Dragons, Humans, Gladiators, & Freedom

Snotlout's side story

Snotlout had always been prideful. Every since he was a kid, his father had always taught him that he needed to be strong, powerful. 'Sleep is for the week' his father would always tell him. But that day, when his whole world came crashing down, was the day that Snotlout hated.

His home was under sieged by slave traders. He watched as his father left his mother and him to go fight them off. When they came a raided their house, Snotlout tried to protect his mother, but he was only a six year old boy. He had been trained but still was weak compare to a six foot man.

One hit and Snotlout hit the wall with a thud. He seeped in and out of conscious as the man picked him up and dragged his mother by her hair.

He remembered a ship, but it was hard to remember because of all the black outs he had. He remembered a group of people. He can't remember if they were part of his tribe or just random.

Snotlout feared for his life that day.

Once on land he was put with all the other kids. At first he was forced into a dungeon like room and forced to wait. Wait for his doom. But when the door strung open and a bunch of men came in did he fear.

The men search around and grabbed a bunch of children. He still does not remember to this day who they were. Only that he, and long with them, were dragged out of their cell and pushed drown a narrow hallway.

At the end, they came to a large door where the sound of roars, growls and heat came from. The door was unlocked and open as inside were large dragons of different species. Snotlout prayed to the Gods that he would not be eaten. He saw the girl next to him try to break away from her capture. But like her, they were all pushed into a cell and doors locked behind them.

Snotlout tried to shout for help and begged to be let out. When he felt hot air, did Snotlout looked behind to see that a gigantic red Monstrous Nightmare was staring down at him. He backed away from the beast to the far end of the cage. He was freaking out. Why did they do this? Why did they put him in this cage?

The Monstrous crept closer still growling at him.

Snotlout was so afraid. He tried to find anything that he could throw or defend use to defend himself. So far he found nothing.

The red dragon just growled before he shook his head and went back to his corner. He still growled at the boy like it meant to stay away from him. They stared at one another as the day became night.


Day passed and Snotlout woke up to the sound of doors opening. He looked up to see the Nightmare sleeping on the ground with his tongue sticking out. He did not know if he should chuckle or still be afraid.

Snotlout then heard the sound of voices coming from the far entrance to see a bunch of men coming down the hall. They looked into the cages as they looked like they were counting.

"Ten dead, five still alive" Said one of the men as he looked down at Snotlout.

Snotlout eyes widen as he looked to his right. He was in shock at what he saw. There on the ground was a boy. He was no longer breathing as his eyes were wide as bugs flew onto them.

"Dead by fear, most of them" The soldier whistled to the men as they got into the cage and dragged the boy out. "Sad profit to go"

Snotlout watched as the dead boy's body was dragged out along with a bunch of other children.

"Sad that only one child was able to handle a dragon"

"Handle…more like adopted, hahaha"

The men laughed as they walked out the door with a loud shut behind them.

Snotlout stared as the words repeated in his mind 'Some kid was able to train a dragon, impossible' Snotlout looked to the Monstrous Nightmare. He was afraid. But he did not want to be shown off by some kid who could train one of these.

He crept closer to the dragon as he tried to get a better look at it.

Once he got close enough, he could feel the heat from the Stoker dragon's body. It grumbled in its sleep, as if it was having a nightmare or was just uncomfortable. Snotlout put a hand on the dragon's head and its eyes sprung open.

It gave a fearsome roar as its body went on fire. It screamed and clawed the ground with its face. It was so agitated that it probably attack anything.

And that thing could be Snotlout himself. The boy tried to back away as his back hit the back of the cage and Snotlout tried to hide himself. He did not want to die.

"Stop being afraid Snotlout"

His father's voice rung through his head.

"Your a Jorgenson, act like it"

Snotlout's strong father's voice rang through his head as it worked up the courage inside of it. He could not be afraid. He was a Jorgenson. They were never afraid of anything.

"Your not gonna let some small dragon scare you, are you boy"

The boy charged at the dragon as he grabbed the dragon by the head. The Nightmare was in more agitation as it tried to shake the boy off. Snotlout hands drifted down as he was able to grab a hold of one of the teeth from the dragon's open mouth.

With one more thrash, the tooth dislodged itself and Snotlout flung to the ground with tooth in hand. Both boy and dragon were startles, but the Nightmare was different.

