was staring at. In fact, the boy was more interested in his knife. The man held the blade out to him. The boy reached for it as he held in his hand and examined it.

The man watched at the boy twiddled it in his fingers. He was fascinated by the boy. "You hungry?"


On the table to two sat were plates of meat were laid out on the table, along with a pitcher full of mead and two gantlets. The boy devoured food in big gulps.

The man, known as Scivers, watch the boy consume the food as he raised an eyebrow "Haven't eaten in a long time" Scivers then watched as Kasif then took the goblet and gave a big gulp. In response the boy choked like it was his first time drink alcohol. "Take it easy. The food is not going anywhere"

But of course it was not hunger or starvation that made Kasif eat like this. He had plenty of lavish foods back at the palace. But the food here tasted better. More real some how.

The mead tasted strong and sweet, like perfume or those really strong smelling plants. He liked the taste. He gave a small sip this time; adjust to the weird tasting liquid.

All the sudden, five more men came around and sat with them. All having different bodies and colors. From the tan skin to your dark. To tall, short, lean and built. The men grabbed pieces of food and grabbed Scivers goblet to take a swing from it

Scivers didn't mind. It seemed he was used to these kinds of things. One began to ask questions about a job they were getting ready to do. Keeping it quite and simple so the kid would not understand, they talked about their up and coming game. They, however, did not realize Kasif was more intelligent than he lead on.

Kasif watch the men talk and decipher plans. Getting at where they were going and what they were going to do. It was about hitting it big with a new cargo ship that was coming into port.

Scivers eyes switch over to Kasif. He watched the boy grow interest with each word. Getting a little bit curious, he asked "Want to come?"


It had been a couple of years and Kasif was getting good at his new hobby. He was at the age of a mid teen and he had become quite skilled as a thief. He was quick and a strong fighter. The others had taught him how to cheat and conquer in battle.

The group had raided more ships by night with the help of their young companion. The boy was very useful when it came to being sneaky. He also had the ability to listen in on conversations without be noticed. It is why other thieves were so jealous of the group.

But Kasif was different. One time he was threaten by another band. Kasif did not care and said all they had to do was ask if they wanted info. People could not understand of the boy did not think like any other thief. He did not care about money or treasure. It was more like an interest to him.

They had another job that night. All was going well until they got caught. They ran as fast as they could from the soldiers. Cloths jingles from the treasure draped over their garbs and pockets. Some of the thieves had earlier were able to smuggle the big cargo down the tunnels while the others distracted the guards.

Kasif was part of that group. They all tried to dash down the alley and cut corner to get them off their trail. When all of the sudden Scivers was hit by an arrow through his leg. Kasif stopped in his tracks to help the man.

"Leave me" Scivers tried to push Kasif off.

Two of the men, Ja-hiva and Clef, came over to help. Kasif told them to take Scivers and run. They tried to argue with the teen to follow them. But Kasif knew that they wouldn't be quick with Scivers' leg like that.

He yelled them to leave and they bounded away. Holding up his arms with his dagger in his hands, Kasif watched the guards come towards him.


Right away when the guards took him to the palace did the king recognize him. Anger showed as he was upset about his son's new hobby. Wanting to set him straight, he put Kasif with the guards in charge of the dungeons. Determined that would straighten him out.

But no, it only made it worse. The soldiers who were in charge were corrupt and demon- like. They loved the ability to cut and torture people. Especially the higher power. The nobles who were snobbish and falsely accused because a royal or noble did like them. It happened a lot apparently.

They taught Kisif how to torture and scar people. How to tap into their dark fear. That's also when Kasif learned more about something he knew. That most of the soldiers here were corrupt as the people who lived under them.

They first started out small. Only a group of people who shared the same wants and desires before the Utopia. It only escalated when the group disbanded into other groups. It began to turn into a virus with a only a small number of people who still believed in the fantasy called righteousness.

After a couple of weeks, the soldiers grew to like the boy. He was like them. Smart and cunning. The boy had much more then a demon side to him. It was more like a monster. And they were excited to see it come out.

After a while, Kasif wondered how the Scivers and the others were doing. He had not seen them in a while and wondered if Scivers had survived his wound.

