Dragons, Humans, Gladiators, & Freedom

Ruffnut and Tuffnut's side story

They were odd and deranged. They liked to see things on fire. People fighting. Destruction. That's why Ruffnut and Tuffnut were so easy to accept their new lives. Don't get them wrong, they don't like being caged. It made them less able to move around and cause pain to others. Not real pain, more like a giant mental headache that made people want to kill them. They loved that.

They do not remember anything from their old life. Only the yells, fire, and obliteration of buildings and people were clear in their minds. There were flaming sheep. That's was always fun to watch as people scrambled to put it out.

Now that they think about it. There was a room that they were forced to be in by those fun guys with all the leather. They grabbed them with a bunch of other children and a brought them down this hallway that wasn't very bright.

Once they got to the end they heard weird and strange sounds coming from the front where the door was. That's when chaos happened. The other children tried to fight or were to in shock to do anything as they were pulled to their doom.

They found it interest when the one girl fought back. She clobbered the man good, but he held strong. They wondered if they would be eaten. They each hoped it be the other first so they could watch.


They were shoved into a cage and fell to the floor on their stomachs. Once they looked up they saw the two headed dragon.

They both thought 'This sucks'

Ruffnut wanted to see her brother's head torn off.

Tuffnut wanted to see his sister torn limb from limb.

A head for each. That was cruel of those fun people. They could at least have given them a single headed dragon to allow them some form of enjoyment to watch their sibling be tortured.

They both stood up and stared at the beast. Both heads looked at the twins with interest and patients. They stared at each other for what seemed like hours. It wasn't until Tuffnut thought it be fun to push his sister to the dragon.

Ruffnut stumbled forwards from the push but then launched her foot backwards as she gave a brother a mighty kick to the stomach. Tuffnut fell to the floor on his back before he looked at her with anger.

They both, then, launched themselves at each other as they tussled on the floor. Biting and punching each other with all their strength. There was even some skin from the other in their mouths.

The dragon stared at the two as they rolled around on the floor. The two heads were shocked by the two humans' interaction. They were like two baby dragons fighting each other. That made them decided to intervene.

The twins felt themselves be picked up by the back of their shirts as they were forced apart. But that did not stop them as they tried to reach and kick their other.

The dragon got more annoyed and pulled them further apart.


"You know, you are not really that bad" Tuffnut was laying neck of the dragon head he called Barf.

His sister laid next to the other head which she called Belch. "What are you doing?"

"Sshhh" He harshly shushed here as he grabbed the horn on Barf's head. "We are having a conversation"

Ruffnut rolled her eyes at her brother. It was true that her bother had a nack for coming up with things that other people could not understand. Now that she thought about it, it would be fun to talk like a dragon.

She gave a growl at her brother and in return got growl back. They kept it up as if it was a game but the two heads growled back as if to say 'no fighting'.

"One day we have to teach you guys how to destroy things" Tuffnut leaned over the dragons head and looked at him from upside down.

"Ya, remember that empty room"

They both high fived at the fun memory of destroying things. They then heard the sound of doors being opened.

Only yesterday did that happen when the fun guys walked in to drag the pile of unqualified children out. They wondered what happen to those guys. They probably were forced to clean something. That's what they had to do when they exploded something in the fire that one time.

Looking over the dragons head, the four tried to see who it was that was coming. They heard sound from the weird fat guy with the shiny outfit. It was so pretty. They shined to brightly. They would love to get their hands on those necklaces or bracelet. Barf and Belch could have the rings.

He talked nervously to these two strange dressed people. They hardly wore any clothing. They were tanned skin and had blonde hair like them. In their eyes, the twins could tell there was something off about them. It excited them to find out what.

They looked at the strange people. A growl from Barf and Belch to them made the twins understand that they wanted them to be quiet. They did not know why at first until it came to their heads that it could be fun.

It was fun when people would think of them as idiots. They were smart but they had times when they did not want to be, thus they let the other be the smart one for a while.

It was always fun to watch people get confused as to why one twin had something smart coming out of their mouth when the other one acted like an idiot. They would go back and forth in confusion on trying to think until their brains hurt.

These people on the other hand did not mind. Instead they stared at them with curiosity. The twins could see in there eyes that something was right and vey wrong. These two looked to love chaos and destruction like them. But something inside them just did not seem right. Like death was not far behind them. It made the twins even the more interested.

"I definitely think you would like them" The fat man said greedily.

"How so?"

The twins watched as the blonde tan man looked at the fat man with devilish curiosity. It made the fat man babble like an idiot. It was fun to watch.

They looked back at Ruffnut and Tuffnut before giving a final purchase of them.


That nap was perfect. It was nice to be rocked back and forth on the boat. But now, it was just too hot.

