Dragons, Humans, Gladiators, & Freedom

Fishlegs' side story

Fishlegs had always like dragons. He had no idea why but he always did. He just did for the longest time.

He grew in on an island in the Northern region. At least he thinks he did.

He remembered a kind mother and a gentle father. His father would take him on trips and show him how to track and hunt. His mother thought knowledge was better suited for their son. She taught him how to read and write from all the books she had collected over the years.

His favorite was the Book of Dragons. His village used it for information on how to kill dragons. They were a real pest in his village. His father would tell him to stay inside while he helped the village take care of them.

Fishlegs would sometime get a peak outside to see if he could see them. Massive creatures they were. They gobbled up food and stole their sheep. They lit the ground up with their fire. It was amazing to the boy's eyes.

That's why he was here in the Great Hall. Fishlegs was the last of the villagers to stay behind after dinner. He did not mind. As long as he had his book, everything was right.

That's why it came to a sudden shock when loud crackles were heard outside. He knew that it could not be a storm. They didn't sound like they came from above. More like they were hitting the ground.

That's when he realized his village was under attack. He ducked under the table as the doors slammed open. He held the book of dragons for dear life as he heard the men walk around.

Fishlegs saw the glint of the men's swords. He held his breath as he tried to not make a sound. He watches them man walk past him as he watched him look around. The men said words to each other before they gave up.

Fishlegs sighed in relief as he was glad to see the men leaving. He decided to turn to the left and met with a man's face. He did the only thing he knew he could do and let out a high pitch scream.


He woke up on a ship with the rest of his clansmen. All chained up next to each other. They were sailing on high seas as the shipped rocks back and forth.

Fishlegs was glad he didn't get seasick. Thanks to his uncle, who had been nice enough to take him fishing once in a while. He just hoped it would not last long.

In a few hours, they made it to port. Fishlegs had been pushed out with the other children and forced to stand in line. He watched as the large overly dressed man came by them. He touched and prodded them like Fishlegs would see farmers do to yaks.

When the man came by him and gave Fishlegs as smug look "Kinda fat the boy is. Hopefully he will lose wait by the time he sells"

He hated that man's words. His mother always told him he was husky and should never to let anyone make fun of him about his weight. He was going to be big strong man. He could already throw an axe.

It sadden Fishlegs of the thought of his mother. And he was sitting with a bunch other kids ready to be sold to gods know where. It had only been a few days but he was already feeling distraught.

He was never a fighter or very strong willed. He had always his head in the books. His father did teach him to fight and he was not that bad. But he just never felt up to hurting anyone. Fishlegs just fear for his life when he knew that they would love to hurt him.

That's when the slamming of doors were heard as men came in. Fishlegs guessed it was to the block for selling. He saw them pick fourteen children and started dragging them away. One of the men came by him as he too was picked.

Fear drew fast into Fishlegs. His old life would end today. He would never see his mother or father and be forced to work as a slave for the rest of his life. He just prayed he would not end up like those nymphos he heard about from the grown ups.

They headed down the long hallway that seemed to never end for Fishlegs. He was surprised that they had not chained them up or tied a rope around their necks. Didn't they do that to people who would be sold?

His answers were answered when they came up to a door. Screeches and roars were heard from the other side as Fishlegs became frozen with fear. He did not if he was walking or dragged but he just remember the door opening and he being forced inside.

Rows and rows of dragon cages line the room. Fishlegs would have been in heaven if not for going to be eaten in a matter of seconds. The door in front of him was flung open as he was throw into the cage.

It shut closed as the Fishlegs hear the guard's footstep grow quieter. He felt the breath of heat and low tide. Eye widen and afraid, the husky boy did not move.

The breath turned into the sound of pants. Like something a dog would do to be fed. Confused but still did not move. It was only till he received a big lick to the face was be brought out.

Fishlegs blinked his eyes a couple of time before slowly looking up. In front of him was a brown Gronkle that panted happily at him. It did nothing but wait. Wait for what, Fishlegs did not know.

They stayed that way for hours until the Gronkle flopped the ground. It startled licking it paw before biting it foot. It looked back at the him before letting out a roar.

Fishlegs did not understand. He thought that dragons were suppose to each or attack people. That's what the book for dragons always said. He slowly got onto his knees as he looked at the Gronkle.

