Dragons, Humans, Gladiators, & Freedom

Gadar's side story

Gadar hated the idea of having those spoiled, arrogant Warlords here. His home wasn't something to be proud of in his society. Yes, he had the necessities they had but its wasn't some ultimate fortress, or giant city.

It was dirt roads instead of stoned roads. There were animals everywhere and farm. Wooden bridges and fences were their line of defense instead of the cement walls that those Scholars people own.

Gadar watched from one of the lookouts. He looked out as the green highlands for any sign of them. So far no one. All he knew was this was going to be a long few weeks.


Deep in the Britania region, past the mountains and in the highlands, was the village that belong to the Barbarians known as the Gols. They held an army of a thousand bloodthirsty men and women. They have been at war with the Roman for over a decade.

Every since Rome changed their course and sent men upwards and across the channel into Britania, the Romans have been trying to conquer the country every since. Luckily, the Gols and other tribes have been keeping the Romans at bay, but it was only a matter of time before something broke through.

The village, however, was fortunately away from any of the battle grounds and the dense mountains on each side were able to keep the village at peace. In this village, the Gols use it not for weaponry but for farming, raising their children and for the elderly. It was a community that had no warriors and no need for violence.

The horns rung and the music played. A party was being played on this glorious night. Their chief and warriors were coming home today. They had successfully won another battle and were bringing home their spoils the have required from the war.

Every wife, lover, and family member was happy to see their love ones return. Especially the young boy, Gadar. His father was finally returning from his long journey. And in one of the stone houses, his father, Chief Alaric was telling Gadar the story of how they had won against the Romans. How they crushed they enemy into piles of broken bones.

Gadar loved hearing his father's tale of he ripped the spine out of soldier back. He still wore a piece of that bone that he wore on a necklace around his neck as a pendant. He smiled darkly at it whenever he looked at it.

Chief Alaric then turned his back and took out something from his pack. Gadar tried to get a look at it but all he could see was a shiny tint to it. His father then hid it behind his back before he presented it in front of him.

It was a Roman sword. It was extremely shiny and made out of pure metal. It was very different from his father's sword. It held no fur on the hit and no blood stains from the victim. His father had always told him that swords from Romans were used for prettiness. They tried to hide their shame to kill.

Gols were never like that. That's how they became one of the top tribes to dominate this region.

After that, his father took him by the hand and guided him out of the house. It was dark outside but the fires lit up the village. They headed to one that was crowded by a lot of other soldier. They stood in front and waited.

That's when Gadar saw it. One of his father's soldiers was carrying out a bunch of Romans. They were striped of their armor and weapons. They looked angry and afraid. Some yelled out in their strange tongue. It made Gadar excited to see what would happen next.

One soldier grabbed a man and forced him to knee in front of them. The Roman did not look afraid. Instead, he was angry. He spat at his father and said words like 'Roman'. Gadar guess that his man was the leader of this small group. Some worth fighting.

Chief Alaric stared down at the man. He grabbed his son and put him in front of him "Know your enemy, my son"

With that he placed the sword in the boys hands. Normal boys would just stare at the blade then back the man. They would hesitate at first until they work up the courage or get yelled at to do it. But not Gol boys. Right when they walk they are learned to fight.

So of course, Gadar stabbed the Roman leader in the chest. The roman gasped for breath before falling to the ground in a thump. The crowd of Gols screamed and howled in joyous at the young boy's kill.

Gadar watched as he turned his head to watch his father raise an arm and the rest of the Romans were killed. It was a glorious site as the Romans laid on the ground dying.


The festivities grew to a close as the last of the feast had been eaten. The village was quite as the snores of the sleepers and the chuckling of men drinking could be heard.

Gadar was sleeping in his fur bed as he slept lightly. His knew sword clutched in his hands. He slowly lifted his eyelids when he heard the sound of soft footsteps. He knew it could not be his father.

A smile appeared on his face as he knew it would not be long till the other kids want to come and see the sword. Gadar lifted himself up as the kids gathered around to see.


Outside, the men were continuing to drink and talk when one of the men fell down. The other looked at him with curiosity but believed he drunk himself stupor. But when they looked close enough, they saw that there was an arrow in his back.

Before one of them men could run off and tell, they were too struck.

In the tree behind the village, something moved in the dark. They were light on their feet as they made no sound. They quietly made their way to the village without being seen. Every time they saw someone they shot them with an arrow.

It was not until a young woman was about to leave the bar when she saw one of the men fall down dead at her feet with a arrow in his back. She let out a scream as she yelled 'intruder'.

All the warriors raced out of their homes and houses. Sword, axe, shield in hand, they charged at the enemy. They slashed and diced. Their archers shooting their arrows and hit the enemy with everything they got.

When the enemy started to retreat, did the Gols go after them. They enemy headed into the woods and the Gols thought they had them. It was not till a bunch of arrows shot out did the real battle commence. Out shot Roman soldiers as they attacked the Gols.

