Dragons, Humans, Gladiators, & Freedom

Kahn's side story

In one of major rooms inside the Biblock city, the Warlords had come to the mighty, knowledgeable city to have their gladiator battle. The room was well lit, a large decorative rug laid on the floor with a table and bookshelves against the wall. The lords and ladies sat in their chairs in the center of the room.

The scholar and Barbarian were at it again with their fights.

"You barbarians would not know your tongue from you dick" Kahn mocked the King of Barbarians.

"Says the man who has no dick to come on" Gadar breed the words like daggers.

Kahn scoffed at the man. It was perverts like him to think a man's parts were the meaning of life.

The group grew amused as Mynna looked at the two thieves "I'm more curious as to why you two, who fuck much more than he, have no offspring of your own" Giving them an all knowing look "I don't think you would kill them"

Tresa looked at her husband amused. It was true. Kasif and Tresa had many different kinds of lovers that bothered neither of the couple. It was odd if you were in a normal relationship. "Should I tell them or…"

Gettting up from his chair, Kasif went to get more wine for his cup. "Tresa and I can't have children"

"Because…." Kahn believed there was more to the story than that.

"Ever heard of Leng i cmendur" Kasif poured the red liquid slowly into his cup as he the whispers "It is a plant that can make a man stand up against any poison"

"With the cost of losing their sanity" Kahn clarified.

"Well you don't think Tresa and I were born like this" Kasif looked at the group with a mocked, raised eye-brow. "When you live in a world where everyone wants you dead for a throne, there's a price for living this way"

The group looked at Tresa, who just smiled and drunk her cup.

Kahn was very surprised that these two would go so far. Kahn and his people really didn't have a choice with their lives. A life where people believe that the gods are dead…


Kahn had a good life by the age of thirteen. In the beginning he was a religious man, old enough to be a monk and be an apart of the Christian Scholars. They held the biggest library and focused on teaching the mass. He wanted to be part of that society since he first heard stories when he was little.

This year he was able to head off with the rest of the men and boy to the glories place. He was packed up and ready to leave for his journey. He sat next to Father Brian in front of the carriage that was full of supplies. Father Brian would sometimes be nice and allow Kahn to drive the carriage every one in a while.

They were coming up to a hill when all of the sudden, their wheel got stuck. It wasn't a small pot hole. No, it was very large like someone had deliberately put it there. The monks tried to get the wheel out but it was stuck.

That's when it happened. They were attacked from both sides. Men of bandit garment held their weapons as they pointed them at the group.

Father Brian stood up from the carriage and tried to reason with the bandits. "We have nothing to offer you. We are just monks and apprentices on our way to the Monastery."

The bandit held his weapon at Father Brian. He then put the down a little bit before and gave the good father a punch in the face. The Father fell to the floor in shock and pain. That's when a bunch of men grabbed him and tied him up.

"Get the rest"

Kahn tried to pull away from the bandit. Like the others, he soon faced the same fate as Father Brian. They were tied up in a long role next to each other before forced to march off in a different direction.


They had been taken to Daralvenar, a heavy artillery of a slave port that was ten times different than Essos. This was less clean, and full of dumb men who think they could sell any random number of people. No organization or smart.

They had a head leader who knew some business trade, but his men were just hire thugs who were good with a whip. One of the whippers who stood in charge was ruthless and hateful. He brought fear into the slaves' eyes. Every man he trained into their own personal army was cold and lifeless.

Every stood in front of a man on a platform. Chain and arms were on them as they stared starved and in fear of the man before them.

"I am Magness. Your master and caretaker." The man gave a dark chuckle to himself. "Your old lives are over and you will have a new life as someone pet….."

The words sliced through Kahn like dagger. Why was he here? Was this one of God's plans for him? Kahn shook in fear as he tried to keep his breath calm.

A hand grabbed his as Kahn looked up to see that it belonged to Father Brian. He looked at the boy is sadness for whispered to him to be brave. They both began to pray that someone would help them.

That's was when one of the bandits grabbed Father Brian. He watched the Father was forced to walk off somewhere else.

He saw the Father be led up the stairs and onto the platform next to Magness.

"Do you still believe you will be saved Father?" Magness looked at the Monk with curiosity.

"Yes" Father Brian bowed his head

Kahn thought the Father as a brave man, but soon stood in chock when the Father's head fell to the floor in a flop. The body fell after as the sword of on of the guard's was put back in its case.