The Monstrous Nightmare felt around his mouth with his tongue, tilting his head to the side and felt "Its gone. The pain is gone!" Looking down at the boy he saw the terrible misfortune in his hand. "You made it go away" The dragon was so happy that it nuzzled into the boy.

Snotlout was surprised when he saw the dragon come at him and nuzzled him. He looked in his hand and saw the tooth was full of holes and decayed. "Was that what was making you so uncomfortable. A bad tooth."

Snotlout knew how it felt to have a rotten tooth. He one time had this really bad tooth that his father had to pull it out. His mouth definitely felt better after that.

Snotlout rubbed his hand over the dragon face and the dragon began to purr. It was an incredible feeling.


For many days, the two had become the greatest friend. The only problem was that neither of them could understand each other.

"What!? What is it Hookfang?" Snotlout had come up with the name Hookfang for the Monstrous Nightmare which he thinks the dragon liked it.

Hookfang was agitated again and did not like being caged up. He wanted to fly, move around, do something. Why couldn't the boy get it? How can he stay cooped up?

Snotlout watched Hookfang come up to him and snorted smoke in his face. "Hookfang, would you calm down!"

"How could you be so calm? The room is small. I can't even move in here. I swear I'm going to lose it if we don't get out of here!" Hookfang could not believe this human could just stand there all calm. Didn't he want to get out?

"I know you probably can't stand being cooped up in here but you need to calm down" Snotlout was getting frustrated by the dragon.

"Why can't you understand what I'm saying!"

"Why can't you understand what I'm saying!"

They both stared angrily at each other before they heard doors open up. Looking over they saw a group of men entered. Which wasn't always good. He had seen many children and dragons be sold off to many of these visitors. It was only a matter a time before they were too.

They both looked through the bars worriedly to see who had come. They were both startled to see a fur clad man. With a bunch of other that were taller and looked stronger than his father. They were not normal.

"These are the last of our dragon children…..sadly"

They scanned down the caged until they stopped in front of there's. They stared at each. Snotlout in fear, while the man glared down at him. He wanted to say something but he was too afraid to.

That's when a shadow cast over him. Snotlout looked up to see Hookfang growl at the men with hate and disgust. It did not faze the men. They just scoffed at the dragon.

Snotlout did not like that. Only he could make fun of Hookfang. Gathering enough courage, he growled at them man.

The man just smiled, evilly, at them "We'll take 'em"


It had been many days since they arrived at their new home. All they could say was their own home was much better than here. It was so barbaric. Hay all over floor and iron looked rusted.

Hookfang even tried to shoot a fire blast at the door to try to see if he could singe it. It did nothing but make the bar look the same.

After that they became cocky. They were forced to fight which only made their pride grow. Of course they did not kill. Even though he acted tough, Snotlout could not bring himself to kill. He knew that his father's voice was coming back to call him 'weak, spineless, and pathetic'. He hated it, but Hookfang was always there to comfort him.

All that had happen to him, Snotlout knew that without Hookfang, he would not be sane. He was the dragon the kept him going.

He just never knew how important until the one fateful day.


Snotlout did not know what he did, but he had stupidly encouraged the wrath of the barbaric trainer, Voltig. The six foot man glared down at the boy with anger as blood seeped down from his arm.

Voltig looked down at the boy with anger as he watched the boy looked at him smug and then spit at him. A term of disrespect.

In reality, that would be a good thing. It showed that the boy was wild and good for gladiator combat. But to a Barbarian, it meant differently.

He wanted to take his anger out on the boy, but he knew that he would get a lashing from his king. Thus, he turned to the Monstrous Nightmare.

Snotlout watched in terror as the man grabbed a whip and snapped it at Hookfang. He tried to get out of the men's hands and get to Hookfang. He watched in horror as the whipped snapped and the cry of a dragon followed.


Snotlout petted Hookfang's head as he tried to sooth the dragon. "I'm sorry Hookfang"

Hookfang knew that this wasn't his boy's fault. He was just glad it was he who got it.

That day there were more careful. They listened when they wanted them to do something and fault when they told them too.

In a few week, those thoughts would be changed.


When Snotlout first saw Astrid, she must have been an angel from the sky. She was a goddess. He tried to say something to woo here in the beginning. All it did was get him a punch in the face.