Is questions were answer one night when he was leaning against the railing on one of the high walls. He was watching the moon hang in the sky when he heard the sounds of someone moving around. Looking to his right he saw the group of thieves appear behind the shadows.

Smirking to himself, Kasif had a lot of explaining to do.


It a lot of time but Kasif explained to the group of thieves of how he became this

"Always knew there was something off about you" Scivers readjusted his new peg leg. "Who knew you were a prince"

"Odd isn't it" Kasif had a hard time believing it himself sometimes.

It was, a young prince who had everything hanging around a bunch of thieves. It did not make sense. Unless he was doing it to hurt someone. Even with his life story, it did seem that the boy would do it on a wim. It would make them more curious to see how this would go.


Songs were being sang by the crowd as they raised their cups to give each other a clank. Everyone was high in delusion as Kasif got a kick out of it. The young adult drank his mead as he looked at them men in amusement.

He heard the clumps of Scivers wooden leg as he saw him sit down. The man gave a big gulp as he looked at the prince. "I'm knew you would be sitting here"

"What, you thought I be off fucking a women?" Kasif sipped his drink.

"I said I knew you be here. Most men believe you a unic" Making a hand motion to show a penis coming off did Scivers get a shove from the young prince.

They both sat there and drank. Listening to the sound and music, when five other men came to join them. It was the same men he had joined with just a few days ago to steal from a snobbish nobleman. Let's say the noblemen boat won't be leaving the docks anytime soon.

All the people and men of Court of Miracles had fallen in love with the prince. He was not like any noble men or royals they had ever known.

That's why when Ja-hiva said "Sometimes we wish you were king"

Kasif stared at the black man. He had heard a lot of time before. He was even given the name King of Thieves as a joke. But his mind did turn at the though. "What would you say… if I became king?"

The men looked at one another. It was only Scivers who spoke up. "They never allow you to rule."

"True" Kasif stared off. "Me a bastard child. That would never go well for those little liars"

The men did chuckle. Not because it was a joke but because it was true. This city was a bunch of lies. A place where the royals were trying, everything in their power, to create a utopia of no crime and a lawful kingdom.

But everyone knew that wasn't true. Just ask all the people down here.

"What would you do….If you were king?" One of the thieves asked.

"I create the opposite." A dark grin grew on Kasif's face. "Chaos. Insanity. Criminals. This is the true nature of this Kingdom. Here are the real people, while those fakers lived up there" Pointing his finger upwards he gave a chuckle.

Regular people would think him mad, but these people, were enlighten.

"If you need any men." Grabbing a hold of the boy's arm as he shook it as a reassurance. "I will follow you"

He gave a smirk to the man. He gave one last gulp of his mead before he got up to leave.


Back at the palace, Kasif was walking up the tower steps that he used to enter the tunnels. The corrupt guards allow the prince to use it whenever he wanted. As he way making his way up he was stopped by head guard, Aza himself. Looking curiously up at the man, Kasif raised an eyebrow.

"You need to see this"

Following the Aza up the stairs, they made their way to another part of the palace. They walked through the tunnels of the dungeon.

Aza told the prince about what they found. "We think she's one of those barbarians. You know, from the far North east. Doesn't speak a word. We think she hit her head and has no memory."

The guard knew how this would interest the prince. Kasif was part of the group ever since his father let him work under their guidance. Thinking it would discipline the boy from his thievery ways, it instead cause both side in fall love with each others sanity.

Both crooked and insane, the both craved each others sides. They found Kasif to be a beaken or light to them. A prince, who enjoyed both sides, was one they could both follow into the depth of Jahannam.

As they came to the end which was a wooden door, one of the guards put in a key and opened the door to the prince. Walking in, he saw that it was a room with a cell on the side. Looking into it he saw the girl.

Braided mess of white blonde hair. Skins of fur and leaned covered her body. She gave a snarl at them.

Kasif was quiet. Guards did not know if they should be afraid. It wasn't until Kasif told the guards to leaved did they. Kasif watched as she stopped. She stared at him as he at her.