"You see this" Magness gave the head a kick and it fell to the ground in a flop. "There is no savior here"

Kahn just watched as he did not know if her should be crying or kept quiet. All he did do was let tears fall and look at Father Brian's head.


Knowledge was power in this case. Kahn had learned over the years that he could hold these barbarians to do what he wants when they need him to translate. Every since he was a boy he knew different words and meaning thanks to his father.

He watched as the leader held onto his every word. The Magness was having problems with some of the books and ordered the guards to find a slave who could help him. Luckily for Kahn, his father wanted him to be an accountant before he decided to join the Monastery.

Thus the beginning of his life as a book keeper.

Kahn had his own room which he was allowed to skim through his own collection of books and was able to eat anything he wanted.

Whenever there was trouble in the yard such as disease or trouble in the yard he would help Magness decide the best course to keep if profit alive.

He indeed was saving lives, but people did supper. The whippers were relentless and did not care if some died from to many lashes. He decided that to day he would have a talk with Magness about that.


The torturous kicked him over and over. Knocking the life out of him with no need to stop. Once he did stop, he spat on Kahn "Remember you place slave"

The man was satisfied with the bruised and bloody lump on the ground. He turned his body to walk back down the hall.

Hats when something took over Kahn. He became consumed with rage. He lifted himself up as he felt around. Hand landing on a rock, with adrenaline running through his body, he attack the man.

Hitting him over and over and until his head was a bleeding mess. Once Kahn calmed down he got off the man and spat on him. Anger deceased as he realized what he just done. Looking down at the blood on his hand, he could not believe he killed someone.

The sounds of footsteps were heard as Kahn looked up to see one of the slave soldiers. He was tanned skin and had black hair. He had the face of a boy if not for his height, people would think he be in his early teens.

He stared at Kahn with disbelief. Fear consumed Kahn as he backed against the wall. He watched the man come closer to look down at the dead man. Looking back up as Kahn and stared at him for what seemed like hours, before he picked up the dead body and tossed it over the side. It plashed in the water below at the body sank for the fish to eat.

Kahn looked up at the man before a shuffled away in shock. Turning the corner he left in fear the man would tell.


It had been hours now and still no word. They just talked about how they could find the general and that he must be drunk somewhere. It was funny how disorganized these people were. If they actually looked they could have found out that the general was missing.

Kahn quietly ate his food as he heard someone slide in the seat in front of him. He did not look up to meet them. Still afraid that it could be one of the guards, ready to kill him for his treachery.

After a few minutes he looked up to see the soldier that helped him out a few moment ago. He did not say anything but looked at him.

"What do you want?" Kahn whispered quietly.

The soldier did not speak at first, it looked like he was working up the courage. "Gadoaf"

Kahn watched as the man held out his hand for him to shake. "Kahn" He was very confused but then thought that maybe the man wanted to blackmail him. "I don't have anything I can give you"

The man shook his head vigorously, " No no, nothing like that" The soldier tried to scoot a little closer. "You are the one who yell at the men for being unorganized?"

It was true he, did yell at the traders once in a while. This place was a poor excuse for a business. He pointed it out more than ones. That's why the general gave him a beating in the hall.

"And help out the others with food and medical supplies"

Kahn did do that. He could not let people go starved and in pain. He pretended to be as arrogant as slave traders. In realty, he was trying to help as many people as he can on the inside. He thought of it as a way of God telling him to save these people.

"We want you to help us"

That shocked Kahn. These people wanted them to assist them in an escape. 'That will never work"

Godoaf looked up at him in surprise.

"If you just get a few people out of here, they'll be sent right back here" Kahn looked at his bowl before a thought came to him. "We must take this place out as whole"

"Destroy the city" Godoaf was astonished by Kahn's words.

"Save as many as we can" Kahn told Godoaf to bring as many men who would support him. He was quiet shock when the man told him to meet him in the catacombs.


One thing about the catacombs was that it stunk. The smell was ripe and it can make it hard to breath. Kahn had a cloth over his mouth as he made his way down. He saw a light up ahead and saw that it was a torch that was in Godoaf's hands.

The slave soldier brought him into a room that was more bearable and had lots of people. Hundreds it seemed like. All men and women ready to help the cause.

Kahn set his stuff on the table as he began explaining the plan.


That night, the head leader moved back and forth inside his courters in fear. 'Where is that blasted general' The sudden click of his door brought him out of his stupor "What is it you bumbling idiots…"

The guards fell to the floor in a flop. The Magness looked up at the men who had entered his room. They were slave solider with Kahn in front.

