Dragons, Humans, Gladiators, & Freedom

Chapter 10

Ships from all over the world came to magnificent Island of Fógnuðr. The large island was filled with, shops, games, and all kinds of things to entertain its guests. There are a lot of places for people to gamble away their money. There were taverns for food and drinks until they got drunk. There were even luxurious places for nobles to stay. But in the center of it all, was the large, beautiful, white stone Fighting Arena that even brought the Roman Coliseum to shame.

Everyone was excited to see the new island. It had just opened up after fiver years of being built. Before the only people who were allowed on the island were the workers, who had finished and left, and the Warlords' lackeys. Everyone was curious when they saw large ships just a few days ago going to the island. The rumor was that the entertainment part of the island was on those ships. Something about the dragons and fighters had to be brought there early for preparation. It was odd but made people all the more curious and excited.

That's why; the only people on the island were by invitation only. Something that was similar to a premiere. Everyone was filled with excitement for getting a change to see the fights.

There was one main group that seemed to stand out from the other people. Their ships were docked along the harbor with a unique design to them. They had a dragon like head decoration on the front of their ships. The sail had a very unique design on them. It was a spiked dragon that shot lighting from its mouth on it.

These ships belong to the terrible Viking tribe known as the Berserkers. Head leader was a young man no older than twenty called Dagur the Deranged. He had short scurffy hair and had a blue scar like tattoo across his left eye. His red short beard juts as scraggily. He looked more like a deranged pirate.

And deranged he was. Not only did he kill his father to be head chief, he would also decapitate and killed his enemy without remorse. He cackled and laughed at his enemies demise. Even some say that his mind it not in the right.

The reason such as demented man was even allowed to attend the island was for a certain privilege he had. The Beserkers were kind of Drago Bludvist secret army that he would deploy to take out anyone who apposed him. That's why Dagur and his Berserkers army had lots of lee-way. They could kill and pirate any island his choosing. Even cause some hel in some regions.

Next to the scruffy red hair boy was Savage. He used to be Alvin's right hand man, but had felt that his old leader had lost his taste for blood. When Dagur became leader of the Berserk tribe, he had come to Outcast Island with a proposition. Join him and be the wealthiest and fear Viking in the entire archipelago or become like the rest of the flock and withier and die. After that, how could Savage refuse.

Dagur and Savage were chatting away as they soldiers unloaded the boats. It did not take long for Dagur to get agitated by being forced to stand a wait for some guide to come and show them around.

Dagur's arms were crossed as he rapidly tapped his fingers on his upped arm. "Come on already. I'm so bored right now!"

"Patience sir" Savage tried to calm his boss down. "I'm sure their be here any moment"

"They better be" Dagur was a little angry about the wait.

They then heard the sound of yelling and shouting from the dock over. They turned to see large long boats that could belong to none than the Romans. Both Vikings knew those ships well. From when those Romans had tried to dominate the North a long time ago. Luckily for them the Warlords had put a halt to their plans.

The Romans must have sent their best representative, Concus. He was the leader of a small army, but was also, just recently placed on the council in Rome. Romans called him a war hero, most called him an ego maniac. He was head over heels with some rich man's daughter. They say he would do anything to marry her. He even brought her and some other nobles and servants with him to make him look good.

Not far from Concus was his general, his second in command, Proculus. He was courageous, a strong fighter, no one could match him in a dual. And he was very faithful to Concus. But there was something about him Dagur couldn't put his finger on.

Dagur's attention changed, when not far behind the Romans were the different Nobles. Most of them were woman while the only a few can be identified as males. The giggle and laughs of the woman filled the air as they fanned themselves. They dressed dinned in silk and jewels, their hairs curled and put up to show off their face.

"Prissy little people aren't they" Dagur had a broad face on. He could not believe that these toga wearing people were once the most scariest people in all of Europa. His sister was scarier then them.

"Don't be fooled" Savage knew the rumors about Concus and Proculus. "I've heard he attacked the tribe of Celtic horsemen"

"A bunch of horse loving tribe gave them trouble?" Dagur did not know whether to mock or just laugh his head off.

"I heard they were once part of Warlords Gadar's army. Suddenly they broke off from the barbarian tribe and thus the Romans were allowed to destroy the little tribe." Savage looked at Concus and his men.

"Huh" Dagur watched them too, but then noticed something coming down from the Roman ships. "Gladiators?"

