Dragons, Humans, Gladiators, & Freedom

Chapter 11

Four years had past since the great escape. The skies were blue and the islands were rich and colorful. Lots of dragons staid in this domain, they were happy with their families and fellow friends. This region was lucky enough to be untouched by Drago and his army. For the icy walls that hailed their shores and sides made it tough to enter. Only those with wings can reach the luxurious realm. It was peaceful and perfect in the Northern utopia for dragons alike.

All of the sudden, a black object shot across the sky. A few dragons perked up from the screeching sound. They looked to the sea as they saw something dart across the open water.

The black creature's wings spread out as it glided across the water. Shouts were heard over the sonic sound, for on the dragon's back was a rider. Covered in linen and leather was the twenty-two year old Hiccup.

Toothless cried in delight at the speed both he and Hiccup were reaching. It was not until something zoomed by them did they see that it was Astrid and Stormfly. Hiccup looked at the Night Fury as Toothless looked at him. Both came to the same conclusion.

Astrid and Stormfly flew through the sky as if they were the winners. It was short lived when Hiccup and Toothless zoomed pasted them. Dead pan at first, they flew after them


His wings flapped slowly as Toothless came to a stop on one of the cliff looking over the island. It was so colorful and weather was nice. Hiccup got off of Toothless so he could sit on the ground and watch the view before them. Toothless perked up when he looked behind them to see Astrid and Stormfly come in.

"Well hello milady" Hiccup got off the ground and made his way over to Astrid. He patted Stormfly on the neck as she greeted him. "How was the view?"

"Nice, but it would have been better if you had taken…." Astrid stopped what she was saying as they both turned their attention to the end of the island. Over the fog and forest between the two large rocks was a large heap of smoke.

It did not look like a smoke from a fire. It could be from a dragon. Or it could be something far worse. They both knew they had no choice but to check it out.


Hiccup and Astrid flew across the sky on the back of their dragons. They came over the last of the orange forest before they hit the burnt ruins of the dead forest. It looked like a dragon had gone into an all out fire war.

There was no green or brown dirt in sight. It was all black and charred. As they headed a little further up, they met with the icy sea. What shocked the riders the most was that there was a large ice crystal structure before them. It was as if some great disturbance had disrupted the waters and caused one of the glacier to shoot up from the cold depth below.

"What happen here?" Astrid turned to look at Hiccup.

"You guys need to get out of here" Hiccup stopped as he looked at the destruction.

Astrid shook her head as she tried to tell Hiccup she could help. But he did not want to risk losing her or… "I'll fly around up here with Stormfly and see if I can find anything. If we see any danger we'll fly way"

Hiccup knew there was no changing Astrid's mind. "Just stay far away from any danger, don't go towards it"

"The same could be said to you" Both Astrid and Stormfly nodded before they took off on the other side of the glacier.

Hiccup and Toothless glided along the other side as they scanned the water. Toothless purred in concerned. Hiccup patted his brother's head as he too was concerned.

Over the years, the Hiccup, Astrid, and the dragons had gone so far north that they were able to go undetected by Drago or any of the other Warlords. The only problem was that trappers would use this area to hunt dragons.

Astrid and Hiccup have tried to keep the trappers at bay but they could not keep this up all the time. If Drago or Myrrna had found out that Astrid and Hiccup were up here, they would come and take back. And they could not go back.

Lucky for them, they had also been that other rumor about the Dragon Rider Vigilante. The one who had been causing problems in this region before Hiccup and Astrid had arrived. He was really grateful for the rider, in more ways then one.

Hiccup was soon brought out of his thoughts when he heard shouts. As they made there way towards it, Hiccup and Toothless were in for a shock when they came upon a vessel.


A large net was shot at them and Toothless dodged it. The Night Fury tumbled around as they glided around the ship. The trappers kept on firing at them with every net missing their target.

Hiccup had enough of this. Toothless shot a couple at the weapon. The trappers backed away as the two boarded the ship.

Toothless let out a growl as Hiccup did as well. All the trappers were startled by them. It wasn't until the captain of the crew came in front of them did he hear the words.

"Is that who I think it is?"

When Hiccup looked at the man, he could not believe who it was. He had not seen that him in ages. Hiccup could not tell if he should be excited to see the trapper boy or upset.