"Heeeyyy" Fishlegs did not know how to check a dragon so he just guess "Girl"

The dragon responded happily so he guessed he was right. It gave him a big lick on the face as it purred happily. He did not why but all that fear vanished. The sudden banging startled the dragon as she began to cower afraid.

"You're afraid just like me" He petted the dragon in reassurance. 'Why don't I sing you a song. That always helps me when I'm afraid."

The dragon agreed happily as she sat next to Fishlegs.


Fishlegs and his new Gronkle companion, named Meatlug, sat in their cell as the boy hummed a song. Meatlug was happy to hear the boys voice. Even though she could not understand him, she still loved the thought.

Even though they were stuck in a cell. They still were happy as long as they had each other. But their lives did change. They were bought the next day by some bald man and taken to their new home.

Fishlegs was too scared to speak. It did not matter that Meatlug tried to comfort him. After a while, Fishlegs began to communicate with Meatlug. He had always a knack for picking up languages and was happy to be able to pick up Meatlug's.

Her voice was soothing. Mothering. She did her best to take care of her boy as he did her. No one could not tell which was the parent or older sibling.

But everything changed the next day. A bald looking man in a dress like outfit had come in. They did not know what they wanted from them. They looked him over before the seller spoke.

Hurtful words came out of his mouth. To him, Fishlegs and Meatlug were dead weight. Nothing good about them, but pets to look at by women.

But this man did not see them that way. He saw something similar to him in Fishlegs. They boy did not want to know what.

They were then bought and taken to their home only a few days later.


How to describe their new home. It was defiantly different than their last home. This place was extremely clean and silvery white. Fishlegs did not know if they bought him to be prince or royal pet.

Meatlug a bunch of times would be seen licking the floor. She did love her rocks.

That's why they yelled at her when ever she did it. They thought that she could just take a giant bite out of the stone ground like it was nothing. They defiantly did not know their dragons.

Fishlegs did not know how much time past before both he and Meatlugs were forced into this large arena. They did not know what to do. He was gentle creature, he did not want to fight.

But Meatlug did fight. She would protect her boy from any danger that came their way. Fishlegs was grateful to her.

One day changed all that when he woke up to Meatlug not at his side. He was scared as he was ushered back into the arena.

He looked frantically around for his dear Meatlug. He caught his breath when he saw her on the other side. She was chained up tightly as she could hardly move.

Fishlegs began to rush towards her when he saw a Groncicle come at him. He had no time to admire the ice Gronkle. He ran far away from the beast until it changed its course. It was heading towards Meatlug.

She had no way to defend herself and was terrified of the ice beast. She watched the creature got close to her. That's when she saw her boy jump on its back. The ice dragon began to panic as it tried to get the boy off.

Fishlegs held on for dear life until he fell onto the floor. The ice dragon shook its body before looking back at him with anger. He looked back at his beloved Meatlugs who looked scared.

Fishlegs did not like that. He did not like anyone scaring his poor sister. Fishlegs rushed forward as the Groncicle came at it. He had no idea where this anger came from but he used it to punch the dragon in the face.

Ice fell off the Groncicle's face as the fist smashed into it. The dragon was sent flying backwards and into the ground unconscious.

Fishlegs wasted no time getting to his precious Meatlug and untying her. He hated what they've done to her. He hated them more when they kept doing it.


One thing he liked about Hiccup was that he was intelligent and had a live for dragons like he. He was kind and would allow him to enjoy their talk about the books they could read together.

And he rode the magnificent dragon called a Night Fury. He could not believe, when he saw the twins fight them, that he would get a chance to see one. He had heard they were high in the food charts for intelligence, speed, and accuracy. It was so amazing to watch Hiccup and Toothless fight as one.

Fishlegs hated Snotlout because he was an arrogant jerk.

When he punched that barbaric boy in the face and gave him something to be really scared about did he find joy. Fishlegs never knew why but he loved to gloat and make Snotlout feel small. He hated it when Snotlout would mock and find joy in his pains.

His Monstrous Nightmare was also the same and yet different. They both like to show off their strength. And they both had same intelligence of a pea. Snotlout tried to pretend that he was smart while Hookfang couldn't pay attention if his life depended on it. Hookfang also had this ability to listen to other people's command. One time during battle, Hiccup was telling Toothless to stop, instead, Hookfang stopped immediately with Snotlout flying through the air. Fishlegs laughed his head off whenever he thought of it.

