Dragons, Humans, Gladiators, & Freedom

Chapter 1

Hiccup could not tell if it had been days, weeks, or even just a few torturous hours that he and his fellow Berkains were forced into the dark cargo hold of the ship. He sat with the rest of his Berkian tribe on hard wooden floor boards and crevice. The only light source would be the barred crate that was above them.

Some Berkains cried, while others tried to be strong. There was no light at the end of this tunnel. Rumors of how people were taken were running through their minds. Of how people were bought and sold like cattle.

Of course in Viking culture, they did the same. But Berk was a little different. They kept to themselves and had no time to go and conquer other lands like their past successors. The Berkians today had a bigger problem with the dragons coming and stealing from them. Thus, the conquering had diminished and now it was more of surviving raids on their island.

Hiccup opened and closed his eyes as he tried to keep warm. Water would rain down into their cell and there were no blanket or anything to help keep them warm. The boy would try to blow some hot air into his cold hands as he looked around at his people. They too were cold and shivering. Some looked more distraught than others.


Night fell as Hiccup tried to get some sleep. It was cold and his mind still scared and wary. It made the poor boy unable to fall asleep. His eyes finally began to shut, but were soon startled awake by the sound of footsteps.

Hiccup averted his eyes upwards as he heard the latch open above and men coming down. He saw that it was his captor, the murder, and two other strong men. They scanned around like they were checking to make sure they were behaving. Hiccup watched as the murderer took out his sword and began to walk around the Berkians.

Watching them careful, Hiccup saw the men push and tap people like they were looking for someone. He watched as one of them men poked old man Mort. The boy watched as the man took out it blade and he began to poke Mort with it. Mort did nothing as his eyes remained closed and him unmoving.

Hiccup could never forget this night. Mort was white as a sheet and did not move. The boy thought he was a sleep or something. He watched as the man called the other slave hunters to look at Mort. The captor took out a dagger and began to poke Mort in the face with it. Seeing Mort unmoving, the captor looked to be smiling and a evil grin appeared on his face. Taking Mort's hand that was on the ground, the captor slammed his dagger right in the middle of it.

Hiccup tried not to gasp at the sight. It made him sick inside. He watched as Mort still remained unmoving. The men chuckled as two of the men picked Mort up and carried him up the stairs.

Hiccup watched with his eyes as they carried Mort's body away. Afraid what they might do with it, the boy question was answered when he heard a large splash. Fear once again was upon young Hiccup, when he wondered if he would meet the same fate.

The feeling of a sharp object under his chin brought Hiccup out of his mind and onto the blade. Hiccup felt the blade push his chin upwards as he stared into the eyes of the murderer. Smirking at him, Hiccup and the man stared at each other what felt like hours. The boy did not show fear to the murderer, only hate which made the man grin more.

It wasn't until shouts were heard was the blade removed from under Hiccup's chin. The boy watched them leave as he wondered how long it would be until he met his fate.


Hiccup dreamed of Berk that night.

(Hiccup was playing down stairs with his toy dragon while Gobber was playing his band pipes. Shouts of his father from outside the house rose the boy to his feet. He ran out of the house and into his father's arms. Happy to see him, it diminished when he felt his father pull himself away from him. Stoick brought Hiccup in front of him as the boy looked to see Berk in ruins and slave hunters coming towards them. Hiccup tried to get out of his father's arm but couldn't. Looking up, Hiccup was that it was not his father but the murderer who held him instead. Fear consumed the boy as he watched the pirates get closer.)

Hiccup was abruptly awakened by the shouts and screams of the men above. The boy and the other began to look around and up at the crate. They wondered if they had reached their new home.

The boat hit what they guessed was the dock as they heard the pirates unload the cargo. The crate above them came undone as the pirates came down. Shackles in hand they came in front of each man, woman and child. Chaining them and dragging them up the stairs, Hiccup and the others were pushed onto the deck.

Hiccup looked around as he saw not only cargo and crates the men were carrying but large animals. What really stunned the boy was that these men had dragons as well, some muzzled and some pulling on the ropes that held them prisoner. The sound of whips filled the air as Hiccup saw the pirates used them on dragons and slaves.