The Gols were unprepared as the battle turned into more of a bloodbath with only one winning side.


What seemed like hours, the battle had finally ended. Hundred of dead Gol warriors laid. Arrrows stuck out of some of the bodies as the gruesome smell of death filled the air.

On the back of a white horse was a General, Roman soldier. He walked around the field as if he was the emperor himself. His white horse finally stopped when it was in front of the last of the Gol warrior.

All nine of them were on their knees with their hands tied behind their back. In front of the eight was Chief Alaric. He glared up at the General with hate.

The General gave a snort as he looked at the man next to him. "Good work Agro. This will be a great victory for the Roman Empire."

Chief Alaric glared at the giant dark haired Barbarian. He was clad in dark fur. He was fully beard and had the eyes of a traitor.

Ones the general moved on did Alaric speak, "How could you betray us? Betray your own kind"

Agro bent down in front of Alaric "You only think small my friend. If you want to rule you will have make friends with the enemy."

"Enough talking Agro! Kill the bastard!" The General yelled at Agro from afar.

With that, Agro took out his sword as he sliced off Alaric's head. It fell to the floor in a flop and rolled until it was by the warriors' feet.

Agro left his men to finish the job and made is way to the rest of the villagers. He walked in front of them. Tapping his dripping blade, he watched as all their faces fell in sadness and fear.

Gadar was one of the ones in front. He tried to not show any fear to these traitors.

"A deal is a deal right" Argo spoke to the General.

"Not quite" The general got off his horse and walked over to the villagers. "Where is the heir?"

Argo did not answer him which made the general madder.

"THE SON! You incompetent idiot" the general took out his sword as he pointed it at Gadar. "I can't have his offspring ruining everything when he comes back to kill me

Gadar knew this would happen. He waited for Agro to tell the General that he was the son of the late Chief Alaric, but instead he was met with a surprise.

Argo did not grab him. Rather, he grabbed the boy next to him and put the lad in front of the General. It was as if he were saying, 'there he is, kill him'.

Gadar watch as the next minute, his friend was dead on the ground. He was fearful regarding to why the man did that. He could have easily killed him. Put an end to the Gol line, but instead he survived. He would not know why for years to come.


It had been twelve years, since that faithful day. In the small village of Ocla, Agro and his men were getting ready for another war with a neighboring tribe that was having trouble with the Romans.

He had made a deal with them that he could rule the country. As long he abided by his end of the deal to take out anyone who would rise against them.

The warriors of the tribe were not interested in war right now. They were more focused on what was going on in the middle. A fight had broken out between one of the older veteran against young adult Gadar. They fought with their fist as each were bloody in the face.

The veteran charged at the boy as he tried to grab him around the waist. Gadar snaked his arm around the man's neck. The man gave him punches to the side as he tried to get his head out. The man was losing air as his face became red.

Gadar did not let him go as they both fell to their knees. The man was losing breath. It wasn't until someone finally pulled them apart did the man semi gain consciousness.

One of the men shouted at them and told them there would be no fighting. They would punish them later.

Gadar made his way over to the camp where the rest of the young adults like to hang out. He sat down on one of the benches as Archar came over to him.

"You know your going to be in a lot of troubles for that"

Gadar just chuckled at him as he tried to dress his wounds.

The flap to their camp opened when a soldier walked in "Agro wants to see you"

Gadar just smiled darkly and followed the man out.


They entered one of the larger tents that held Argo and his captains. A map was laid out on the table that showed how and where they were going to attack.

Gadar looked around at the table and saw the representatives from other tribes here. They did not look happy or excited about Argo's plan. When the soldier interrupted their conversation, they all looked up.

Argo told the men to leave as he gestured Gadar to come in. The boy walked in and seated himself on the chair in front of Argo.

"I've heard you've been getting into fights?" Argo crossed his arms.

"A man made rude comments at me. I punched him in the face" Gadar shrugged his shoulders.

Argo laughed at the boys comment. "I like that about you" Argo came closer to the boy. "You have fighting spirit. Ever since you were a lad."

Gadar watched Argo reach behind him and bring back a sword in his hands. It wasn't just any sword at that.

"Ever since the first time I saw you when I visited your father, I've always thought you would be a waste there." Argo held up the sword to Gadar. "You deserve real glory. Like me, you are worth more than those fools think"

Gadar took the blade out of the man's hands.

"You deserve to be king" Agro watched the boy's eyes scan the sword before looking at him. "What do you say? You want to be my heir?"

Gadar looked at the man with a glossy look. He looked back at the blade and traced it along with his finger.

When the young man looked back up at him with a happy smile did he think he won him over. He was in for a real surprise when Gadar stood up and slammed the blade into his shoulder. "W..wwwhhhyyy"

Gadar smiled darkly at the foolish traitor. "Your right, I do deserve to be king" He bent down and looked into Argo's eyes "Not like you who licks someelse's cock to get where you are"

The traitor fell into his chair dead. Sword sticking out of him as his eyes became dull.