"Must be the Roman entertainment" Savage guessed as they watched the chained buff men travel down the plank to the docks. "Must not be happy about hearing how their last in the entertainment business. Coliseum has been put to shame, I've heard, now a days," Savage could not help but chuckle. "Must really want to show off"

They both laughed at the Romans attempt to show off. Some of their men who had gone to these games said it was like no other. And that no man could stand up to these so called Dragon Humans.


The day lingered on, by the time noon had hit. Everyone had settled in to the island. That's when the yelling and the herd of people stalked towards the coliseum. Everyone was so excited. They wanted to see some blood and action.

After what seemed like hours, everyone began to settle into their seats and chat with one another. Back in the halls, people were shouting at the Bookmarker, while the other men took notes down on a large chalk board. On it were bets on who would win the fights.

Most people thought that the Roman gladiators would win. They were strong and monstrous. They could handle anything that came their way. Even bears, lions, and tigers could not stand up to them. So, of course, they thought that even dragons would be no match for them. None of the gamblers could see the smiles on the Bookers' faces.

Up in the boxes, all the nobles and leader sat in their chairs as the rest of the crowd sat and cheered. Looking dignified and bored, they watch the arena.

"When will they hurry up" Cried on of the nobles.

"You must be patient, Lord Caius" Lady Cassia tried to calm the fat noble man. She tried not to act disgusted by the man's attitude. Her father and mother had taught her better, but she still felt sickening when she had to attend these things. Unlike other Noble ladies, she felt appalled by the idea by men killing men. But she minded for her father, who had practically begged her to go in his place.

"Lady Cassia is right" Corvus patted Cassie's hand as he gave a sly smile. "We must be patient with these barbarians"

Cassie pulled her hand away as she tried to look as if she was fixing her hair. Inside she was disgusted that Corvus had touched her hand. He may act like a gentleman but he was the most lady chasing, short tempered man she had ever met. She was lucky that her servant and her best friend Herta were here with her.

"I hope they get started soon" Herta tried to take the attention of her friend. She began to fan herself as she looked over the rail. "I'm curious to see this so called Dragon Human. Do you think they have wings and claws. Or maybe even a tail" She whispered to the other girls who laughed at her comment.

"They are nothing but barbaric humans, my lady" Proculus came over from behind the ladies and leaned against the railing.

"That's a shame" Herta pouted a little bit, but it only last a short while. "Oh well, guess we'll just have to see who can put up a better fight"

"No one can beat a Roman Gladiator" Lord Caius stated it like it was a fact.

Herta smiled behind her fan as she looked at her friend with a smirk. Cassia knew that look anywhere. She wanted Caius to be wrong, and wanted something exciting to happen.

It was not till the sound of a large horn was blown did everyone turned and looked up.


All attention turned to the Imperial Box that the Warlords sat. The one who stood up first was, Drago Bludvist the warlord of the North. He addressed the crowd with a loud booming force. "Welcome my friends, and honor guests, to our new Arena"

The crowds' cheers' echoed through the stadium.

Drago calmed the crowd as he spoke again. "And I would like to thank our Roman allies for bringing in some new entertainment."

Covus waved his hands but he heard the small chuckles from the crowd. He leaned back in his chair as his temper grew, for how dare those idiots laugh at him.

Drago sat down in his chair as he let the Lord of Thieves continue. "How is everyone doing!?"

Everyone shouted and stomped their feet.

Kasif held up a hand to calm everyone down. "Are you ready, for some blood, fear, and action!?"

The crowd cheered more.

"I can't hear you?" Kasif received even more shouts as he smirked in glee. "Then how about we get started" He pointed to the arena as the large gates to one of the main doors began to open.

"I told you he'd be a good crowd pleaser"


Behind the bars, the Roman Gladiators stood. They had no idea what to expect. They had fought in all kinds of different arena's, but something about this one just felt terrifying and wrong. And that was a lot coming from these gladiators.

Their handler finished reciting their motto before the large gate began to open. They all jogged out into the light and met with the sound of the crowds. Looking around they saw that the top of the arena was caged with dark metal bars. The ground was sand and large rocks. Even though it was big as the Roman Coliseum, it felt more dark and mysterious.

They stayed close to one another. Scanning around, they saw nothing but rocks so far.

It was not till one of them strayed from the group did a red, Monstrous Nightmare jump out from behind the rocks. The dragon snared at them causing the Gladiators backed up. As they backed up, another dragon popped out from behind the rocks. Soon, they were surrounded by all kinds of dragons.