Hiccup was scared more then ever. He did not know why the Gods had done this to him, but he was begging now that he would get out of this some how. Hiccup then felt a rough pull on his chains as he was forced to walk.


Inside the hard cement, stone walls, men, women, and children were separated. Hiccup was unchained and forced next to some other children. The boy watched as a rather large disgusting man came by them. He grabbed each child's face, turning them and looking at them. Judging their worth as it were.

The Handler finally stopped at the end which was at Hiccup. The man ruffle grabbed Hiccup's face and forcefully turned it. Hiccup did not know what came over him. Either it was anger or the Gods themselves, Hiccup pulled way from the man's hands and bit him hard.

This made the Handler reared back and clench his hand in pain. The man looked back at Hiccup has he tried to grab the boy. Hiccup used whatever adrenaline was in him and dodged the man. As the man hit the wall, Hiccup ran. Past the pirates and through the tunnel, the boy had no destination as the only thoughts that ran through Hiccup's mind was to run.


Around the guards and through some doors, Hiccup arrived at a heavily caged area. Having no time to look around to see where he was, Hiccup was ruffled grabbed by his shirt. Plucked off the ground like a sack of flour, Hiccup looked up at his captor.

A bearded pirate he was, anger and confusion as to why the boy was here. Panting was heard as both looked up to see the slave handler coming towards them. The man looked at the two as he angrily shouted at Hiccup. Grabbing from the bearded pirate, the handler opened the nearest cage and tossed Hiccup in it.

The hard dirt floor met with Hiccup's face as he only had a second to look back at the door to see it slam shut. Hiccup watched as the handler wiped his hands and left. The bearded man stared at him for a few before leaving as well.

As they left, Hiccup finally was able to see where they had put him. Seeing only square bars around him, Hiccup came to the conclusion that he was in some sort of cage. But a cage to what dreaded the boys mind.

A snort and air was felt behind Hiccup as he slowly turned to see where it had come from. Hiccup flew backwards onto the door in shock. In front of him was a great, big black dragon. The beast looked at Hiccup with a harsh glare but curiosity as well. It began to come closer as it tried to get a better look at the strange boy.

Hiccup felt his past six year old life past in front of his eyes. He didn't know if it was his destiny or the Loki's cruel hand that fated him to be eaten by the dragon. What had he done to deserve this. Yes, he was small and not very Viking-ish compared to the other children. Yes, he caused trouble and destroyed half the village from time to time. He tried to be more Viking but the others saw him as more of a nuisance. Even his…even his father thought he was.

It was either the stress or the moment to look back at his life that broke the boy, but Hiccup had lost it. He thought that if the Gods wanted him to be eaten by this dragon, then what the heck. It was better than being a slave or what ever life the slave traders had choice for him. Heck, maybe his father would have new son by now.

Closing his eyes, Hiccup stepped away from the door and in front of the dragon. "I'm done"

The dragon looked like it was raising an eyebrow at Hiccup.

"You want to eat me, then go ahead" holding out his arms and his eyes still closed, Hiccup waited for the dragon to clamp down on his skinny body. "I must warn you I am very boney. Eh, what do you care?" Hiccup kept on blabbering as if to calm himself. "Maybe I'll get to go to that warrior place everyone raves about"

The boy waited. And waited for what felt like hours. Opening his eyes, Hiccup saw the dragon looking at him curiously. Tilting its head to the side, he watch as it looked to be entertained by him.

"Great." Hiccup moaned in annoyance. "I'm with a bloodthirsty dragon, that doesn't know he's a dragon. Can this day get any better!"

Suddenly, what sounded like chuckles could be heard.

XX(Dragons view)XXX

The black dragon known as a Night Fury was lying down in his cage with a huff. Anger course through the dragon at the situation he was in. Not to long ago, similar to the others dragons, he was just flying about when humans came and captured him. They spoke strangely but what he could gather was the he was rare and fine trophy. Hearing stories from other dragons, who had been captured, the Night Fury figured they would kill him and use his skull has a helmet. Instead the sent him into a cage and onto this horrible island.