The tent flap opened and Gadar looked to see who had come in. It was one of the representatives. He was shocked at the site he saw. He looked from the dead Argo to the boy.

Gadar thought he would have to fight another and pulled the sword out of Argo's body. The dead body fell to the ground in a thud. Gadar held out the blade and waited for the man to call for help. He was met with surprise.

The man did not call for help, but instead got on one knee. He put his arm on his chest and bowed his head.

It was a start.


Three years it took for Gadar and his followers to take back their homes. Four years to clear the Romans out. Five years for Gadar to be named King.

Gadar ruled with an iron fist. People say he is deranged. Some say he is smarter than he lets on. Most say he is just insane.

The barbarian tribe took up most of the East and lad seized to anyone who fought them. They tried to sail West but were halted when they came upon an army of strange dress Vikings. They wore strange looking helmets that had no horns that the tradition Vikings wore. Their hair was extremely dark, darker than black if they believed.

The man in front was built and tall. If you put him next to Gadar's men they think him a giant. He wore dread lock hair and a cape over his left arm. He and his army was nothing like he had expected.

Gadar wasted no time and yelled his men to attack. The whole army launched themselves at the strange Vikings, but was halted when creatures came down from the sky and spat fire at them.

Gadar could not believe it. He had not seen such creatures since the tale of old Mabigion. When large beast from the sky would attack homes and villages. They stole treasures of gold and silver, making homes out of their spoils.

It was the first time any one them saw such creature. Magnificent beast they were. Gadar secretly wished he could slice ones heart open and gorge on it like food.

They attacked with a great force. The catapults from the enemy were bigger, heavier, stronger. They were much more impressive then their. When the catapults launched their ammo, they were more than just boulders, some shot large poles of wood.

Gadar wished they had something like that in his arsenal.

The battled halted as the both sides pointed their weapons at each other. They all defended. Waiting, they waited till one of them decided to attack.

The strange army began to part as the giant man made his way through. Gadar did the same until both were standing in front of their army. They stared at each before they understood what the other wanted.

The battle would have gone on for hours until one side ended up dead. They knew which side it would be. That's why the decided. The leaders will fight each other, one on one. Who ever wins takes the territory.

Both took up arms as they held each other at point neither held any shields to protect themselves. They danced in a circle as the waited for the other to attack.

Gadar had enough of waiting as he launched himself at the dreadlock man. The man blocked the attack as Gadar slammed his blade against the man's. He pushed Gadar of his blade and tried to slice him.

This kept up for an hour when Gadar was pushed pack with such force, he fell to the ground. The man's sword pointed at him as Gadar looked up at the man. They both glared each other for a long time.

After the long glared before they let out a laugh. The soldier had no idea what was going on. The dreadlock man gave a hand and Gadar took it. He was brought up to his feet and introduced himself.

The man known as Drago became Gadar's greatest ally. He even showed him


What to say about dragons? Big. Fiery. And a big pain in the ass. They did nothing that Gadar wanted them to do. How did Drago control these creatures in the first place? It would be better if he them killed. Which he did.

But when rumors struck Gadar's ears about Drago's dragon child and fighting arena how he pass up the chance to have one of his own. Problem was, he was also the last to know about it. Thus, when he went, of course, he end up the last dragon child.

Good for him though was the boy was like them. The only problem was he was a pain in the ass. The man told him he was called something like Snotlout. Weird name, but some how fit the kid. He was arrogant, cocky, and bullheaded. Him and his stupid dragon.

Don't get him wrong, it was fun watching the boy get pummeled by the red Monstrous Nightmare. How they would yell at each other? And then they put up a fight against his soldiers. He would not do what he said. When he told him to fight he would ignore him and play around.

Yelling those strange words and his name a bunch of times. He little wanted to strangle the brat for not doing what he said.

He thankfully when got his buddy, Voltig involve in this. He was brutal and put more warriors into shape than he saw any general did. That's why when the day came when Snotlout needed to be punished; Voltig knew how to take care of it.

The boy was very fond of his dragon friend. That's why it had to be done.

After that, the boy was more cooperated. He fought, defeated, and won. Sadly the first fight against another dragon child he lost. But then again, who would not lose to a crazy Amazon bitch.


Gadar watched the horizon. No one was coming. He did not know if that was a good or bad thing. On one hand, he wouldn't have to live with the humiliation of his small home compared to their glamorous ones.

On the other hand, how dare they not come to his fort? He was great too. He ruled the east with his mighty army and was proud of it.

He watched and waited. Gadar became more frustrated by the minute. He only stopped moping when he saw something coming. Grabbing the eye-glass in one of the guard's hands, he looked through and saw someone coming.


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