Dragons, Humans, Gladiators, & Freedom

Chapter 12

It was just the wee hours in the morning at the Dragon Sanctuary. The sun had just risen over the horizon and everyone was still asleep. Except for one little boy. Ike was an early riser to say the least.

What he loved more than anything was the flights he would take with his parents. That's why little Ike was now quietly making his way to his parents' bedroom. Astrid and Hiccup lived in a separate room from Hiccup's mother and their son Ike. It was in one of the stone floor ice caves. The two lovers were sleeping on a pile of fur and straw. Astrid was lying on Hiccup chest while he wrapped his arms around her. A blanket of fur laid over them as they breathed quietly.

Ike was amused by his parents. A devious smile formed on the little brown hair child, before he carefully made his way to his parent. The child tried to avoid his parent's dragons. The Night Fury and Deadly Nadder were sleeping quite peacefully by his parent's bed. The dragons never strayed far from his parent's sight. It must been all those year together that made them act this way.

Ike slowly crawled on his parents bed until he was near his father's and mother's face. Take in a big, silent gulp of air, the boy let out a big dragon roar.

To anyone else it would have startled them awake. Hiccup, however, opened his eyes slowly, while his wife's eyes remained closed but her face scrunched in annoyance.

"I'm going to kill that kid" Hiccup looked at the ceiling annoyed. He was not a very good morning person ever since Ike was born.

"At least the sun is up this time" Astrid refused to let her new pillow leave her.

"You two promised me that we can go on a sunrise flight" Ike pouted at his parents.

Both Hiccup and Astrid looked at their child then back at each other. They both groaned as Hiccup put his arm over his eye. "Ask your Grandmother"

"She said that if you promise something you should fulfill that promise" Ike stated it like it was obvious.

"Your mother chickened out and is leaving us to deal with it" Astrid growled annoyed by Valka's devious plan.

Hiccup just groaned some more as he did not want to get up. It felt like they had just went into a peaceful slumber before their three year old child decided it was time to get up.

Ike was getting annoyed. He wanted his parent up now. He shook his father's body and cried "DAAADDDDYYY! MOOOOMMMYYY!"

"Fine" Both Hiccup and Astrid groaned.

Astrid got off Hiccup as he followed her to a sitting position. They both let out a yawn as they stared at their dragons. Both were still asleep. Hiccup decided to remedy that. Hiccup grabbed his straw cover pillow and chucked it at Toothless. The Night Fury startled awake as he looked around to the source of the hit.

When Toothless saw his brother and mate's tired faces with their hatchling jumping around like he was on dragon nip, did Toothless understand what was going on. He pointed his ear/horns back as he glared at Hiccup "I hate your kid"

"Blame her" Hiccup pointed to Astrid.

Astrid hit Hiccup in the back of the head for his comment "Your genes, your fault"

It was true though. His mother would tell him stories of when he was a baby and would always scream his head off for attention. Sad to say, she could only say that.

Valka had been taken away from Hiccup when he was only the age of one. Still not old enough to remember his mother and all that she did for him. When she still lived in the village known as Berk, she was married to Hiccup's father, Stoic the Vast, Chief of the Hoolagin tribe. During a dragon raid, Valka had been carried off by her, now Stormcutter, Cloudjumper. He never meant to harm her. For she, like Hiccup and the other riders, believed that Dragons were never meant to harm people. They just did it to protect themselves. Sadly on Berk, it was an unpopular opinion.

Now, Hiccup was reunited with her. They both taught each other all they had learned and known. Also, Hiccup and Astrid had joined in his mother's business of rescuing dragons from trappers. It was very unfortunate to see Eret yesterday. It had caused fear in the duo.

Astrid and Hiccup feared that with Eret's arrival, Drago would not be far behind. What would they do to them when they captured them? What would happen to Hiccup's mom? The very worst, what would happen to their child?


Hiccup and Astrid were brought out of their thoughts when they looked down to see their pouting boy. Letting out another groan, they both got to their feet. Their dragons let out a yawn as they walked along side their riders to the kitchen.


Valka had just returned from her morning patrol when she saw her family walk in. She was not surprised to see the two tired parents and bouncing three year old grandchild pulling his father's arm. Valka could not help but laugh at the sight.

"Its not funny mom" Hiccup moaned as he sat down on one of the rock stoles. "Does this kid ever sleep" Hiccup's head fell to the rock table as his eyes began to close. He would have been successful in falling asleep if not for feeling his child's eyes on him. "Kaffe"

Thank the dragon and Viking gods for Kaffe root. It was a root that did the same thing that coffee would do for a normal person. And boy, did Hiccup and Astrid need some Kaffe root.