Now shoved into this cage, the Night Fury waited for his time to come. It was only a few days later when he awoke to something. Looking up from his dark shade, he saw a tiny human running towards them. Two humans followed after. One grabbed onto the boy extra skin and lifted him up in the air.

He watched as the other human came and grabbed the small human. Anger could be seen on the human's face as he yanked open his door and tossed the boy inside. He watched as the small human tried to get up and also saw the other humans leave. Putting his attention back on the small human, the Night Fury decided to come out of the shadows to get a better look.

Guessing the human heard him, because once he looked at him, it scrambled backwards and onto the door. Fear crossed its face as the dragon saw that the human looked like a scared terrible terror that thought it was about to be killed.

The Night Fury found the creature fascinating and wanted a closer looked at it. He came closer to the small creature. Only a few feet from each other, the Night Fury watched as the humans eyes went back and forth like it was deciding something. What surprised him was the human looked to be annoyed with him. It came closer as it began to talk in a strange language.

"Jeg er ferdig "

The Night Fury raised an imaginary eyebrow at the strange human's words. It was so high pitch, like and new born hatchlings voice.

"Du ønsker å spise meg, og deretter gå videre" The human put out his arms like it was wanting for something "Jeg må advare deg at jeg er veldig Boney. Eh, hva bryr du deg? Kanskje jeg skal komme til å gå til at kriger plass alle fantasier om"

The Night Fury watched in fascination at the small human. It was just so…..cute. He had no idea what it was saying though but it looked to be harmless. He watched as the human opened is eyes to look at him with annoyance.

"Flott. Jeg er med en blodtørstig drage, betyr det vet ikke han er en drage. Kan denne dagen bli bedre! "

Okay, that last mark felt like the human was saying something mean about him.


Both the Night Fury and human were startled a chuckle that came from cage next to them. Inside was what looked be an elderly looking dragon. It had brown skin with white hair growing like a beard and mustache on its face. It looked like a dragon you would find in Europe.

The Night Fury titled his head as he looked at the dragon with annoyance. "What's so funny?"

The elderly dragon stopped his chuckling and looked calmly at the Night Fury. "You and this child are very funny." The elderly dragon could still see the confusion on the Night Fury's face. "The child thinks you are going to eat him"

"Eat him" The Night Fury looked bewildered at the old dragon. "That's disgusting. They taste of dirt and dung. We dragons would never do such a thing."

The old dragon began to chuckle again as he could see that is was more to the human than to him. "Humans are fickle creatures. They think we are nothing but mindless animals that deserve nothing but abuse and death."

The Night Fury turned back to the human as he began to wonder. "Does that go for the same with this…what did you call it?"

"Child, my dear Night Fury. A child." The elderly dragon could tell that this dragon was still very young and like most dragons new nothing of humans. "That is what you call a human hatchling. They go through many stages a human."

"sta..ges?" The Night Fury titled his head in interest.

"Like dragons, they all start out as a babe. Then there's the toddler, then the child, teen, adult, and finally elderly." The old dragon watched as the Night Fury's eyes widen. "Humans are very different from us dragons. But the one thing we have in common is that when we are all at our hatchling age, we are vulnerable to the influence by the words of others"

The child watched as the two dragon began to converse. He assumed that the black dragon found the old looking dragon more interesting as he came up to the cage bar to look at it.

"Humans seem slow and weird." Toothless looked at the child, but found it more fascinating.

"Yes, they are the most unusual creatures." The elderly dragon slowly put his head closer to the bars as the small human child reach through to touch him.

The Night Fury watched the two. He was still curious to know why the old dragon knew some much. "How do you…..?"

"Know so much about humans." The elderly dragon let out a chuckle as he began his story. "My kind has always been fascinated with the human species. They way they work, live. The language that escape their lips. It was interesting how they would create wondrous thing. I once saw a man start a fire with nothing but two rock and a pile of wood." The elderly dragon chuckled to himself, but looked down cast in a minute. "I watched as two humans fall in love. How they start a family. Heal the sick. How they hunt. And….how they kill. Like our kind who fight for dominance. Some humans with try and control others. I've watched their alpha destroy nest after nest." Closing his eyes, the elderly dragon opened them as he looked at the child. "There are those humans that seek peace than war. One of my kind was even able to touch one once. But sadly, other humans did not think that way."