The sun blared down on them as they were inside they metal cage on the back of a cart. Barf and Belch were with them and the dragon felt the heat to. Even though Barf and Belch said they were used to heat like this because of living in some kind of hot place. It still felt awful.

Apparently, they had to go a lot more miles before they were going to reach their destination. That just made it more annoying. It was so boring out here. They tried to play the 'I see something cool and guess what it is' game, but for the last hour it got boring then the two hundred and twenty fifth time they named it sand.

Soon they came to a halt, when they set up camp. They did not know why. The sun had not gone done yet. But here they were, setting up camp.

Their question was soon answered when the sun went down.

Why does this place, those people call a desert, make up its mind? Hot in sun and cold at night. Thank the gods they had blankets and the dragon's body to keep them warm.

Ruffnut let out a yawn and Tuffnut eye's began to close. All three were sound asleep and snoring when the twins felt Barf and Belch pick up their heads. Tuffnut flopped to the floor while Ruffnut was able to sit up slightly awake. They both looked around as to why their dragon friend had moved.

That's when they heard it. The sound of something moving around. Looking, they saw the sand began to move around the sleeping camp. It made it was around the soldiers and was heading straight at them.

Barf and Belch began to growl more as they became agitated. The twins watched as it came closer and closer with sand moving. It came to an abrupt halt when it stopped right in front of the cage. Sand flew everywhere as Ruff and Tuff coughed.

They were hoping to get a taste of the sand as one point. Back in their hometown, they would eat dirt and bug on certain occasions. But this sand, taste horrible. Their beach sand had that nice salty taste but this was bland and dry.

Once done spitting, they looked back over the side of the cage. Two white eyes popped out of the sand as it stared up at them. Curious to what it was, they stared back at it. They both waited for the creature to do something but it never did. Barf and Belch had to blink there eyes and soon Ruffnut followed.

It was all up to Tuffnut now. He had never lost a staring contest in his life. Well, except to his sister that one time. But neither of them promised to speak of it.

Tuff began to feel his eyes water in need to be blinked. It felt awesome and hurtful at the same time. He loved it.

But their game soon came to an end when something fell upon it. A sword sliced into the creatures back as it head bucked up along with it tails as it soon flopped to the ground dead.

Tuffnut stared back up at who the sword had belonged too. He saw that it was that man with the blonde mess hair and jewelry. He did not look bother by the cold or that he had killed Tuffnut's new stare mate. He only smirked as he pulled the blade out of the creatures back. He turned his back to them as he made his way back to camp.

Tuffnut and Ruffnut hated the man that day. He had gotten rid of their fun new friend. It would be a long time before they liked him again.


Their new home….odd. There was sand and rocks. These stone buildings and houses. Nothing like their old town which was made of wood. Green did not grow much here. There were no trees or grass to play in. People here smelled funny.

The twins did find it enjoyable to watch a man pickpocket from one man to only get pocketed himself.

But now, they were thrown into another cell. There was some light that came from the bars above. They also saw that they had company with them. Other dragons that were very different from their home. These looked very similar to that sand creature they had seen in the desert. They wondered if that was a dragon too.

Tuffnut right away tried to talk to one of them.

All they do is stare. Why does everyone stare? It is a fun contest to see who can stare longest enough until they blink but come on they were bored.

It wouldn't be till a couple of years did the twins understand the dragons. They apparently were scared and curious about the two knew humans. They were odd and different from these people. These people like to hurt them. Torture them. They even saw some of them feast on their brethren.

That's when the twins new roles came into play. They were hand these awesome masks one day. They looked at them over and over as one put their mask on their head. They found it entreating and frightening. They liked them.

But when they were pushed into that large arena did they really find out what they were for.

Like Hiccup. They had to fight dragons. But these dragons bared themselves in sand and were hard to see. It was so much fun.

The twins would go back and forth. Switching roles of fighter and defender. They were an amazing team. When they first took down the dragon, did they really become confused.

People kept shouting these words called "Jig"

What did jig mean and why did they wanted them to do it. The twins soon received their answer when the dragon told them it means to kill.

Kill? Why would they kill? It would be boring if they did. That's why they did nothing. Through their mask's they stared up into the stands. People began to stop as they did not know what was happening. The crowd then became restless and angry. It was fun to watch.

That's when the gates opened again and a couple of guards were let in. The twins stared at them. A smile grew on their faces as they began to walk towards them.

They watched as the men's faces became afraid as the twins walked in front then behind each other. They became one then diverged. It was like something out of a myth. When one stopped in front of a soldier, the man noticed something. There was only one.