"I know you can speak" Kasif watched the girl as he got down on his knees in front of the cave.

She gave a dark smirk as she watched him seductively.


Many days had passed and Kasif would visit the barbarian alone. Each day he would talk to her and she would listen. It wasn't until the last day when everything was quiet behind the wooden door.

The guards became fearful that their favorite prince was killed. Opening the door they were met with a surprise.

The cell door was open and on the floor was the two. They stared at each other as they traced their hands on each other's face. It was like a motion identical twins did when meet for the first time.

The guards did not know what to make of this. It wasn't until the prince spoke to them.

"You said you would follow me correct?" Kasif did not look at them.


"Good" Taking their hands away, Kasif turned his body towards them. The girl draped her arms over his shoulder. "Tell the thieves and the soldiers, its time to make this city ours"


The Utopia city laid ablaze. Fire and screams consumed the air. People ran frantic as what few little good guards tried to defeat the rebels. In the end they turned and ran. Rather to save their life then the lives of the unfortunate.

Houses were ransacked and things were tossed out doors and windows. Some tried to fight off the thieves but it did not help.

Chaos engulfed Qyteti i ëndrraves as no one could help it as demons ran through the city.

Not long ago did Kasif stormed into the throne room where is family were in. They all huddled together scared and frighten. They had no idea what to do and some were in denial. They could not believe that their utopia had fallen. They would yell at what little guards they had. But when Kasif walked in with the corrupt soldiers and thieves, they all turned to stare.

"Well, this is a lovely room." He was dressed in black pants with a long red vest that went down to the floor. His hair had few braids but the blonde hair went down to his lower back. He looked like a mixture of a bandit and a dignified leader.

"You!" Darris ran towards him in anger. Taking out his sword he had only a little time to take out his blade when he reached for it to find it not there. Looking at his belt, tried to find it. He hear the twirling of metal did he look up to see it in his brothers hands.

"It's a fine weapon" Kasif held it up as he looked at his brother.

They turned when they saw the falling of bodies. On the other side of the room, five guards fell to the floor in a thawp. Stunned by the scene, the watch as the barbarian stepped over the men's body.

"I guess you met Tresa" Kasif walked around the room. "She quite handy with a blade"

He gave a dark smirk as he snapped his fingers.

The men were upon them so fast. The royals tried to fight back but they were no match.


The royal family watched the city burn. They were all in a circle and held up by chains and ropes on a cross. There were in the tallest tower that had an open view all around. Above them was the wooden ceiling and around was stone. They watched as their once proud city that they grew to love turned into hell.

Kasif watched with a goblet in his hand at the blazed city.

"Why?" One simple word came from the king's mouth. "Why destroy all this?"

"Because it so tiring living in that world. That world made up of fake fantasies and beliefs when reality was staring you in the face." Kasif looked at his father. "You all tried to deny the real reality that had been nothing more but a few feet below your feet"

The kings hated to admit it. He and the other royals liked their fantasy world and wished to not believe this.

Kasif began to walk towards the door and out of the room "Watch your true kingdom for all eternity"


It had been years and years since that day. The kingdom's fires were quenched and the city had turned into the house of thieves. It was also the year that Tresa and Kasif were married and announced king and queen.

No one knew the real story of Tresa. Similar to what the guards said, she had no memories.

Bu that didn't stop the demented couple from ruling the insane city corruption and chaos.


"I heard you were once a prince" The queen of the amazons stared at the thief king in a snobbish stare.

"Half prince" Kasif took a hold of a bottle held with gold-ish yell liquid.

"Wine?" He started pouring the alcoholic beverage into two cups. "You seem like a white wine kind of person"

She watched as he brought the glass over to her. He handed it to her nonchalantly, like he didn't find her threatening. Myrrna stared at the cup as if there wasn't something about it that was not trust worthy.

"Its not posioned." Kasif put the glass down next to her as he went and sat in a chair not far off from Myrrna. "It would be sad if you died"

"Why do you care?" She did not understand the man before her. He was not lot the men she had encountered over the years.

"You interest me." Kasif traced a finger on the top of the glass. It looked like he was more entranced by the motion than he was by her.