Astrid was high strung and tough. Fishlegs could tell that she was warrior through and through. Unlike Snotlout who just thought he was born a warrior. She trained hard. Some of the days he would see her use Stormfly's tail as a bar to do pull ups. It made him wish that he had that upper body strength.

Stormfly was a beautiful female Nadder. Not as beautiful as Meatlug of course but still a dragon that held the words graceful and vanity. Fishlegs could tell that the two girls were very much the same in both warrior and beauty wise.

The twins were defiantly insane. It made Fishlegs wonder if they were dropped on their head as children. They had a need for destroying things. Just last week did they try and set things on fire with Barf and Belch. They also had this knack of going back and forth between stupid and smart with each other.

Odd and weird to hear one twin talk about

Barf and Belch were the same sometimes. And sometimes they would be more of older brothers to the twins. Whenever the twins got into their usual fights, which happen a lot more than Fishlegs would like to count, both the dragon heads would pull them apart and the twins tried to reach for each other.

Each dragon and child were different. Fishlegs at first thought it must have been where they had come from. But maybe it had more to do with just them.


Fishegs was a sucker for romance. He always wanted what Hiccup and Astrid had. Even if the two were too blind to see it most of the time.

They had that spark whenever they looked into each other eyes. It was like something out of a romance story. Boy meets girl. Girl hates boy for the first time but in time learns to appreciate him. Then there be that moment. That moment when they look at each other and want to be with each other. It made both Meatlug and Fishlegs sigh lovingly at the thought.

Snotlout would never get it. He was to busy trying to get an impossible one sided love. He thought that Astrid beating him up meant she loved him. It was stupid and idiotic that he thought that was some kind of romance gesture. Even the twins knew that.

One time, Ruffnut whispered to him that Snotlout must be a masochist by the way he liked to get hit a lot. Fishlegs was surprised that she would say that. Usual he would think her brother would use those words.

After a while, Hiccup began to teach the twins to read. At night when they were in different cages and the twins were no longer near Hiccup. Ruffnut would poke Fishlegs in the middle of the night to help her with a word.

It became like this more often and something began to spark inside Fishlegs. He wanted to get to know her. He wanted to be close to her. Sad to say so did Snotlout.

It all changed when Ruffnut's attention was soon focused on the new boy. A young trapper, who was forced to feed them. He would cringe every time he came to the twins door.

He did feel bad for him but still felt jealousy. He wanted Ruffnut to look at him at least. Like the old days.

But he knew that this was only a side note. That they would never be able to love as long as they remained here. In these cages and force to fight for the pleasure of other. He knew it when he heard Hiccup's and Astrid's masters talk that one time about having there Dragon Children mate with each other.


Fishlegs and Meatlug were glad to see Astrid, Hiccup, Stormfly, and Toothless. They were getting bored and impatient with the talk of battle. He was glad to learn it was another chance for a dragon fight then an actual battle. He really did not know why he preferred him getting hurt over others. Most the dragons he guessed he was worried about.

He watched as Hiccup was roughly pushed in and the trainers, Scourge, Godoaf, and Alkai, leave. Both looked around at the magnificent prison. Compare to their homes, Fishlegs' was a royal palace.

Hiccup whistled as he looked around. "Nice place"

"Why thank you" Fishlegs did not know if he should be happy or upset by this. They were trapped in cages and yet they looked be in something great. It hurt and was confusing to think about. Not good for the twins.

Hiccup ran his fingers along the stone. It was true like Fishlegs said. This place was clean and perfect. No cracks in this place at all. No wonder Fishlegs had a hard time getting way with keeping things.

Astrid laid on the stone ground. "Does it get cold at night?"

"Not really. They have a pretty good heating system"

"I loved to see that" Hiccup had always a joy for mechanics.

Hiccup had stolen a lot of mechanic books from scholars. He has been eclipse by it. But even with all his mechanic books, he still could not escape from his cell. His trainer, Scourge, kept an eye on him. And Fishlegs knew why.

Even with his knowledge, Fishlegs was not like Hiccup. Hiccup could plan things. He calculated ideas in his head that even Fishlegs could not comprehend thinking about. Fishlegs, like the other, knew that Hiccup had a plan for when they would escape.

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