Hookfang found it hilarious until he was attacked by the Nadder. That's got Hookfang angry and caused the dragon to light itself on fire and attack everything. That's how the match ended and them being lead back to their cages.

He could see Voltig looking at him in annoyance. He did not want to anger his trainer. Even though far off he could see that skinny brown hair boy giving that patch guy a thing or two. Wasn't he afraid? Didn't he fear what they would do to him or his dragons if they didn't do what they wanted?


Over the days he was able to learn a lot about his fellow companions. Each different and Interesting in their own way.

The twins were crazy and deranged. They loved violence and would join with him in remarks and to comments about the others. But they had this problem of coming back and taunting him. They would be on his side for a fight then switch to make some snide comment at him. If there wasn't a bar between them, he would definitely punch them in the face.

Astrid, of course, was still gorgeous. She had a spirit of any Valkyrie he had ever scene. He fell even more hard for her. Even when she was playing hard to get.

Fishlegs was annoying. On the first day he made these smart remarks at him that made him want to punch the fat boy. When they got to fight he was more than excited to give Fishlegs a good thrashing, to bad half way through the fight, the boy went berserk. Literally, he tried to kill him with his bear hands. What sane person would do that?

Then there was Hiccup. One word…. Small…..puny…annoying.. irritating and so sure of himself that he wanted to put him in the ground. He had this Night Fury that was over protective of him. It was like the boy was his baby or something. He would defiantly have fun with that.


He never liked Hiccup. He was small and puny. A know it all. Everyone loved Hiccup. The dragons. The dragon children. Even his own master wanted Hiccup. What made the boy so special.

Sure he had a Night Fury. So what. It was just a big scary dragon that was lightning and death itself. Hookfang was much bigger and tougher than that. He would show them. He would take down Hiccup with his bare hands.


It had been another day for Snotlout and Hookfang. They would soon be joined but the other dragons and children. It was their kingdoms turn to show off their arena and hold the fights.

The door swung open as in came more dragons and that patchy guy. Scourge or something. He was dragging in a half awake Hiccup. Water dripped down the dragon boy's body as he was tossed into his cage next to his Night Fury.

"Get in there and shut up!" Scourge yelled at Hiccup, who in received got a glare from the boy along with a kick into the bars.

Scourge was startled back as he looked from the boy to cage. Hiccup had given a powerful kick to the bars that made them vibrate and move. Scourge stared warily at the cage. Fear that it would brake open and hel would be loose. "You sure these will stand"

"They have kept many of our most power beast in place" Voltig did not like how Scourge made his home sound weak. "This way"

They both watched them leave as the door slammed shut. Hiccup scoffed at he then felt Toothless give him a lick. The boy patted the dragon on the head as the dragon continued his own cleaning.

Hiccup looked upside down at Snotlout. "How's it going?"

Snotlout just let out a huff in frustration and turned away from Hiccup. "Can't believe your owner still bathes you."

"Well, they're not going to let me do it" Hiccup knows that Snotlout never liked him. Even when they were forced to fight together, Snotlout would never help or listen to him. He would run off on his own and get himself killed. Hiccup just let out a sigh as he pushed Toothless head away from him and climbed out of the dragon's arms.

Hiccup walked around the cage and saw how it was more like a barn with stone walls and hay on the floor. Just like his home, cages were lined up on each side. Hiccup wouldn't be surprised if he saw a goat or sheep come by. He grabbed a hold of the bar and gave it a tug.

"It's not going to work" Snotlout got irritated at Hiccup's attempt. "It's not like we haven't tried that."

Hiccup let out a sigh. He did not want to fight with Snotlout. The boy went back over to Toothless and the Night Fury opened his wing to allow the boy to lay down with him.

Snotlout watched at the boy still scanned around at his home. Even he had to admit it. Everyone else knew it. That their home was very sad and old world-ish. Compared to everyone else's home, their home was nothing but a sad example of a farm house with cages.

Snotlout knew that inside, Hiccup must be laughing at him.


Later that night, Hiccup was lightly awoken by the sound of muffles. He squinted his eyes open to look for where the sound had come from. He looked over at Snotlout, who was hunched over something with Hookfang right beside him.


Hiccup could hear how Snotlout got frustrated every time. He quietly got up and silently walked over to the bars to see what Snotlout was doing. When he got close enough he saw that in the boy's hands was a book. That struck him as odd. Snotlout and a book were as odd as Toothless getting together with Hookfang.