The Gladiators held up their shields and they grouped together. They watched as the dragons surrounded from all sides. It wasn't until the one Gladiator looked up to see six masked figures up on the rocks.

The crowd cheered in glee at the turn out. Even the Vikings and Romans grew interested. They looked closer with great interest to see what would happen next.

The gladiators stared up at the six as they watched them and the dragons carefully. The one that looked like a masked Viking sat in front of the group.

Hiccup tilted his head as if he was mocking them. Challenging them to come and fight them.

One of the lead Gladiators, walked in front of the group. He stood strong as he stared at the six through his helmet.

Astrid looked over at Hiccup as if she was saying 'you want to take this or should I?'

Hiccup shrugged his shoulders. He jumped from rock to rock, until he landed on the ground. Putting one hand on his hips, Hiccup gave a hand motion to the Gladiator.

The gladiator took this opportunity to charge at the strange creature. Everyone swing of its sword missed its target. The Gladiator swung his whole body with his swords at the Vikings.

This gave Hiccup the chance to jump back and then climb over the warriors back. Before jumping off, Hiccup gave the warrior a harsh kick to the back as the Gladiator stumbled forward.

As the warrior stumbled forwards, one of the dragons, a Nadder, growled and fired its magnesium fire at him. The warrior had little time to put up its shield before it lit it a flame. The warrior quickly through the shield to the ground, and the shield became nothing but cinder. The man stared in shock at what just happen.

Hiccup only smirked behind his mask, before letting out a dragon like roar. The dragons from all around lit the sky with smoke and flames.

Behind the mask of the Roman Gladiator was a face of anger. He did not like this. The creature was not trying to scare him, but mock him. They way creature acted was as if it was say, 'that's all you got, how boring'. This angered the warrior. He gave a mighty yell before all the gladiators charged.


The battle became encased with blood and fire. The gladiators were holding up well, but the Dragon Humans were something else. It was like nothing they had seen before. The crowd howled for more.

Dagur was very enticed by the battle. He watched with such glee in his eye that even scared some of his men. "Did you see that!? Hahahaha! Look at that one! I've never seen someone twist their body like that! Do you think they have any bones in there?"

Savage was too enticed by the battle to answer Dagur's question. He only glanced over to the Romans to see how they were fairing in all this.


The most of the Romans watched in awe while some in anger. Cassia could not take her eyes off the arena. It wasn't until she heard the sound of wood breaking did she looked to see Corvus crushing the arm of his chair.

It was very easy to get the man relied up. So, of course, he'd be mad when his own Gladiators were losing the battle.

Cassia looked over at her friend when she heard her gasp and cheer. She watched as her friend pushed herself forward in her chair when she gave a big cheer. It was very obvious that Herta was routing for the Dragon Humans.

Cassia had to admit that she too was allured by them. She wanted to see the outcome of this battle.


Each of the Gladiators was exhausted and tired. A few fell to a knee in a huff. The one warrior looked up at the masked creature to see that it was not tired at all. It's as if this whole thing was just a warm up exercise to it.

Hookfang glared down at them from behind Hiccup. His riders, Snotlout gave a snap of his finger and the Nightmare lit up the field.

The crowd expected to see the Gladiators on fire. By the time they looked back at the field, they were surprised to see the Gladiators alright. The ones who have watched these fights the longest knew this would happen. After a while they thought of it as a good thing. They would get to see more blood and place more bets on the fights

The warrior watched a black dragon stalk towards the Viking-like creature.

Toothless rubbed himself against Hiccup before the boy climbed on the Night Fury's back.

The Gladiator watched them leave with both shock and relief. For this was something that he was never fought against?


The horns sounded again as Kasif spoke. "I hope you all were delighted by the first event. Sadly we must come to a halt."

The crowd began to awe and boo at Kasif's comment.

"I known, I know. I too feel the joy being stripped from me, but tomorrow is a new day." Kasif put his foot on the railing as he lifted his arms to the air. "Tomorrow, the real fights begin."

After that, the shouts and cry of the crowds rang through the coliseum.


It had been three days out of the seven. Every fight was more amazing than the next. The gladiator fights were no longer amusing anymore. People wanted more dragon fights. But what they really wanted to see was more Dragon Human fights. They were so amazing by them. They fought against not only the dragons but each other as well.

It was hypnotizing to watch them control their dragons with easy. Everyone had a favorite. Whether it be the crazy twins with their two headed dragon or sly angel who was quick and deadly as her Nadder. The crowd wanted more and the Warlords knew. After this, everyone would want to see their glorious battles.