The Magness was in shock as he raced to his window. Opening up the curtains he was in shock at what he saw.

The city was on fire and screams were heard. He looked back in the door way in fear and the men stalked towards him with swords.


They had walked many miles and were close to the Monastery de Santa María. The island city shone like a light after a long journey through the gates of hell. With the former slaves behind him they made it to sanctuary.

They came up to the gates and were greeted by the head monk with his three men.

"Greetings my friend"

Kahn could not be so happy to see salvation.


They sat in a large room that look like a place to sit and be meet. Kahn sat comfortable in his chair as the lead monk sat in front of him.

"I am so happy to see all of you. I was beginning to think that I was doomed to live in that terrible nightmare" Kahn was then halted by the raise of the leader's hand.

"I am glad you are safe" The lead monk began to speak. "But I'm sorry to say that you can not stay here"

"Www…What?" Kahn was very confused.

"You have trudged into the deepest hell and was able to emerge but I'm sorry to say that there is still darkness within you"

"I have been faithful to the cloth" Kahn tried to explain.

"Have you" The lead monk raised an eyebrow at him "You come to us after we heard you take down the city of Daralvenar….."

"It is a slave city….."

"That was housed to millions of innocent people." The lead monk's voice rang like dagger through Kahn heart. "You bring with heathens to us and claim shelter"

Kahn was in shock by the man's words. He could not believe that these people were the ones he would pray to come save him. That they would take them in and cure their sins.

"Knowledge is power, and God is our savior"

"We will give you three days to get everything sorted and on you way"

"Knowledge is power, and God is our savior"

Kahn grasped the hidden blade that he kept in his pocket. Gidaof was nice enough to allow him to have it for protect.

"And of course you may be saved if you were to….."

"There is no God"

Kahn ran forward as he slammed the dagger into the lead monk's chest. Anger consumed him as he repeated it over and over.

He stopped and heard the gasps and whispers of the other monk. Turning his head with blood on his face, he grabbed the dagger and stalk towards them.


Opening up the window, Kahn looked down at the former slave. They all stared up at him as if he was their leader.

Kahn raised the head monk's head "Kill them!"

It was all out chaos after that. The monks tried to defend themselves but it was useless since they had no training. Their soldier that they did have were useless as well to the trained killers.

The battle ended quickly as they soldier dropped the dead in the middle of the courtyard. The bodies began to pile up in big numbers. Kahn looked down at them his spot with a bored expression.

"What now my lord?" Gidaof asked.

"Lord?" Kahn chuckled at the thought.

"You are our leader sir. We follow you were ever you go"

Kahn thought about for a minute. It was true that now that the holy city was dead that they would be blamed and killed if they left. Do why not claim the city as their own.


Kahn was scrolling through the books as he became more fascinated by the next. All the words and claims were amazing. How to cure disease. The explanation of why an island became bigger. How could these monks leave all this knowledge away from the people. They could have saved so many people.

That's when he found that one page in one of the books. It was stuck in there like some tucked away secret. He took it out and saw the list of names and towns. They were coded but Kahn could figure it out.

They were list of unprotected towns that could be hit by the men of Daralvenar. The monks knew this. They were sending him away due to the fact he killed their profits. They were probably going to kill him off ones he left the city walls.

Anger filled Kahn as he crumpled the paper. A know brought him out of his thoughts when he turned to see Gadoaf in the door way.

"Sir?" Gadoaf stood up straight and in attention. "There are some people here to see you"

Kahn looked at the soldier. Eyes squinted, he walked passed him.


Once he was down at the bottom, Kahn and a few soldier looked out the gate. There stood a group of people with carriages and bags. Kahn was confused by this. "Why are you here?"

A man stood in front of the group as there spokesmen "We heard this is the city that takes in the damn"

That did not make sense to Kahn. Even if he was not religious man, he still did not want thieves and poachers in his city. "Why have you come here?"

The man bit his lip as he continued "We were cast our of our homes for being cursed and damned. We are simple people who love science and knowledge. But the church says were are heathens for not trust our fate to god"

Kahn looked at the people with surprise "And you think you can start a family here?"

"No sure" The man unbutton his hand as he showed him "We can not do that"


After that, more people started to show up. They heard the city except people who did not believe in god. Except the art of science and helped those who could not conceive.