It had been so many years since the trapper had seen Hiccup. Not since that faithful time at Island of Fógnuðr.

Eret, son of Eret was not your normal trapper. Yes, he worked for Hiccup's old master Drago Bludvist, but he was very different. Eret had come from a small village in the northern Archipelago. His father was a trapper of sorts. In the beginning they hunted dear, boar, and sometimes bear, but when his father, one day, took down a dragon did everything change.

That's when Drago Bludvist required Eret's father's service. It was more like work for me or have your village burn down and love ones on a stake. Thus, his people were forced to work under Scourge in the trapper department.

That's how Eret new life began. While his father was force to trap, Scourge thought it be a good idea to have young Eret learn how take care of the dragons. Such as feeding, cleaning armor, and taking care of their stalls. Something about not wanting to kill dragons until their purpose was fulfilled. Eret had no idea why until met Hiccup.

Eret had never seen the dragon boy before, but had heard rumors about him. He had always wanted to see what Hiccuo could do but his father thought it would be too cruel to see one boy fight against the bloodthirsty beasts. Scourge told him unless he had money to bet or real reason to see the fights, then he better get to work.

It was not until that, day six years go, did he meet the dragon boy. Scourge was upset about something and assigned him to feed the dragons and dragon boy. When Eret first heard that, he became pale as a dragon in an eel park. He did not have time to beg the one-eye man before he was yelled at to get to it.

Eret could still remember that encounter. He gulped as he pushed the doors to the room open while pulling the heavy wagon of fish. Running through the teenager's mind was that the room would be darkly lit, blood dripping down the room as fire from the dragon shot across the halls. And at the end, would be the dragon boy with his Night Fury.

The boy would probably be covered in dragon scales and have sharp pointing teeth and claws, his eyes red and slit, with a thirst for blood. He would probably reach through the bars and try to rip Eret to shreds.

…..The dark room was true. But sadly, no blood or fire. And Hiccup….the dragon boy looked like he wouldn't hurt a fly. The boy looked more human than any of Drago's men. The boy looked to be the age of mid teen. He was laying his back against the Night Fury's belly as they stared at Eret.

Eret saw that the teen had no scales or claws. In fact his nails looked rather filed down. His hair was short and a messy brown. Eret, at least, thought the hair would be longer, greasy, and tangled. He just wasn't…wasn't what Eret thought he would be.

When green eye met with brown, did Eret see something. Curiosity? He did not really known. He wanted to get a closer look. His hand touched the cage door, when he felt the back of his shirt be picked up as he was thrown against the wall.

That startled him as he looked up to meet with Scourge's. Words could not escape his mouth as Eret looked petrified at the man.

"Don't you ever open this door again" Scourge hissed at the boy.

"Iiii didn't mean too" Eret begged.

Scourge looked back the dragon boy, who tilted his head as he smirked. It looked like he was mocking Scourge. Scourge let out a slight growl as he banged his foot against their cage. It did startle the other dragons but these two just looked at the one-eyed man with mock.

Eret watched as the Night Fury let out a yawn and brought his head down to sleep. Even with the dragon asleep but the boy kept up mocking smile. It was if the boy enjoyed seeing the dangerous man in anger.

"Don't be fooled by him"

Eret looked up at Scourge with fear and curiosity to what the man was getting at.

"He may act dumb sometimes, but he's definitely smart. Real smart." Scourge began to play with the bars as if it was a puzzle before a barred slot was open. "We even had to make his cage extra tricky."

Eret watched as Scourge put the fish into the slot before closing it. "How many…"

"Eighty-fucking-four" Scourge slammed the slot closed as the loud band echoed through the hall.


Every since that day, Eret wanted to know more about Hiccup. He would sometimes ask the other trappers what they thought of the dragon boy. It was all the same.

'Great fighter.' 'The dragon conquer.' 'Should have seen him fight that last dragon.'

At one point, a fellow trapper decided to help Eret with his curiosity. That's how Eret saw his first battle. It was amazing watching Hiccup take down that Thunder Claws. Quick and agile, the boy jumped onto the dragon's back as he tossed the dragon to its side.

Everyone shouted and cheered. They were excited and entranced to watch the boy take down the dragon. But the fight Eret watched was different. The boy wasn't entertained or happy to fight.