Right away, Ike went to one of the basket and produced two Kaffe strips. The boy ran over to his parent and handed them to each one. He did not know why his parents and grandmother liked that stuff. It tasted icky and nasty.

Hiccup chewed on the strip while his head was on the table. He had no will power at the moment but soon was feeling the effect of the root. He could hear his mother trying not to laugh out loud. He had to admit, Astrid and him probably looked ridiculous right now.

"Please tell me this is a phase" The hurtful look on his mother's face made Hiccup feel awful. He knew that it was hard for his mother to come to terms with what happen to him. She wished she could have done something, maybe even been there. Things might have been different.

Hiccup reverted his eyes away from her, only to see his son staring back at him. Letting out a groan "Fiiiinnnneee" Hiccup sat up.

"Eat before you leave" Valka produced three dried fish strips that Hiccup had made, do to the fact both his mother and wife could not cook, to him and Astrid.

"Thanks mom" Hiccup to the fish from his mother as he finished the last of his Kaffe.

They might as well get moving, before Ike jumps out the window.


Outside, the fresh cold air hit the riders and dragons in the face. The crisp breath felt good and helped Hiccup and Astrid wake up some more. They glided through the air as the sun hit the glaciers causing a nice blue to shine out.

"Okay, I have to admit" Astrid looked to her husband and son as she shrugged "This was a pretty good idea"

Hiccup could not help but smile at Astrid. But the romantic moment was short lived when his son yelled at him to go faster. Giving into to his son's demands, he shouted "Let's go Toothless!"

They flew threw the air with speed. Hiccup and Toothless did tricks such as barrels rolls, dives, and backward flips. Ike giving yelp and scream of delight at the tricks.

It was a wonderful day for the family. Hiccup decided to finish it off by heading into the clouds.

Toothless beat his powerful wings as they shot through the puffy clouds. Ike yelped when the water partials from the cloud hit his face. Hiccup could not help but chuckle at his son as Ike played with the cloud.

He watched as Ike touched and waved his hand through it. The boy tried to grasp some of the fluffy cloud so he could play with it. It made the boy unhappy when h could only run his hands through it.

Hiccup smiled down at the boy. He only stopped when he felt a hand touch his head. When he looked up, he saw that his wife above him. A smirk appeared on his face as he crew closer to her lips.

When Ike had finished playing with the cloud, did he look up at his father. He gave a face of disgust when he saw his parents kissing.

Hiccup and Astrid slowly broke off as they heard there son start to fake gag. Stormfly and Astrid drifted up right next to them while Hiccup gave a light tap on the head. Ike just squealed from the hit as he rubbed his head at the light touch.

Hiccup could not help but chuckle at his son's playfulness. He decided it was probably time for them to head home since Hiccup's mom would probably worry if they staid out any later. Plus their child must be hungry for lunch. Hiccup and Astrid did not need an energetic, hungry boy right now.

They dived through the cloud and came upon Glacier Field. They were very surprised that they had made it this far out. Glacier Field was an area in the ocean that was filled to the brim with big wads of glaciers. Over time the harmless field of ice had soon became a large death trap. The Field felt as if it was always changing, as if the glaciers were shifting about to make a maze of itself. That's why most creatures who ventured into Glacier Field became stuck in it never ending labyrinth.

But if you had wings and could fly over it, it would be a dragon's paradises. It was a great place to test their mobility. A place where they could do summersault and back flips through the ice hoops and cervices. But to Hiccup, Astrid, and Valka, it was a great place for a trap.

Will all the twist and turns that the glacier wall caused it became impossible for anyone to see what was on the other side of it. Especially, if a trapper used it.

Even if they headed back up to the clouds they still had to move around the tall mountain glaciers that popped through the clouds. They could go higher into the sky but it would not be good for their child to stay to long up there. Thus, the only choice they had was make their way through it.

Toothless cooed in concern for this idea. Hiccup patted the dragon in reassurance, even though he believed this was bad idea.

Astrid drew closer to her husband as he handed their son to her. They both knew that if they got into trouble it would be better if Astrid took their son. Hiccup was a better flier, while Astrid was a better warrior. If they would have gotten caught in a net, they knew Hiccup would get out of it better. But with their son….it may be a different situation.


It had felt like hours since they made their way into Glacier Field. The twist and turned along with the same color walls made it harder for them to make their way out. Toothless was trying his best to use his sonar while Stormfly left a few of her spikes on the icy walls.

It felt as if they would never get out of here. Ike would look up at his mother worriedly. He was hungry and knew that if he said it, it would only add to the pile.

Astrid smiled and patted his head. She reassured him that they would be home soon and his father would prepare a big feast when they returned.