But tonight, darkness rained over the streets as torches became the only source of light in the busy streets. Parties rung as the people used their spoils to pay for drink, food and whores.

However, in one of the inns, where the Romans nobles lie, four young roman ladies chatted through the night.

"And did you see how he twisted his body as his sister stabbed the gladiator in the leg" Herta was lounging one of the chaises. She lifted her cup into the air with delight, Herta sipped her wine happily.

"Sister?" One of the girl's raised an eye-brow to Herta's comment.

"Well of course" Herta made it sound like it was obvious. "I know some boys can be lean but show me a man that thin with boobs and I'll believe you about her being a boy."

Everyone rolled their eyes and gave a laugh at Herta's comment. All the girls were lost in their own chatter that they did not notice that Cassia was not paying attention.

Cassia was lost in her thoughts about what transpired today. She only came out of her thoughts when she felt her seat begin to sink.

"What's got you lost in thought?" Herta questioned her friend even though she knew the answer.

Cassia did not want to answer Herta. It was true that the battle was amazing. The way those Dragon Humans moved their body. How they command the dragons with ease. She had never seen anything like that before. What made her even more amazed, was that they did not kill. Yes, they did hurt most of the Gladiators but no lives were taken. It just made her wonder why. Cassia was brought up believing that they were mindless beast. But now…..

"They got you curious, no?" Herta looked at her friend with a devious smile.

Cassia rubbed her arm in a blush, before she saw her friend get up.

"You coming?" Herta put down her cup as she walked towards the door.

They all looked at her in shock, but followed her anyway to see what she was up too.


Herta was leading them down some stairs towards the back entrance of a building. It was close to the coliseum, but it was more like a big dungeon. It did not take Cassia long before she caught up to Herta's scheme.

When Herta did not hear her friends' footsteps behind her, did she turn around to glance at the girls "What's a matter? Scared?"

The girls looked from one another before one spoke up. "I'm pretty sure that we're not allowed to see them. I've heard that a lot of people have tried to get a look at the Dragon Humans and received nothing but a yell and kick out the door"

"That's because they need a little…..persuasion" Herta walked towards the guards as she let some of her dress slip.


It had been a long day for Hiccup and the rest of the riders and dragons. The boy was older, his hair still shaggy and some muscles forming. He was not as muscular as Snotlout, but defiantly change from how he was five years ago. He had taken off his shirt do to it being a little hot tonight. He leaned against Toothless as he tried to get some sleep.

The dragon was happily asleep as he mumbled and licked his chops from time to time. Hiccup chuckled at the thought of what his brother was dreaming of. He looked around the room and noticed how everyone was trying to get some shut eye. He was going to join them when they were startled awake by the sounds of a girly voice from above.

"Yoo hoo, boys"

Then there was the sounds of the guards trying to get back to attention, "Sorry ladies," The sound of the force confidence from one of the guard's rang. "You can't come here. I have to ask you to turn around and leave."

"That's too bad" The female voice became more seductive. "My friends and I just want a little peek."

It sounded like the guards was trying to keep his composure, but was failing at it. "Iiiii aaa….don't think that a…a…"


Hiccup could not help but roll his eyes. Man, were these guards gullible. It was like how Snotlout and Fishlegs were like when they fought over Ruffnut. Hopefully he wasn't like that when he was with Astrid.

"Okay….only for a minute"

The doors began to open as they could see some female in a long dress on the other side of it.

"Thank you so much" The lady then grabbed a hand belonging to another female. She pulled her along as they walked in. They crept very carefully as they looked into her cages.

Hiccup raised an eye-brow at the women when they began to gawk and giggle at them. An idea lit up in his head as Hiccup stood up from laying on Toothless. "Follow my lead"

The Romans watched as Hiccup got up from his seat and walked towards the bars. The women gasped in surprise and back up a little as they watched the half naked man coming towards them.

Hiccup rested his hands on the bars as he looked at them with a devious smile. This caused the ladies to giggle some more.

Astrid decided to stay against Stormfly. She knew what these women wanted and it sure wasn't her or Ruffnut.

The girls began to giggle some more, even one gasped when Tuffnut jumped onto the bars and hung from there.

The sounds of the girls must have alerted more people. For only in a short time did others start to enter. Hiccup could already guess that the guards in charge of them were probably bribed. He was surprised that Scourge would allow these men to guard them. But for now, it form an idea into his head.