The City was named Biblock, island of knowledge. They grounds were guarded by once slaved soldier who refused to leave. Gadoaf was head of the guard and stood by Kahn side.

They call Kahn the lord of the Mid. And those who fought to strike him met the end by his guard. His people loved and adored the man. Saying he with lead them in enlighten instead of false belief.


Kahn walked through the courtyard with Drago. They both respected each other and came to understand one another.

"You and I are not that different as you might wish" Drago walked with his hand behind his back.

"You may be a intelligent man, but you still a barbaric." Kahn sighed. "I do not know what it was like on the other side for you but here things are different. You toy with people, control their lives and freedom"

"And you do not?" Drago smirked at the bald man.

Kahn had no idea what Drago was talking about. He did kill for sport. His people were freed slaves given another chance at life. There was no way they could be cruel as Drago's soldiers.

As they chitchatted away, all of the sudden, a man walked into the center. No one had ever seen him before. He wore a long robe like a monk. He brought his wooden cross up to his lips. Which was odd since no one here believed in god or gods anymore.

"God almighty cleanse this sinful place and pity these heathens"

The city began to roar with anger by the man. The man kept speaking of god and punishing them. Kahn and Drago watched as the monk kept speaking. It wasn't until some threw a rock as the man did he tried to defend himself.

But the man kept going. He began his long speech of how to punish these sinners for taking their holy city. That's got the crowd more riled up. A few made their way to the mink as they stood in front of him. One landed a fist into the man's face as the other soon joined.

It wasn't long before more people came and hit the man. Kicking and punching him with no end. The crowd became bigger as the monk was consumed by the mass.

The two lords watched the scene happen on the side.

"Not like us you say" Drago broke off from Kahn and walked up the steps.

Kahn watched his people go at it. He could see the darkness in their eyes like Drago had.


Kahn and Godoaf were in the city of Tempest. They were going to meet up with the Amzons to talk about business but were held up. They sat in an outside restaurant as they watched the people go by.

They were enjoying their liquor when a fight broke out in the street. A crowd gathered as they watched the men go at it.

Kahn watched out of curiosity but looked from the corner of his eye at Gadoaf. "Do you enjoy it?"

Gadoaf was startled by Kahn. He was so focused on the fight that he did not realize that he was still with Kahn.

"Do you enjoy them beating each other?" Kahn watched the soldier's eyes go back and forth in fear. "Speak true, I will not hold you words against you."

Gadoaf let out a sigh of air as he looked up at Kahn with a pitiful look. "The men and I would go into towns and place bets on fights. We know its horrible and a sin to do it but we are drawn to it"

" Do not think of me as a righteous man" Kahn crossed his arms as he looked at the solider "For it is I who killed the general"

"And I who hid the body" Gadoaf looked back up at the bald man. "We know were former slaves and should not fall for the enjoyment of other slaves killing each other, but for some reason it entices us"

"I'm guessing it is not just you?" Kahn asked.

Gadoaf shook his head as it was clear to Kahn. Drago was right about the darkness that was in them. They were attracted to the misery of others. Even though they were just like them.

Gadoaf did not know what to say. He felt awful about his words of liking other pain. He was no different than the man who cut off his cock.

"You know?"

Gadoaf looked up at Kahn.

"I've heard Drago has this…dragon boy" Kahn squinted his eyes at the memory. "People say they find it quiet ...entertaining"

Gadoaf remembered the first time he saw that fight. Kahn had asked him to help with delivering some supplies to Drago in exchange for some of their raids. The first time he saw that battle, he was intoxicated by it.

Kahn seeing the dark smile that appeared on the man's face he knew that he got the right answer.


He had a hate and a love for this place. Essos was a slave trading kingdom that housed million of slaves and other goods. This is where Drago got his dragons apparently. He was shown down the aisle of some cages. Inside was a bunch of cages stocked up with dragons.

The trader did say that these were the last of the children. Each cage he came by were either of interest or different. Two girls and three boys he saw so far. It was only until he got to that one cage did he find his prize.

He was a husky boy. Large and gentle, he did not look like a fighter at all. He had this large dragon with him that looked like a bloated sausage.

"Sadly this one is not much of a fighter. Can I suggest this one. He tried to fight off this Monstrous Nightmare the other day….."

Kahn did not listen to the man. He saw that the boy held something more in him than the slave trader would ever know. "This one"

The slave trader did not know what to think. He just nodded his head and got the paper work, but was stopped in his tracks.