Crossing her legs, Myrrna decided to test him. Acting seductively, trying to see if he would be the same as the other men he brought. "Why would an Arabian prince…find me interesting."

"Half Arabian" He looked at her as if he was not angry but wanted to set her straight.

She looked at the thief more closely. He was right. His skin was indeed tan but his hair was blonde as the yellow of corn husks. He did not have the nose structure you would see on an Arabian subject. Even Drago had that. She could not place it but he looked so…

"My father was once a great king. But like all kings, they get greedy. He wanted something forbidden and untouchable." Swirling the drink around, he found it comforting.

"Your mother?" Myrrna propped her elbow on the armrest as she placed her head on her knuckles. She was interested now.

"As you noticed by my features I am of a different race. Which is why my family hated me" He looked up at her and saw the sign of pity in her eyes. "Not abuse as you think but more of…mock by words. People are so stupid when they thick a weapon is more powerful than words."

"Quoting Kahn"

"You met him too." Kasif leaned forward in his chair as his legs were spread. "He is such an interesting fellow. He has all these wonderful gadgets."

She should have felt a shudder by his crazy eyes but instead felt calm and collect. "How did you become ruler?"

"Lets just say the lies were built to high and fell quite dramatically" Kasif was more like a trickster demon the way he smiled at her.

Myrrna studied the man before. Not long ago did the thieves step onto her shore and fought her warriors. When she did make it to battle, she was met with the King and Queen of thieves. The battle had stopped as these people came up to her as a way of saying hello.

She thought them deranged as the clans and stories told. But she did not see that. She saw a smart man and woman who are more deadly then her. It excited her for some reason.

Looking at her cups, Myrrna picked it up and looked at the liquid then back at the thief "Why should I trust you?"

"Because we both have what we want what the other people want" Kasif drank the liquid in one swing and then dropped it as it smashed to the floor.


When they did meet the twins, they were something unexpectedly. Tuffnut and Ruffnut came from an island in the North. They were known as destructive and chaotic. They left a mess in their wake and got yelled at a lot.

But they didn't care. They found it more fun to watch people get aggravated at them. That's why when their home was attacked they were left with slavitude. But no one would want the destructive twins.

They did find use for them after selling a previous dragon boy. Putting them with others they can't remember, due to each child being far way from each other, they lived out their days.

Barf and Belch were there greatest friends and companions. Like them, they also like to create chaos. That's why the slave traders hated them. They would always cause a big mess, that they would have to clean up.

It was god send, that the King and Queen of thieves came to take them away. At first they did not know what to do with them. Kasif and Tresa did find it appealing.

Neither communicated with words. They both saw each other as interesting. It wasn't until the head and thief adviser, Sadid, asked them if they could give the okay to fix the fighting ring.

It struck an idea in Kasif that he ordered Sadid to make the arena stronger and bigger. Sadid asked what he would tell the men so they would get it done. One sentence struck the code. 'A Dragon human fight.'

It gave all the encouragement for it to be built in a month. People lined up and gambled for each battle. When the twins fought it brought glee and happiness to both sides. But same as Hiccup, the twins did not kill. Kasif and Tresa knew why. They were like them, where if something interests you keep it alive.

The fights brought the city more enjoyment everyday. It got even better when they received a letter from dragon about have a fight with his own. They packed up their dragon, the twins, and a few hundred men and women to head to Ryvvendar.

It was perfect and god send. Everything was to their satisfaction. The Warlords' relationship grew deep.


Kasif opened his eyes as he smiled darkly to himself. Dropping the wine to the floor, he grabbed a hold of his wife's hand. In it was a bladed dagger. It fell out of her hand as she allowed her husband to rub and kiss it.

They smiled darkly to each other as he picked her up bridal style.

Tresa traced her hand over the side of Ksif's face as she whispered to him. "Keep me entertained."

Kasif smiled and began to walk out the doors.

As they left, the room was more clear. It was a circular room with an all out view of the city. On each corner of the inner circle was lined with thin wooden crosses that held Skelton's on them.

Like the King of Theives said "You shall watch your city for all eternity….."

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