In only a few short minutes was the tunnel full of people. All squawking and gawking at them. Like a bunch of birds that wouldn't shut up.

They only quieted down when a strange man adore in Roman soldier attire walk through the door. The people began to part for the man as he walked up to Hiccup's cage. Toothless gave a low growl at the man, but Hiccup shushed him with his hand.

They glared for what seemed like hours. It was if they were studying each other. Neither side new as two what could be going inside their heads.

The glares were cut short, when a yell from Scourge caused the people to look up in shock and fear "WHAT THE ZOROASTER IS GOING ON IN HERE!"

Scourge and the other trainer looked around the room to see a bunch of people. He glared at the guards, who shrunk back in fear. He growled at them under his breath for he would definitely deal with those idiots later.

Alkaia decided to take over before Scourge did something stupid. "Alright everyone, out"

With the clap of her hands, everyone move towards the door. Last of the bunch was, Proculus. He gave Hiccup one last look before he decided to leave. But he was halted when Hiccup grabbed onto his sleeve with his fingers.

"Ju nuk e dini frikë, e përgjithshme. Për çfarë ju pret pas kësaj është shumë më e keqe se frika juaj më e madhe."

The words out of Hiccup's mouth startled Proculus. He stared at Hiccup, wide eyed, before the young rider untangled his finger from his sleeve and went back to the black dragon.

Proculus wanted to speak, but was halted when a hand grasped his shoulder.

"Let's go" One of the trainers led Proculus out.

Hiccup stared at the Roman general with a devilish smirk.

"What are you up to? Astrid looked at Hiccup with curiosity.

"I think I found our way out"


All the nobles chatted happily away with each other. They were so excited that they were able to see the Dragon Humans. They were quiet surprise that they actual did look human but still.

As the laughs rung through the air, only Herta noticed the general acting strange. He was looking out from the balcony. He looked as if he was deep in thought.

"What's got you eaten, general?" Herta leaned forwards against the rail and stared at the General.

Proculus did not answer Herta. Instead he was too deep in thought about what the Dragon Humans had said to him. No one knew that language, it had not been spoken by anyone since….since his ancestors' days.

After all that had happen these past days, he had to know what the Dragon Human meant. "You don't know fear, general. For what awaits you after this is far worse than your greatest fear."


The finally day had come. The end to the magnificent Fights had come to a close. Everyone was packing up for the journey home. Ships were setting up sail and placing their customers on board while others had already set off.

Only few watched the Arena from a far. The one who watch with a devious intent was none other than Dagur the Deranged. He too had gone to see the Dragon Humans that night and one got his attention. He wanted him. Even though, the creature was rightfully Drago's. Drago would beheaded him and place his head on a spick for all to see if he had taken young Hiccup.

But Dagur just wanted another look at him. To fight him. That's why a plain formed in his head of taking the cargo ship and the Dragon boy with him.


It only taken a few days, but everything was set. Scourge looked out at the Arena. It was fun watching their little Hiccup fight those Roman Gladiators. Funny how they thought they could take out their dragon boy. The only problem through this whole experience were those idiots.

He let his guard down for one minute and allowed some newbie soldiers to guard the cells. He could not believe they were tricked and bribed with women and coin. He will definitely give them a good lashing.

The cargo was set and all the ships were ready to head out. Sadly, Scourge could not a company the ship with their dragon boy on it. Apparently he had to wrangle in a new dragon just off yonder shore. It made him displeased with the whole idea of leaving the cargo ship alone to one of his soldier. Even if they were the best, he still did not like leaving it to chance.

"Sir" One of the soldiers saluted to Scourge.

"Make sure you get there" Scourge then took out a knife and put it up to the man's throat. "Or I'll have you head"

The man gulped as he ran towards the cargo ship to yell "Take down the sails, we're shoving off"


After about an hour after leaving shore, the ships drifted apart not to long ago and the large North cargo ship was now, sailing the watery ice and rock banks of Jötunn Graveyard. It was the only way to get the cargo safely back to Ryvvendar with out the problems form sea pirates and theft.

It did give the men the willies just drifting down this bank, but they had no choice.


Not far from the cargo ship was Dagur and his fleet.

"Are you sure about this sir?" Savage was more frighten by Drago than Dagur at the moment. "What if he finds out it was us? You know what they say he does to…."

"Silence Savage" Dagur smirked devilishly at his second in command. "We'll give them back to Drago as soon as we're done with them. I mean come on, how he gonna know we took them?"