Behind he was attacked. The man flopped to the ground as he tried to get to his feet. Tuffnut launched himself forwards as he struck another guards. His sister, right behind him, as they continued their attack.

It took about an hour, but soon the twins were thrown back until they thumped to the ground. The soldiers stared wearily at them. They did not know if they had been knocked out do to them wearing the masks.

It was only till that dark skinned trainer came in did the twins rise to their feet. The soldiers looked at them with shock and fear. They held up there weapons to protect themselves.

A whip was sounded as the twins looked at the trainer. They began to move as they followed the man back to their cages. They were done for today.


How to describe the other dragon children.

Astrid was a beauty but deadly as the scorching sun. She was head strong and could put up a damn good fight. It was fun watching her beat the crap out of that Snotlout boy. He was crying tears.

Snotlout was hot headed. He was fun to watch as he shot off his mouth at stupid stuff. They like making fun of him and thought it was watching him make a fool of himself. They found it interesting and annoying when he called them names. That's why they would mock the name he gave them. It annoyed him when he called them muttonheads and they told him that they were statue of muttonheads. He really wanted to knock their block off.

Fishlegs was a bookworm. Plain and simple. He had big words come out of his mouth that the twins did not understand at certain times. He had this way of knowing things that sounded interesting and useful. They loved it when he went berserk.

Hiccup was something else entirely. There was no way to describe him but a living dragon boy. They sometimes wondered if he wore human skin to hide his scales. He lived with a dragon family, well so did they but not like Hiccup.

The twins were pretty close to Barf and Belch but some of the other desert dragons were not so good when it came to a talk. They mostly end up playing games or having a staring contest. Hiccup's dragons, however, listen to him.

It made them wonder why. He was not big and strong. He was small. They had to admit that he was smart. Yes, he was book smart like Fishlegs, but when they fought against Hiccup in the rings it was the most fun they had in years.

Reading. That was another thing they found odd. Who wants to read? While they'll still alive? They would have plenty of time to read when their dead. Right?

Books were useless to them if they just needed to battle. But Hiccup and Fishlegs did make it sound interesting. Even Astrid got involved.

It wasn't until one day did Tuffnut steal and book and wanted to know more.


The fifteen year old Hiccup tried to get some sleep. They had arrived in the City of Thieves this morning and to him it felt weird and different here. In the morning it was hot that made him peal off his long sleeve shirt just to keep cool. But at night it was freezing. Thank goodness they put the torches on. It helped a little to make heat.

The boy leaned back as he could heard Toothless's soft breath. He tried very hard to concentrate on that to help him lull to sleep. But he was distracted by the sounds coming from next cage over. He looked over his shoulder to see Tuffnut looking through a book.

It surprised him very much since he knew the boy could not read. He and his sister, along with Snotlout, would allow Hiccup ,Astrid, and Fishlegs translate what others were saying. It did get annoying and they group forced the three to at least pick up on some words. So it was very understandable to question what Tuffnut was doing.

Hiccup crawled over to the side of the cage as he looked through the bars. He glanced over Tuffnut's shoulder to see it was some kind of Arabian Nights book.

Tuffnut was startled by Hiccup but quickly recovered as he nonchalantly talked to the boy. "Oh hey Hiccup. Cool book huh" He looked back as his book as he flipped to the next page. "I like the pictures."

"Huh" Looking Closely at the book, Hiccup noticed some of the stories. "I've read this one before"

"Really?" Tuffnut looked at Hiccup with curiosity before looking back at the book. "What kind of book is it?"

"Groups of thieves, a badass sailor, and a genie" Hiccup said casually.

"Really" Tuffnut stared at the book more excited. Tuffnut bit his lower lip as he turned to Hiccup. "Could you….could you…"

"Sure." Hiccup knew how the twins felt about reading. They rather be dead than read a book. But he knew with the right encouragement, he could get Tuffnut reading a few words.

As they both became engross in the lesson, it was only a second later did Ruffnut show up to take a peek. Tuffnut became upset by it as the twins began their petty bickering. Annoyed, Hiccup told the two they he would teach them both and thus the lesson started again.


Years had passed and things were getting interesting. Well, for Ruffnut. There was a new boy. He was not a dragon child. No, he was a trapper. To the others they should hate him. To Ruffnut, he was hot.

She and her brother new that Snotlout and Fishlegs were pinning for her. Blame it on hormones and Hiccup and Astrid love connection. She just liked him.

It was gross to Tuffnut. He had fun watching the two go at it for his sister. But then this trapper kid shows up and stirs the pot. It was so disgusting when his sister would coo and try to reach for the boy. The only kick out of it was seeing him cringe when he came to their cage.

He would gag, she would kick. It kept up for many months until finally she got the idea that he didn't want her.

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