Hiccup watched as Snotlout got more irritated by the second. Deciding to intervene, he let out a coughing sound.

Snotlout became startled as he looked up at Hiccup in surprised. He quickly tried to hide the book and acted like nothing was wrong. "What do you want?"

"I was wondering if you need any help?" Hiccup was kind and gentle. He did not want to anger Snotlout.

"Help? pffft. I don't need any help" Snotlout tried to act oblivious to the question Hiccup was asking.

Hiccup just became annoyed and tried to keep calm. "Look Snotlout, I can help you if you need it"

"How many times….."

"Snotlout, enough!" Hiccup had enough of this. "What are you so afraid of?"

"I'm not afraid" Snotlout looked away from Hiccup. He did not want to tell him. That puny boy who had everyone attention.

Hookfang hated seeing his boy like this. He knew how it felt to be outshined. He liked attention and wanted Snotlout to be happy. That's why he gave to boy nudge in comfort.

Inside, Snotlout liked how Hookfang was trying to cheer him up, but his pride told him he could not be seen this way.

"Come on Snotlout. Let me in" Hiccup sighed as to why Snotlout can not just tell him. "I know we had our differences and …."

"We are different" Snotlout made it more of a statement.

"And there nothing bad about that"

"There's everything wrong with that" Everything just flowed out of the boy "Hiccup is so smart. Hiccup is so brave. He has a Night Fury. All the dragons are his friend. HE CAN EVEN DAMN READ!"

Hiccup stared at Snotlout. He knew that a lot of that was true but still. "Is that was this is about? You want to read?" Hiccup tried to figure out what Snotlout was saying.

"No! I can't read." Snotlout shoved the book away from him as he brought up his knees to hide in.

The bars were enough that Hiccup could put his hand through and grab the book. He opened it up and glance through the pages. "Snotlout, I'm sure…"

"No Hiccup" Snotlout just felt so defeated. "I can't learn. I'm…I'm too old"

It was true that they were in their late mid teens. But Hiccup knew that anyone could learn. "Snotlout….what's given you trouble?"

"I don't know, I'm great at everything"

Hiccup rolled his eyes at the boy obnoxious behavior, but allowed him to continue.

"Its just….all these squiggles and lines. I can't understand it." Snotlout hated this feeling. "Heck, even the twins can read"

Hiccup smiled at Snotlout. He could understand what it felt like to be left out of things that everyone else. He used to feel like that at one time. "Come here almighty one. I'll help you"

Snotlout was not so sure at first, but after awhile, Snotlout was able to read a few words. He felt so proud of himself. Snotlout guessed that Hiccup was not all bad.


It angered him. Snotlout watched as Hiccup and Astrid became close. If you could ask anyone, they would say they would be the perfect mate. Everyone knew it.

Even their masters were considering them to breed. It made him sick. He had pined for Astrid for a long time, but she never returned it. He had always thought the she was playing with him. Rejections were a sign of love. But it was more of his deranged fantasies.

That's when he tried for Ruffnut, but the competition between him and Fishlegs was annoying. The boy did not deserve a beauty such as her. He tried to reason with Tuffnut for help, but the boy only laughed and found it amusement.

Sadly, none of them had a chance with the deranged blonde beauty, for she was in love with that young black haired trapper.

Snotlout watched as the young trapper was feeding them their dinner. He would always get squeamish whenever he would get to the twins cage. He watched as Ruffnut would try to reach through the small bars and clasp a piece of the boy's garments.

Tuffnut found it disgusting as he would gagged at his sisters attempt. Making loud sounds until his sister gave him a giant kick with her foot.


Snotlout looked at them in anger and disgust. He hated how they fantasized over their love for each other. Hiccup with Astrid and Fishlegs with Ruffnut. Ever since Ruffnut got a clue that the Eret did not want her she instead pined for Fishlegs.

Tuffnut would never find love. He probably did not know what love is.

But Snotlout, he wanted that feeling. That feeling that he could be with someone. The want to be with them till the end of time. He wanted that. He wished for that. He just wondered. Would he ever get that?

(Thank you for sticking with me. I know that these side stories may annoy some of you but I just wanted to give you guys some info about the characters. I hope that shortly if will have the next chapters up soon)

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