"I also want ten dragons" Kahn did not even look at the man "You can show them to my trainer."

Gadoaf was surprised by this. He just nodded his head and followed the astonished traders.


It had been a couple weeks and the boy was not proving to be much of a fighter. The dragon called a Gronkle did protect the boy, like the mother would her cub.

Godoaf tried to go through dragon manual he found in one the libraries, to try and figure out what to do. Kahn walked behind him and asked how it was going. So far it was not so good for the new trainer. He had never come across beast like these in his time. He tried to figure away to get the boy to fight but he just wouldn't.

Kahn rubbed his head in thought. He watched the interaction between the Gronkle and boy. He hugged the dragon and cooed sounds to it. "Have you tried separating them?"

Gadoaf looked up at him

"Put the dragon in danger"


It was amazing after that. The boy fought like a berserk, mad man. He punched the Groncicle in the face and the dragon felt to the floor in a flop. He raised to his dragon and she gave him a lick as the boy hugged her.

That's when things got better. The battles became more fearsome as boy and dragon fought off any challenge that came to harm either of them. That's why the up the game. While Drago put in one dragon in his, Kahn put two. One for the boy and the other for the dragon. It would force them to fight and protect one another.

The crowd loved it. Their dark thirst was quenched as they became the talk of the Mid. When he got letter from Drago for a match, how could they resist.

That's was the day he stuck it to Gadar. That barbaric man that stood for everything he hated. Ignorance and bliss. When the man learned that there was more to his dragon boy, he learned to never judge a book by its cover.

After that, he began to understand his other Warlords and their lives.


The beaker came to a boil as the leaves rose with the water the began to fill the top. Boiling, the water became brown. The lords and ladies stared in awe at Kahn's invention. It had two beakers attached to each other with a metal ring that was attached to a metal pole to keep it up above the flame.

"Sorcery" Gadar stared in fear and awe at the strange device. He was thinking of the strange device as a potion maker. It's probably why the Bibilock looked so mad.

"Its called siphon, you dumbass" Kahn took the flame away and in minutes the murky water drained back into the lower beaker. "You're kind is the reason why your all doomed"

Kahn took the top beaker off and began to poor the hot tea into a waited mug. Taking a sip, he became delighted to the taste.

"My kind" Gadar was angry by Kahn's words. How dare he call him an idiot.

"Yes Mr Gadar, you are a religious idiot who would spent more time questioning your god than actually look for a reason." Kahn said bluntly.

All the warlords looked back and forth between the two. Interest and concern with how this will turn began to intrigue them.

"Let me tell you a story" Kahn looked down at the tea in his mug "There once was a great and powerful nation. Could take on anyone who came their way. Until an illness took over. People began to die, one by one. They used tools such as saws and blades to get rid of the infect. They burned their dead to not spread disease. They even prayed to their god every day. Whipping themselves until they were a bleeding red to repent. They even tried to hide away in their houses to get way from the disease" Kahn saw the fear and uncomfortableness in everyone's eyes. Trying to hide the fact they knew this story. "Until one day, a man came. He told the citizens to leave their homes. Get far away from the disease and get some sun light and fresh air. Some people listened to the man and survived. Most people died because they refused to listen. It took just one little to kill millions of people because they did not listen to reason. It was staring them right in the face and they could have lived."

Gadar tried to look away. He didn't want to listen anymore. But Kahn words were hard as rocks and steal.

"Knowledge is powerful. Without it, you all be nothing but wild animals trying to figure out how to light a flame" Kahn got up from his chair and walked towards his desk.

The group pondered for a bit. Startled and fearful of the man's words.

It wasn't until Kasif spoke to his wife that they all were brought out. "I like him"

"I know" Tresa smirked and looked to where Kahn went. "We should invite him over sometime"

"Here, here" They both clanked their cups together as they gulped down the liquid.

Kahn could only smile at the comment. He did not show his enjoyment for the darkness of others, but he, like his people, had tumbled down the hole to hell.

(author notes: I had been planning to write this background for this character for a long time. He is supposed to be a science over religion type person. I understand that some of you are thinking that the slave people would be more justice for others instead of pleasure for pain of others. That's why there are certain parts that's I'm still iffy about, but from a certain point of view I wanted to write about if you back a person in a corner you might get a two effect. Either you break them in to an obedient mess or make a monster. That's why I think it works for this situation in the story.)

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