Hiccup groaned at Astrid comment. He really hoped his son's cooking ability would take after him. It was annoying that he had to prepare three meals a day or else they would only have roasted food for days. One thing that surprised Hiccup, was that all Astrid and Valka could do was put meat on a stick and roast it without getting it burned. It was a survival technique anyone could use. And it was a good thing for a while but the food became bland once Hiccup introduced spices to the mix. Thus Hiccup turned into the cook of the family.

Finally, after one last turn, they were able to see through two large glaciers the open water. Relief washed over the group as they headed towards the exit.

All of the sudden, the sounds of squawks and roar filled the air as a herd of dragons rushed towards the group. They were caught in the middle of a panic. Hiccup and Toothless tried to get out of the swarm and get to Astrid, Ike, and Stormfly.

That's when he heard it. The sound he had heard many times since his had become a vigilante. The sound of a net launching into the air. Astrid and Stormfly had little time to react, when a large net wrapped around them, and a couple other dragons, as they fell from the sky.

Hiccup and Toothless dived at the net. Hiccup put out his hand and tried desperately to reach his family.

Astrid held onto her son, while she tried to get out of the net. They fell to the ground in a thump. Thank the gods for Stormfly. The female Nadder tried her best to protect her sister and hatchling from the fall. But it was short lived, when all the dragons tried to thrash themselves out of the net.

Hiccup jumped off Toothless back as he reached for his weapon. The blade popped out of the sheath as it flamed up. Hiccup and Toothless began to attack the trappers. Slashing, shooting, and kicking them way, Hiccup made his way to his family.

Hiccup kicked the last trapper out of his way as he made it over to the large net. He slashed the ropes which caused them to spilt open. He pulled out Astrid while she still held Ike to her chest.

Hiccup was about to pull them towards Toothless when they saw a bunch of bolas being wrapped around the Night Fury. Ropes wrapped around the black dragons muzzle and body. Toothless was unable to move an inch from the strong tight ropes.

"NOOOO!" Hiccup cried as he reached for his brother.

They turned their attention to the sound of Stormfly to see her being captured as well. Before the Nadder could get fully out of the net, she had been grabbed by her muzzle and pinned to the ground. Multiple trappers climbed onto Stormfly as they wrapped her up.

Hiccup and Astrid had no time to react when a large metal age fell from above them. Hiccup did the only thing he could. He grabbed a hold of his family, and protected them from the cage hitting them.


The loud thud of the cage sounded throughout the ship. Trappers were in glee at the big catch they caught. Finally they caught some good dragons for Drago. And a little bonus, the dragon vigilantes. Today was a fine day.

One of the trappers made their way to look inside the cage to see the trapped riders. What he did not expect, shocked him to the core. "You better get the boss for this"

His fellow mate did not understand why until he too looked into the cage. Quite shocked he was. He ran as fast as his legs could carry him to the upper ship. His boss definitely would want to see this.

It only took a couple of minutes for Scourge to appear. He was very annoyed that his men had called him for some kind of dragon problem. But when he told them it wasn't a dragon problem did he think the same as his men.

Scourge was very excited to see in the cage would be the dragon vigilante. Not only had the stupid rebellion become a huge distraction but the vigilantes as well. In the beginning there was only one. And one was not big problem when hunting dragons in a large space. But for the past five year more of them had appeared. It made if harder to capture dragons now.

That's why Scourge was here. He was assigned to take care of these…nuisances.

But what he was in for was a big surprise. As he made his way through the crowd of his men, Scourge came to the opening part of the cage. Looking inside he was in for a big shock.

For inside the cage, was Hiccup the Nothern Dragon human. The boy had his body hunch over Astrid of the South protectively. They both growled at them as they held his gaze of hate.

Scourge could not believe his find. But what surprised him more was the fact the girl was holding something. It looked like she was trying to shield something from his eyes and the trappers'. Getting a closer look, he could not help but gleam.

In the girl's arms was a small boy. It was the spitting image of Astrid and Hiccup.

His mind clip as he smirked at the three "What have you done"

(AN: okay everyone, I know it has been established that Astrid can't cook. But one day when I was watching Httyd, I noticed that in one scene, all the kids were cooking chicken (and one fish) on the fire. I realized it was a survival technique. Stick meat on stick and do not burnt.

So I came to the conclusion that she must at least know the food basics to survive if she got stuck on an island somewhere. Such as pick berries that are not poisons and kill and roast food. The only problem I see her having when she could is that she can't put any combination together, such as spices or foods that a normal chief/cook would do to make a decent meal (or a frinkin sandwich) and not attempt to kill someone.

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