"I don't think he will"

"Exactly" Dagur shrugged his shoulders as if it was obvious.

"No sir, I mean…." One of the Berserkers pointed out in to the ocean near the cargo ship.

Dagur pushed the man out of his way before he looked closer at what the man was talking about. And then he saw that the former Outcast was right. Dagur could see not far off from the cargo was another ship. "What the…"

"Romans" Savage looked out as well.

"You serious" Dagur looked at Savage like he was crazy.

"I know that sail and boat anywhere" Savage and Dagur watched the boat close in on the cargo ship.

In only a matter of minutes, did the battle commence.


Hiccup was slightly startled awake by the sounds of someone above. Opening his eyes slowly, he was surprised to see he was on a ship. Usually they had them out for transport. But when his eyes drifted upwards did he understand why. A fight must have happen because not far off was a bunch of holes.

The holes caused fresh air to flow through and the light smell of the sleeping powder to die down. Hiccup gently nudged Toothless awake, as the Night Fury gave a big yawn. Hiccup wrapped his arms around the dragon head gently to quiet him down.

The Night Fury looked up at his brother sleepily and saw the boy point up. The loud sounds of people fighting got the attention of the other dragons as well. For soon they were all startles awake.

Hiccup became more awake, as he made his way to the door.


Finally, the last of the Persian men had been taken care of. Proculus put his sword away as he made in way around the ship. He only stopped when he found the hatch he had been looking for. He began to order his men to open in up.

The Roman soldiers gave a pull on the large wooden plank. It began to open slowly. They stared at the half open hole. What they did not expect was a bunch of Dragons to rush out of the hatch and fly into the sky.

Proculus was amazed by all of this. His men began to panic as they took out their weapon and fired at them. They only halted when the dragons fired back. Since these men had never fought beast like this, it became more of a one sided battle.

The shots only stopped when the Dragon Human made screeching sounds that halted them. The dragons stopped, looked around, and then decided to fly away.

Proculus looked at the boy one more time before he too watched the boy fly away on the back of the Night Fury.


Over the southern shores did the female Amazons sail. They expected to reach home in two day and they were making excellent timing. But suddenly, the boat began to shake. All the women looked over the side to see a pod full of tidal dragons attacking the ship.

The amazons tried to defend themselves from the hot water and blast of sound. They shot arrows into the water on the one side of the ship. They hoped to hit at least one of the dragons before they sunk the boat.

But unknown to the amazons, that this was planned out. On the other side of the boat was none other than Hiccup and Toothless. Toothless blasted a hole into the side of the ship. Hiccup lifted his shirt as he darted into it.

The sleeping air began to seep out as the dragons began to stir. Hiccup made his way though the isle of cages until he came to one he wanted. Inside were Astrid and Stormfly sleeping peacefully.

Hiccup was so relieved to see her but he had to hurry. He began to work on the cage door when a sound of panic upstairs, could be heard.

Hiccup finally got the cage door open as he reached for Astrid. He shook her awake as her eyes began to slightly open.

"Hic..ccuupp" Astrid could not tell if this was a dream or reality from the tiredness that took over her.

"We have to leave now" Hiccup nudged Stormfly awake. He then carried Astird out and back to Toothless.

By the time the Amzons had arrived, Hiccup, Astrid and the dragons were gone.


After the battle, Hiccup and Astrid had freed the other riders. Everyone was safe and sound but they knew that this would not be the end of this. Their masters will do anything to get them back. They only had one choice, but to split up.

That's what Hiccup and Astrid had done. They had flown through the night and were cold and tired. They decided to head as far north as they possible can. Far away from the hel that once dubbed itself Europa. They needed to get away. To a safe haven they could call their own. And maybe one day….see their friends.

Another day had passed and the chilly air blew through the cold, icy sea. Astrid was on the back of Toothless, behind Hiccup. She tried to keep warm from she lacked clothing for the weather. She shuddered into Hiccup back as she looked at Stormfly who was not far behind.

Hiccup knew they had to land somewhere before it got dark. He just wished they could find other animals beside fish to eat. At least then, they would be able to make a fur blanket for Astrid.

The dragons glided into the puffy clouds to escape the watchful eye of the boats that may come by them. Hiccup tried to concentrate on finding shelter for the night.

All the sudden, a large dark shadow began to loam over them. By the time Hiccup looked up, all he remembered seeing was a large dragon with a mask figure on its back.

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