Eret could see it. How the boy would turned and growl at the crowd. How he spat in Drago's direction. This was not the trickster boy he saw back in that cage with the Night Fury. This was…someone else.

Eret did not know why, until his father told him about the Excermess.

That's when it made sense to Eret. He and his people were not the only prisoners of Drago. And Eret learned even harder over those years when he was taught the trade. And one day, Eret learned the harshness of their world when his father did not return home one day.

That night, Eret snuck into the Fighters Room. He did not know why he did it, but he just sat on the cold hard floor in front of Hiccup and the Night Fury's cage. Eret sat there, in silence.

They did not need words to communicate. They both knew that they were different and yet alike. They were trapped in a world where people like Drago were always on top. That people like them had a certain purpose for this world. Eret the Trapper and Hiccup the dragon fighter. They both were orphans in this bloody world.

The next day, Eret was put in charge of his father's ship.


When Eret heard that Hiccup and the rest of the Dragon humans had escape was he happy. They were finally free. He just wished that he did not have meet both him and Toothless here and now.

"Eret" Hiccup was happy to see the man.

"Hiccup" Even though his men were surprised by Hiccup's perfect speech, Eret was not. He went over to Hiccup and gave him a pat on the shoulder. "How long has it been?"

"Four years" Hiccup patted Toothless on the head in reassurance as the dragon cooed.

"Time flies" Eret was about to say more when the squawk of a Nadder was head from above. He watched as the Nadder landed on the deck of his ship. He could not believe it.

Eret's eyes widen at what he saw. On the back of the dragon was the Amazon dragon fighter herself. Eret was not surprised to see Hiccup run towards the bird like dragon. But what did surprise him, is what was handed to him. "Is…that…."

In Hiccup's hands was a brown hair toddler. A boy in fact. It was the spitting image of Hiccup and Astrid.

Hiccup placed the boy on his hips as he sheepishly looked at Eret. "This is…my son, Ike"

Eret mouth gapes as he raised his hand.


Eret needed to strangle who said that. "Are you insane!?" Eret went nuts. He shouted one minute then reverted into his cool, mocking self as he held up two thumbs up. "I'm mean congratulations on having your first child. How old is he?"

Hiccup held out his son in front of him as some kind of shield. "…Three"

"Wowww. Really" Eret gave Hiccup a dead pan look.

Hiccup could help but nervously chuckle at the comment. The twenty-two year old watched as Eret rub his eyes as if he had a headache. Watching the trapper walk to the railing and look over the ship.

When Astrid came up next to him did he put their child in her hands. They both knew something was up. Hiccup walked over to the railing and placed his elbows on wooden surface.

It felt like hours when Eret started talking again. "So what are you doing up here?"

"Staying with mom"

"I thought you were an orphan?" Eret was surpised by this.

"So did I" Hiccup thought back. "When Astrid and I escaped, we headed north. That's when we met her in these mountains….."

"Wait a minute" Eret shot up as he looked at Hiccup in shock. "You mother is the dragon rider vigilantly?"

"You've heard of her" Hiccup tried to not chuckle at the trappers action.

"Every trapper knows of her" Eret tried to regain his composer.

"We just found out today that she was a female"

Eret glared at his men. They were busy playing with the child in Astrid before they looked back at their boss. They quickly separated and got back to work.

Eret let out a sigh before placing his head on the railing. "I should not be surprised" When Eret looked back at Hiccup did he see both he and Astrid confused. "Of course you don't know"

"Know what?" Astrid asked.

"You started something" Eret leaned back as his hands grasped the railing. "Ever since you escape it was like a signal to all the families and tribes to fight" Eret then looked back at the two as he began his news. "Essos was destroyed not to long ago. Drago's and the other War Lords are pissed"

Both Astrid and Hiccup gasped by the news.

"You two started something and it big"


Hiccup and Astrid said their goodbyes before they started to leave. They were happy to see their friend again and it was sad to see him leave. But he had to go. Both sides knew.

Eret gave them one final advice before he watched them leave. "Watch yourself out there. Drago's pissed that you escaped from him and will doing everything in his power to get you back. He's searching everywhere to find you. And he will be more than happy to see what you created"

It ran chills down both Hiccup's and Astrid's spine. Hiccup looked back down at his son, who curled up in his arms. He was not going to let anything happen to his son or Astrid if he had anything to say about it.

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