Watching the dragon let out a sigh, the child patted the dragon's snot as he talked to him "er du ok"

The Night Fury perked up when the child spoke. Wanting to know what it said, he begged for an answer from the elderly dragon. "What did he say!?"

The elderly dragon could not help but chuckle by the dragon's enthusiasm. "He is asking if I am okay" The old dragon then looked back at the boy. "It sounds like he is speaking Norwegian. Maybe from one of the islands in the Northern land west from here" The old dragon cleared his throat a little bit before he spoke. "Hva er navnet ditt, barn?"

The child was started by the dragon's ability to speak his language. But happiness filled his face as began to reply. "Hiccup!"

"Hva en søt navn" The elderly dragon couldn't help but chuckle at the boys pout of his name.

"What did he say? What did he say!?" The Night Fury wanted to know what the two were talking about.

"He says his name is Hiccup" The elderly dragon translated. "I thought is was adorable"

"Hic…cup" Why could this hatchling's parents name their hatchling after a sound a baby dragon makes.

"Det er å skremme bort tusser og troll" The child defended.

"Det kommer til å ta mye mer enn det for å skremme dem bort" The elderly dragon gave a big laugh at the child's defense of his name.

The Night Fury became annoyed that he was forgotten in the two words of conversation. Letting out a huff, the Night Fury decided to take matters into his own paws. The black dragon crept closer to the human. Making sure not to scare him, he tried to get a better look at him.

Hiccup became startled by the black dragon becoming closer to him. He looked at the elderly dragon in reassurance.

"Det er greit, han vil ikke såre deg"

With the encouragement from the old dragon, Hiccup turned to look at the black dragon. He put his hand forwards to try and touch it when the dragon opened his mouth to reveal sharp white teeth. Hiccup quickly retreated his hand back to his body.

The Night Fury noticed the boy's fear and realized that it must have been his teeth. He retracted them back into his gums to make himself look harmless.

Right away the boy watched in astonishment at the dragon's retracted able teeth. He watched as the dragon looked to be smiling at him like a grandparent would. "Toothless"

The Night Fury titled his head as he wondered what the strange word meant that came out of his mouth.

"He is saying you have no teeth" The elderly dragon helped the Night Fury understand.

The Night Fury did not know why but he kind of like the name. It sounded harmless and but deadly some how. He had a feeling the human felt the same way for Hiccup was repeating the word.

""Vel, navnet ditt bør være Toothless"

"Hiccup and Toothless, what fine names" The elderly dragon watched as the Night Fury walked back to its shade as it laid down.

Hiccup came closer to the Toothless as he watched the dragon with awe. Toothless gave a soft smile at the child. He lifted up his wing and Hiccup got the idea right away as he tucked himself between Toothless paws.

As Hiccup laid next to Toothless belly, he could feel the warm. ""Det er så varmt" Hiccup gave a big yawn as his yes began to close shut.

Toothless watched Hiccup fall asleep as he draped his wing over him like a blanket that covered the child's whole body. He laid his head down on his paws as he was too ready to sleep.


Toothless looked up at the elderly dragon.

"Protect this child" The elderly dragon looked at Toothless with determination. "He must never become like those monster"

Toothless whole heartedly agreed with the old dragon. He didn't know why but he knew that Hiccup need to be protected. He was nothing like those mindless monsters. He was his boy.

As Toothless closed his eyes, he did wonder. He never got that dragon's name.



I have been using google translator to translate these words. It goes the same for most of my stories.

"er du ok" : Are you okay?

"Hva er navnet ditt, barn?" : "What is your name, child?"

"Hva en søt navn" : "What a cute name"

"Det er å skremme bort tusser og troll" : It is to scare away trolls"

"Det kommer til å ta mye mer enn det for å skremme dem bort" : "It's going to take much more than that to scare them away"

"Det er greit, han vil ikke såre deg" : "It's okay, he will no thurt you"

"Vel, navnet ditt bør være" : "Well, your name should be Toothless"

""Det er så varmt": "It's so warm"

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